A transcript from available parish records of Baptism - Marriage - and - Burial.

By Brian Brassett, <Brian.Brassett[at]btinternet[dot]com>

This transcription is made available in GENUKI/Devon by
kind permission of the Revd. D. Newport, Team Rector,
The Moorland Team Churches, Widecombe in the Moor.

Early Name Listings Incumbents Vicars Buried at Holne Churchwardens
Baptisms (1597-1699) Baptisms (1700-1774) Baptisms (1775-1812) Baptisms (1813-1877)
Marriages (1597-1759) Marriages (1760-1837) Burials (1597-1689) Burials (1690-1812)

Unless otherwise stated names appear as in the original document[s]. What must be taken into consideration however, is that there will be various interpretations placed upon the spelling of names which will be as a result of the translation placed upon the spoken word by the cleric or scribe recording the event. The cleric or scribe would translate and record names to the best of their ability, the name being spoken in the dialect of the county, or perhaps the parish and, through illiteracy, the parish record entry would not, or could not be challenged. Further, Bishops transcripts or the writing up of events in the parish record may not take place immediately, and hence, other meanings may be placed upon a hastily scribbled note.

For transcription purposes some abbreviations have been used where - s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of; w/o = wife of; and for marriages L = marriage by licence; B = marriage by the calling of banns. The 'Gregorian System' of Calendar dates has been used throughout.