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A view of Devonshire in MDCXXX
with a pedigree of most of its gentry

By Thomas Westcote

Exeter, W. Roberts (1845) 649 pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

Thomas Westcote (1624-1636), topographer, baptised at Shobrooke in Devonshire on 17 June 1567, was the third son of Philip Westcote of West Raddon in the parish of Shobrooke. In his youth 'he was a soldier, a traveller, and a courtier,' but in middle age he retired to private country life where he began to interest himself in local antiquities, and his tastes were encouraged by his friendship with the topographers Sir William Pole and Tristram Risdon He wanted to undertake a description of Devonshire, similar to that accomplished for Cornwall by Richard Carew. He was encouraged in his design by Edward Bourchier, earl of Bath, and compiled two collections, 'A View of Devonshire,' in which, after a general dissertation on the history of the county, he gave a topographical account of its condition about 1630, and the 'Pedigrees of most of our Devonshire Families,' a compilation containing much genealogical information, but impaired by 'some egregious mistakes and errors.' The two manuscripts were published at Exeter in 1845, under the editorship of George Oliver (1781-1861) [q. v.] and of Pitman Jones. The book, held as part of the University of California at Berkeley Library Collection was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Her Most Gracious Majesty, The Queen Dowager
His Royal Highness, Prince Albert
Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke, Bt., MP, Killerton
Adams, Lieutenant General Sir G.P. Ockington House
Aberdein, R.H. Esq. Honiton
Adair, Alexander, Esq Heatherton Park
Abbott, J.W. Esq, Exeter
Adams, W, Dacres Esq Bowdon, Totnes
Andrews, Mr Bristol, 2 copies
Anstey, Mr John sandford
Arnold, William Esq Nethercot, Iddesleigh, 2 copies
Arnold, William Esq Dalton
Arnold, Robert Esq, Fursdon, Iddesleigh
Arnold, Mr T.O. Park, Iddesleigh
Arundell, WA Harris Esq Lifton Park
Arundell, Rev FVJ Landulph, Cornwall
Bedford, His Grace the Duke of Endsleigh
Bassett, The Baroness, Tehidy, Cornwall
Baring, Sir thomas, Bt. Stratton Park, Hampshire, 2 copies
Buller, Sir JBY Bt., MP Lupton House
Badcock, Mr H. St Stephens by Launceston
Balle, Mr Exeter, 3 copies
Barnes, Ralph Esq Exeter
Barrow, John Esq Admiralty, London
Barton, HD Esq Exeter
Bartlett, Rev. Moysey, Lifton
Bartlett, G.T.J. Moysey Esq Pall Mall East, London
Basleigh, Captain Honiton
Bayley, WR Esq. Cotford, Sidbury
Bellew, Miss C. Exeter
Bennet, Mr J. Plymouth
Bent, Mrs Frances Exeter
Bent, Major John Wexham Lodge, Bucks
Benthall, F. Esq. FSA Buckfast Abbey
Bealy, Rev Dr. Long Benton, Northumberland
Bealy, W. Esq. Exeter
Bidgood, HF Esq Rockbear Court
Bird C. Esq. Black Torrington
Bishop, WR Esq. Exeter
Blunt RT Esq. Heavitree
Boger, Deeble Esq. Plympton
Bond, Rev J. Stoke Canon
Borlase, Rev W, lanteglos, Cornwall
Bowden H. Esq. Bradninch
Bowring, J. Esq, MP. London
Bowring, Mr John Exeter
Boyce, Rev John St John's Wood, London
Boyce, Mr F. Tiverton
