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Huish Burials 1743 - 1812

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Churchwardens and the team Rector, the Rev Martin Warren

Anne dau of Saml ROUSE, R'r of this parish and Joan his wife buried 19th June 1743

Eliz ye wife of Robert RISDON buried Sept 27th 1743

William YEOLDON buried 23rd Feb 1744

Thomas WOLLACOTT buried May 30th 1744

Dorothy dau of Philologus and Mary MORRICE buried May 24th 1745

Mary ye wife of David THOMAS buried Feb 19th 1746

Thomas son of Thos and Jane SHACSON buried Oct 18th 1746

Joan the wife of Samuel ROUSE R'r of his p'ish was buried 27th Dec 1748

Elizabeth the wife of Richard YEO esq was buried 21st Feb 1749/50

Elizabeth the wife of John MORICE buried 24th March 1750

Richard YEO esq buried 24th May 1750

William JEY buried June 2nd 1750

James son of William and Joan SPRY buried 22nd Sept 1750

Willm son of Wm and Dorothy SHUTE buried 25th Sept 1750

Dorothy dau of ye above Willm and Dorothy SHUTE buried 5th Oct 1750

Mary ye wife of Robert BRAWN buried 7th Oct 1750

Jane HAWKINGS buried 10th Oct 1750

Mary SHUTE buried 10th Oct 1750

Robert son of William and Elizabeth NANSKIVEL buried Dec 27th 1750

Grace SHEERE widow buried Jan 30th 1750

William NANSKEVEL buried July 21st 1751

Richard son of Richard and Miriam LONDON buried June 6th 1752

John MORICE buried 30th Jan 1752

Mary WOOLACOTT buried 3th Feb 1753/4

Philologus SHEERE gentn buried 19th March 1754

Willmot BASSET buried Nov 3rd 1754

William son of George and Sarah NORMAN buried 22nd Nov 1754

Thomas DENFORD buried 30th Sept 1755

John son of William and Mary LONGMAN buried Nov 5th 1755

Sarah PENY of ye p'ish of Merton buried Dec 23rd 1755

Joanna HAWKINS buried 13th June 1757

Robert RISDON buried 7th Feb 1757-8

Francis son of Honor BASSET widow buried Sept 21st 1759 (brought from Marland)

William HAWKINS senr buried Nov 13th 1759

Samuel ROUSE Rect'r of this parish for more than fifty years buried Dec 20th 1759

Miriam LONGDON of this parish buried Sept 9th 1760

William SPRY of this parish buried Sept 23rd 1760

William WALTER of this parish buried Oct 16th 1760

Mary the wife of Richard BRIMBLE of this parish buried Oct 16th 1761

George NORMAN of this parish buried Dec 7th 1761

Elizth HEARDEN of this parish buried Dec 14th 1761

Eliz KEVEL of this parish buried March 17th 1762

Eliz HOCKIN of this parish buried Aug 14th 1762

Rich'd BRIMBLE of this parish buried Jan 19th 1764

John YEO Clerk son of Richard YEO esq buried 4th Jan 1765

Mary NENO buried 2nd Feb 1765

William SHUTE buried 7th Jan 1766

Dorothy TAYLOR buried 12th July 1766

Dorothy SHUTE buried 27th May 1767

Henry WILLIAMS buried 30th June 1767

Sarah NORMAN buried 16th Nov 1767

David THOMAS buried 28th May 1769

William (the bastard of Mary CORNISH) buried 4th Dec 1769

Onesiphorus SHEERE esq buried 17th March 1770

Mary wife of Philip MORRICE buried 12th Aug 1770

Mary CORNISH an infant buried 14th Apl 1771

Mary BARKER a child buried 26th Apl 1771

Susanna MILLS an infant buried 1st Nov 1771

Robert BRAWN buried 10th Jan 1772

Bryan DUFTY buried 31st March 1773

Margaret FOLLAND buried 25th Dec 1773

Edward FAIRCHILD buried Jan 1st 1775

Philologus MORRICE buried Jan 10th 1775

Willm son of Rich'd BARKER buried Fbe 1st 1775

Susanna FAIRCHILD buried Aug 31st 1775

Henry BRAILEYson of Henry and Ann BRAILEY buried Oct 27th 1775

Elizabeth JOHNS wife of Daniel JOHNS buried Dec 1st 1775

Daniel JOHNS buried Dec 26th 1775

Elizth DUFTY buried March 26th 1776

James son of Geo and Wilmott WALTER buried Oct 14th 1776

Joan SPRY buried Oct 11th 1781

Richard son of Richard YEO, esq buried 6th May 1782 aged 63

John Cunningham SAUNDERS esq buried 19th Sept 1783 aged 46

William FROST buried 25th June 1782

Joan WILLIAMS widow buried March 19th 1784

Joan RISDON widow aged 82 a pauper buried June 29th 1787

William HAWKIN aged 60 buried July 16th 1787

Henry BRAILEY aged abt 50 buried June 25th 1788

William son of William and Eliz WALDREN aged 2 buried Aug 12th 1788

Philip BRIMBLE a pauper buried Oct 23rd 1788

Mary BRIMBLE a pauper buried Nov 3rd 1788

Elizth DENFORD aged 22 buried Nov 14th 1788

Mary YEO fourth dau of Rich'd YEO esq buried June 26th 1790 aged 72

Elizabeth SHUTE aged 2 buried Oct 25th 1790

Susanna HERRING fifth dau of Rich'd YEO esq and wife of the Rev Lio'l HERRING Rector of this parish died the 28th March and was buried April 10th 1792 aged 70.

Rich'd BARKER a pauper buried June 2nd 1795 aged about 66

Gartrude YEO the daught' of Richard YEO esq buried Feb 15th 1796. She was brought from Exeter and buried about five o'clock in the evening aged 81 years

John DART, yeoman, buried 7th March 1797

Mary dau of John and Mary DART buried Feb 10th 1798

William Spry son of Willm and Elizth SPRY buried Aug 21st 1798

Mary dau of John and Ann PIPER buried Jan 7th 1799

John PIPER, yeoman, buried Jan 28th 1799

Ann SAUNDERS buried Jan 6th 1800

Winifred BARKER buried June 22nd 1800

George WALTER buried March 8th 1801

John DUFTY esq buried Apl 18th 1801

William DART an infant buried May 15th 1801

Mary BOLES buried June 29th 1802

Joanna DART buried Oct 7th 1802

Wilmot WALTER buried Oct 16th 1802

Alice BENNET buried June 5th 1803

John LOCK an infant buried Jan 12th 1804

John MITCHEL aged 8 yrs buried June 9th 1804

Susannah BALSDON an infant buried Sept 24th 1804

.........FRIEND buried Feb'y. Richard KNIGHT, Rector.

William SHUTE buried Oct 15th aged 2 1804

Elizabeth SHUTE buried Dec 7th 1804

Elizabeth LONGMAN (?London) buried Apl 5th 1808

William DAVY buried Mary 17th 1808

Elizabeth JOHNS buried Sept 12th aged 81 1809

Agnes DART an infant buried Nov 16th 1808

Jane SAUNDERS buried March 7th 1809

Susannah SAUNDERS buried June 27th 1809

Grace MITCHEL buried Oct 28th 1809

Grace MITCHEL an infat buried Nov 29th 1809

Robert LEE an infant buried July 10th 1811

John PIPER buried Dec 6th 1811

Ann WALROND an infant buried May 9th 1812

James GOULD an infant buried June 3rd 1812.

                     Richard KNIGHT, Rector.