From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

ILFRACOMBE, an ancient sea port and market town, and the most picturesque and fashionable bathing place on the north coast of Devon, is distant about 10 miles N. by W. of Barnstaple, 5 miles N.W. by N. of Exeter, and 200 miles W. by S. of London. It is built partly at the bottom and partly on the side and summit of a steep acclivity, and till about 30 years ago, it consisted chiefly of one long street, but since then it has risen to great celebrity as a watering place, and for the accommodation of the numerous visitors, many rows of neat houses and handsome marine villas have been built on the terraces; hot and cold baths and a commodious suit of public rooms have been erected; and tunnels have been cut through the rocky cliffs to the fine beach and coves of Crewkhorne, which affords better and more retired places for sea-bathing than Wildersmouth, the old bathing place. Ilfracombe is much indebted to nature and art for a safe harbour, where vessels of more than 200 tons can ride in safety. The harbour consists of a natural basin, defended from the violence of the sea by a bold mass of rock, stretching nearly half way across the entrance; and an artificial pier, upwards of 850 feet long, which was built many years ago by the Bourchier family, and partly rebuilt and lengthened by Sir Bourchier Wrey, in 1760. This pier was enlarged and much improved in 1829 by Sir B.P. Wrey, Bart., the present owner and lord of the manor. On three sides, the rocks and hills rise boldly in a semicircular sweep, and their craggy steeps are in many places finely overspread with foliage. Hillsborough Rock, on the east side of the harbour, rises with a rugged outline to upwards of 500 feet above the level of the beach. Lantern Rock, on the western side, is of smaller dimensions, rising nearly to a point, and having on its conical summit a light house, which is 140 feet above low water mark, and was formerly a chapel. A little further to the west is Capstone Hill, which rises much higher; and beyond this are a series of precipitous rocky cliffs and tors, near the higher parts of the town and the beautiful terraces, which command extensive views over the town and the Bristol Channel to the Welsh Coast.

The parish of Ilfracombe comprises 5583 acres of land, rising in bold hills from the coast, and including many scattered farm-houses, and the small hamlets, &c., of Damage, Campscott, Slade, Warcombe, and Lincombe. Its population amounted in 1801 to 1838; in 1811 to 1934; in 1821 to 2622; in 1831 to 3201; and in 1841 to 3620, but it has now more than 4000 souls. Sir B.P. Wrey, Bart., is lord of the manor of Ilfracombe, which was formerly part of the barony of Barnstaple, and was held successively by the Martin, Audley, and Bourchier families. The manors of Lincombe and Warcombe belong to C. Cutcliffe Drake, Esq.; and the Wren, Davy, Meek, and other families, have estates in the parish. Ilfracombe is within the jurisdiction of the port of Barnstaple, and was of such maritime consequence in l346, that it furnished six ships and 82 mariners for the siege of Calais. It is much resorted to as a harbour of refuge, and has a considerable coasting trade and herring fishery, employing about 70 vessels. Having been a garrison for Parliament, it was taken in September, 1644, for the king, by Sir Fras. Dodington, with 20 pieces of ordnance, as many barrels of powder, and 200 stand of arms. There are coaches, &c., daily to Barnstaple, Exeter, &c., and steam-packets ply twice a week to Swansea, Bristol, Cornwall, Bideford, &c. The town is governed by a portreeve, and is described in ancient records as a borough. The market, which is now held on Saturday, is well supplied with all sorts of provisions, and was granted in 1278 to Henry Champernowne, to be held on Monday, together with a fair for three days. Here are now two cattle fairs on April 14th and the Saturday after Aug. 23rd. The town has now several good inns and numerous furnished houses and lodgings for all classes of visitors. The Baths form a handsome building in the Doric order, erected in 1836; and the Public Rooms form the centre of Coronation square. There are good libraries at three of the booksellers' shops, and the town affords many other accommodations for the amusement and recreation of the numerous visitors who throng to it in the summer season. The town has gas works and many good shops, and the walks and rides in the vicinity rank amongst the most picturesque and beautiful in Devon. The CHURCH (Holy Trinity,) is a large antique structure, consisting of a chancel, nave, and side aisles, vith a low square tower, rising from the middle of the north aisle. It is supposed to have been erected in the 12th century, and has undergone many repairs and alterations. The interior is neatly fitted up, and has room for 1400 hearers. It has a good organ and contains several handsome monuments, one of which is a sarcophagus, erected by government, in memory of Capt. Richad. Bowen, who fell at the unfortunate attempt upon Teneriffe, under Admiral Nelson, in 1797. Another is in memory of the mother of John Prince, author of the Worthies of Devon. Ilfracombe is a prebend belonging to Salisbury Cathedral, and was held for some time by Camden, the learned antiquary and topographer. The prebendary (the Rev. W. Fisher) is appropriator of the rectory, and patron of vicarage, valued in 1831 at £150, and now in the incumbency of the Rev. J.M. Chanter, M.A., who has a good residence and 3A. of glebe. The prebendal glebe is 71 acres; and the tithes were commuted in 1842 for £819. The great tithes are leased to the Carew family, subject to a yearly stipend of £20 for the vicar. The erection of a Chapel of Ease is in contemplation, and is much wanted in this now populous parish. A "Free Church," dedicated to Christ, has lately been built in the town, and has room for 800 hearers, under the ministry of the Rev. B. Price. The Independent Chapel, in High street, was erected in 1818, at the cost of about £1400, and will seat 500. The Rev. Robt. Thomson is the minister, and the congregation was originally Presbyterian, and was formed in 1715. Here is also a Wesleyan Chapel, erected about 15 years ago; and there are in the town large National and British Schools. The poor have 35s. and the vicar 10s. yearly, left by John Toogood in 1679, out of six tenements at Washfield. As noticed with Poughill, this parish has from Mrs. Pincombe's Charity the yearly sums of £6 for a schoolmaster; £4 for a schoolmistress; and 40s. each for three poor men. The master of the National School teaches 12 free scholars in consideration of this charity, from which the children have occasional distributions of bibles, &c. A house, garden, malt-house, &c., were given by an unknown donor for the repairs of the church, and are worth £30 per annum, though let for only £3. 10s. on a lease which expires in 1854. Richard Harris, in 1795, left 50s. a year out of a tenement called Common, for distribution among the poor attending the Dissenting meeting-house here.


