List of Subscribers


Chapple, William. A review of part of Risdon's Survey of Devon;
containing the general description of that county;
with corrections, annotations, and additions (1785)

Reprint of 1785 edition, Barnstaple: Porcupines (1970)

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Provided here by permission of the publishers

In 1772 William Chapple of Exeter proposed to publish by subscription "a correct edition of Risdon's Survey of Devon". He believed that extensive revision was needed but died before the undertaking was completed. The incomplete work was published in Exeter in 1785.
Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, of Kilmore, bart.
Hugh Acland, esq.
John Dyke Acland, esq.
Thomas Dyke Acland, esq.
Mr Edward Addicott, of Exeter
Rev. John Allen, vicar of St. Paul's, Cornwall
Dr. Amyatt, of London
Dr. Anderson, of Barnstaple
Rev. John Andrew, Rector of Powderham and Milton Damerell
Henry Archbould, esq.
Edward Archer, of Plymouth, esq.
John Arscott, of Tetcott, Esq.
Mr. James Arthur, of London
The right hon. Lord Ashburton


Rev. John Baddeley, rector of Throwleigh
Sir George Baker, bart. Phyfician to her Majesty, and F.R.S.
Mr. Henry Baker
Rev. Dr. Baker, prebendary of Exeter
Sir Richard Warwick Bampfylde, of Poltimore, bart.
Robert Barber, of Alphington, esq.
John Baring, of Mount Radford, esq.
Rev, Manister Bernard, rector of Whitestone
Mr. William Barrett, of Bristol
Rev. William Brudenell Barter, fellow of Baliol College, Oxford
Mr George Bartlett, of Bideford
Rev, Philip Barton, subdean of Exeter
William Bastard of Kitley, esq.
Mr Edward Bathhurst, of London
Rev. Jothua Bawden, vicar of Northam
Mr. William Beard, of Kenton
Rev. James Beaver, rector of Plymtree
Peter Beavis, of Clyst Place, esq.
Mr William Beddon, of Crewkern, Dorset
Rev. Cha. Bedford, vicar of Lawannick, Cornwall
Mr. Thomas Belton, of Torrington
Rev. George Bent, minister of Sandford, and rector of Jacobstow
Mr. John Bent, of Kenton
Mr. William Bentall, of Totnes
Mr. Rowland Berkley, of London
Thomas Berry, of Eastleigh, esq.
Rev. Charles Bertie, prebendary of Gloucester
Rev. John Bertie, prebendary of Exeter, and rector of Kenn
Rev. James Bevan
Mr. William Bickley, of Exeter
Mr. John Bickley, of Exeter
Ralph Bigland, esq. Garter King of Arms
Mr. Thomas Binford, of Exeter
Rev. Theophilus Blackall, prepr of Exeter
Rev. Richard Blake, rector of Fairway
Mr. Theophilus Blintham, of Oatway, near Torrington
Rev. John Bond, rector of East Ansty
Mr. Thomas Bond of Topsham
Montague Booth, esq.
The right hon. Lord Boringdon, of Saltram
Rev. Dr. Walter Borlase
Rev. Dr. William Borlase
Rev. John Boyle, rector of Sherwell
Rev. John Bradford, vicar of Pinhoe
Mr. John Bradford, of Newton-Abbot
Mr. Samuel Bremridge, of Barnstaple
Mr. Samuel Brock of North-Tawton
Mr. Nicholas Brooke, of Exeter
Rev. William Browne, rector of Silverton
Mr. Arthur Browne, of Bristol, Bookseller
Mr. Henry Brutton, of Cullumpton
Mr. Joshua Bryan, of Southmolton
Rev, James Bryett, of Rew
George Buck, of Daddon, esq.
William Buck, of Bideford, esq.
Rev. Lewis Buck, L.L.D.
Rev. John Buckland, fellow of C.C.C. Oxford
Rev. Charles Buckland, of Highweek
John Buller, of King's Nympton Park, esq.
Simon Bunter of Axminster, esq.
Mr. Charles Burden of Black Torrington
Mr. Jonathan Burnet, of Exeter
Mr. Joseph Burrow, of Exeter
Mr. Joseph Burt, of Plymouth


