Contents and London Devonian Association Membership List

The Devonian Year Book, 1913-15

R. Pearse Chope, B.A. (Ed.)

London: The London Devonian Association, St Bride Institute, Ludgate Circus, E.C.,
Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd.,
Bristol: John Wright & Sons Ltd., Stone Bridge,
illus, (fourth year of publication), 175 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

National pride in the industrial might of Britain and its growing Empire during the Victorian and Edwardian eras generated an increased public awareness of regional identity. Devon literature of that period became no longer just of interest to antiquarians or tourists. There was a growing market for it among Devonians, including those expatriates who formed Devonian associations in London and elsewhere. The London Devonian Association published a yearbook for many years, of which this is a typical example. An original (print) copy is held at the University of Toronto Library and was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from https://archive.org/details/19131915devonian00londuoft
Microsoft (MSN) has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.



The London Devonian Association Officers and Committees 7
The Year's Work 9
The Annual Dinner 13
Armada Day 24
Drake's Treasure, Colonel E. T. Clifford 31
A Devonian Common of Saints, Viscount St. Cyres 51
Fair Devon, Rev. H. S-J. E. Wrenford 63
Miss M. P. Willcocks as a Novelist, H. Tapley-Soper 64
The Civil War in the West, R. Pearse Chope 73
A Devon Wife, Arthur L. Salmon 80
John Gay and the Beggar's Opera, W. H. K. Wright 81
Thomas Newcomen, Rhys Jenkins 94
Some Recent Devonian Literature 105
The Devonshire Association, Maxwell Adams 107
Affiliated and other Devonian Societies 111
Learned and Scientific Societies in Devonshire 126
Libraries in Devonshire 128
Rules of the London Devonian Association 130
List of Fixtures for 1913 133
Drake's Drum, Henry Newbolt 135
List of Members and Associates 136


The London Devonian Association.
Officers and Committee.1912-13.

President :


Past-Presidents :

THE RIGHT HON. EARL FORTESCUE, K.C.B., A.D.C., Lord-Lieutenant of Devon.


Vice-Presidents :

SIR H. Y-B. LOPES, BART. (Roborough).
SIR WILFRID PEEK, BART. (Rousdon), High Sheriff of Devon.
SIR W. H. WHITE, K.C.B. (Devonport).
SIR ROPER LETHBRIDGE, K.C.I.E., M.A., D.L., J.P. (Exbourne).
LT.-COL. SIR FREDK. UPCOTT, K.C.V.O., C.S.I. (Cullompton).
SIR JOHN W. SPEAR, M.P. (Tavistock).
T. DYKE ACLAND, ESQ., M.D., F.R.C.P. (Columb-John).
REV. W. P. BESLEY, M.A. (Barnstaple), Minor Canon of St. Paul's
J. B. BURLACE, ESQ. (Brixham).
JOHN COLES, ESQ., J.P. (Tiverton).
W. H. CUMMINGS, ESQ., Mus.D. Dub., F.S.A. (Sidbury).
H. E. DUKE, ESQ., K.C., M.P. (Plymouth), Recorder of Devonport.
A. E. DUNN, ESQ. (Exeter).
H. T. EASTON, ESQ. (Exeter).
REV. H. R. GAMBLE, M.A. (Barnstaple), Hon. Chaplain to the King.
ALLEN GILL, ESQ., F.R.A.M. (Devonport).
J. H. M. KIRKWOOD, ESQ., M.P. (Yeo Vale, Bideford).
JOHN LANE, ESQ. (West Putford).
R. J. PARR, ESQ. (Torquay). EDEN PHILLPOTTS, ESQ. (Exeter).
P. E. PILDITCH, ESQ., L.C.C. (Kingsbridge).
J. C. PILLMAN, ESQ., J.P. (Plymouth).
ALDERMAN C. PINKHAM, J.P., C.C. (Plytnpton).
G. H. RADFORD, ESQ., M.P. (Plymouth).
SIDNEY SIMMONS, ESQ., J.P. (Okehampton).
MICHAEL B. SNELL, ESQ., J.P. (Barnstaple). HENRY TOZER, ESQ. (Exeter). HENRY VIVIAN, ESQ. (Cornwood).
REV. A. J. WALDRON (Plymouth).
H. MICHELL WHITLEY, ESQ., M.Inst.C.E. (Plymouth).
REV. H. S. WOOLLCOMBE, M.A. (Northlew).
JOHN WREFORD. ESQ., M.B. (Exeter).
W. H. K. WRIGHT, ESQ., F.L.A. (Plymouth).

The Devonian Year Book, 1913

Chairman of the Association :

COLONEL E. T. CLIFFORD (Exeter), 6, Cranley Gardens, South-Kensington, S.W.

Committee :


Alderman C. PINKHAM, J.P., C.C. (Plympton), Linden Lodge, Winchester Avenue, Brondesbury, N.W.


R. PEARSE CHOPE, B.A. (Hartland). Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings,
J. B. BURLACE (Brixham), 38, Corfton Road, Ealing, W.
N. COLE (Salcombe), 46, Melgund Road, Highbury, N.
W. CROSBIE COLES (Bideford), 78, Park Lane, Croydon.
G. W. DAVEY (Sampford Spiney), 16, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C.
H. GILLHAM (Burlescombe) , 222, Central Market, E.C.
H. H. M. HANCOCK (Barumites in London), 56, Devereux Road, Wandsworth
Common, S.W.
F. W. HESSE (Tivertonians) , 5, Moorgate Street, E.C.
W. INMAN (Stoke Gabriel), Sherbourne, Longley Road, Tooting, S.W.
W. J. McCoRMACK (Plymouth), Dunkeld, Slough, Bucks.
F. A. PERRY (Tiverton), 4, Kirchen Road, West Ealing.
C. R. S. PHILP (Plymouth), Livesey Library, Old Kent Road, S.E.
H. D. POWE (Plymouth), 13, Ellerby Road, Fulham Palace Road, S.W.
JOHN RYALL (Exeter Club), 38, Hanover Street, Peckham, S.E.
W. H. SMART (Plymouth), St. Bride Institute, Ludgate Circus, E.C.
J. SUMMERS (Old Ottregians), 44, Grove Hill Road, Peckham, S.E.


J. ARNOLD HILL, C.A. (Holcombe Rogus), iga, Coleman Street, E.C.
H. D. VELLACOTT, C.A. (Tawstock), 141, Fenchurch Street, E.C.


