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Help and advice for A guide to Ilfracombe, and the neighbouring towns (1830) - index

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A guide to Ilfracombe, and the neighbouring towns,
comprehending a general sketch of the history & objects
most worthy of remark in that part of the north of Devon


J. Banfield

Ilfracombe, Printed by J. Banfield, vi, 54 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The town's name is a derivative of the Anglo-Saxon Alfreinscoma - by which name it was noted in the Liber Exoniensis of 1086. The translation of this name (from Walter William Skeat of the department of Anglo Saxon at Cambridge University) means the "Valley of the sons of Alfred". The manor house at Chambercombe in east Ilfracombe, was recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book as being built by a Norman knight Champernon (from Chambernon in France) who landed with William of Normandy. It is also said to be haunted. This small book is essentially a guide to the region and part of the growing tourism industry in the late Georgian-early Victorian period. The Library's collection stamp is indistinct on this copy. However, the book was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from, with a search by either author of title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.
Ackland, Sir Thomas 32
Alfred, King 40
Anne, Queen 7
Arundel family 44
Athelstan, King 34
Barclay & Co, Messrs 46
Barnstaple, Barons of 35
Bassett, Joseph Davie esq 12
Bath, Earl of 2, 24
Bath, William Henry, third Earl 39
Becket, St Thomas a 11, 17
Bell, Dr 8
Bonvill, William Lord 2
Bonville arms 23
Bourchier family 2
Bourchier, William 24
Bowen, Captain Richard 6
Brannock, Saint 20-1
Britanny, Alured. Earl of 34
Bulmer, Sir Beaver 24
Camden 1, 6, 24, 36
Camden arms 6
Carew family 20, 44
Cario, Odo de 20
Cary, George esq 42
Champernon family 13
Champernowne, Lady Roise 2
Champernowne, Sir Henry 2, 7
Champernowne, Sir Richard 2
Chichester, Sir Arthur 32
Chichester family 35
Cleveland, J. esq 39
Coname, Malgo 20
De Biry family 22-3
Dinham, Barons (Dinant) 44
Drake, Gribble, Marshall & Co, Messrs 45
Edward the Confessor 1, 20
Edward I 23, 36
Edward III 24, 33
Edwards, Susan 39
Elizabeth I 24, 39
Esdaile & Co, Messrs 46
Fitz-Warren family 44
Fitz-Warine, Baron 2
Giffard family 42
Gilbert, Adrian esq 24
Githa 43
Glyn & Co, Messrs 45
Godwin, Earl 43
Gorges, Lord 7
Gornard, Richard 38
Granville, Sir Richard de 39
Granville, Sir Theobald 38
Gray, Henry, Duke of Suffolk 2
Grose 30
Harding, T. Wrey esq 33
Henry I 23, 36
Henry II 1
Henry III 7, 44
Henry VI 2
Henry VII 44
Herle, Sir John 2
Herries, Mr 28-9
Holland, Duke of Exeter 35
Holland, Earl of Huntingdon 35
Hubba 40
Incledon, R.N. esq 32
Jewel, John 23
John, King 19
King, Lord 32
Knight, Mr 31
Lay, James & Co. Messrs 46
Leland 35
Lloyd, Temperance 39
Lock, Mr 28
Luttrell, Mr 32
Marisco, William de 44
Marrow, Thomas esq 35
Martin, Lords 35
Martin, Sir R. 24
Mary, Queen 35-6
Nectan, Saint 43
Nelson, Sir Horatio 6
Orchard, Mrs 44
Orchard Paul esq 44
Plantagenet arms 23
Ptolomy 43
Puttay 37
Pyke, Law, Bencroft & Co, Messrs 46
Raleigh, Sir Walter 34, 39
Richard I 20
Richard II 35, 42
Sandford, Mr 27
Stamford 36
Stowford, Sir J, Lord Chief Justice 33-4, 36
Totenais, Judeal de 34-5
Tours, Martin de 23
Tracé, Sir William de (Tracye) 11, 17
Tracey family 35
Trembles, Mary 39
Vye, W.B. & Harris, G. Messrs 46
Warlewast, William 20
Werstan 37
Whyte, James esq 34
Willett, A.S. esq 40
William I 35, 39
Williams, Sir J, Bt 43
Williams, Sir S.J. 41
Wollacombe family 19
Wrey, Sir Bourchier, Bt 2-3
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Palk, Bt 3, 37
Zouche family 44