Huntsham Parish Registers, 1559-1900

Provided by David Wall, of the Huntsham Society

Made available in GENUKI by kind permission of The Rev'd A.J. Stone

This being a third order transcription of the original registers, it is possible that a few errors have crept in inadvertently. Nevertheless, as Roger Sellman's meticulous (second order) typescript was never printed and as the only copy available to the public as far as I know is in the West Country Studies Centre, Exeter, it should benefit family researchers to have a computer-accessible version. The only change I have made is to arrange the year, month/day, surname and given names in columns so that the computer can sort them more readily. This greatly facilitates family reconstitutions.

Since Roger Sellman's introduction is still pertinent, I also include it here.

J R David Wall
Huntsham, 2003


Baptisms, Alphabetic

Marriages (Groom), Alphabetic

Marriages (Brides), Alphabetic

Burials, Alphabetic





The transcript is based on one made in 1906 by Mr C.F.C. Luxmoore, which quite properly follows the original form of entries, but has here been edited for ease of reference by arranging surnames in columns. Dating has been adapted to 'new Style' with years starting on January 1st, which is necessary for reconstitutions on a monthly basis, since otherwise events in March within a few days would appear to be a year apart. Some early or eccentric name spellings have been regularised.

The record has some serious defects, in particular an extensive break towards the end of the seventeenth century, and at some other time[s] appear[s] incomplete. Much of the pre-1813 burials omit relationships, making identification at times uncertain. The original transcript was quite exceptionally carried through to 1900, but unfortunately omitted the valuable evidence of father's occupation or status in post-1813 baptisms.

Abbreviations used in the Transcript and/or Reconstitutions are: b. - bastard; bapt - baptism, baptised; bclr - bachelor; bd - buried; bn - born; d - daughter of (or died, according to context); dbn - died before namesake?; inft - infant; m - married (or months, according to context); rem - remarried; s - son of; soj. - sojourner (temporary resident); spr - spinster; w - wife of; wdr - widower; wid - widow of.