H. BRINSMEAD SQUIRE (Torrington), London County & Westminster Bank, Ltd., 90,Wood Street, E.C.


JOHN W. SHAWYER (West Buckland School O.B.A.), 5, Hemington Avenue, Friern Barnet, N.

Benevolent Fund Sub-committee :


Entertainment Sub-committee :

N. COLE (Chairman), H. GILLHAM, H. H. M. HANCOCK, F. W. HESSE,
W. INMAN, JOHN RYALL, W. H. SMART (Hon. Secretary).

Finance Sub-committee :


Year Book Sub-committee :


List of Members and Associates

Abell, Prof. T. B. (Exmouth), M.I.N.A., Ashleigh, Greenbank Drive, Liverpool.
Abell, Prof. Westcott Stile (Exmouth), 11, Wedderburn Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Acland, Captain J. W. (Columb-John), 25, Colville Square, W.
Acland, Theodore Dyke (Columb-John), M.D., 19, Bryanston Square, W.
Adams, A. A. (Werrington), C.A., Frankfield, Stanhope Road, Hornsey Lane, N.
Adams, Maxwell (Wolborough), c/o Messrs. W. Brendon & Son, Ltd., Plymouth.
Adams, R. P. (Calcutta Soc.}.
Adams, (Plymouth), 3, George Lane, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.}
Amery, J. S. (Ashburton), "Druid," Ashburton, Devon.
Andrews, Mrs. (Tiverton,) 855, Fulham Road, S.W.
Andrews, Mrs. Lilian (Plymouth), 3, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford St., W.
Anning, W. (Starcross), J.P., Hatherleigh, Newport, Mon.
Ashton, S. H. (Beaford), Blaney, King William's Town, South Africa.
Astor, W. Waldorf (Plymouth), M.P., Cliveden, Taplow. Vice-President.
Bailey, E. E. (Lynton), 29, Elmfield Road, Upper Tooting, S.W.
Bailey, Mrs. (Lynton), 29, Elmfield Road, Upper Tooting, S.W.
Baily, J. (Teignmouth), 144, Harborough Road, Streatham, S.W.
Baker, Richard (Filleigh), Coventry Restaurant, Rupert Street, W.
Barker, Mrs. M. Walcot (Plymouth), 150, Murchison Road, Leyton, E.
Barker, Norman Burdwood (Plymouth), 150, Murchison Road, Leyton, E.
Barnes, R. Stewart (Yealmpton), 53, Moorgate Street, E.G.
Barnes, Mrs. (Yealmpton), 53, Moorgate Street, E.G.
Bastin, T. W. (Paignton), Messrs. Bastin, Merryneld, & Cracknell, Great Castle Street, W.
Bates, J. H. (Calcutta Soc.).
Beed, T. A. (Devonport), 16, Polwarth Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow.
Beer, Miss D. Vernon (Bideford), 67, Lanercost Rd., Tulse Hill, S.W.
Bell, Miss Annie (Kingsbridge), 58, Humber Road, Blackheath, S.E.
Bell, Morrison-, See Morrison-Bell.
Belsey, Herbert H. (Barnstaple) , 32, South Eaton Place, S.W.
Bennett, J. (Totnes), 5, Bruton Street, Bond Street, W.
Bennett, Samuel (Devonport), 6, Hemington Avenue, Friern Barnet, N.
Besley, Canon W. P. (Barnstaple), M.A., 9, Amen Court, St. Paul's, E.C.
Bickerton, E. H. (Stonehouse). 7, Bushey Hill Road, Camberwell, S.E.
Bidgood, G. S. (Tiverton), 8, Hornsey Lane Gardens, Highgate, N.
Bidgood, Mrs., 8, Hornsey Lane Gardens, Highgate, N.
Bidgood, R. (Tiverton), 20, Beaconsfield Road, New Southgate, N.
Bird, Wm. (Shaldon), 170, Fordwych Rd. Cricklewood, N.W.
Bishenden, Mrs. I. M. (Newton Abbot), 105, New Oxford Street, W.
Blackmore, W. (Uffculme), 50, Aston Road, Raynes Park, S.W.
Bond, Mrs. Douglas (Tavistock), 22, Surrey Street, Victoria Embankment, W.C.
Bone, G. B. (Stoke Damerell), 4, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, W.C.
Boundy, T. (Tiverton), 9-11, Sandgate Road, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.)
Bourne, C. W. (Ilfracombe), 19, Fairlawn Road, Wimbledon, S.W.
Bowden, A. T. (North Tawton), 76, Newgate Street, EC.
Bowen, Stanley J. (Bideford), 22, St. Paul's Churchyard, E.C. Committee.
Boyce, Archdeacon (Tiverton), St. Paul's Rectory, Cleveland Street, Sydney, N.S.W.
Bragg, S. (Exeter), 8, Atherstone Terrace, Gloucester Road, S.W.
Brendon, (Broadwood), Brighton Road, Remuera, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.}.
Bridgeman, G. E. (Ugborough), 8, Lavender Sweep, Clapham Common, S.W.
Bridgeman, S. J. S. (Ugborough), 14, Bowood Road, Clapham Common, S.W.
Brimicombe, M. H. (Totnes), 22, Norfolk Street, Dalston, N.E.
Brodie, C. H. (Exeter), F.R.I.B.A., 77, Park Lane, Croydon.
Bromfield, T. (Exeter Club), 31, Ashburnham Grove, Greenwich.
Bromham, Addison J. (Barnstaple), Westward Ho, Wimbledon Common.
Brooks, C. (Plymouth), 2, The Grange, Maitland Park, N W.
Brown, A. S. (Sidbury), 61, Hubert Grove, Landor Road, Stockwell, S.E.
Brown, Mrs. A. S. (Sidbury), 61, Hubert Grove, Landor Road, Stockwell, S.E.
Brown, Henry T. S. (Plymouth), 17, Newton Street, Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa Soc.}.
Browning, Walter, Buyford, Morchard Bishop, North Devon.
Bryant, E. D. (descent), 8, Florence Street, Ottawa, Canada. (Ottawa Soc.)
Bryant, S. W. (Plymouth), 174, Grove Road, Clapham Park, S.W.
Burlace, J. B. (Brixham), F.R.G.S., F.Z.S., 38, Corfton Road, Ealing, W.
Burn, Colonel C. R. (Torquay), M.P., A.D.C., 48, Cadogan Place, W.
