Name Index


The Note-Book of Tristram Risdon, 1608-1628:
The Justices Itinerant in Devon


London: Elliot Stock (1897), pp. 186-193.


J. Dallas and H.G.Porter

Prepared by Michael Steer

The book, presented in 1897 to its public after a lapse of nearly 300 years is the genealogical common-place book of Tristram Risdon Esq, author of the famous Chorographical Description or Survey of the County of Devon. The original is in MS form and held in the Cathedral Library at Exeter. This index is a compendium of the names of the county's Itinerant Justices from the reign of Henry II to Henry VII with the dates of their circuits. An Eyre was the name of a circuit travelled by an itinerant justice in medieval England (a Justice in Eyre), or the circuit court he presided over, or the right of the king (or justices acting in his name) to visit and inspect the holdings of any vassal. The eyre involved visits and inspections at irregular intervals of the houses of all vassals in the kingdom. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held in the Library of the University of California, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Anderson, Sir Edmond, Kt 192
Baioc, John 187
Bardolph, Hugh 186
Batesford, John de 189
Beachamp, Robert 187
Bosco, John de 189
Boyland, Richard de 188-9
Braybrok, Henry 186
Brenchesley, William 190
Brewes, Robert 188
Briton, Robert 190
Briwer, William 186
Browne, Antony 191
Butteler, John 191
Cary, John 190
Catesby, John 191
Catlyn, Robert 191
Chelrey, Edmond 190
Cheyney, William 191
Choke, Richard, Kt 191
Cobham, John de 187-8
Cobham, William de 187-8
Culpeper, John 191
Denham, Sir John (also Dinham) 193
Eborum, William de 187
Edward I 189
Edward II 189
Edward III 189-90
Edward IV 191
Elizabeth I 191-2
Enfield, Henry de 189
Fenner, Sir Edward, Kt 192
FitzEverard, Roger 186
FitzStephan, Raph 186
Flemmyng, Sir Thomas, Kt 192-3
Flowrdew, ____ 192
Foxley, John de 189
Fulton, Robert de 188
Gray, Dominus Johannes 187
Grenevile, Adam 188
Grevill, Willielmus 191
Hankford, William 191
Helion, Walter 188
Henry II 186
Henry III 186-8
Henry IV 190-1
Henry V 191
Henry VI 191
Henry VII 191
Hingham, Dominus Radulphus de 189
Hutton, Sir Richard 193
Inge, Johannes (also Ynge) 189
Inglefild, William de 187
Jeffreys, Sir John (also Jeffreis) 192
Lexinton, Robert 186-7
Lewkenor, Jeffery 188
Manhode, Sir Roger 192
Martin, John 191
Midelton, Richard 188
Montagu, Sir Henry 193
Mowbray, John 190
Multon, Thomas de 186-7
Mussard, Raph 187
Nicols, Sir Augustin 193
Okeston, John de 188
Oliver, Jordan 187
Pateshull, Martin 186
Paveley, Walter 189
Percehay, Henry 190
Peryam, William (also Periam) 192
Philip & Marie 191
Pipard, Gilbert 186
Preston, Gilbert 187-8
Ralegh, William de 187
Richard II 190
Richardson, Sir Thomas 193
Rickhill, William 190
Rocester, Salomon de 188-9
Rufus, William 186
Scharsull, William 189
Screne, William 191
Shirborn, John Abbot of 187
Shute, ___ 192
Spigernell, Henry 189
Stanton, William 188
St Edmond, William de 187
Stowford, John de 190
Tanfield, Sir Laurenc, Kt 192-3
Tracy, Henry 188
Tresilian, Robert 190
Trivet, Thomas 188
Turkelby, Roger (also Thurkelby) 187-8
Walmisley, Thomas 192
Walter, Sir John 193
Wanton, Mr Symon de 188
Warburton, Sir Peter, Kt 192
Weston, Ricardus 191
Whitefield, Robert 186
Wicester, Roger 188
Wincester, Roger de 187
Witingham, William de 190
Wyvell, Dominus Johannes 187
Ynge, John (also Inge) 189