Those marked 1 are in High street; 2, Fore street; 3, Broad street; 4, at or near the Quay; 5, Portland street; 6, Hillsborough terrace; 7, Montpelier terrace; 8, Castle terrace; 9, Coronation terrace; l0, Horn lane; 11, Vicarage lane; 12, Northfield; 13, Regent place; 14, Marine terrace; and 15, Meridian terrace.

Tbe POST-OFFICE is in High street, and Mr. Edw. Hearson is the postmaster; and Henry Harding letter carrier. Letters are despntched at 2½ afternoon, and Money Orders are granted and paid.

Alchorne Evanson, Esq. 7 Montpelier terrace
Allen Rev Wm., M.A. 9 Montplr. ter
Aston Wm. Clarridge, regr., High st
Atkins Miss My., Caroline House
Bear Geo., policeman, High street
Besley Rev Hy., (Indpt.) High st
Bligh Rd., Esq. Castle Honse
Bolton Mrs. 1 Prospect place
Bowen Misses, Borough Lodge
7 Butcher Geo. Lewis, architect
Chanter Mrs Ggna., Coronation ter
Chanter Rev J. Mill, M.A., Vicarage
Chanter Rev Wm., M.A., Langley
Chiswell Mr John, High street
Chiswell Mr Thomas, High street
Clement Miss Susan, Vicarage lane
Coates Mrs Margaret, High street
1 Colwill John, coffee house
Copner Mrs Cath., Laston House
Crump Rev C.C., rector of Halford
Cutcliffe Miss Emma, High street
Dallin J., sail mkr., Britannia row
Davie John, Lighthouse keeper
Davies Edw., gent., Bellemont
9 Davies Miss Caroline Mary
Davison Miss A., Quay
Davy Humphrey Toms, Esq., Score
Day Rev Edwin, B.A. curate, High st
De Miere Albt., M.D., Montplr. ter
1 Dennis Chas., ship builder, &c
Dickinson Mrs Susan, Northfield
Down Admiral Edward Augustus, Down place
Down Capt. Jobn, Borough cottage
Downes Thos., Esq. Hillsbro' ter
Drake Chas. C., Esq. Lee cottage
Dunn Misses, Hillsborough terrace
Edwards Thomas, music seller and professor, 1 High street
Ebrington Mrs H., Montplr. ter
Fosse Miss Eliz., Portland street
Fosse Wm., Esq. Horn lane
Frazier Mr Thos. Castle terrace
Freeman Geo., gent., Castle terrace
Galsworthy Mr James, 15 High st
Gibbs Mr Philip, Horn lane
Gilbert Mr James, Belvidere House
Gillham Robert, Esq. principal coast officer, Victoria ter
Goodlad Mrs Mary, Northfield
Goodwin Mrs Eliz., Hillsborough ter
Gould Rev R.F., 9 Hillsborough ter
Gould Wm., draper, 21 High street
Hayman Rev Hy. (Wes.) Sea-view
Heale Jno., lapidary, Broad street
Hearson Edw., post-master, High st
Hensley Mrs Lydia, High street
Hervest Mrs Martha, Fore street
Hill Mr Hy., currier, High street
11 Hirtzell Capt. Geo. Jno., R.N.
Huxtable Mrs Cath., Horn lane
Huxtable Wm., agnt. for Lloyds and recr. of Droits of Admrlty., High st
Kerr Lieut. John Hy., Vicarage lane
Langdon Wm. Edgar, solr., High st
Lanyon Edw., excise, High street
Lovering Mr Jph., Fore street
Luxmoore Rev Chas., Montplr. ter
Marsh Miss Eliz., Park cottage