Burrows, B. (Honiton), 67, Peterborough Road, Fulham, S.W.
Burton, E. Cave- (Exeter), 46, Kenilworth Road, Penge, S.E.
Burton, H. (Newton Abbot), 144, Oxford Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.).
Buse, A. G. (Shebbear), 16, Stamford Street, S.E.
Butland, W. (Dittisham), 101, Clive Road, Fratton, Portsmouth. (Portsmouth Soc.).
Byrne, K. J. J. (Kingsteignton), "The Elms," Orange Hill, Edgware, Middlesex.
Campbell, R. J. P. (Exeter), 15, St. Margaret's Road, Plumstead.
Cann, C. E. (Barnstaple), Holt House, East End Road, Church End, Finchley, N.
Cann, G. H. (Northam), 35, Grosvenor Avenue, East Sheen.
Cann, Mrs. F. H. (Northam), 35, Grosvenor Avenue, East Sheen.
Cann, James (Bideford), 8, Elgin Park, Redland, Bristol. (Bristol Soc.).
Cann, J. O. (Brixham), 184, Euston Road, N.W.
Cann, Miss M. (Morchard Bishop), 54, Alconbury Road, Upper Clapton, N.E.
Carnell, John (Ottery St. Mary), 83, Phillimore Mews, High Street, Kensington.
Carroll, C. (Torquay), 48, Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N.
Carter, G. E. L. (Exmouth), B.A., I.C.S., Assistant Collector, Karachi, Sind, India.
Carter, Miss Ellen G. (Hartland), Hartland, North Devon.
Carter, Mrs. Lilian (Exeter), 86, St. James's Road, Barnsbury, N.
Caunter, L. G. (Exeter), Eversholt Lodge, New Barnet.
Champion, Norman W. (Shaldon), 8, Holmewood Gardens, Brixton Hill,
Champion, W. (Shaldon), 8, Holmewood Gardens, Brixton Hill, S.W.
Chanter, Rev. J. F., M.A. (Barnstaple), The Rectory, Parracombe, North Devon.
Chapman, J. (Plymouth). Trevear, Addington South,,Liskeard, Cornwall.
Chappie, W. E. Pitfield, The Shrubbery, Axminster, Devon.
Chappie, H. (Chittlehampton), 90, Sandgate Road, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.)
Chettleburgh, Maurice (Plympton), 38, Redcliffe Gardens, W.
Chettleburgh, Mrs. (Plympton), 38, Redcliffe Gardens, W.
Chope, H, F. (Hartland), 27, Carsick View Road, Sheffield.
Chope, J. A. (Hartland), Rothes, Morayshire.
Chope, Engineer-Captain W. D., R.N. (Hartland), 23, Rutland Park, Sheffield.
Chope, R. Pearse (Hartland), B.A., Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings, W.C.
Chubb, R. W. (Calcutta Soc.).
Churchward, Miss Doris (Torquay), 409, Oxford Street, W.
Churchward, Miss M, (Torquay), 409, Oxford Street, W.
Churston, Rt. Hon. Lord (Brixham), C.V.O., Lupton, Brixham.
Clark, W. H. D. (Plymouth), Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings, W.C.
Clarke, E. (Exeter Club), 14, Claude Road, Upton Park, E.
Clarke, H. L. (Torrington) , London & South-Western Bank, Wanstead, Essex.
Clarke, John (Honiton), 45, Marloes Road, Kensington, W.
Clarke, Miss E. E. (descent), 41, Church Road, Brixton, S.W.
Clarke, T. (Ottery St. Mary), 41, Church Road, Brixton, S.W.
Clayton, D'Arcy (Southmolton), 3, Beachborough Villas, Folkestone. Clifford, Colonel E. T. (Exeter), VD, 6, Cranley Gardens, S.W.
Clifford of Chudleigh, Rt. Hon. Lord (Ugbrooke), VD, A.D.C., Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh.
Coad, R. Lawson (Ilfracombe), 27 and 28, Old Jewry, E.C.
Coates, Lieut.-Col. Herbert (West Town), V.D, 7, St. Stephen's Avenue, Bristol.
Cole, N. (Salcombe), 46, Melgund Road, Highbury, N.
Cole, Mrs. N. (Salcombe), 46, Melgund Road, Highbury, N.
Cole, S. J. (Hartland), M.R.C.S., Hampden Residential Club, Phoenix Street, N.W.
Coleridge, Rev. G. F. (Cadbury), M.A., R.D., The Vicarage, Crowthorne, Berks.
Coles, John (Tiverton), J.P., 4, Kensington Park Gardens, W.
Coles, W. Crosbie (Bideford), 23, Esmond Gardens, Bedford Park, W.
Collings, J. A. (Plymouth), 273, Uxbridge Road, W.
Collins, W. G. (Devonport), 82, London Avenue,North End, Portsmouth
Distin, Howard (Paignton), M.B., Holtwhite House, Enfield.
Dodge, Albert (Teignmouth), Elmgrove Road, Gotham, Bristol. (Bristol Soc.).
Dodridge, A. E. (Devonport), 'Moulin' Cromwell Road, Beckenham.
Doe, G. M. (Torrington), Enfield, Torrington, North Devon.
Doe, G. W. A. (Torrington), Enfield, Torrington, North Devon.
Dolton, J. A. (Calcutta Soc.).
Donald, J. (Devonport), 20, Sprules Road, Brockley, S.E. Committee.
Drake, Major W. Hedley, Bryn Willow, Polsham Park, Paignton, Devon.
Drake, J. (Yealmpton), Grange Works, Grange Road, Willesden Green, N.W.
Drew, S. T. (Barnstaple), Public Library, Swansea. (Swansea Soc. )
Duke, H. E. (Plymouth), K.C., M.P., 1, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.G.
Dunn, A. E. (Exeter), 70, Victoria Street, S.W. Vice-President.
Dunn, F. W. (South Molton), 8, Westmount Road, Eltham, Kent.
Dunn, J. H. (Bideford), Crofts, Lea Park, Ilfracombe.
Earl, T. S. (Devonport), 30, Marlow Road, East Ham.
Eastmond, J. E. Rawle (Tiverton), 44, Charing Cross, S.W.
Easton, H. T. (Exeter), Union of London and Smiths Bank, Lombard Street, E.G.
