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Huish Marriages 1727 - 1812

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

Made available here by kind permission of the Churchwardens and the team Rector, the Rev Martin Warren

John HOIDGE and Margaret RISDON married May 4th 1727

David THOMAS and Mary SHORT married same day vizt May 4th 1727

Roger HELE of the parish of Alverdiscott and Mary BIRCH of this parish married 25th Feb 1727

Charles HOWARD of the parish of Blacktorrington and Eliz LIBBY married 4th Nov 1728

Abraham HARRIS and Judith HONEYCHURCH both of the parish of Holsworthy married May 21st 1730

Samuel VANSTONE and Margery HAWKINS married Feb 21st 1732

John HOW of Merton and Elizabeth JENN of this p'sh married 6th Nov 1733

Philologus MORRICE of the p'sh of Merton and Mary HOLEMAN married April 16th 1734

Francis THORN of the p'sh of Merton and Margaret RANDAL of this p'sh married May 15th 1735

James PENNY and Sarah NETHERWAY married July 14th 1736

John SHUTTE and Jane COCKER married July 15th 1739

George YEO son and heir of Richard YEO esq of this parish was married at St Brides church in ye City of London to Mrs Anne BERESFORD of Norminton Turvile in ye p'sh of Thurlton in ye County of Leicester on Tuesday Jan 24th 1737

John BROWN and Mary FORD married Aug 18th 1740

William SHUTE and Dorothy SPRY of this p'sh married 7th Feb 1743

John BOLT and Amy DAVY of ye p'sh of Ashreigny married by licence April 25th 1744

Vincent BIRD of the p'sh of Petrockstow and Sarah HOOPER of this p'sh married 2nd July 1745

William NANSKEVIL and Elizabeth HOCKIN both of this p'sh married Dec 29th 1749

Richard LENDON and Miriam MORICE married 28th May 1751

John NORMAN and Mary SPRY married Apl 18th 1752

Richard BRIMEL and Mary NORMAN married Apl 5th 1753

William LONGMAN and Mary STACIE married 27th Apl 1755

Robert RISDON and Joan HOCKINGS married 6th May 1755

George LAMPHEE and Eliz BRIDGEMAN married 26th March 1758

James JOHNS and Eliz LIVERTON married 30th Apl 1758

Henry LAMPHEE and Gartrude SELDON married 21st Jan 1759

John BALKWILL and Mary PAREN married 28th Feb 1763

John FRAINE and Eliz DOWN married 28th Feb 1764

Thomas JEY and Mary BROAD married 6th March 1764

William HOCKINGS and Mary DENFORD married 11th Sept 1764

John ASLING and Sarah FLOWER married 8th June 1767

Thomas HOLMES and Eliz TOWNROW married 11th Jan 1769

Robert FOLLAND and Margt MORRICE married 8th Oct 1770

Henry BAYLY and Ann DOWN married 1st Apl 1771

Hugh LUXON and Thomasin HUTCHINGS married 18th Oct 1773

James THOMAS and Jane WEEB (as written) married 7th Feb 1774

William DAVIE and Rebecca PERKIN married 27th March 1776

Henry BEARE and Joanna PARDON married 7th Sept 1777

Edward BURCH and Ann DUFTY married 27th March 1780

William GOWMAN and Elizabeth JENKINS married 21st May 1781

William WALDRON and Elizabeth BRIDGMAN married 18th May 1782

John BALSDON and Susanna FROST married 7th Sept 1784

Arthur BALKWILL and Mary BENNETT married 4th Oct 1786

William BAKER and Elizabeth EASLEY married 3rd Jan 1788

George DENNIFORD and Elizabeth DENFORD married 24th March 1788

Thomas DENFORD and Ann BRAILEY married 13th April 1789.