3 Martin Jno., steam packet agent
Meek James, Esq. Fore street
Mells Geo. Esq. Broad Park
Metherell Lieut. Richd. Rowe, R.N., Hornbrook Villa
Moore Miss A., Hillsbro' terrace
Newton Miss Eleanor, High street
Nichols Mr Isaac, Church hill
Nickoll Mrs M., Montpelier terrace
Norman Miss A.G., Hillsborough tr
Peak John, gas man, High street
Peard Geo., solicitor, High street
Prevost Miss, 11 Montpelier terrace
10 Price Rev Benj., (Free Church,)
Pyke Mr Geo., Laurel cottage
Reynell Miss, Myrtle cottage
Richards Mrs Maria, High street
4 Rodgman Wm. harbour master
Roget Miss, Northfield
Scriven Rev Chas., M.A., Belvidere pl
Scriven Mrs R.F., Belvidere place
7 Shawe Mr John Wingfield
Simkin Lieut. John, R.N., Horn ln
Smith Mrs E., Northfield
Spence Miss Eliz., High street
Spalding Mr Chas., Northfield
1 Stap Randal, coast guard
Stanger L.H., gent., Tor cottage
Thomson Rev Rbt. (Indpt.) Horn ln
Thorne Walter Esq. Portland place
Thorold Arthur, Esq. Russell cotg
Thorpe Mrs Fras., Northfield
Tordiffe Thos., Esq. Borough Hs
Tucker Mrs Mary, Vicarage lane
Tyrrell Miss Ann, Wildescott
Vye Nathl., Esq., barrister, and Mrs Eliz., Manor House
Walters Mrs Mary, High street
Webster Wm., commander of the Margt. Revenue Cruizer, Britn. rw
Western Mrs Eliz., Regent place
Williams Mrs Eliz., Northfield
Wren Mrs Ed., Hillsborough terrace
Wyatt Misses, Rock cottage


Michell John, High street
Peard & Langdon, High street
Turner John Bernard, Portland st


National Provincial Bank of England (draw on London & Westminster,) Hy. Day, manager Fore street
Savings' Bank, Thos. Bowden, High st., open from 10 to 11 A.M. daily


Bament Wm., Great Shelfin
Bryant John, Kellicleve
Camp James || Challacombe John
Chugg John, Keypitt
Clement Wm., Langley
Coates Rt. & Wm., Mullacott
Conibear Susan, Beacon Bridge
Corney John, Whitestone
Cory Thomas, Lincombe
Dadds John || Darch Thomas
Denicombe John, Glebe
Fisher Charles || Dyer Wm.
Fisher John || Friendship Joseph
Gammon John & Wm., Warcombe
Gannmon Richard, Trayne
Gammon Thomas, Oakridge
Gammon Wm., Hole
Goss John || Hill Wm.
Heddon George, Campscott
Huxtable Wm., Lincombe
Huxtable Mrs || Irwin Wm.
Jewell Richard, Common
King John, High street
Ley George, Lee
Nugent John, Laston Cottage
Reed John || Reed Richard
Robins John, Chambercombe
Shapland George, Damage
Sloley Hugh, Warmscombe
Snow George, Warcombe
Symonds Charles, Shelfin
Watts John, West Hagginton
Williams John, Slade


1 Alliance, Thomas Bowden
1 County & Provdt., S. Mc. Robert
7 Freemasons, E.H. Lammas
1 Legal & Coml., Thomas Edwards
1 London, Rt. Hy. Moon
3 Royal Exchange, John Banfield
2 Royal Farmers, Henry Day
1 Sun, John P. Barron
7 Temperance, E.H. Lammas
West of England, Wm. C. Aston


