Pictorial and descriptive guide to Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, Bideford, Woolacombe, and North-West Devon

PART 1: Pages iii to clxxxvi

10th ed rev., London, Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. (1920), 81 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Guide, in its 10th edition, is an interesting product of the booming West Country tourism industry. Besides its myriad pleasantly evocative photographs, the book is a treasury of commercial advertisements of North Devon's post-World War business-boom. Its author claims that the region is well served by "rail, steamer and motor routes" and that these have brought the region within reach of a great many people to whom it was previously not well known. The Bideford area is promoted as being of particular interest to American visitors. The Guide's publishers, Ebenezer Ward and George Lock starting a publishing concern in 1854 that became known as "Ward and Lock". Based originally in Fleet Street, it outgrew its offices and in 1878 moved completely to Salisbury Square. London publisher Samuel Orchart Beeton was obliged (as a result of the financial Panic of 1866) to sell his titles and name to Ward Lock; this gave them the rights to his late wife's Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management. The Red Guides (of which this book is a typical example) for which Ward Lock became renowned, were initially acquired in the early 1880s, when the company bought Shaw's respected list of tourist guides. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of California Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abbott, Williamclxxv
Alfred the Great, kingxxxvii, cxliii
Anjou, Geoffrey Earl oflxxxi
Anne, Queenxci, xcviii
Athelstan, Kingxcvii, cv, cxiv-v
Audley familyxxxviii
Audley, Lordcv
Baring-Gould, Rev Sabinexv, xx, clxxxii
Barr, Lady Eleanor, Duchess oflxv
Basset familylxi, cxv
Bath, Earls ofcx
Beaple familyxcv
Becket, Thomas Alii, lv
Benson, Mr Thomas, MPlxxxiii-iv, cviii
Birkhead, Alicexx
Blackmore, R Dxv, xix, cxvi
Bloomfield Robertclx
Borough, Stephencxl
Borough, Williamcxl
Brannam, C M & C H Ltdix, c
Braund familyclxvii
Brechan, Kingclxxix
Brittany, Earl ofcv
Bronescombe, Bishopxcvii
Buck, L Wclxxvi
Buckpit, Jamesclix
Bulmer, Sir Beavislxvi
Bush, E Txxx
Butler, Jxiii
Calmady, Sir Richardxix
Camdenxxxviii, lxv, ci
Camp, A Gxiii
Capern, Edwardxviii-ix, cxvi, cxxiv
Carnegie, Mr Andrewcxxvi
Cary familyclxvi
Cary, Georgeclxv
Cary, Sir Robert Ktclxvi
Cary, Sir Walter Robertclxvi
Cary, William Esqclxvi
Champernoun familyxxxviii, lix
Chanter, J M, Mrxx, xcvi
Chanter, J Rxx, c
Charles Ilxxxi, cxxiv, clxvi
Charles IIcvii, clxvi
Chichester familyxcvii, cxiv
Christie, Mr A L, JP, DLlxxx, cxxxiii
Chudleigh, Major Generalcvi, cxxxiv
Chugg, A Exvii
Clark, Captain Henrycxxxi
Clayden, A Wxxi
Cleveland, Cornetcxlvii
Coffin, Sir Williamcxxx
Collingridge, Dr Wxxxi
Colwill, Messrsxiv, xxxvii
Cooper, Montaguelxviii, lxxii
Copplestone, Benetxx
Corelli, Mariexix, lxv
Craig, Dorinxix
Crealock, Lieutenant Generalclx
Crediton, Bishop ofcxiii
Cromwell, Olivercvii, clii
Culverwell, Hawkins & Whithamxvi
Defoe, Danielc
Delamere, Sir Thomaslxxxi
Dickens, Charlesxx
Digby, Colonelcvi, clvi
Doddington, Sir Francisxxxviii
Doddridge, Johnxcviii, xcix
Doone, Lornaxviii, ci
Drake, Sir Francisli, cv
Drayton, Michaellxxviii
Duncan, Drxcvii
Dymond, R & Sonx, cxxiii, cxl
Dynham, Geoffrey declxxv
Dynham, Oliver declxxv
Edward Ilxv, cv
Edward IIlxxxi, cv, clxxv
Edward IIIxxxvii-viii, xli, lxv, lxxxi
Elizabeth Ilx, lxv, cv-I, cxxiv, clxvi
Elliott, Captain Jackxix
Ellis, Williamcxii, cxvii, clxxiv
Enderby, Colonelxix
Enthoven, Captaincxxxii
Exeter, Bartholomew, Bishop ofclxxv
Exeter, Bishop oflxxxiii
Exeter, John Abbot ofclxxv
Faggus, Tomci
Fairfax, Sir Thomascvii, clvi
Fell, Mrclv
Fortescue familyclii
Fox, Fowler & Colxi, lxxxix
Francillon, R Exix
Frith, F & Co Ltdxxxiv, lxxxvi, xciii, ciii-iv, cxi-ii, cxxvii-viii, cxlvi, cxlix, clvii, clxx, clxxiv, clxxvii, clxxxii
