Knowstone in the Devonshire Domesday Book (1086)

The Devonshire Domesday and Geld Inquest. The Devonshire Association (1884-1892)

Plymouth: W. Brendon and Son. (2 vols)

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Exeter Domesday or Liber Exonienis contains information for the county circuit of southwest England, primarily for the counties of Cornwall, Devon (some holdings missing), Dorset (some holdings missing) and Somerset. One holding in Wiltshire is also included in the Exeter Domesday. The manuscript is in poor condition, with many pages missing, and dates from about 1086. The entries are organised feudally, more feudally indeed than Domesday Book itself since the counties are subordinated to the Honours of tenants-in-chief. Wadham in Knowstone parish is highly unusual however, since its manor was retained in Saxon hands after the Conquest.

Extract, p. 1184


Vlfus habet I mansionem quae uocatur Wadeham quam ipse tenuit ea die qua rex Eduuardus fuit uiuus et mortuus et reddidit gildum pro i uirga. Hanc possunt arare iii carruccae. Modo tenet eamdum de rege. Inde habet Vlfus i fertinum et i carrucam in dominio et uillani habent ii carrucas. Ibi habet Vlfus iiii uillanoset iii seruos et xii animalia et viii equas siluestres et iii quadragenarias nemoris in longitudine et vi agros pascuae et ualet per annum xx solidos - Exon D. (486b) 449

Ulf has a manor called Wadeham, which he himself held in the day on which King Edward was alive and dead, and it rendered geld for one virgate. This can be ploughed by three ploughs. Now he holds the same of the king. Of this Ulf has in demesne one ferling and one plough, and the villains have two ploughs. There Ulf has four villains and three serfs, and twelve head of cattle, and eight brood mares, and four furlongs of wood in length and three in breadth, and six acres of meadow, and fifty acres of pasture; and it is worth twenty shillings.

Extract, p. 1185.


Ulf tenet Wadeham. Ipse tenebat temporeregis Eduuardi et geldabat pro una virgata terrae. Terra est iii carrucis quae ibi sunt et iii serui at iiii uilani et vi acrae prati et I acrae pasturae, Silua iiii quarentenae longitudinae et iii quarentenae lattitudine. Valet xx solidos. Exch. D. 118;38a

Ulf holds Wadeham. He held it in the time of king Edward, and it paid geld for one virgate of land. There is land for three plough, which are there, and three serfs and four villains, and six acres of meadow, and fifty acres of pasture. Wood four furlongs in length and three furlongs in breadth. It is worth twenty shillings.