3 Admiral Rodney, Wm. Lewis
1 Barnstaple Inn, Ephrm. Lovering
Britannia Hotel, John Martin
3 Crown, George Coates
1 Exeter Inn, Samuel Marks
2 George and Dragon, Wm. Colwill
4 Golden Lion, Hugh Curle
1 Lamb, John Hancock
1 London Inn, Wm. Knight
1 Moon, George Connibear
Packet Hotel, Mary Clark
3 Red Cow, Richard Gammon
1 Ring of Bells, Elizabeth Hancock
1 Rising Sun, James White
Royal Clarence Hotel, James Camp
1 Star, John Badcock
2 Swan, George Bennett
1 Wellington, John King
4 White Hart, Richard Hewitt


2 Glanfield Jas.
1 Goss Elizabeth
1 Harding Wm.
1 Hillman Thos., British School
2 Howell Wm.
1 Lewis Jane
National, James S. Catford and Rbca. Lovering
Squire Prisla.
2 Wills Selina
Willis Elizabeth


* Confectioners.
3 Fry Thomas
1 Hookaway Wm.
1 Latham Grace
* 1 Phillips Rbc.
1 Redmore Wm.
2 Rumney M. A.
* 1 Turner G.R.
* 1 Warren Ths.
1 Watts Philip


4 Curle Sarah
12 Scamp J.C.


Berry Thomas
1 Gammon Pp.
Harding Richd.
2 Lewis Wm.
Ley Richard
Richards Martin


1 Avery Joshua
1 Cutcliffe Wm.
Hill John, Heal
1 Robins James
4 Rodgman Rt.


1 Banfield J., (& lib. & stmps.)
1 Bowden Thos.
7 Lammas E.H.
2 Wills Jemima


2 Barnes John
1 Butler Robert
5 Dalling John
1 Dalling Wm.
1 Davis Edm.
2 Fry John
1 German John
3 Groves Wm.
1 Harding Wm.
1 Hill Robert
2 Jones Thomas
Ley John, Slade
Pugsley W., Heal
2 Pile George
1 Scamp Thos.
1 Toms John
1 Vickery James
5 Wadham Jas.


2 Andrews Php.
1 Cornish Thos.
2 Dart Peter
1 Knight Thos.
3 Martin Henry
1 Mogridge Geo
2 Phillips Hy.
2 Smith John
1 Smith Thomas
1 Squire Richd.
1 White James
1 White John


1 Chiswell Thos.
2 German James
3 Slocombe Ths.


(* are Builders.)
1 Gibbs Wm.
2 German Wm.
* 1 Hancock Ts.
13 Holmes John
* 5 Cole George
Jones Wm.
* 15 Knight Ts.
* 6 Marshall Jas.
Pine Wm., Clarence cottage
5 Westlake Ths.


1 Jones John
1 Moon Rt. Hy
2 Thomas Thos.


2 Fry Thomas
1 Sommers Geo.
1 Walton Wm.
2 Wills Jemima


1 Barnes Wm.
5 Cole Sus. & M.
4 Eastaway John
1 Hodge Wm.
1 Knight Mary
1 Mayne Wm.


1 Langdon Wm.
2 Tucker Wm.


Ballsdon Fras.
Hill John, Heale
Parkin Jas., Lee
2 Thomas John


1 Richards Har.
2 Tucker Eliz.


Birmingham Jno., Ropers Field
2 Camp John
Harding R., Heal
1 Ireland George


1 Colwill Thos.
1 Thomas Wm.
2 Labbett Mary


1 German Jph.
1 Hussell Wm.
1 Huxtable Wm.
1 McRobert Sl.
1 Turpitt John
1 Wivell T.D.


1 Crocker Eliz.
2 Dalling Wm.


5 Avery John
2 Dart Peter
2 Hicks John
1 Marks Samuel
1 Mogridge Geo.
1 Picket Robt.


(* and Braziers.)
1 Avery Joshua, (& stove mfr)
1 Aston Wm. C.
1 Rendle Henry, (plmbr. & glzr)
2 Turner Wm. T.


