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Arena Cornubia:

The Claims of the Commissioner of Woods and Forests
to the Sea Coast and Banks of Tidal Rivers in Cornwall and Devon


J W Pycroft, Esq, FSA, MRAS

(3rd Edition). London: W G Benning (1865), xvii, 63 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Few matters exemplify the complex relationship between Devon and Cornwall, and the Crown via the Duchy of Cornwall as does "Riparian" Law. As an example, from the time of James I, the property in the bed and water of a tidal river as high as the tide ebbs and flows at a medium spring tide is pre-sumed to reside in the crown or a grantee of the crown, generally the lord of a manor, and the bed and water of a non-tidal river are presumed to belong to the person through whose land it flows, or, if it divide two properties, to the riparian proprietors, the rights of each extending to mid-stream (ad medium filum aqum). In order to give riparian rights, the river must flow in a defined channel, or at least above ground. James Wallis Pycroft (1847-1880) was an antiquarian and a prolific pamphleteer who wrote on an extraordinary range of topics. He eventually became insolvent and was expelled from the Society of Antiquaries. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Agelmar 2
Aguylun, Robert de 22-3
Albani, Earl of 20-1
Aldithelege, James de 22-3
Alexander, William John Esq 49
Alford, Mr 27
Alphegi 2
Arcy, Philip de 22-3
Athelmar 1
Athelstan 2
Athelward 2
Aylmer 1
Bacon 12
Bidan, William 7
Blackstone v
Bodrugan family 4
Bodrugan, Lord x
Braos, Willielmo de 18-21
Briwere, William (Briere) 18-21
Bury, Dr Arthur 16, 33
Camden 3
Cardinan, Robert de 8-10
Carew 3, 16
Carveth, Mr 27
Chamberlayne, Rev John, Esq, FRS 33
Chambers 6
Charles I xvi
Charles II 16
Chichester, Lord S 20-1
Chitty v
Christie, Mr 45
Clutton, Mr 39
Cockburn, Sir Alexander James Edmund, Knt 34, 49
Coke, Lord v, xv, 11-5
Constable, Sir Henry 14
Cooper 8
Corbet, Thomas 22-3
Cornwall, Duke of 13
Cornwall, Richard Earl of 3, 11, 13, 22-3
Coutts & Co, Messrs xii, 39, 42
Coxe, Dr Daniel 16, 28
Crespigney, Hon Charles 34, 49
Daniel, Mr x-xi
Devon, Amicia, Countess of 4
Dier, Lord 12-3
Diggs 14
Doddridge, Sir John 4, 11, 27
Dunstanville, Lord de 3, 11, 16
Edward the Black Prince 3
Edward the Confessor x, 2
Edward I x, xiii-iv, xvi, 4-5
Edward II 5, 15
Edward III 13-4
Edward VI 4
Edward III xv, 3
Elizabeth I xv, 11-4
Ellis 2
Ely, Nicholas Archdeacon of 22-3
Engress, Peter de 7
Essex, Peter Earl of 18-21
Ferrers, William Earl of 20-1
FitzPiers, Reginald 22-3
George III xi
Gore, Hon Charles Alexander xii, 36-41, 43-8
Gough 3
Grevill, Sir Edward 27
Grey, John de 22-3
Hakewell, Mr 27
Hale, Lord 6
Hammond 14
Hanson, Albert 49
Hardy, Duffus 7
Hargreave (Hargrave) 5-6, 10
Harold, King 1
Harrison v
Hastings, Sir Francis 27
Heath xvi
Henry I 7, 21
Henry II 9
Henry III 3-4, 10, 13, 22
Henry VII x
Hereford, Henry Earl of 20-1
Hollis, Sir John 27
James I xi, 5-6, 13, 16, 24, 26, 28
John, King 6-8, 10-1, 18-21
Littleton v
Lyson vii
Macedon, Philip of 1
Madox 6
Malmesh, William of 2
Manning, James iii
Marshall, Earl William 18-9
Martyn, John 28
Maunsell, John 22-3
Monsey, Rt Hon Robert 34
Morton, Robert of 2
Munferant, Islambert de 22-3
Nevill, Hugh de 18-21
Patteshull, Simon of 20-1
Pemberton, Mr Edward Leigh 47, 49
Phipps, Colonel xii, 39
Poole, Sir Henry 27
Pread, Mr 27
Prideaux family x, 4
Pugeys, Islambert 22-3
Pycroft, J W vi, 41, 45
Ramsey, Abbot of xv, 13
Ranken, Ford, Longborne & Vickerman, Messrs 35-6, 38, 48
Rendell, Mr ix
Sarum, H Lord Bishop 20-1
Stephen v
Swein, King 2
Tate, Mr 27
Trevanion family x-xi, 36
Valence, William de 22-3
Valetort family 4
Victoria, Queen 15
Vivian, Sir Hussey x-xi
Vivian, John Esq 36
Vivian, Lord x-xiii, 34-49
Walerand, Robert 22-3
Wales, Albert Edward, Prince of 34, 38-9, 42, 48-9
Wales, Prince of 13
William I 2, 6
Zouche, Alan la 22-3