Brandreth, Captain RE Sdmiralty, London
Bradden, John Clode Esq Camelford
Braddon, W Esq Lifton Park
Braginton, G. Esq Torrington
Braund, G. Esq. Exeter
Braund, Mr H. Exeter
Bray, Rev EA Tavistock
Bremridge, Richard Esq Barnstaple
Brendon, Mr Tavistock
Brickdale, J. Fortescue Esq. Birchamp House, Gloucestershire
Brown, Rev C. Whitestone
Brown, H. Langford Esq. Barton Lodge, Kinskerswell
Brown, S. Cowper Esq. FSA Shillingford Cross
Brown AP Esq Dulverton
Brutton, C. Esq Exeter
Buck, L.W. Esq., MP Moreton, Bideford
Buckingham, W. Esq. Exeter
Bull, The Rev. Canon Exeter
Buller, J. Wentworth Esq. Downes, Crediton
Buller, Mrs Richard Exeter
Burdon, C. Esq. Burdon, Highampton
Butchers, Mr. Exeter
Clinton, The Rt Hon. Lord Heanton
Courtenay, The Rt Hon. Lord, MP. Powderham Castle
Churchill, The Lady H.D. Morchard Bishop
Clifford, The Hon. Mr Ugbrook, Chudleigh
Chichester, Sir A. Bt Youlston
Coleridge, The Rt Rev, Bishop Salston, Ottery St Mary
Coleridge, The Hon. Mr Justice Heath's Court, Ottery St Mary
Cann, Mr G. South Tawton
Canton, G. A. Esq. St Martin's Lane, London
Carew J, Esq. Knightleys, Exeter
Carew, J.H. Pole, Esq.MP. Antony
Cartwright, H. Esq. Forde House, Newton Abbot
Carwithen, Rev W, DD. Stoke Climsland, Cornwall
Carwithen, Rev J.C. Manaton
Cary, Robert Seddon Sulyard Esq. Torr Abbey
Cary, George Stanley Esq. Follaton House, Totnes
Champernowne, H. Esq. Dartington Hall
Chard, W. Esq. Box Hill, Pennycross, Plymouth
Chichester, Rev J. Hamilton Arlington
Chichester, Robert Esq. Hall
Churchill, Miss F. Exeter
Churchill, Henry Esq Morchard Bishop
Clark, W.J. Esq. Buckland Toutsaints
Clarke, J. Were Esq. Bridwell House, Cullompton
Clatworthy, Mr Exeter
Coham, Holland Esq Coham and Dunsland
Coldridge, Rev T. Exeter
Cole R. Esq Upper Norton Street
Cole, J.J. Esq North Brixton, London
Cole, W.C. Esq Exeter
Coleridge, F.C. Esq Ottery St Mary
Coleridge, Rev Edwin E. Buckerell
Collings, Mr. Bath, 2 copies
Collyns, W. Esq Kenton
Copplestone, E.A. Esq. Uffculme
Cornish, Rev Sidney W. DD Ottery St Mary
Cosens, W. Esq Langdon, Dawlish
Cotton, Mr J.K. Barnstaple
Courtenay, Rev Francis Exeter
Courtier, John Esq. Moreton Hampstead
Crabbe, W.R. Esq Heavitree
Creswell, J.B. Esq. Newcourt, Topsham
Croker, Thomas Crofton Esq Admiralty House, London
Croker, T.G. Esq. MD Cross Cottage, Bovey Tracey
Croote, W. Junior Esq. Lapford
Cruse, Mr London
Cruwys, Rev G.S. Cruwys Morchard
Cumming, G.W. Esq Exeter
Devon, Rt Hon, The Earl of Powderham Castle
Davie, Sir Humphry P. Bt Creedy
Drake, Sir Trayton, Fuller Elliot, Bt Nutwell Court
Davidson, James Esq. Sektor House, Axminster
Davy, Robert Esq Countess Weir, Exeter
Davy, S. Esq. Countess Weir, Exeter
Daw, Mr London
Dawson, W. Esq. Exeter
Death, Mr T.E. Bishopsgate, London
Delegarde, P.C. Esq Exeter
Dene, Rev John Horwood
Dennis, Rev Prebendary BCL Polsloe Park, Heavitree
Derry, David Esq Plymouth
Devon and Exeter Institution Exeter
Dewdney, Mr Thomas Bradninch
Divett, E. Esq, MP Bystock
Dobbin, Rev Dr Topsham
Drake, Zachary Hammett Esq Springfield, Barnstaple
Drake, T.E. Esq Exeter
Drake, W.R. Esq Parthenon Club, London
Drayton, Mr Exeter
Drew, Mr Charles Broadclist
Drew, Mr J Junr Powderham Castle
Drewe, E. Simcoe Esq The Grange, Honiton
Dunsford, Henry Esq Tiverton
Dunning, Simon Esq Winkleigh
Duntze, James N. Esq Hensley House, Tiverton
Durant, Richard Esq Sharpham
Durant, Captain, North Tawton
Dymond, Robert Esq Exeter
Exeter, The Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Bishopstowe
Elton, Sir E Marwood, Bt Widworthy Court
Elliot, W.H. Esq MD Exeter
Elliot, Mr James Junr. Esq Bridgetown, Totnes
Fortescue, The Rt Hon Earl Castle Hill
Falmouth, The Rt Hon Earl of Tregothnan, Cornwall
Fellowes, The Lady Katherine Eggesford, 2 copies
Follett, Sir W.W. MP London
Fisher, W.F. Esq Sanctuary, Shobrooke
Fitze, Mr J. Exeter, 2 copies
Flood, C.S. Esq Honiton
Follett, R.B. Esq London
Follett, John Esq Exeter
Ford, Richard Esq Heavitree
Fortescue, G. Esq Newehayes, St Thomas
Freer, Dr Oakford House, Exeter
Froom, Mr W.Junr Exeter
Froude, Rev Archdeacon Dartington
Froude, Miss M. Denbury House
Fry, E.H. Esq Islington, London
Fulford, Colonel Fulford
Fulford, Baldwin Junr Esq Fulford
Fulford, Rev F. Croydon Rectory, Cambridgeshire
Fursdon, Mrs Fursdon House, Cadbury
Fursdon, G Esq Brampford Speke
German, St. The Rt Hon the Earl of Port Elliot, Cornwall
Gale, John Esq Cheriton House, Balham, Surrey
Garratt, John Esq Bishops Court
Geare, John Esq Exeter
Germon, Mr J. Meacombe, Moreton
Gibson, W.S. Esq Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Gidley, John Esq Exeter
Giffard, Edward Esq Admiralty, London
Giles, G. Esq Jump, Near Plymouth
Gillett, George Esq Colyton
Gordon C. Esq Wiscombe Park
Gould, Daniel Esq Honiton
Gould, Rev C Baring Lewtrenchard
Gould, Mr John Poltimore
Gregor, W.F. Esq Trewarthenick, Cornwall
Grigg, Mark Esq Plymouth
Haley, P.J. Esq Witheridge
Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Esq The Retreat, Topsham
Hamlin, Mr T.P. Launceston
Hannaford, Mr Exeter
Harding, Colonel Tiverton
Harris, W. Esq Plumley, Bovey
Harris, J. Esq Hawkmoor, Bovey
Heberden, Rev W. Broadhembury
Herring, Miss Worden, Shebbear
Hewett, J.W. Esq Exeter
Hippesley, J.H. Esq Shobrooke Park
Hoare, C. Esq Luscombe, Dawlish
Holden, Mr Exeter, 3 copies
Hole, W. Esq Clare House, Tiverton
Hole, W. Esq. Parke, Bovey Tracey
Hole, Rev Prebedary Chulmleigh
Hole, Rev H. Ebberly House, Torrington
Holman, Captain Crediton
Holtoway, Mr W. London
Honeywood, Colonel Whimple
Hooper, Mr J. Junr Withecombe, Chagford
Howard, Mr Alphington
Howe, Mr Exeter
Howell, Rev Hinds, Shobrooke
Hunt, R. Newman Esq Upper harley Street, London
Ilchester, Rt Hon the Earl of Melbury House, Dorset
Ilbert, W. Roope Esq Horswell House, Kingsbridge
Impey, Admiral Coly Villa, Colyford
Instan, Charles Esq Birmingham
James, J.H. Esq Exeter
Jones, Pitman Esq Exeter
Jones, Major E. Plympton
Jones, Rev J.P. Rector of Buttersleigh
Kerr, The Rev Lord Henry Dittisham
Kennaway, Sir John, Bt Escot
Karslake, Rev W Dolton
Kekewich, S. Trehawke Esq Peamore
Kelly, Captain Marwood B, RN United Service Club, London
Kendall, W. Esq Budleigh
Kerr, Captain Beauchamp Rockland, Chudleigh
Kerslake, Mr Bristol
Kersteman, H.G. Esq Exeter
Kingdon, Mrs J.H. Exeter
Kingdon, C. Boughton Esq Castle Hartley, Plymouth
Kingdon, Major Dennis petherwyn Barton, near Launceston
Llandaff, Rt Rev, the Lord Bishop of Deanery, St Paul's
Lopes, Sir Ralph Bt, MP Maristow
Lacey, Mr G. Okehampton
Langdon, W. Esq Crediton
Law, Rev John Lichdon, Barnstaple
Lawrence, Northmore P. Esq Launceston
Lee, Major George Budleigh Salterton
Lee, W. Esq Exeter
Lethbridge, J. King Esq Tregeare, Launceston
Ley, J.H. Esq Trehill, Kenn
Ley, Rev H. Kenn
Ley, W. Esq Woodlands, Kenn
Ley, J.H. Esq Durrant, Bideford
Longman & Co, Messrs London
Lott, H.B. Esq Tracey House, Awliscombe
Lott, H.J. EsQ Honiton
Lott, Rev F.G. Colyton
Luney, Rev Prebendary Kingsbridge
Luscombe, J. Esq Combe Royal, Salcombe
Morley, The Rt Hon the Earl of Saltram
Mackintosh, D. Esq Exeter
Mallet, Hugh Esq Ash, Iddesleigh
Mallet, John Esq Marland
Mallock, Rawlin Esq Axminster
Marker, Rev H.W. Aylesbeare
Marker, R.J. Esq Uffcolme
Martyn, Mr R. Broadclist
Mason, Rev J.H. Widecombe in the Moor
Matheson, James Esq MP, Cleveland Row, London
Matthews, H. Esq Bradninch
Mathew, J. Esq Clisthydon
Maunder, S. Esq Exeter
Mayne, Mr C.D. Ottery St Mary
Merivale, J.H. Esq Bedford Square, London
Meyrick, Lieutenant General Exeter, 2 copies
Meyrick, Miss Bodmeyrick, Holsworthy
Miles, W. Esq Exeter
Mill, Mr W. Exeter
Mills, Rev W. DD, Exeter
Moon, Mr J. Kelland, Lapford
Moore, Mr W. Exeter
Morris, W.C. Esq Fishleigh, Hatherleigh
Morrison, Mrs Yeovale, Bideford
Mortimer, Miss S. Pinhoe
Mortimer, Mr R. Silverton
Mudge, Colonel Beechwood, Nr Plymouth
Mules, P. Esq Honiton
Northumberland, His Grace the Duke of Werrington
Northcote, Sir Stafford H.Bt Pynes
Newman, Sir R.W. Bt Mamhead
Nagle, Joseph Chichester Esq Calverleigh Court
Nantes, Rev D. Powderham
Nation, W. Esq Exeter
Neal, W. Esq Starcross
Nettleton, Mr Plymouth, 2 copies
Newton, J. G. Esq Millaton House, Bridestow
Nichols, G.H. Esq FSA, London
Oliver, Rev G. DD Exeter, 2 copies
Poltimore, The Rt Hon Lord Poltimore House
Palmerston, The Rt Hon Lord, MP Carlton Terrace, London
Prideaux, Sir Edmund Sanderson, Bt. Netherton
Pole, Sir W. Templer, Bt Shute House
Patteson, The Hon Mr Justi\ce Feniton Court
Palk, Lawrence Esq Haldon House
Parker, Mrs Whiteway House, Chudleigh
Pasmore, Mr James Exeter
Pearse, J. Esq Hatherleigh
Pearse, G. Esq. Bradninch House
Pearse, Mr James, Exeter
Pearse, Mr W. Exeter
Pearse, T, Esq Launceston
Peek, R. Esq Hazelwood House, Kingsbridge
Pennell, R.L. Esq, MD Exeter
Pennell, H.B. Esq Dawlish
Pennyman, Mrs Rise Cottage, Dawlish
Perry, Mr Plymouth, 3 copies
Petheram, Mr J. London
Phillips, R. Curtis, Esq Weymouth
Pickering, Mr W. London
Pigott, J.H.S., Esq. FSA Brockley Hall, Somerset
Pitman, J. Esq Dunchideock
Pitman, Rev J. Broadhempston
Player, Joseph Esq Honiton
Plymouth Public Library Plymouth
Pode, W. Esq Slade House, Ivybridge
Ponsford, Rev W, Drewsteignton
Porter, Mr John Exeter
Praed, W. Mackworth Esq Delamore, Ivybridge
Pring, Thomas Esq Fordton House, Crediton
Pulman J. Esq (Richmond Herald) Herald's College, London
Putt, W. Esq Brampford Speke
Pyke, Rev John Parracombe
Quicke, John Esq Newton St Cyres
Radcliffe, Rev Walter Warlegh, Nr Plymouth