Ebden, W. R. Hern, 43, Caledon Road, East Ham, E.
Edwards,' L. (Calcutta Soc.).
Edye, Lieut.-Colonel L. (Hatherleigh), Stanley Court, Stanley Street, Montreal,
Ellis, Miss G. M. (descent), 1, Lena Gardens, West Kensington Park, W.
Ellis, James (Bideford), 391, London Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Ellis, Mrs. S. T. (Devonport), 11, Maiden Lane, Stamford, Lines.
Elston, F. W. H. (Exmouth), 6, Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, N.E.
Elston, Miss M. (Plymouth), 6, Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, N.E.
Endicott, Miss Hetty (Axminster), 102, Winstanley Road, Clapham Common, S.W.
England, G. (Crediton), 18, Solon New Road, Clapham, S.W.
Eustace, A. J., 55, Gracechurch Street, E.C.
Eustace, Mrs. (Torquay), 55, Gracechurch Street, E.C.
Evans, Mrs. (Plymouth), 41, Louisville Road, Balham, S.W.
Eveleigh, Miss Helen (Exeter), 6, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, W.
Everett, W. J. (Plymouth), 100, Devonshire Road, Holloway, N.
Everett, Mrs., 100, Devonshire Road, Holloway, N.
Exeter, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, The Palace, Exeter.
Farrant, H. G. (Hemiock), J.P., 3, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C.
Fast, Mrs. (Plymouth), Manukan Rd., Epsom, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.)
Fenn, E. H. (Plymouth), Commercial Hotel, King William's Town, South Africa.
Foale, Miss A. G. (descent), 29, Aldridge Road Villas, Westbourne Park, W.
Foale, P. (Blackawton), 29, Aldridge Road Villas, Westbourne Park, W.
Forbes, Mrs. J. (Torquay), i, Delafield Road, Old Charlton, S.E.
Ford, Clift (Plymouth), 17, High Street, Willesden Junction, N.W.
Ford, J. (Plymouth), 49, Nicol Road, Harlesden, N.W.
Fortescue, Rt. Hon. Earl (Filleigh), K.C.B., A.D.C., Lord Lieutenant of Devon, Castle Hill, South Molton, N. Devon.
Foster, H. Blake (Exeter), 81, Manchuria Road, S.W.
Harris, Miss Bertha A. (Parracombe), 69, Amersham Road, New Cross, S.E.
Harris, Mrs. Blanche (Plymouth), 96, Croxted Road, West Dulwich, S.E.
Harris, Frank (Exeter), L.CC. School, Orange Street, Southwark, S.E.
Harris, Gilbert, (Plymouth), 6, Kelmscott Road, Wandsworth Common,S.W. Harris, Mrs. Gilbert (Plymouth), 6, Kelmscott Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W.
Harvey, H. Fairfax-, Croyle, near Cullompton, Devon.
Harvey, Miss B. (Tiverton), 855, Fulham Road, S.W.
Hatch, J. C. (Stonehouse), 87, South Lambeth Road, S.W.
Hawkins, J. (Teignmouth), Summerhill Park, Bathurst, Cape Colony, S. Africa.
Haycraft, H. C. (Totnes), Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings, W.C.
Hayman, E., 26, Piccadilly, W.
Haynes, J. T. (Hartland), J.P., 22, Knollys Road, Streatham, S.W.
Heard, Dr. J., 25, Woodwarde Road, Dulwich, S.E.
Heard, W. E. (Northam), J.P., Winchester House, Newport, Mon.
Hearson, C. E. (Barnstaple), 5, Templar Street, Myatt's Park, S.E.
Hearson, Miss Violet C. (Barnstaple), 5, Templar St., Myatt's Park, S.E.
Hearson, Prof. T. A. (Barnstaple), M.Inst. C.E., 14-15, Southampton Buildings, W.C.
Hearson, Mrs. (Horrabridge), 81, Ridgemount Gardens, Gower St., W.C
Hearson, W. E. (Barnstaple), 'Kippington', Sevenoaks, Kent.
Heath, Miss (Plymouth), 'Tregantle', Woodside Road, Mount Eden, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.)
Heddon, W. F. (Topsham), 23, Coolhurst Road, Crouch End, N.
Hellier, Miss F. (Ottery), Staffordshire House, Store Street, W.C.
Helhngs, R. Merlin (Tiverton), 3, Nugent Street, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.)
Henning, Rev. J., Cockington Vicarage, Torquay.
Henson, S., P.O. Box 1248, Victoria, British Columbia. (Victoria, B.C. Soc,
Hern, S. Glanwern, Christchurch, Newport, Mon.
Hesse, F. W. (Tiverton), 2, Satanita Road, Westcliff, Southend.
Hesse, Mrs. N. (Tiverton), 2, Satanita Road, Westcliff, Southend.
Hews, T. G. (Tiverton), 8, Clarendon Road, Sketty, Swansea. (Swansea Soc.)
Heywood, G. H. (Bideford), 336, Holloway Road, N.
Heywood, Mrs. Isabel (Bideford), 336, Holloway Road, N.
Heywood, Percy (Bideford), 3, Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath.
Hill, H. W. (Exeter), 14, Highlever Road, North Kensington, W.
Hill, J. A. (Holcombe Rogus), C.A., iga, Coleman Street, E.G.
Hill, J. Ball - (Calcutta Soc.)
Hine, H. C. (Exeter), 20, Kensington Road, North End, Portsmouth.
Hobbs, Frank (Molland), 119, Upper Richmond Road, Putney.
Hockaday, F. (Dawlish), 82, Geraldine Road, Wandsworth, S.W.
Hodder, P. C. (Aveton Gifford), 19, Chitty Road, East Southsea. (Portsmouth Soc.)
Hodge, F. (Heavitree), The Homestead, Bishop's Avenue, East Finchley, N.
Holloway, Miss W. A. (Plymouth), 8, Glebe Place, Chelsea, S.W.
Holman, J. Bertram (Bideford), 10, High Street, Tunbridge Wells.
Holmes, A. H. (Parracombe), 69, Amersham Road, New Cross, S.E.