Mr. John Daniel Cailler, of Exeter
Peter Calmet, of Park-place, St. James, London, esq.
Mr John Cann, of Fuidge, in Spreyton
Rev. Cornelius Cardew, master of the Grammar-school in Truro
Sir Thomas Carew, of Haccombe, bart.
Henry Carew, esq.
Rev. John Carlyon, of Truro, Cornwall
Mr. John Carpenter, of Tavyton, near Tavistock
Mr. Richard Carpenter, of Lyme, Dorset
Rev. George Carwithen, rector of Manaton
George Cary, of Tor Abbey, esq.
Mr. John Cawley, of Topsham
Rawlin Champernowne, of Dartington, esq.
Arthur Harrington Champernowne, esq.
Mr. John Chapple, of Witheridge
Mr. James Chapple, of Appledore
Mr. Samuel Champion, of Plymouth
Mr. Moses Chanter, of Chulmleigh
Sir John Chichester, of Youldon, bart.
Charles Chichester, of hall, esq.
Rev, Dr. Cholwich, of Holbeton, prebendary of Exeter
John Cholwich, of Farringdon, esq.
Rev. Christopher Churchill, vicar of St. Thomas the Apostle
Rev, John Churchill, rector of Chawleigh and Eggesford, and fellow of C.C.C. Oxford
Edward Chute, of Exeter, esq.
Rev. Richard Clack, of Hereford
Rev. Thomas Clack, rector of Moretonhampstead and Kenn, and prebendary of Exeter
Mr. Richard Clarke, of Okehampton
Mr. John Cleve, of Crediton
John Cleveland of Tapeley, esq.
Right hon. Hugh Lord Clifford, of Ugbrooke Park
Mr Samual Coade, of Exeter
Mr John Cock, of Exeter
Philip Cockey, of Totnes, esq.
Richard Coffin, of Portledge, esq.
Mr. Alderman Coffin, of Exeter
Mr. Richard Coffin, Postmaster of Exeter
Mr Samuel Coggan, of St. Thomas the Apostle
Mr. Humphry Cole, of Marazion
Rev. John Coleridge, of Ottery St Mary
Mr. Thomas Collier, of Topsham
Rev. Thomas Comyns, priest-vicar of the Cathedral, Exeter
Mr. Thomas Comyns, of Witheridge
Mr. Thomas Coombe, of London
Robert Cooke, of Kenbury, esq.
Charles Cooke, of London, esq.
Mr. Thomas Cooksley, of Great Torrington
Mr. William Cooksley, of Ashburton
Mr. John Copinger, of Rocalf, Cornwall
Rev. Mr. Coplestone
Mr. Richard Coplestone, of Exeter
Mrs Deborah Cornith, of Exeter
Nathaniel Elias Cofferat, of Exeter, esq.
Mr. John Couch, of Exeter
The right hon. William Lord Viscount Courtenay
The hon. Mr. Courtenay
Rev. Henry Reginald Courtenay, D.D. prebr of Exeter
John Coward, of Plymouth-Dock, esq.
Rev. Mr. Crewe, vicar of Bickley
Mr. Nicholas Crisp, of Bovey-Tracey
George Croft, of Duryard, esq.
Mr. Alderman Crossing, of Exeter
Rev. Henry Shortrudge Cruwys, of Little Chelsea, Middlesex
John Culme, of Tothill, near Plymouth, esq.
Mr. Peter Culme, of Tothill
Charles Cutliffe, of Weach, esq.