Radcliffe, J.W. Esq Eastdon Cottage, Starcross
Radford, Rev W.T.A. Down St Mary
Rayer, Rev W, Tidcombe Rectory, Tiverton
Rendle, Mr John Exeter
Richards, Rev Dr Winterbourne, Teignmouth
Richards, Rev G.P. Sanpford Courtenay
Risdon, Joseph Esq hartley, Buckland Filleigh
Risdon, W. Esq. Dolton
Risdon, Joseph, Esq. Speccot, Merton
Risdon, Mr Charles Exeter
Risdon, Mr John Exeter
Roberts, Rev E Brighton
Roberts, N.L. Esq Bidwell House
Roberts, Charles Esq Bickington House, Nr Barnstaple
Roberts, Edward R. Esq Fort Hill House, Barnstaple
Rodd, Francis Esq Trebartha Hall, Launceston
Rodd, Mrs Reed House, Hatherleigh
Roe, Henry R. Esq Gnaton Hall, Yealmpton
Rogers, J. Esq Dawlish
Row, W. Esq Kingston-upon-Thames, 2 copies
Row, W. North Esq Cove, Tiverton
Row, Mr T.B. Thorverton
Shrewsbury, Rt Hon the Earl of Alton Towers
Savery, R. Esq Bovey
Shapcott, Rev T.L. Southampton
Shapter, T. Esq. MD Exeter
Sharland, A. Cruwys Esq Tiverton
Sharland, Mr Thomas Exeter
Short, Mr J.S. Hatherleigh
Shrubsole, W. Esq Kingston-upon-Thames, 2 copies
Skinner, Mr J.Junr North Tawton
Smerdon, H. Esq Christow
Smirke, E. Esq Temple, London
Smith, F.E. Esq Crediton
Smith, Thomas Esq. Exeter
Smith, Abraham, Esq Tressbear, Clist Honiton
South Devon Library Totnes
Spreat and Wallis, Messrs Exeter
Stapleton, Thomas Esq Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London
Stevens, Rev Archdeacon Moore, Otterton
Stevenson, John N. Esq Alphington
Strode, G. Esq Newnham Park
Strong, Mr Bristol, 2 copies
Sweetland, Miss Bath
Swete, John Beaumont Esq Oxton House
Symons, Mr Thomas Coryton, Near Bridestow
Tuffnell, The Hon Mrs S. Horkstow Hall, Lincolnshire
Tonkin, Sir Warwick Hele Teignmouth
Tanner, G. Esq Crediton
Tanner, James, Esq Kingsnympton Park
Tardew, W. Esq Annery House, Bideford
Taylor, Colonel F.W. Ogwell House
Templer, Rev James Acland. Puddleton, Dorset
Terrell, James Esq Exeter
Terrell, John Hull Esq Exeter
Tout, Michael Esq Burrington
Townsend, J. Honeywood, Esq Honiton
Tozer, John Chappell Esq Teignmouth
Treby, H. Esq Goodamoor, Plympton
Trevennon, Rev E. Drewsteignton
Trewman, R.J. Esq Exeter
Tucker, W. Esq Coryton Park, 2 copies
Tucker, Rev Marwood Harpford
Tucker, Charles, FSA Harpford
Tucker, Mr A.S. Weymouth
Tuckett, R.G.S. Esq Bristol
Tuckett, Mr N Exeter
Veitch, Mr Robert, Exeter
Wallop, The Lady Annabella Exmouth.
Wray, Sir Bourchier Palk, Bt Tawstock
Walker, S.A. Esq. BA Teignmouth
Walkey, Rev Charles Clist St Lawrence, 2 copies
Wallis, Rev John Bodmin
Walrond, Bethell Esq Dultford House
Warren, Rev R.P. Slapton
Webber, Mr Peter Tiverton
Welman, Charles Noel Esq Norton Mount, Taunton
Whiddon, Mr Botterford
Whitaker, T. Esq Exeter
Wilcocks, Ebenezer, Esq Alphington
Wilcocks, John Madgwick Esq Spurbarne, St Leonard
Williams & Co, Messrs London
Windeatt, W. Fabyan Esq Totnes
Wippell, Mr W. Rudway, Rewe
Woodman, W. Esq Exeter
Woods, G.H. Esq Kenton
Wolcott, Mrs Knowle House, Sidmouth
Wyld, W.H. Esq Bristol
Wyld, J.H. Esq Bristol
Yarde, John Esq Trobridge House
Yarde, W. Esq Topsham
Yarde, T. Esq Whitestone House
Yates, J. Esq Shobrooke
Yonge, James Esq. MD Plymouth
Young, C.M. Esq Netherexe House.