Pictorial and descriptive guide to Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, Bideford, Woolacombe, and North-West Devon

PART 2: Pages 1 to 81

10th ed rev., London, Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. (1920), 81 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The second part of the Red Book provides a large collection of advertisements for hotels and holiday rentals from which the names of proprietors and managers have been extracted. Many of the advertisements are attractively illustrated. There is also an informative directory of the major auctioneer and estate agent businesses, followed by a directory of schools and colleges for the area. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of California Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Adams, Mr & Mrs V60
Allard, Misses19
Allman & Gibson73
Anderson, Hans69
Armitage, Mr & Mrs J W38
Armstrong, Mrs17
Ashley, W L15
Assinder, Mrs37
Baker, A59
Baker, Miss28, 49, 63
Ball & Percival76
Banbury, Mrs George18
Banbury, Mr & Mrs J28
Barry, Miss M28
Baume, Mrs L17
Baxter, Mrs R39
Beeson, Mrs H E62
Beeton, Mrs70
Benefield & Cornford73
Berry, H G44
Bevan, S E13
Black & Hodgson25
Blackmore, H35
Bland, Miss51
Booth, Miss80
Bosworth, G W22
Bower, H G53
Bownass, Thomas52
Bray, John, Sons & Smith75
Brendon, G18
Brock, W & Co Ltd76
Broome, F J C31
Brown, Mr & Mrs J Denham61
Browne, Dr J Collis81
Browning, Miss, BA80
Bucknell, Mr & Mrs A58
Burfield, Miss C29
Burleigh, H W1
Burtt, Miss25
Bushell, A E24
Butler, Mrs J C29
Caine, Mr & Mrs A O54
Carroll, Lewis69
Cave, A75
Chadder, W L34
Challand, H45
Champion, H52
Chantrey, S38
Child, H A54
Christopherson, Miss69
Chugg, A E47
Clark, Henry L50
Coates, Mrs61
Collie, Mrs F Bladon63
Conibear, Mrs W G48
Corlyon & Sons74
Cormack, Miss34
Court, Mr & Mrs Bernard66
Courteen, Miss42
Cox, G W76
Cox & Son76
Cox, W Wilkinson76
Crews & Son73
Crossley, Mrs Coombes62
Cumberland, Mr & Mrs16
Dadds, Mr & Mrs H34
Damon, Miss80
Danby, Miss B55
Danson, P53
Dart, W26
Davey & Co73
Davey, Misses & Mrs39, 63
Davies, Mrs Sims53
Day, John & Sons74
Dean & Dawson Ltd2
Dean, Mr & Mrs Sydney34
Dendle, Mr & Mrs W33
Dilworth, Gordon81
Dingle, Mr & Mrs24
Dixon, Miss3
Dore, K25
Doubleday, Mr A E75
Doughty, Misses23
Dunham, Mrs E J35
Durbin, Mr & Mrs W G62
Dymond, R & Sons73
Easton, Digby W36
Edwards, Mrs W L39
Ellis, Misses39
Elmslie, Miss J C15
Emerson, Mrs J H65
Evans, Mr & Mrs C R60
Fargher, T A75
Farrah, H Arnold29
Fasham, E T Ltd44
Fayerman & Co74
Feirn, M E & I13
Flashman & Co75
Forbes, Miss23
Forrest, C46
Forrt, Hatt & Billings73
Foster, W R34
Fowler, Mrs A30
Francis, Miss18
Frost, Robert & Son76
Furniss, H55
Gabell, Mrs B M56
Gardham, M14
Gaydon, A W41
Geddes, P A Ltd26
Gent, Mr & Mrs S D19
George, A V74
Gibb, Lieutenant Colonel Ronald CBE15
Gilbert, Miss C B55
Gilbert, Mrs18
Gillesbie, Mrs E37
Gilley Ltd76
Girling, R G74
Gittins, M J14
Glanfield, Mrs H N18
Godfrey, Miss69
Goff, James R51
Golding, Harry69
Gooch, G R73
Goodacre, Miss51
Gorry, Mrs W L25
Gould, Mr & Mrs W L55
Grey, C E33
Gresham, Mrs William59
Grigsby, Albert56
Hall, Mrs J38
Hall, Mrs R49