Hooper, A. Shelton, J.P., Hong- Kong. (Hong-Kong Soc.)
Kingcome, C. (Calcutta Soc.}.
Kingcome, Miss Ada (Plymouth), 12, Burwood Place, Norfolk Crescent, W.
Kingcome, Miss Emily (Plymouth), 12, Burwood Place, Norfolk Crescent, W.
Kinsey, F. M. (West Buckland School), Florence Villa, 16, HarrowView, Wealdstone.
Knight, (Wells, Som.), 9, Cheriton Place, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.)
Knill, H. I. (Barnstaple), 32, Rhondda Street, Swansea. (Swansea Soc.}
Laing, Mrs. H. B., 4, Heath Hurst Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Lake, R. C. (Plymouth), 152, Risley Avenue, Tottenham, N.
Lambert, Right Hon. George (Spreyton), M.P., 34, Grosvenor Road, Westminster,
Lancaster, W. J., J.P., 'Santa Margherita', Torquay.
Lane, John (West Putford), 'Bodley Head', Vigo Street, W.
Lang, H. W. (Stonehouse), 7, Bayer Street, Golden Lane, E.G.
Lang, W. H. (Ottery St. Mary), 33, Hopedale Road, Charlton, S.E.
Larkworthy, H. S. (Kinton), 171, Hartfield Road, Wimbledon.
Larkworthy, J. W. (Meeth), 'Bucklands', Nether Street, North Finchley.
Larkworthy, Mrs. J. W., 'Bucklands', Nether Street, North Finchley.
Lascelles, W. H. (Exeter), 28, Barclay Road, Croydon.
Lavers, W. (Yealmpton), 3, Paddenswick Road, Hammersmith, W.
Lawday, Miss K. (Kingsnympton), 45, Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, W.
Lawrence, R. L. (Cullompton), i & 2, Russia Row, Milk Street, E.G.
Lawrence, R. Reginald (Cullompton), i & 2, Russia Row, E.G.
Laycock, C. H., Cross Street, Moretonhampstead, Devon.
Leat, J. (Exeter), B.A., Stoke Road, Slough.
Lethbridge, C., 24, Great St. Helens, E.G.
Lethbridge, Sir Roper, K.C.I.E., Exbourne Manor, Exbourne R.S.O.,North Devon.
Lidiard, Lieut. H. E. (Stonehouse), R.N.S.M. 50, Campbell Road, Southsea, (Portsmouth Assoc.)
Lock, W. G. (Instow), 5, Copthall Buildings, E.G.
Lopes, Sir H. Y-B., Bart. (Maristow), Roborough, Devon. Vice- President.
Lovell, H. F. (Chulmleigh), 49, Agamemnon Road, West Hampstead, N.W.
Lovell, J. (Ottery St. Mary), 161, Eardley Road, Streatham, S.W.
Loveridge, F. (descent), 8, Eastmean Road, Dulwich, S.E.
Loveridge, Mrs. C. M. (Holsworthy), 8, Eastmean Road, Dulwich, S.E.
Loveridge, G. A., 3, Alma Square, St. John's Wood, W.
Loveridge, Miss M. R. (descent), 8, Eastmean Road, Dulwich, S.E.
Luxton, J. (Coleridge), 184, Essex Road, N.
Lyons, Frank I. (Stonehouse), 15, Old Cavendish Street, W.
Maeers, W. H. (Sidmouth), 49, Lillieshall Road, Clapham, S.W.
McCormack, W. J. (Plymouth), J.P., 'Dunkeld', Slough, Bucks.
Maker, A. J. (Chillaton), 'Chillaton', Tilehurst Rd., Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Manning, H. R. (Brixton), 274, Portobello Road, W.
Markham, Lady (Arlington), 21, Eccleston-square, S.W.
Marzette, Leslie, 120, Great Portland Street, W.
Masters, Miss Jessie (Yealmpton), 25, Bruton Street, Mayfair.
Matthews, H. B. (Devonport), 14, Chesham Street, Brighton.
Osmond, C. F., P.O. Box 165, Bulawayo, South Africa.
Owen, W. A. (Shaldon) , King William's Town, South Africa.
Owen, W. D. (Axmouth), The Poplars, Somerset Road, Brentford.
Pallett, Alfred R. (Devonport), 627, McLaren Street, Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa Soc.)
Palmer, F. W. Morton, M.A., M.D. (Teignmouth), 13, Orchard Gardens, Teignmouth.
Parkyn, H. (Okehampton), 413, Oxford Street, W.
Parr, G. H., 319, Trinity Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W.
Parr, Mrs., 319, Trinity Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W.
Parr, R. J. (Torquay), 40, Leicester Square, W.C. Vice-President.
Parr, Mrs. (Torquay), 40, Leicester Square, W.C.
Passmore, W. (Tiverton), IQI, Elspeth Road, Clapham Common, S.W.
Paterson, Miss Edith (Honiton), 16, Kingsgate Mansions, Red Lion Square.
Paterson, Mrs. R. M. (descent), 50, Barrington Road, Brixton, S.W.
Pawley, Mrs. (Plymouth), 98, Ramsden Road, Balham, S.W.
Peace, J. W. Graham, 61, Dynevor Road, High Street, Stoke Newington, N.
Pearce, J. Cyprian (Kingsbridge), 'The Times of Malaya', Ipok, Perak, Federated Malay States.
Pedler, Mrs. Carter-, Reeve Castle, Bow, N. Devon.
Pedler, Dr. H. (Calcutta Soc.}.
Peek, Sir Wilfrid, Bart., Rousdon, Devon.
Peek, Rev. Richard (Rousdon), M.A., St Magnus the Martyr, E.G.
Peek, R. W. (Torquay), 7, Freshford Street, Earlsfield, S.W.
Peerman, A. Purnell (Torquay), 38, Northwold Road, Clapton, N.E.
Pennell, Commander H. L. L. (Awliscombe), R.N., The Admiralty, S.W.
Penny, A. J. (Ottery St. Mary), 118, Cromwell Road, Wimbledon.
Perry, F. A. (Tiverton), 4, Kirchen Road, West Ealing, W. Committee.
Peter, Charles (Bradninch), 31, Sydney Grove, Hendon, N.W.
Philp, C. R. S. (Plymouth), The Livesey Library, Old Kent Road, S.E.
Philp, Mrs. E. L. (Plymouth), 26, Crystal Palace Road, S.E.
Philp, D. B. (Devonport), 44, Homefield Road, Chiswick, W.