Mr. Philip Dacie, of Exeter
Sir John Davie, of Creedy, bart.
John Davie, of Orleigh, esq.
Rev. William Davie, of Exminster
Mr. George Davey, of Tiverton
Philip Davies, esq. of Serjeants Inn, London
Mr. Tho. Davies, of London, bookseller
Wm. Davey, esq. his Majesty's Prime Serjeant
Mr. John Day, of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Denis, rector of Inwardleigh
Mr. Dewey, of Arlington
Mr. William Dickes, of London
Richard Dodge, of Elverleigh, esq.
Mr. Alderman Dodge, of Exeter
Rev. Robert Dodge, of Plymouth
Mr. Benjamin Donne, of Bristol
Henry Donne, of Burrew, in Northam, esq.
Dr. Downman, of Exeter
Lady Drake, of Ath
Philip Drake, of Madford, esq.
Mr. John Drake, of Exeter
Mr. Henry Drake, of Barnstaple
Mr. Thomas Drake, of Colyton
Francis Drewe, of Grange, esq.
Edward Drewe, of Exeter, barrister at law
John Duke, of Otterton, esq.
Mr. John Chapple Dunsford, of Moretonhampstead
Mr. Gilbert Dyer, of Exeter


The hon. and right rev. Frederick, Lord Bishop of Exeter
Mr. John Eastcott, of Newcastle, Ireland
Mr. William Easton, of Kingsbridge
Rev. Mr. Edwards, rector of Sampford Courtenay
Mr. Charles Edwards, of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Elford, of Bickham, in Buckland-Monachorum
Rev. Walter Elford, of Milton Damarell
Rev. John Elworthy, of South Molton
Rev. William Ellacombe, rector of Alphington


Dr. Farwell, of Totnes
Henry Arthur Fellowes, of Eggesford, esq.
Edward Fitzgerald, esq.
Mr. William Flamank, of Newton Abbot
Mrs. Anne Fleetwood, of Dawlish
Rev. Mr. Flexman, of Zeal Monachorum
Mr. Alderman Floud, of Exeter
Mr. Foce, of Langtree
John Follett, of the Middle Temple, London, esq.
Mr. Benjamin Follett, of Lyme, Dorset
Mr. Josiah Foote, of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Foote, of Drewsteignton
Right hon. Matthew Lord Fortescue, of Castle Hill
Richard Inglett Fortescue, of Dawlish, esq.
Rev. Edward Ford, rector of Norton under Hamden, in Somerset
Mr. Thomas Foster, of Exeter
William Foulkes, of Clyst-house, esq.
Rev. Peter Foulkes, prependary of Exeter
Dr. Foulkes, of Oxford
Rev. John Foss, of Ilfracombe
Rev. Henry Fothergill, rector of Cheriton Bishops
Henry Fry, of Deer Park, esq.
Mr. John Fryer, of Kenton
Mr. Thomas Furlong, of Exeter
James Furneaux, of Swilley, near Plymouth, esq.
George Fursdon of Fursdon, esq.
Mr James Fursman, of Ashburton, bookseller
Rev. Dr. Fynes, of Moretonhampstead
Rev. Charles Fynes, of Chagford
James Fynes, of Mortonhampstead, esq.


Mr Gale, of Dunster
Rev. John Gandy, vicar of St. Andrew's, Plymouth
Rev. John Garrett, master of the Grammar-school at Chudleigh
Mr. James Garrett
Mr. William Gater, of Exeter
Mr. Robert Gatty, of Exeter
Mr Nicholas Gear, of Exeter
Mr. Thomas Gearing, of Exeter
Rev. John Gibbons, of St. Paul's, London
Rev. John Gibbons, jnr. London
Mr George Abraham Gibbs, of Exeter
Mr Robert Gidley, of Honiton
Mr. John Glanville, of Exeter
Dr. Glass, of Exeter
Rev. John Glubb, rector of Bicton
Robert Gough, of London, esq.
Mr. John Goss, of Teignmouth
Dr. Gould, of St. Austel
Rev. Thomas Granger, rector of Withecombe in the Moor
Mr. James Grant, of Exeter
Samuel Graves, of Henbury Fort, esq. Admiral of the White
Thomas Graves, esq. Rear Admiral of the Red
William Graves, of Thancks, in Cornwall, esq. master in Chancery
William Gregson, of Exeter, esq.
Mr William Grigg, of Exeter, bookseller
Mr. Henry Grinter, of Exeter
Christopher Gullett, of Exeter, esq.

