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Help and advice for Will summary - Oliver Mallett of Iddesleigh, 1621

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Summary of Will of Oliver Mallett of Iddesleigh (1621)

[West Country Studies Library, Exeter]

Provided by Mike Mallett <mm-lists AT>

MALLETT, Oliver of Iddesleigh

Date of Will 1 Feb 1621

Exhibited at Dowland 15 Aug 1622.

Administration granted to William Bawdon of Iddesleigh carpenter, and Thomas Comber of Dolton Carpenter of all & singulat the goods &c. of Oliver Mallett the younger of Iddesleigh aforesaid.

Signed in the presence of
John Stafford
Hugh Stafoord
William Bawdon

An Inventory of the goods of Oliver Mallett of Iddesleigh Co. Devon carpenter deceased, praysed by John Davie, William Bawdon, Joel Hammet and Simon Hill 26 Jan 1621.

Imprimis One cowe xxxs.
Item One yearling xijs
" Two piggs vjs viijd
" Old iron xviijd
" Small hoops vjd
" twoo bedsteads iiijs
" two coverlets, two beds  
  two bolsters vijs
" one blanket one sheet vs
" two coffers xijd
" three bowes vijd
" three chesels (chisels) vjd
" Sixe planes & a gimlet xviijd
" two plane ires & a hooke viijd
" a hand saw and a frame saw vjs viijd
  and two buckets  
" two brandises & a pare of pot-hooks  
  & hangers xijd
" for two turnes and a pare of scales xd
" One panne, one cauldron one  
  brazen pott. vjs
" six pewter dishes three saucers iiijs
  & a candlesticke  
" for a standard & tubb xviijd
" Nine hole dishes, three trenchers  
  three spoones a drinking cup and  
  a pipercorner xijd
" His aparell ixs vjd
" A bord & a forme iiijs iiijd
" A grinding stone ijs vjd
" Hay viijs
" All other implements xxd
  The some is vjli xvjs viijd
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