Hammond, Mrs37
Hancock, Miss80
Harding, Mrs25
Harland, Walter75
Harris, Miss79
Hartland, Mrs Bray44
Hieron, Charles45
Hine, Mr & Mrs16
Hixson, E L76
Hole, Mrs & Misses67
Hollyer, J H26
Holman, Stanley G R23
Holt, Alfred & Co4
Hookway, Mr & Mrs L E17
Hooper, John15
Horey, Miss A E55
Howell, F E76
Hughes, Mrs A58
Hume, Mrs16
Hutchings, W C74
Jackman, P & W14
Jackson, A E69
Jamieson, Mr & Mrs W44
Jefferies, Mr & Mrs J24
Jenner, Mr & Mrs39
Johns, Mrs48
Johnstone, Miss80
Jones, Miss J E38
Jones, Jeffrey38
Jones, Tom42
Julian, John & Co Ltd75
Kay, Mr & Mrs John46
Kay, Mrs K R65
Kemp, Mr & Mrs17
Kennaway, Mrs C G61
Khous, Miss W24
Kingsley, Charles69
Kirkland, Rev A E, MA80
Knill, F A35
Lamb, Charles & Mary69
Lane & Smith73
Laughton, R E55
Lawrence, Mrs M54
Lawrence, Mrs W15
Lawton, Misses39
Lear, J G & Son75
Lewis & Badcock74
Liddiard, Miss78
Lord, J W40
Lovell & Co74
Lowther, Mr E6
Lyall & Clark, Messrs19
Macbrayne, David Ltd3-4
Maddocks, Miss42
Magnus, Mrs A C67
Marshall, W J68
Menear, C C40
Middleton, Miss39
Miller, Miss A36
Mitchell, Mrs & Miss15, 79
Mitchell, W G75
Mitchell, W L54
Moore, C C & T74
Morris, Miss25
Morrish, Miss58
Murless, Miss78
Myott, C M76
Needs, Mr & Mrs W A66
Nettley, Mrs A37
Newsam, Miss66
Newton, Miss54
Nicholson, J76
Nutman, Mrs57
Oliver, A22
Pape, Mr D N36
Parry, Mrs E L38
Parsons, E W58
Parsons, L33
Peacock, Bolton & Co73
Pickett, Misses34
Plum, Mr & Mrs A J61
Pole, Felix J C6
Porritt & Son75
Potts, H G, MA79
Powell & Powell73
Prangnell, S R75
Pullan, D K & H15
Randall, Miss79
Rayson, Miss16
Rebbeck, Bros73
Reeve & Bayly75
Reeves, J T & Son76
Rehan, Mrs25
Reilly, Miss26
Richards, Mrs E66
Richards, J S52
Richardson, C F J75
Richardson, Miss80
Riddell, W & R41
Rix, Miss66
Roberts, E W37
Roberts, F15
Roberts, Dr Harry56
Robinson, Misses15
Rogers, Chapman & Thomas76
Rolleston, Mrs52
Ronan, W P19
Rowe & Knowles73
Rushmore, Mrs40
Russell, R H40
Salter, Rex & Co74
Sanders, Mrs S A53
Sanders, Mrs W W67
Sanderson, Mrs Hallam78
Savage, Mr & Mrs J E13
Shakespeare, William69
Simpson, J53
Skinner, M E15
Slann, Mrs T W42
Slough, W44
Smilter, C J21
Smith, Mr & Mrs Allen39
Smith, Mrs Fred J44
Smith, G R & Son76
Sparks & Son74
Stacey, G S37
Stanbury, G C26
Stent, Misses M & E37
Stephens, Miss67
Stevens, F46
Stevens, Herbert E57
Stock, Mrs E C45
Stock, W45
Stoddart, Misses45
Stokes, Mrs30
Stratton, Miss80
Stuart, C C Ltd75
Swift, J B55
Tarrant, Margaret W69
Taylor, Miss55
Tempest, T C7
Testuz, G27
Theaker, Harry G69
Thomas, Mr & Mrs54
Thorne, Mrs J H35
Tomkins, Miss K16
Tregear & Sons73
Turner, Mrs F M60
Tyson, Mr & Mrs A H14
Verran, Mrs49
Walford, F V37
Walker, Frederick Ltd16
Walker, H A8
Wallace, Mrs55
Waller, G W33
Waller & King75
Waller, L30
Walter, T J73
Walters, Miss E M17
Ward, Lock & Co13, 26, 45, 47, 52, 56, 67, 69-70
Warren, W L64
Watson, Miss49
Watson, Miss E M79
Webb, Mrs52
Wensley, Miss25
West, Mr George F8
Whaley, J B40
Wheeler, Mrs F C54
Wheeler, Mrs J R35
Winship, Miss79
Whitham, W53
Williamson, Mrs Douglas E27
Willis, Misses24
Wilton, Mrs69
Winder, Blanche69
Wivell, Mr & Mrs36
Wood, Miss39
Wotton, Mrs M64
Wroe, Mrs J67
Yates, Mrs Walwyn44