Charles Hale, of Ingsdon, esq.
Rear Admiral John Hale
Rev. Richard Hathersell Hallett, of Stedcombe, in Axmouth
Sylvester O'Halloran, of Limerick, in the kingdom of Ireland, esq.
John Hamlyn, of Clovelly Court, esq.
Mr. Robert Pascoe Hamlyn, of Teignmouth
Rev. Richard Harrington, rector of Whitstone
Christopher Harris, of Hayne, esq.
Rev. Samuel Hart, vicar of Crediton
Dr. Harvey
John Harward, of Hayne, esq.
Mr. Thomas Harward, of Hartland
Narcissus Hatherly, of Bideford, esq.
David Haweife, of Kelliow, Cornwell, esq.
William Hawker, of Luppit, esq.
Mr. Henry Hawkes, of Moretonhampstead
Mr. Knowling Hawkins, of Kingsbridge
Rev. Richard Haydon, of Okeford
Benjamin Hayes, of Halwell house, esq.
Charles Hayne, of Lupton, esq.
Isaac Heard, esq. Garter King of Arms
Thomas Hearding, of Upcott, esq.
Rev. John Hellings
Rev. Samuel Henley, of Virginia
George Herbert, of Vowel's-combe, esq.
Mr. Herring, of Bickley
Edward Hewith, of Cheriton-fitz-payne, esq.
James Modyford Heywood, of Marystowe, esq.
Rev. Charles Hill, of Tawstock
Mr. John James Hirtzell, of Exeter
Rev. Malachi Hitchins, vicar of St. Hilary, Cornwall
Rev. Tho. Pearce Hockin, vicar of Okehampton
Mr John Hodge, of Bishop's Clyst
Mr Thomas Hodge, of Sidmouth
Rev. Mr. Hogg, of Exeter
Arthur Holdsworth, of Dartmouth, esq.
Rev. William Hole, archdeacon of Barnstaple
Rev. Jothua Hole, rector of Belston
Rev. Nicholas Hole, vicar of Burrington
Rev. Richard Hole, of North Tawton
Mr. William Hole, of Barnstaple
Rev. William Hole, of Coleridge
Rev. John Hole, of South Molton
Henry Hole, of Ebberly, esq.
Mr. John Holmes, of Exeter
Mr. William Holmes, of Exeter
Miss Sarah Holmes, of Exeter
Rev, Mr. Holwell, prependary of Exeter
Mr Holwell, of Exeter
Rev. John Hony, of Trenant, Cornwall
Mrs Elizabeth Honywood, of Alphington
Mr. John How, of Honiton
Rev, Joseph Howell, rector of Lanreath, Cornwall
Rev. Thomas Hugo, rector of Dunchideock
Thomas Hull, of Marpool-hall, esq.
Mr. Robert Hull, of Exeter
Mr. Joseph Hunt, of Exeter
Rev. Thomas Hurrell, prependary of Exeter, and rector of Drew's Teignton
Rev. Thomas Hutton, of North Bovey
Mr. Thomas Hutton, Professor of mathematics in the Royal Academy at Woolwich
Mr. William Huxham, of Crediton