1 Barron John
1 Barron Mary
1 Gould & Widlake
1 Huxtable Rd.
1 Wills Prudence


6 Alder Isabella
1 Banfield John
2 Barron Susan
8 Blackmore W.
1 Bowden Thos.
Bright John A.
7 Burgess John
1 Chiswell Thos.
4 Cockburn M.A.
Cole Mrs, Capstn.
5 Cole Susan
7 Cook Mrs
Cornish James
Crockford Mary, Capstone villa
1 Dalling Wm.
1 Davey John
5 Davis Wm.
8 Dendle John
1 Dennis Chas.
1 Dinicombe Js.
Dyer Susan
7 Eastaway Jas.
7 Fleming Grace
1 Fleming Har.
8 Geen John
1 Harding & Stiff
Harding Mary
7 Harding Thos.
4 Harris Chas.
5 Hussell Thos.
Huxtable Mrs
1 Jones John
12 Knight Thos.
7 Lammas E.H.
1 Leeworthy H.
Lovering Eliza
Luscombe Mary
1 Marshall Eliza
8 Parker Peter
1 Parsell Mary
2 Passmore My.
Phillips Mary
14 Pollock Elnr.
4 Pulsford Jane
2 Roberts Ann
7 Rosmond Jph.
5 Scamp Ann
15 Scamp James
11 Smith Ann
1 & 7 Sommers G.
1 & 7 Toms John
Walters Mary
Widlake John
2 Willis Mary


1 Badcock John
1 Camp James
1 Dennis Chas.
3 Martin John


1 Barnes Richd.
1 Barnes Nichs.
4 Barnes Wm.
2 Challacombe G.
Cole Moses
Dallin Wm. C.
4 Dalling Thos.
3 Eastaway Ths.
7 Eastaway Jas.
2 Edwards John
1 Harding John
Harding Robert
13 Harding Rd.
1 Hernaman Rd.
2 Huxtable Thos.
1 Lawrence Rd.
2 Marshall Hy.
Mayne Wm.
4 Redmore Rd.
2 Rumson Wm.
2 Stephens Wm.
4 Street Wm.
11 Tucker Jas.
1 Walters Thos.
3 Williams John
4 White George


1 Bowden Ann
3 Dallin Betsy
2 Drake M. & C.
1 Fleming Har.
1 Harding & Stiff
5 Harding Alice
2 Harris Chtna.
3 Hicks Ann
1 Huxtable M.J.
3 Lewis Maria
1 Price Mary
1 Smith Ann
5 Smith Sarah
5 Westlake Ann


1 Glanfield Wm.
1 Rice Wm.
5 Perry George


2 Barnes John
2 Challacombe J.
3 Clark David
2 Conibear Grace
2 Fry Thomas
3 German Richd.
2 Hartnell Abigl.
3 Holford Har.
1 Litson Saml.
3 Richards Hnra.
1 Snow John
2 Worwell Agnes


1 Burgess Eliz.
2 Gibbs Eliz.
2 Harris Chtna.
3 Lewis Maria


2 Border James
2 Lakeman Mary


7 Burgess John
5 Burgess Wm.
5 Galliford John
1 Gibbs Richard
1 Gibbs John
3 Gould John
11 Griffiths John
1 Herapath John
1 Price Wm.
Richards Philip and Martin
1 Scamp Robert
1 Scamp Wm.


1 Foot Jesse
l Jones Jno., (aph & dentist)
1 Moon Rt. Hy.
7 Stabb Thomas
5 Stoneham Pp.
1 Vidal Horace
Vye Edw., Manor House


(* Drapers also.)
1 Baker J.T.
1 Blunt Thos.
1 Challacombe T.
* 3 Croscombe J.
13 Harding J.C.
4 Harris Chas.
Perrin Wm.
* 2 Scamp John
* 2 Smyth John
* 2 Stephens J.


1 Camp James
2 Wills Jemima
1 Wills Prudence


1 Dennis Chas.
12 Scamp Robert


1 Sommers Geo.
1 Webber Henry


1 Colwill John
2 Colwill Wm.
11 Lovering Rd.
1 Parkin John
1 Redmore Wm.


1 Camp James
1 Dennis Chas.


Mail to Barnstaple, Tiverton, &c. at 2½ afternoon, from Britannia Hotel Coach to Lynton daily in summer, from the Clarence Hotel

CARRIERS' OMNIBUSES, to Barnstaple; Jas. & John Dadd's, 9 morning; and John Pugsley's, from the Star, and R. Blackmore's, from the London Inn, 4½ aft. daily

STEAM PACKETS to Bristol four days a week in summer; and to Swansea, Bideford, Cornwall, &c. twice a week. The Little Western sailing vessel weekly to Bristol

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