Phillpotts, Eden (Exeter), Eltham, Torquay.
Pike, Mrs., 'Exonia', 37, Holmewood Gardens, Brixton Hill, S.W.
Pike, W. A. (Exeter), 37, Holmewood Gardens, Brixton Hill, S.W.
Pilditch, Philip E. (Plymouth), J.P., L.C.C., 2, Pall Mall East, S.W.
Pillman, J. C. (Plymouth), J.P., The Cottage, Foots Cray, Kent.
Pinkham, Alderman C. (Plympton), J.P., C.C., Linden Lodge, Winchester
Avenue, Brondesbury, N.W.
Finn, F. G. (Sidmouth), 764, Fulham Road, S.W.
Finn, Mrs. (Plympton St. Maurice), 764, Fulham Road, S.W.
Pocock, R. W. (descent) 51 Radnor Road, Harrow W.
Pollard, J.- D. (Calcutta Soc.)
Pope, W. S. (Sidmouth), 3, St. Ann's Villas, Holland Park, W.
Popham, W. V. M. (West Buckland School), Blomeneld House, 85, London Wall,
J Porter, C. J. (Barnstaple), 54, Beresford Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Potbury, T. R. (Sidmouth), M.A., 53, Platts Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Powe, G. W. (Cadbury), 44, Creswick Road, Acton, W.
Powe, H. D. (Plymouth), yb, Peterborough Villas, Fulham, S.W.
Pride, A. E. (Thorverton), Woodland, Horn Lane, Woodford Green.
Prior, A. (Calcutta Soc.)
Pudifin, Miss K. (Plympton), 6, Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, N.E.
Pullman, James, 8, Eastern Road, Wood Green, N.
Quick, Francis, 78, Gillespie Road, Highbury, N.
Quick, N. (Tavistock), 552, High Road, Tottenham, N.
Radford, G. H. (Plymouth), M.P., Chiswick House, Ditton.Hill, Surrey.
Radford, Mrs. (Lydford), Chiswick House, Ditton Hill, Surbiton.
Randolf, H. B. (Plymouth), 'Redlands', Farnborough Road, South Farnborough,
Ransford, (Clevedon, Som.), Westdene, Julian Road, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.)
Reed, J. C. (Morchard Bishop), 81, Tavistock Crescent, Westbourne Park, W.
Reed, Mrs. (Morchard Bishop), 81, Tavistock Crescent, Westbourne Park, W.
Reeve, B. (Stonehouse), Brighton Road, Reumera, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.)
Rich, W. J. (Tywardreath), 'St. Fillans', St. Peter's Hill, Caversham, Reading.
Richards, James (Lynton), 46, Ivanhoe Road, Denmark Hill, S.E.
Richardson, W. Gliddon-, Hobson Bay Road, Parnell, New Zealand.
Rider, T. (Plymouth), Sandhurst, Goldsmith Avenue, Southsea. (Portsmouth Soc.)
Rogers, Herbert (descent), 17, Lydford Road, Willesden Green, N.W.
Rogers, W. H. (Bideford), J. P., Orleigh Court, Bideford, N. Devon.
Routly, W. H. (Holsworthy), 2, Radnor Park Avenue, Folkestone. (Folkestone Assoc.)
Rowe, W. (Plympton), Tithe Farm, South Harrow, Middlesex.
Rule, J., 42, Russell Square, W.C.
Rule, Mrs. (Babbacombe), 42, Russell Square, W.C.
Ryall, J. (Totnes), 94, Jerningham Road, New Cross, S.E.
Salter, W. (Cullompton) , 25, Crescent Grove, Clapham Common, S.W.
Sanguine, F. J. (Bideford), 148, Fleet Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Sanguine, (Bideford), 148, Fleet Road, Hampstead, N.W.
St. Cyres, Rt. Hon. Viscount (Pynes), 84, Eaton Square, S.W.
Salter, Mrs. A. J. (Axminster), 62, West Smithfield, E.C.
Saunders, H. (Calcutta Soc.)
Scott, T. C., Balfour, British Columbia.
Seaton, Rt. Hon. Lord (Plympton), Beechwood, Plympton.
Sellick, Miss B., 28, Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, N.W.
Serjeant, Owen Russell (North Petherwin), The Link House, Stanmore, Middlesex.
Serle, E. R. (Cullompton), 158, Oxford Street, Swansea. (Swansea Soc.)
Sharland, A. (Barnstaple), 25, Charleville Circus, West Hill, Sydenham, S.E.
Sharland, A. W. (Exeter), 'Edgecumbe', Ashburton Road, E.
Shaw, E. Harved, 22, St Paul's Churchyard, E.G.
Shawyer, J. W. (Filleigh), 5, Hemington Avenue, Friern Barnet, N.
Shawyer, Mrs. J. W., 5, Hemington Avenue, Friern Barnet, N.
Sheer, J. (North Petherwin), 13, King's College Road, N.W.
Shelley, F. H. (Swimbridge), National Provincial Bank of England, 15, Bishopsgate,
Short, W. H. (Plymouth), 23, Denmark Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Simmons, Sydney (Okehampton) , J.P., 'Okehampton', TorringtonPark, Friern Barnet,
Simpson, F. C., 'Maypool', Churston Ferrers, R.S.O., Devon.
Simpson, Leslie (Stonehouse), Bank House, King St., Hammersmith, W.
Skelton, W. (Plymouth), 101, Leslie Street, Toronto, Canada. (Toronto Soc).
Skewes, J. C. (Bere Alston), Clare Street, Bristol. (Bristol Soc.)
Skinner, G. E. (Parracombe), 56, Leyspring Road, Leytonstone.
Slade, H. J. (Torquay), 11, Maze Road, Kew, S.W.
Small, A. (Barnstaple), 34, Goldsmith Road, Leyton.
Smart, E. S. (Barnstaple), 16, Moor Lane, E.G.
Smart, W. H. (Plymouth), St. Bride Institute, ^Ludgate Circus, E.G.
Smart, Mrs. W. H. (Plymouth), 13, Marsden Road, East Dulwich, S.E.
Smith, E. S. (Bideford), 32, Brisbane Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Smith, F. G. (Topsham), 6, Dovedale Road, Liverpool. (Liverpool Soc.)
