Will of Thomas Burnell of Kingsbridge, Cordwainer

Proved 23rd Jan 1809.

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National Archives Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/1491, File reference 60

Transcribed by Kathryn Barnett

[Note by K. Barnett - there is no punctuation in the original document. Where a word is difficult to read, I have placed my best guess in square brackets, thus [ ]. Where a letter or letters within a word cannot be deciphered, I have placed a dash, thus - .]

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In the Name of God I Thomas Burnell of Kingsbridge in the County of Devon Cordwainer do make this my last Will and Testament knowing the Certainty of Death and the Uncertainty of the Time when God may call me by Death I would resign my Soul into his Hand trusting alone to the Merits and work of Jesus Christ for compleat Pardon and Justification before God and final Salvation and Glory through him and my body to decent Burial in the burying Ground where my late Wife was buried and as to my worldly Substance with which a kind Providence has intrusted me with I give as follows 1st Being
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willing to do something towards the Support of the Gospel in Kingsbridge I give unto the Trustees of the Independent Chappel in the said town four hundred pounds which I now have in the three Pr Ct Bank Annuitys for the use of the Minister of the said Chappel he being a Man of Evangelical Principles and a good moral Life that is to say the annual income of it for to help his Salary the Trustees in time to come of the said Chappel to be considered as Trustees for this also I give unto John Cranch five pounds Also unto Charlotte Cranch five pounds Children of Richd Cranch late of Exeter deceased I give unto Roger Denbow Cranch five pounds also unto Jane Cranch five pounds Children of Nath Cranch of Kingsbridge I give unto John Higman Son of Sarah Higman of Kingsbridge five pounds I give unto Joanna Lavers and Elizabeth Cranch Children of Jeremiah Cranch of Kingsbridge five pounds to be equally between them I give unto Wm Burrell Son of John Burrell my half Brother five pounds those Legacys to be paid by my Executor hereafter named in the Space of twelve Months after my Decease Also I give and bequeath all and every of my Lands Leases Mortgages and Book Debts property that I may die possessed of as if all were mentioned by name in the Funds in short all or every of my property Unto my dear and loving Wife Mary Burnell who I appoint my sole Executor and Heir at Law of all my Lands and Goods of every thing I may possess at my Death the paying all my just Debts and Legacies But if any of my relations or my late Wife's Relations should give any trouble or hindrance in the quiet Possession of my Effects now bequeathed unto my present wife Mary Burnell that then they shall forfeit their Interest in this my Will this being my last Will written with my own Hand being both sound in Body and in Mind for which I desire to be thankful unto the great Giver of all good as Witness my Hand and Seal this fifteenth Day of August one thousand eight hundred and eight
Thomas Burnell Signed and sealed in the presence of us underwritten Evidences being all present at the Execution of the above Will
J Higman      James Bridgeman     Thomas Langdon

This Will was proved at London on the twenty third day of January in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and nine before the Right Honble Sir John Nicholl Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative
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Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of Mary Burnell Widow the Relict of the deceased and sole Executrix named in the said Will to whom Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased they having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer