Transcribed from William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire 1850, by Terry Partridge.

HOLNE, a small village, on an eminence, on the south-western side of the Dart valley, 3½ miles W. of Ashburton, has in its parish 394 souls, and about 5000 acres of land, but only about 2300 acres are cultivated, and the rest consists of about 500 acres of wood, and 2200 acres of moorland, in Holne Chase, which extends about two miles into Dartmoor Forest, amidst some of the most magnificent scenery in Devon, where the Dart is seen foaming over its rocky bed, between steep and shelving banks, and lofty woody hills. Sir B.P. Wrey, Bart., is lord of the manor, formerly held by the Audleys and Bourchiers, and has a hunting seat here, called Holne Chase House, in a singularly romantic situation. He owns most of the parish, which includes the hamlets of Michelcoombe and Stoke, and a number of scattered farms; and the Hunting Boxes called Holne Park and Holne Cottage. George Jarvis, Thos. Hamlyn, George Stranger, and a few others, have small freeholds here. The Church was built in the 13th century, and has an embattled tower and five bells. It was renovated and beautified in 1849-50, and has a handsome pulpit and screen. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £8. 5s. 5d., and in 1831 at £195, is in the patronage of the Rev. Saml. Lane, and incumbency of the Rev. John Dolbeare Parham, M.A., for whom the Rev. Saml. Hullah officiates. The Vicarage House is a neat residence, and the glebe is 26½ A. The tithes were commuted in 1837, the vicarial for £192. 11s., and the rectorial for £152. 11s. The latter belong to the patron, in the right of his wife. The Church House is let for only 23s. The poor have a small old house, and the dividends of £100 navy five per cents., given by the Rev. John Charter, in 1821. The Rev. Robert Bradford left £40 a year for the poor, half to be given in money, and half in bibles. Here is a National School, established in 1835.


Andrews John, shoemaker
Barnes John, carpenter
Easterbrook Daniel, carpenter and vict. Tavistock Arms
Hullah Rev Thomas, Vicarage
Kendall John, Esq. Holne Cottage
Lillicraft Ann, scholmistress
Norris Benjamin, tailor
Pearse Wm. blacksmith
Prowse John, blacksmith and shopr
Scott -, Esq. Holne Park
South Plain Wood, Copper and Tin Mine, H. Caunter manager
Tozer James, shoemaker
Townsend Stephen, carpenter
Wrey Sir Bouchier Palk, Bart., Chase House (& Tavistock Hs)

Marked * are at Stoke, and + at Michelscoombe
Angel Richard, Holne
+ Barter George
* Barter John
* Beard James
Channing James, Park Farm
* Ford Wm.
Ford John, Chasegate
Hamlyn Thomas
Holditch Robt.
Mann Peter
+ Pearse Thomas
Petherbridge John, Stuttaford
Shapland Christopher, Staddiscombe
Shinner Wm.
+ Stranger George
* Tolchard Jas.
Toll John
Waycott Thomas
Widdicombe W.