Gregory Jackson, of Exeter, esq.
Mr. Richard Jackson, of Hood
Mr. James Jackson, of Moretonhampstead
Mr. William Jackson, of Exeter
Wrey l'Ans, of Whitstone, esq.
Rev. William Jenkins, vicar of Up-Ottery
William Ilbert, of Bowringsleigh, esq.
William Elford Ilbert, of Kingsbridge, esq.
Benjamin Incledon, of Pilton, esq.
Mr. John Incledon, of Bideford
Mr. John Jones, of Exeter
Mr. Thomas Jones, of Exeter
Mr. Jones, of Plympton
Mr. Bloomer Ireland, of London
Mr. Richard Isaac, of Ringsath

Mr. John Katenkamp, of Exeter
John Hatfield Kaye, of Hatfield-hall, near Wakefield in Yorkshire, esq.
Mr. William Kelland, of North Tawton
Mr. Edward Kendall, of Exeter
Mr. Abraham Kennaway, of Exeter
Mr. William Kennaway, of Exeter
Rev. Dr. Kennicott, canon of Christ-church, Oxford
Mr. William Kent, of Exeter
Mr. George King, of Honiton
Mr. Samuel Kingdon, of Exeter
Rev. John Kingdon, vicar of Bridgrule
Rev. Thomas Kitson, of Shiphay


William Lake, of Bradley, esq.
Mr. Philip Lane, of Exeter
Mr. John Lane, of Bishop's Morchard
Mr. Richard Langdon, Mus.B.
Mr. Garland Langworthy, of Plympton
Rev. Mr. Samuel Lavington, of Bideford
Rev. Philip Leach, of Boconnoc, Cornwall
Rev. John Lee, of Exminster
Matthew Lee, of Ebford, esq.
Mr. Edward Lee, jun. of Pinhoe
Rev. Henry Lemoyne, of Stonehouse
John Chard Lewis, of Tracey, esq.
Rev. Richard Lewis, vicar of Dunkeswell
Mr. John Ley, of Exeter
Mr. Henry Ley, town-clerk of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Ley, of Doddescombesleigh
John Lyne, of Lyndridge, esq.
Harry Lippencott, of Webbery, esq.
Rev. Charles Lock, rector of North Bovey
Rev. Mr. Locker, vicar of Kenton
Mr. Richard Luccraft, of Exeter
Mr. John Luke, of Exeter
Mr. Samuel Luscombe, of Exeter
Mr. William Luscombe, of Sidmouth
Henry Fownes Luttrell, of Nethway, esq.
Mr. Robert Luxton, of Bruthford
--- Lyddon, of Crwys-hayes, esq.


Mr. George Woodward Mallett, of Plymouth
Rawling Mallock, of Cockington, esq.
Rev. Samuel Mallock, of Colyton
Mr. Edward Manley, of Cradock, near Uffculm
Mr. John Manning, of Launceston, Cornwall
Mrs. Manning, of Bideford
Mr. John Mardon, of Moretonhampstead
Rev. John Marthall, master of the Grammar-school in Exeter
Rev. Mr. Marthall, of Heanton
Rev. Edward Marthall, vicar of St. Breage, Cornwall
James Thomas Bendictus Marwood, of Sutton, esq.
Mr. Philip Matthew, of Chudleigh
Mr. James Maynard, of Honiton
Rev. Thomas Melhuith, vicar of Witheridge
Rev. Mr. Merefield, of Slapton
Mr. Samuel Milford, of Exeter
Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Milles, dean of Exeter
Sir John Molesworth, of Pencarrow, Cornwall, bart.
Rev. George Moore, canon residentiary of Exeter
Rev. Thomas Moore, vicar of Bishop's Tawton
Rev. Edward Morthead, vicar of Quethiock, Cornwall
Philip Morthead, of Plymouth, esq.
Mr. Simon Morris, of Topsham
Rev. Hooper Morrison, rector of Athrington
The right hon. George Lord Viscount Mount-Edgcombe
Samuel Monckley, of Bristol, esq.
Rev. Dr. Musgrave, of Exeter


