Accounts of the Overseers to the Poor

of the Parish of Holne in the County of Devon

Transcribed by

Brian Brassett, <Brian.Brassett[at]btinternet[dot]com>

This transcription is made available in GENUKI/Devon by
kind permission of the Revd. D. Newport, Team Rector,
The Moorland Team Churches, Widecombe in the Moor.


Listing of Churchwardens & Overseers

The accounts are a transcription of the Devon Record Office [DRO] series PO1249A.

They are set out in three sections:

Section 1 - Payments made to the needy of the parish and other expenditure incurred carrying out the business of Overseers to the Poor.

Section 2 - Rates as set by the churchwardens of the parish and which may be collected in a series of payments to off-set expenditure in Section 1.

Section 3 - Miscellaneous payments made by or to individuals and for reasons mainly outside the normal business of that of the overseer or churchwarden, but which will be included in the annual account of incoming/outgoing payments.

Section 4 - List of Apprentices - of the parish of Holne.

When reading the accounts, it must be remembered that many different spellings of names and wording used when recording payments, are as a result of the recorder perhaps spelling the word as it would be interpreted from the spoken word or dialect of the area. Some sample interpretations are as follows:

Apporn = Apron   Boddys = Boddice
Baring = Burying   Cloathe = Cloth
Close = Clothes   Dafter = Daughter
Maid[s] = Daughter [Girl]   Eagep = Egyptian
Gound = Gown   Hos = Horse
Jorney = Journey   Lining = Linen
Logey = Lodging   On = One
Sealers = Sailors   Sarge = Serge
Sken = Skin   Dowlas = Strong Calico
Everlasting = Strong twisted wool     Tealer = Tailor
Car[i]in = Carrying   Thrid [Threed] = Thread
Yousal = Usual