Frith, Wise & Thornclxxxiv
Froude, J Axviii
Fullerlxix, cxxvi
Gale & Polden Ltdxxx, xliv, lvii-viii, lxxvi, xciii
Gaunt, John ofcxv
Gay, Johnxcviii, cvii
Gaydon, A Wxv
German, Mrs Fxi
Giffard familycxiii
Gilbert, Mr Adrianlxv
Godwin, Earlclxxv
Goring, Generalcvii
Gosse, Pxviii, liv
Gould, Sir Carrutherscii
Gould, Mr R Dxcix
Gourney, Sir Richardcxxv-vi
Grandisson, Bishopcxxvi
Grenville, Sir Bevillcvi, cxxiv
Grenville familyxx, lxxxi, cxxiv
Grenville, Richardcxxiv
Grenville, Sir Richardx, cxxiv, cxxx-i
Grenville, Sir Theobaldcxxv
Grenville, Sir Thomascxxx
Grey familyxxxviii
Greystone Birdclxxvii
Gubb, W H & Sonsxii
Gurney, Dorothy Francesxxiii
Hamlyn familyclxv
Hankford familyclix
Hannington, Jameslxx
Hanson & Cocxxiii
Harold, Kingclxxv
Harper, C Gxx
Harper, Mr Sydneycviii
Harrison, Mrsxix
Hawker, Rev R Sclxxxii, clxxxv-vi
Heaven, Rev Hudson Gosset, MAlxxx
Heaven, Mr Williamlxxxii
Hems, Mr Harrycxiv
Henry Ilv
Henry IIlxxxi, cv, clxxv
Henry IIIlxxxi
Henry Vlxv
Henry VIcv
Henry VIIIcv, cxxx, clxxv
Hervey, Jamesxviii
Hodson, Mrcii
Honey, Anthonyclii
Hooper, Jxix
Howe, Johnclix
Hubba, Kingcxxiii, cxliii
Hudson, Thomascii
James Ixcviii, cvi, clxvi, clxxix
Jewell, Bishoplx, xcviii
John, Kinglxxxi
Kingsley, Charlesx, xv, xviii-xx, xxviii, lii, cxxvi, cxxix, cxxxiv-v, cxl, cxliii, cxlviii, clxi-ii, clxvi, clxxxi
Kingsley, Henryxx
Kingsley, Maryclxvi
Kipling, Mr Rudyardxx, cxlviii
Le Feuvre, Axx
Leigh, Amyasx, cxxxiii, cxl
Leventon, Mcxlix
Lucas, Maryclxvi
Luttrell familyclxxv
MacCarthy, J Huntlyxx
MacCarthy, Maryxix
Mais, S P Bxix
Malet, Lucasxx
Manning, Christinaclxxxv
Manning, Johnclxxxv
Marisco, Agnes delxxxi
Marisco familylxxxiii-iv
Marisco, Sir Jordan delxxxi
Marisco, William delxxxi
Martin, Lordlxiv
Martin, Sir R, Ktlxvi
Martyn familyxxxviii
Mary, Queenclvi
Monmouth, Duke ofxxxviii
Morgan, William dexix
Nectan, Saintclxxix
Niven, Fxix
Noble, Exx
Normandy, William Duke oflxi
Norway, A Hxx
Oliver, Drcxxix
Orchard, Paulclxxvi
Oxenham, Johnxx
Page, J A Wxxi
Parsons, E Txvii
Payne, Mrscii
Peard, Mrsxcvi
Pearn, Violetxix
Penrose, Johnxci, c
Pepys, Samuelxcvii
Percifull, Exvi
Phillipse, E Grattanxlvii-viii
Pickett, Missesxii
Pile, R Bviii
Plantagenet, Agneslxxxi
Plantagenet familycxlvii
Plantagenet, Hamelinlxxxi
Pope, Thomasclxxix
Portsmouth, Countess ofcxlviii
Prince, Rev Johncxxvi
Puddicombe, W Hcxxxv, cxlv
Reilly, George Sclviii, clxiii-iv
Raleigh (Rawley)cxxx
Raleigh, Sir Walterx, cxxiv, cxxx
Reynolds, Sir Joshuacii
Richard Iclxxv
Richard IIclxv
Risdon, Tristramcxiv
Rock, Mr W Fxcix, c, cii
Rodney, Lordxxxviii
Rolle familycxiii
Rolle, Hon Markclvi
Rolle, Robertxcix
Rosebery, Lordclxxxv
Rosier, Johncxvi
Russell, G Hxix
Russell, parson Jackcxv
Salt, Mr & Mrsxi
Salterne, Rosecxxxiii
Say & Sele, Lordlxxxi
Scott, Sir Gilbertxcv
Shakespeare, William 
Sidney, Sir Philipxxxviii
Snell, F Cxiii
Snell, F Jxx
Stanbury, Georgexlix
St John's familycxlvii
Strange, Johnxviii, cxxxi
Stucley familyclxxvi
Stucley, Sir George Btclxxvi
Sudeley, Grace delv
Sudeley, Sir John delv
Symonds, Mr, FRSxxviii
Taylor, J Hcli
Taylor, Thomasxcviii
Totnes, Judhel delv, cv
Tracy familylii, lv, ci
Tracy, Grace delv
Tracy, Henry delxxxi, ci
Tracy, Sir William delii, lv-vi
Turon, le Sieur Martin delxi
Valentine & Sonslxxi, lxxv, lxxxv, civ, cxi, cxvii, cxxxv, cxlvi, cxlix, clxx, clxxiii
Vaughan, Claraxix
Victoria, queenxxxii, c
Vosper, H O'Dxi
Wade, Colonelxxxviii
Wainwright, Mrxcix
Wales, Prince ofcvii
Ward, Lock & Coxvi, xxiv, cliii
Warren, Sir John Borlase, Btlxxxi
Watson, E H Laconxx
Weaver, Mr Lawrence FSAxcv
Wharton, A Hxx
Whitham, J Millsxix
Whyte-Melvillexv, xviii
Wiggins, K Dxx
Willcocks, MPxx
William Icv
William II, Rufuscxxiv
William & Marylxxxii
Williams, Sir J Hclxvi
Williamson, CN & AMxx
Willoughby, Sir Hughcxl, cxliii
Wolsey, Cardinalclv
Wood, S Wciii, cxvii
Wrey familyxxxviii, xli, cx
Wymondham, Williamlxv
Wynne, Mayxix
Wyot, Philipci
Yeo, Salvationx