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Help and advice for Honiton - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Honiton Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Lewis, Richard Rev: Academy (Boarding)
Trenow, Wm Cox: Academy (Boarding & Day)
Barnes, Sarah: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Hurley: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Treby: Academy (Ladies Boarding)
Aberdein: Attorney
Cox: Attorney
Flood: Attorney
Gidley: Attorney
Gould, Daniel: Attorney
Hayman, Stephen: Attorney
Lyddon, Richard: Attorney
Melhuish, John: Attorney
Mules: Attorney
Townsend, James: Attorney
Bond, Samuel: Auctioneer
Lee, William: Auctioneer
Porter, John: Auctioneer
Bond, William: Baker
Flood, John: Baker
Grigg, John: Baker
Holway, Thomas: Baker
Knight, John: Baker
Love, J: Baker
Salter, Benjamin: Baker
Stamp, Edmund: Baker
Wakely, Joseph: Baker
Windsor, James: Baker
Flood: Banker
Lott: Banker
Clarke, Hender: Bookseller & Stationer
Snell, Thos: Bookseller & Stationer
Spurway, Jas: Bookseller & Stationer
Wish, John: Bookseller & Stationer
Croot, William: Boot & Shoe Maker
Darke, James: Boot & Shoe Maker
Doudney, John: Boot & Shoe Maker
Hooper, Richard: Boot & Shoe Maker
Trump, Joseph: Boot & Shoe Maker
Walters, Thomas: Boot & Shoe Maker
Stocker, Saml: Brazier & Tin Man
Flood, James: Cabinet Maker
Ford, James: Cabinet Maker
Porter, John: Cabinet Maker
Westcott, George Blagdon: Captain
Clapp, Thomas: Carpenter & Joiner
Hooper, James: Carpenter & Joiner
Lee, Amy: Carpenter & Joiner
Lee, Wm: Carpenter & Joiner
Osmond, George: Carpenter & Joiner
Brice, J: Carrier
Chadwell: Carrier
French: Carrier
Gigg: Carrier
Gill: Carrier
Gratton, J: Carrier
Harmond, Geo: Carrier
Russell: Carrier
Woolcott: Carrier
Holland, P: China & Glass Dealer
Vincent, Mary: China & Glass Dealer
Bond, Samuel: Coach Maker
Ward, Bnjamin: Coach Maker
Jones, William: Cooper
Pearcy, John: Cooper
Vine, R: Cooper
Broughton, Thomas: Currier
Bustard, Philip: Currier
Frost, John: Currier
Rogers, John: Druggist & Chemist
Williams, William: Druggist & Chemist
Lathrope, Robt: Dyer In General
Hawker, Henry: Fellmonger & Wool Dealer
Hurd, John: Fellmonger & Wool Dealer
Aberdein: Fire Office Agent (Albion)
Cox: Fire Office Agent (Albion)
Munk, William: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)
Lathy, John: Fire Office Agent (British)
Woodward, Wm: Fire Office Agent (County)
Clarke, H: Fire Office Agent (Eagle)
Davey, T B: Fire Office Agent (Globe)
Brown, Edward: Fire Office Agent (Hope)
Pople, Richard: Fire Office Agent (Norwich)
Basleigh, Jas: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix & Pelican)
Lott, Edward: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)
Murch, John: Fire Office Agent (Salamander)
Wish, John: Fire Office Agent (Sun)
Gidley: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)
Basleigh, Jas: Grocer
Davey, Thomas: Grocer
Hodges, William: Grocer
Pidgeon, Daniel: Grocer
Pidgeon, John: Grocer
Pople, Richard: Grocer
Glanville, Samuel: Harness Maker
Salter, Richard: Harness Maker
Stamp, James: Harness Maker
Flood, George: Hat Maker
Mardon, Edward: Hat Maker
Pound, George: Hat Maker
Bishop, Sarah: Hosier
Bridle, Jas: Iron Monger
Munk, Wm: Iron Monger
Murch, William: Iron Monger
Wyatt, Jas: Iron Monger