Mr. John Nankivell, of St. Austle, Cornwall
Mr Kellow Nation, of Exeter
Norton Nelson, of Totnes, esq.
Mr. James Newberry, of Chudleigh
Francis Stonard Newcombe, of Exeter, esq.
Robert Lydstone Newcombe, of Exeter, esq.
Rev. James Newcombe, priest-vicar of the Cathedral, Exeter
Rev. Samuel Newte, of Tidcombe
William Newton, of Exeter, esq.
Rev. William Neyle, of Ambrook
Mr. Gilbert Neyle, of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Nichols, rector of Martinhoe
Mr. Anthony Noguier, of Exeter
Her Grace the Duchefs of Northumberland
Rev. Hugh Northcote, rector of Upton-pyne
Mr John Nosworthy, of Dartmouth


Paul Orchard, of Stoke Abbey, in Hartland, esq.
Robert Orme, esq.
Edward Orpwood, of Bath, esq.


Mr. John Paddon, of Powderham
Mr. William Paige, of Slapton
Sir Robert Palk, of Haldon-house, bart.
Mr. John Palk, of Exeter
Thomas Newbery Palmer, of Axminster, esq.
Rev. William Palmer, rector of Coombe-Raleigh
Mr. John Palmer, of South Molton
Mr. Robert Palmer, of Plympton
Rev. Henry Parminter, of Stoke
Mr. Thomas Parker, of Topsham
Mr. Parkhouse, bookseller, of Tiverton
Mr. John Partridge, jun. of Witheridge
Rev. Mr. Paffmore, of Helston, Cornwall
Mr. James Patch, of London
Mr. Robert Paul, of Exeter
Mrs. Pawling, of Exeter
Rev. William Paxton, rector of Buckland Brewer
Edward Payne, of Ford, in Rockbear, esq.
Mr. Joseph Payne, of Plymouth
Mr. Francis Painter, of Mitchell, Cornwall
Mr. Edward Pierce, of Luppit
Mr. John Pearse, of Kenton
William Penny, of Exeter, M.D.
Rev. Mr. Penwarne, of St. Veep, Cornwall
Richard Pering, of Harberton, esq.
Mr. Allen Pering, of Dartmouth
Dr. Peters of Truro
Mr. Benoni Peters, of Columpton
Mr. Arundel Phillip, of Exeter
Mr. David Phillips, of Exeter
Mr. Adam Pierce, chamberlain of Exeter
Mr. James Pike, of Newton Abbot
Mr. John Pinhay, of Exeter
Rev. J. Pinneck, of Gulval, Cornwall
Rev. Henry Pinneck, of Cheriton-fitz-payne
Mr. William Pitfield, of Exeter
Sir John Pole, of Shute, bart.
Mr. Francis Polkinhorne, of St. Austle, Cornwall
Mr. Henry Pollard
Mr. John Pollard, of the Bank of England
Mr. William Ponsford, of Drewe's Teignton
Mr. Thomas Pooke, of Werrington
Rev. Mr. Powell, of Bodmin, Cornwall
William Mackworth Praed, of Exeter, esq.
John Price, of Penzance, esq.
Sir William Prideaux, of Netherton, bart.
Mr. Edward Pridham, of Bideford
Rev. Thomas Prouse, prep. Of Exeter
Mr. Thomas Prouse, of Exeter
Robert Prudom, of Exeter, esq.
Mr. James Puddicombe, of Newton Abbot
Mrs. Pullen, of Exeter
Mr. Robert Pullen, of Thorverton
Mr. Charles Pugh, of Thorverton
Thomas Putt, of Combe, esq.
Rev. Mr. Putt, of Gittisham
Mr. Raymundo Putt, of Plymouth


Andrew Quicke, of Ethy, Cornwall, esq.
John Quicke, of Newton St. Cyres, esq.
Rev. Nutcombe Quicke, chancellor of the cathedral, Exeter


