Will of William Mallet of Iddesleigh (1781)

[Moger transcripts, West Country Studies Library, Exeter]

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Date of Will 29 March 1781
Proved 26 July 1781.

March 29 1781. This is the 1ast will of William Mallet of Ash Co. Devon, Esqr.

My body to be interred in the most private manner at the disposition of my executor.

To my mother, and my sisters Jane, Mary Anne Amy Julia Gertrude and Charlotte, and my brothers Richard and James £10 each chargable out of my estate called The Pitts and the Pound House and Orchard adjoining and my tenement called Stableford moor in the parish of Hatherleigh.

To my sister Anne Mallet an annuity of £22 payable out of my lands called Ash in Iddesleigh.

The same annuities of £22 to my sisters Any & Gertrude for 100 years, the payment to begin after the death of my mother.

To John Marth Woolcombe, of Ashbury Devon, and John Bebbew of Barnstaple surgeon all my lands in Devon except the above named Pitts, Poundhouse, Orchard and Stableford moor in trust, to the use of my brother Hugh Mallett his heirs and assigns, and in default of such heirs for the use of my brother Richard Mallet and his heirs. And in default of such issue to my brother James Mallet and his heirs; and in default of such heirs to my sisters Jane, Mary, Anne Julia Gertrude & Charlotte, to be tenants in common, the child, or children of any them dying to be their mothers heir.

And in default of such heirs to the trustees for the use of my cousin Hugh Mallet who was the eldest son of my uncle Hugh deceased, and after the death of my cousin Hugh Mallet and his heirs to the use of William Mallet second son of my cousin Hugh during his life, and after his decease to the use of the first and every other son of the said William Mallet. And after their decease to the children of my sister Jane Mallet or in default to the issues of sisters Mary, Anne Amy, Julia, Gertrude and Charlotte,

But it is my express will that the children of my brother James and the issues of my sisters shall not take any benefit under this will unless they take the surname and arms of Mallet. And it shall be lawful for my brothers Hugh, Richard and James to grant and settle my Barton of Grapton in the parish of Meavy, now in the occupation of Joseph Northmore, and my lands in Meavy Town now in the possession of Richard Bowdon unto the use for life of any women they may marry as their jointure with the restriction that there shall be only one jointure at a time.

To my brother Hugh Mallet all my lands called the Pitts, Pound House , Orchard and Stableford moor subject to the payments of the several legacies here mentioned.

I give to my mother the use of the furniture in the house where she is now living in Great Torrington.

All the remainder of my brother Hugh he to be my sole executor

William Mallet

(With seal of Mallet arms)

Mary Read
Rich. Rowe
Thos. Hutchenson


Proved by Hugh Mallet at Great Torrington
July 26 1781

(Cresswell 1940)
Archdeaconry of Barnstaple

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