Aberdein: Lace Manufacturer
Lathy, John: Lace Manufacturer
Martin: Lace Manufacturer
Tuckett: Lace Manufacturer
Bowden, Elizabeth: Linen Draper
Clarke, William Hender: Linen Draper
Hurd, John: Linen Draper
Lathy, Edward: Linen Draper
Newberry, John: Linen Draper
Read, John: Linen Draper
Read, Nathaniel: Linen Draper
Smark, Richard: Linen Draper
Wish, John: Linen Draper
Bamfield: Maltster
Melluish, James: Maltster
Murch: Maltster
Pine, William: Maltster
Porter, James: Maltster
Crawley, Charles: Member Of Parliament
Cust, Perigrine Francis: Member Of Parliament
Clarke, Mrs: Milliner
Marwood, Mrs: Milliner
Newberry, Mrs: Milliner
Wish, Mrs: Milliner
Marwood, Wm: Organist
Banks, Samuel: Painter
Denselow, Thomas: Painter
Dommett, William: Painter
Eames, Thomas: Painter
Smith, John: Painter
Smith, Richard: Painter
Robinson, Stephen: Physician
Surway, James: Post Master
Hood, Thomas: Potter
Hussey, Peter: Potter
Day, Nicholas: Rev
Hughes, H A: Rev
Clarke, Joseph Lott: Saddler & Harness Maker
Veysey, John: Saddler & Harness Maker
Williams, James: Saddler & Harness Maker
Bamfield, John: Serge Manufacturer
Isaac, Benjamin: Serge Manufacturer
Isaac, Thomas: Serge Manufacturer
Materface, Jno: Smoke Jack & Oven Manufacturer
Evans, David: Stone Mason
Hooper, Charles: Stone Mason
Perry, William: Stone Mason
Colesworthy, Henry: Surgeon
Jerrard, John Clapcott: Surgeon
Loyde, William: Surgeon
Mosgrove, William: Surgeon
Woodward, William: Surgeon
Clarke, Hender: Tailor
Darke, Argenton: Tailor
Westcott, William: Tailor
Basleigh, Jas: Tallow Chandler
Flood, Daniel: Tallow Chandler
Marshall, Thomas: Tallow Chandler
Newberry, Jas: Tallow Chandler
Adams, Robert: Tanner
Newton, John: Tavern/Inn (Anchor)
Bond, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (Angel)
Bowerman, John: Tavern/Inn (Baker's Arms)
Richards, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Bell)
Bishop, Nathaniel: Tavern/Inn (Black Lion)
Oake, Hannah: Tavern/Inn (Chopping Knife)
Blake, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)
Doudney, John: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)
Dounton, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)
Webber, John: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)
Leach, Henry: Tavern/Inn (Green Dragon)
Fish, Joshua: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)
White, James: Tavern/Inn (Lamb & Flag)
Clegg, Christopher: Tavern/Inn (New Mermaid)
Coles, Benjamin: Tavern/Inn (Red Cow)
Flood, Francis: Tavern/Inn (Red Hart)
Bishop, Robert: Tavern/Inn (Star)
Notley, Henry: Tavern/Inn (Swan)
Lee, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Three Compasses)
Flood, James: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)
Daniels, Edward: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)
Hallett, Heber: Tavern/Inn (Vine)
Pidgeon, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)
Darke, John: Tavern/Inn (White Horse)
Collman, Wm: Tavern/Inn (White Lion)
Sparke, Josh Day: Turner In General
Rowe, Jno: Umbrella & Fishing Takle Maker
Murch, John: Watch & Clock Maker
Murch, Matthew: Watch & Clock Maker
Turner, George: Watch & Clock Maker
Basleigh, James: Wine Merchant
Pople, Richard: Wine Merchant
Brown, Richard: Woolstapler
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999