Rev. Mr. Radcliffe, rector of Stoke Gabriel
Mr. John Radcliffe, of London
Walter Radcliffe, of Warleigh, esq.
Rev. John Radford, of Lapford
Mr. Benjamin Radford, of Lapford
Rev. Arundel Radford
Mr. Richard Radford, of Exeter
Mr. John Radford, of Culmstock
Rev. Edward Rayner, of Exeter
Mr. William Rendell, of Stokeinteignhead
Rev. John Reynell, of Totnes
Sir Jothua Reynolds, knight, president of the Royal Academy
Mr. Thomas Reynolds, of Plymouth
Rev. Mr. Rice, vicar of Bishop's Tawton
Mr. John Ricchenbergh, of Trewidda, Cornwall
Rev. Henry Richards, fellow of Exeter College, Oxford
Rev. Mr. Robinson, of Helston, Cornwall
Mr. John Robins of Exeter
Mr. John Robins, of Teignmouth
James Rodd, of Topsham, esq.
Francis Rodd, of Trebartha-hall, Cornwall, esq.
Rev. Nicholas Roe, rector of Clyst St. George
Sir Frederick Lemon Rogers, bart.
Rev. William Rogers, rector of Chulmleigh
Denys Rolle, of Hudscott, esq.
Mr. George Rook, of Dorking
Rev. Thomas Rofkelly, vicar of Awliscombe
Rev. Ross, of Ashburton
James Rewe, of Alverdiscott, esq.
Mr. John Rowe, of Exeter
Mr. John Rowe, of Alphington
Mr. James Rowe, of North Tawton
Mr. William Rowe, of Crediton
Mr. Nathaniel Rule, of St. Thomas the Apostle


Sir John St. Aubyn, of Clowance, bart.
Rev. Carolus Salter, of Grindle, in Clyst St. Mary
Rev. Arthur Saunders, vicar of Sidmouth
Rev. Jos. Langford, fellow of Baliol College, Oxford
John Sawle, of Penrice, Cornwall, esq.
John Seale, of Mount-boon, esq.
Rev. George Pender Scoble, vicar of St. Juste and Sancrett, Cornwall
Mr. E. Score, of Exeter, bookseller
Mr. Charles Scott, of Fonthill, Wilts.
Mr. Thomas Scott, of Exeter
Mr. William Scott, of George Nympton
Mr. John Scott, of Plymouth Dock
Mr. William Scott, of High Bickington
Mr. John Sharland, of South-molton
Mr. John Shepherd, of Ipplepen
John Short, of Exeter, esq. barrister at law
Rev. Mr. Short, prependary of Exeter
Mr. Walter Shropshire, of London, bookseller
Mr. Thomas Shute, of Crediton
Mr Timothy Sillifant, of Broad Nymet
Mr. Matthew Skinner, of Iflington, Middlefex
Rev. Dr. Skynner, precentor of Exeter
Rev. Mr. Sleech, archdeacon of Cornwall
Rev. Dr. Sleeman, of Tavistock
Mr. John Sloman, of London
Mr. Thomas Smith, of Exeter
Rev. John Southcombe, rector of Rose-ath
Rev. Geo. Southcombe, rector of King's Nympton
John Henry Southcote, of Buckland, esq.
Michael Southcote, of ------, esq.
Elford Sparke, of Chadlewood, in Plympton St. Mary, esq.
Mrs. Speke, of Tidwell
William Spicer, of Wear, esq.
Mr. Richard Spicer, of London
Mr. William Spry, of Witheridge
Mr. George Stawell, of South-Molton
Mr. John Stear, of South-Zeal
Mr. Henry Stevens, of Witheridge
Mr. Richard Stevens, of Exeter
Henry Stevens, of Cross, esq.
Rev. Francis Grubb Stevens, of Axminster
Mr. John Stone, of Merrifield, in Slapton
Mr. John Stoodley, of Exeter
Mr. Philip Stowey, of Madras
John Strange, of Bideford, esq.
Mr. William Sunter, of Ashburton
Mr. Samuel Sweeting, of Exeter
Rev. Benjamin Symes, vicar of Axminster
Mr. Samuel Symons, of Exeter


