Knowstone 1850


               From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

KNOWSTONE, a pleasant village, on a bold eminence, encompassed by lofty 
hills, 9 miles E. by S. of South Molton, has in its parish 578 souls, and 
4994 acres of land, including 1219A. of common, 219A. of moorland; the 
village of East Knowstone, about a mile from the church; the hamlet of 
Rochill; and many scattered houses, some of them among the high moorlands 
near the sources of the river Yeo. Sir Robert Geo. Throckmorton, Bart., is 
lord of the manor, and owner of the manor-house, called Knowstone Beaple, 
which was so called from its ancient owners, and was long a seat of the 
Pollards. J. Handford, Esq., Mr. Joseph Hill, and many smaller owners, have 
estates in the parish. The manor of Wadham belonged to Ulf at Domesday 
Survey, and his descendants took the name of Wadham. Shapcote was long held 
by a family of its own name, and they sold it about 1770 to the Handfords. 
Sir John Berry, an eminent naval officer in the reign of Charles II., was 
born here at the Vicarage. The Church (St. Peter,) is a small ancient 
structure, with a tower and three bells, and was repaired four years ago. 
The rectory was appropriated to Hartland Abbey, but the great tithes have 
been mostly sold to the landowners. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £26. 
10s. 10d., with that of Molland annexed to it, is in the patronage of Sir 
R.G. Throckmorton, Bart., and incumbency of the Rev. John Froude, M.A., of 
East Anstey. The Rev. R. Pole, of Templeton, is the curate. The glebe 
(54A.) and the thatched Vicarage House, are let to a farmer. The vicarial 
tithes of this parish were commuted in 1842, for £301, and those of Molland 
for £339 per annum. The poor have £3. 8s. a year out of Edgerley and Bowden 
estates, left by H. Brooke and others, and the interest of £40 given by 
various donors.

Bucknell Jacob, maltster and vict., Fox and Hounds 
Cutcliffe Chas. Newell, surgeon
Follett Wm. vict. William IV.
Hodge Philip and James, carpenters
Moore Misses M. and E. Estacott
Snow John, corn miller
Snow Thomas, vict. Mason's Arms

Elston Benj.
Elston Wm.
Hill Michael

Boundy James
Hill Wm.
Snow James

Bray James
Bray Thos. East Kidland
Bray Wm. Ford
Buckingham Jno. Oulaborough
Bucknell John, Beaple Barton 
Bucknell Robert 
Bucknell Wm. 
Courtenay Geo. & Rd., Wadham 
Fisher James 
Fisher Samuel 
Fisher Wm. Hill 
Follett Willlam, Brownsford 
Follett W. Indylk. 
Hill Jph., gent., Moortown
Hill Ths. Hapson
Lovern Thomas 
Luxton Henry 
Mildon Edward 
Mogford John, Shapcote 
Shapland John 
Stone Rt. Weston 
Stone Thomas 
Tarr Eliz. Whitemoor
Tarr James 
Thorne Rd. Kents
Tidball Gregory 
Webber James 
Woodbury Wm., West Kidland

   MASONS, &c. 
Davie Wm. 
Snow Thomas 
Steer Wm.

Cockram Har.
Fisher Eliz.
Hernaman Ann
Partridge Mary

Hill Wm.
Snow Thomas

Fewin James 
Shapcott Wm.

Battens John 
Cole James

   POST to South Molton, Mon. W. Fri. & Sat., Jas. Snow

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