Smith, Granville (Dartmouth), Master of the Supreme Court, Royal Courts of Justice,
Smith, H. (Dartmouth), 20, Judge's Drive, Liverpool. (Liverpool Soc.)
Smithers, A. E. (Stonehouse), 112, Newington Butts, S.E.
Smithers, Mrs., 112, Newington Butts, S.E.
Snell, C. Scott (Barnstaple), Gravesend House, Ridgeway, Wimbledon.
Snell, Mrs. C. Scott (Budleigh), Gravesend House, Ridgeway, Wimbledon.
Snell, E. J. (Bampton), 518, Oxford Street, W.
Snell, Frank (Bampton), 'Bampton', EtchinghamPark Rd., Finchley.
Snell, J. (Axminster), Hanger Hill Farm, Ealing.
Snell, M. B. (Barnstaple), J.P., 5, Copthall Buildings, E.G.
Snell, M. Bowden, junr. (Combemartin), 18, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells.
Snodgrass, Archer A., 7, Charterhouse Square, E.G.
Snow, G. H. (Barnstaple), "Rosedean," 20, Heathfield South, Twickenham.
Snow, R. (Tavistock), 21, East Mount Roacl, York.
Soames, D. (Exeter), 52, Manor Road, Brockley, S.E.
Sobey, H. W. (Plympton), 44, Wellmeadow Road, Lewisham, S.E.
Soper, H. Tapley- (Stoke Gabriel), Royal Albert Memorial Library, Exeter.
Southwood, F. C. (Bideford), 105, Abbey Road, N.W.
Southwood, Mrs. (descent), 105, Abbey Road, N.W.
Southwood, Miss Dorothy (descent), 105, Abbey Road, N.W.
Southwood, Miss Mildred (descent), 105, Abbey Road, N.W.
Sparkes, W. H. (Calcutta Soc.)
Spear, Arthur (Plymouth), 61, Asylum Road, S.E.
Spear, Sir John W. (Tavistock), M.P., Tavistock. Vice-President.
Squire, H. Brinsmead (Torrington), London, County and Westminster Bank, 90, Wood Street, E.C.
Squire, J. Mallet (Bideford), 36, Grasmere Road, Muswell Hill, N.
Squires, Lieut. J. (Barnstaple), R.M.A., 15, Exeter Road, Southsea.
Stanley, E. F. (Dartmouth), 15, Alexandra Road, Waterloo, Liverpool.
Stapleton, G. (Calcutta Soc.)
Statton, P. G. (Devonport), 123, Lavender Sweep, Clapham Common, S.W.
Steed, A. W. (Devonport), 25, Clavering Road, Aldersbrook, Wanstead Park, Essex.
Steer, Rev. W. H. Hornby (Woodleigh), M.A., 52, Avenue Road, Regent's Park, N.W.
Steer, J. W. (Plymouth), 'Wood Lee', 45, Raleigh Road, Hornsey, N.
Stentiford, C. D. (Ashburton), Stow Park Crescent, Newport Mon.
Stevens, E. J., 44, Berkeley Road, Crouch End, N.
Stewart, Mrs. W. L. (Calcutta Soc.)
Stranger, R. E. (Holsworthy), P.O. Box 1025, Cape Town, South Africa.
Streat, F. W. (Ottery St, Mary), 125, Lavender Hill, S.W.
Stribling, J. Rowdon (Exeter), 50, High Street, Slough, Bucks.
Strobach, Mrs. (Exeter), 7, Aybrook Street, Manchester Square, W.
Studley, Frank (Tiverton), 'Fairhaven', Cheam Common Hill, Worcester Park, Surrey.
Summers, J. (Ottery St. Mary), 44, Grove Hill Road, Camberwell, S.E.
Talbot, Miss Mabel A. (Hockworthy), 9, Clarendon Flats, Baldeston Street, W.
Tarring, F. W. (Holbeton), F.R.I. B. A., 26, Coolhurst Road, Crouch End, N.
Taylor, A., West Buckland School, South Molton, North Devon.
Taylor, A. B. (Honiton), 30, Cross St., Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Taylor, A. F. (St. Mary Church), Ingleside, Hanwell, W.
Taylor, J. H. (Northam), The Lodge, Old Deer Park, Richmond, Surrey.
Taylor, Mrs. C. (Bideford), The Lodge, Old Deer Park, Richmond, Surrey.
Taylor, Joshua (Northam), 24, Maldon Road, Acton, W.
Teague, Mrs. A. M. (Buckfastleigh), 87, High Road, Streatham, S.W.
Thomson, F. J. S. (Exeter), 31, Angell Road, Brixton, S.W.
Thorn, Miss I. H. (Chagford), 23, Springwell Avenue, Harlesden, N.W.
Timewell, W. U. (Kingsbridge), Devonport, Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.).
Titherley, A. (Exeter), Laurence Villa, Boston, Lines.
Tolchard, W. D., 734, High Road, Leytonstone.
Toley, A. (Stockland), The Grove, Hanwell.
Toll, A. E. J. (Torquay), 22, St. Paul's Churchyard, E.G.
Tolley, H. (Exeter), 17, Oakhurst Grove, East Dulwich, S.E.
Tonkin, Miss Ada (Newton Abbot), 5, Upper Brook Street, W.
Tozer, Henry (Exeter), i, Durham House Street, Strand, W.C.
Tozer, J. R. K. (Paignton), 6, Cannon Street, E.G.
Tozer, R. (Plymouth), Wynyard St., Auckland. (New Zealand Assoc.).
Tregay, C. (Roche, Cornwall), 17, Donnington Road, Reading. (Reading Assoc.).
Treharne, W. J. (Ilfracombe), Abbotsford, The Grove, Church End, Finchley, N.
Treliving, Norman (Okehampton), Central Library, Leeds.
Trobridge, F. (Newton St. Cyres, Exeter), 'St. Cyres', Dryburgh Road, Putney, W.
Trobridge, Mrs. (Newton St. Cyres, Exeter), 'St. Cyres', Dryburgh Road, Putney, W.
Truscott, W. J., (Teignmouth), 66, King's Road, Willesden, N.W.
Truscott, Mrs., 66, King's Road, Willesden, N.W.
Tucker, Lieut. -General C. (Ashburton), Chalet St. Pierre, Biarritz.
Tucker, E. R. (Morchard), 21, Ansdell Road, Peckham, S.E.
Tucker, G. H. L., 83, Ham Park Road, West Ham, E.
Tucker, Miss Hilda M. (Buckfastleigh), 15, Cedars Road, Barnes Common, S.W.
Tucker, Thomas (Exeter), 49, Folburg Road, Stoke Newington, N.E.
Turnbull, J. S. R. (Devonport), 29, Trumpington Road, Forest Gate, E.
Turner, F. J., Ridgway House, Mill Hill, N.W.
Turner, Mrs., Ridgway House, Mill Hill, N.W.
Tyte, H. (Barnstaple), 121, Lansdowne Road, Seven Kings, Essex.
Tyte, Miss A. L., 121, Lansdowne Road, Seven Kings, Essex.
Tyte, Miss K. (Barnstaple), ya, Morgan Mansions, Holloway Road, N.
Underhill, F. (Plymouth), 7, Sutherland Road, Plymouth.
Upcott, Lieut-Col. Sir Frederick Upcott (Cullompton), K.C.V.O., C.S.I.
227, St. James Court, Buckingham Gate, S.W.
Upcott, Lady (Cullompton), 227, St. James Court, Buckingham Gate,
Upham, W. Reynell- (Bicton), 10, Willoughby Road, Hampstead, N.W.
Veitch, Sir Harry J. (Exeter), 34, Redcliffe Gardens, South Kensington,
Vellacott, R. H. (Lynton), 4, Meynell Road, South Hackney, N.E.
Venn, W. H. (Whimple), M.A., St. Peter's College, Manor Road, Brockley,
Vibert, F. H. (Totnes), Rock Villa, Sevenoaks.
Vibert, Herbert (Totnes), 104, Fore Street, E.C.
Vivian, Henry (Cornwood), 6, Bloomsbury Square, W.C..
Vivyan, E. J. (Devonport), 3, Stuart Road, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead.
Veysey, G. H. Shapland (Chittlehampton), 15, Bishopsgate, E.C.
Vickery, J. H, (Crediton), The Norlands, Clytha Park, Newport, Mon.
Vodden, T. (Cullompton), Jaffa House, Cullompton, Devon.
Waghorn, Mrs. A. G. (Horrabridge), 50, Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, S.E.
Walden, Mrs. A. M. (Exmouth), 8, Parson's Green Lane, Fulham, S.W.
Waldron, Rev. A. J. (Plymouth), St. Matthew's Vicarage, Brixton, S.W.
Walker, F. (Drewsteignton) , 68, Coleman Street, E.C.
Walrond, Conrad M. (Cullompton), 'Braeside', St. Catherine's Lane, Eastcote.
Walrond, H. W. (Cullompton), London, County and Westminster Bank, Knightsbridge, S.W.
Walrond, Hon. Lionel (Bradfield), M.P., Bradfield, Cullompton.
Walton, C. H. (Teignmouth), Devonia, 31, Sibella Road, Clapham, S.W.
Ward, Mrs. (Plymouth), 29, Pitfield Road, Hoxton, N.
Ward, W. J. (Plymouth), 29, Pitfield Road, Hoxton, N.
Warran, F. (Tavistock), 82a, South Park Road, Wimbledon, S.W.
Watkins, J. R. (Plymouth), 5, Harrington St., Liverpool. (Liverpool Soc.)
Webber, R. A. (Newton Abbot), 2, Dallin Road, Plumstead, S.E.
Webber, W. J. N. (Plymouth), Aspen Cottage, Mitcham Junction, Surrey.
Wellacott, W. (Morchard Bishop), 18, Arlington Road, West Baling, W.
Wendon, W. (Paignton), 164, Piccadilly, W.
Western, J. R. (Cullompton), Rosario, Holly Park Gardens, Finchley, N.
JWheeler, C. (Ilfracombe), 'Norlands', Lyndhurst, Hants.
White, A. (Diptford), 3, Aberdeen Court, Aberdeen Park, N.
White, T. Jeston (Stockland), 39, Burne Street, N.W.
White, W. A. (Exeter), Crabtree, Riverside, Fulham, S.W.
Whiteway, E. (Coombeinteign), 14, New Union Street, Moorfields, E.G.
Whitneld, J. (Bideford), 103, Altenburgh Gardens, Clapham Common, S.W.
Whitley, E. Forbes (Efford), Rhos Cottage, Newquay.
Whitley, H. Michell (Effordj, Broadway Court, Broadway, Westminster, S.W.
Widlake, E. (Combe Martin), Sunny Mount, Hanham, Bristol. (Bristol Soc.)
Wild, A. C. T. (Beer), Belmont House, Peckham Rye, S.E.
Wills, F. R. Gould- (Exeter), A.R.I.B.A., 31-33, High Holborn, W.C.
Windeatt, E. (Totnes), 'Heckwood', Totnes, S. Devon.
Wingate, G. H. (Plymouth), 29, Fairhold Road, Stoke Newington, N.
Wingate, G. M. (Plymouth), 20, Denver Road, Amhurst Park, N.
Wingate, L. A. (Plymouth), 66, Loveday Road, West Ealing, W.
Winter, P. G. D. (Torquay), 70, Elm Grove, Southsea. (Portsmouth Soc.)
Wise, H. Harris (Plymouth), Glen View, Penylan Park, Newport (Mon.).
Witheridge, W. H. (Plymouth), 105, Dawes Road, Fulham, S.W.
Wollocombe, J. R. (Lewdown), Stowford Cottage, Lewdown S.O., Devon.
Wood, J. F. (Stonehouse), 123, The Grove, Wandsworth, S.W.
Woodward, A. F. (Tiverton), 59, Fairland Road, Stratford, E.
Woolley, W. B. (Torquay), 17, Windermere Road, Muswell Hill, N.
Woollcombe, Rev. H. S. (Northlew), M.A. Vice-President.
Worth, A. J. (Devonport), London, County & Westminster Bank, Marylebone
Wreford, C. W. (Exeter), 55, Dyne Road, Brondesbury, N.W.
Wreford, Mrs. C. W. (Exeter), 55, Dyne Road, Brondesbury, N.W.
Wreford, J. (Exeter), M.B., 66, West End Lane, N.W. Vice-President.
Wrenford, Rev. H. St. John E., Clannaborough Rectory, Bow, N. Devon.
Wright, F. G. (Tiverton), 10, Old Deer Park Gardens, Richmond.
Wright, W. H. K. (Plymouth), F.L.S., Borough Librarian, Plymouth.
Wright, W. J. (Bideford), 18, Wood Street, E.G.
Wyatt, F. B. (South Molton), South Molton, N. Devon.
Yandle, Robert (Tiverton), 22, Carter Lane, E.G. Committee.
Yellen, F. H. (Holcomb Rogus), 47, Market Place, Reading. (Reading Assoc.)
Yeo, James (Barnstaple), Woodhurst, Warlingham, Surrey.
Yeo, S. A. Spear (Exeter), 2, 4, and 6, St. John Street, E.G.
Zelley, J. H. (Exeter), 31, Radipole Road, Fulham, S.W.