Rev. William Tafker, rector of Iddesleigh
Thomas Taylor, of Denbury, esq.
Thomas Taylor, of Ottery St. Mary, esq.
Pierce Joseph Taylor, of Comberoyal, esq.
Mr. George Taylor, of Totnes
James Templer, of Stover Lodge, esq.
Mr. John Terry, of Crediton
Mr. B. Thorn, of Exeter, bookseller
Mr. John Tincombe, purveyor of the Customs, Topsham
Mr. John Tothill, of Exeter
Sir Chist. Treife, of Lavetham, Cornwall, bart.
Rev. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, of Heligan, Cornwall
Arthur Tremayne, of Sydenham, Cornwall, esq.
Arthur Tremayne, jun. esq.
Mr. Richard Tremlett, of Exeter
Mr. Benjamin Trend, of Bovey Tracey
Mr. Robert Trewman, of Exeter
Rev. Anthony Tripe, of Exeter
Rev. Nicholas Tripe, of Ashburton
Mr. Robert Trist, of Chudleigh
William Long Troffe, of Botus Fleming, Cornwall, esq.
Rev. Dr. Andrew Tucker, of Lyme Regis, Dorset
Rev. Mr. Tucker of Bishop's Morchard
Rev. John Tucker, rector of Widworthy
Benedictus Marwood Tucker, of Westwater, esq
Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker, of Exeter
Mr. Richard Tucker, of Tavistock
Mr. Samuel Trickey, of Topsham
Mr. James Tymewell


Mr. Charles Upham, of Exeter
Thomas Veale of Coffleet, esq.
Mr. Richard Veale, of Bridgrule
Sir Richard Vyvyan, of Trelowarren, Cornwall, bart.
Rev. Sir Carew Vyvyan, bart.
Philip Vyvyan, of Tremaile, Cornwall, esq.
Rev. Richard Vyvyan, of Lamerton


Rev. William Walker, of Tiverton
Rev. Robert Walker, of Lawhitton, Cornwall
Mr. Alderman Walker, of Exeter
Rev. Mydhope Wallis, rector of St. John's, Cornwall
John Rolle Walter, of Bicton, esq.
Rev. William Walter, rector of Buckland Filleigh
Mr. John Warmington, of Colyton
Rev. Mr. Warner, of Westham, Essex
Mr. George Warry, of Chard, Dorset
Mr. Richard Way, of Cary-street, London
Mr. Samuel Waymouth, of Exeter
Philip Rogers Webber, of Buckland, in Braunton, esq.
Mr. Francis Webber, of Exeter
Mr. David Webber, of Bridgwater, Somerset
Lewis Wellington, of Way, esq.
Mr. David Welsh, of Exeter
Mr. George Westlake, of Exeter
Mr. Thomas Westlake, of Crediton
Rev. Mr. Weston, of Harrow on the Hill, Essex
Mr. George Whidborne, of Newton Abbot
Rev. Robert White, prebendary of Exeter
Mr. William Williams, of Exeter
Mr. Williams, of Bearscombe
James White, of Exeter, esq.
Mr. Thomas Whitty, of Axminster
Miss Eliza Woolacombe
Mr. Beavis Wood, of Tiverton
John Woolcombe, of Ashbury, esq.
Rev. Jothua Worth, rector of High Bickington
Sir Bouchier Wrey, of Tawstock, bart.
Rev. Mr. Wright
Mr. Bernard Wright, of Collumpton
Mr. Henry Wright, of Bath


John Yarde, of Churston-court, esq.
Rev. Gilbert Yarde, rector of Dartington