Devon - Land and Property

DRO pages on Tithe Records (archived copy) state that: "eventually, the Tithe Maps Online Project (archived copy) will make the digitized tithe maps available online free of charge through our website. In the meantime, we are also offering copies of the digitised tithe maps for sale (archived copy)on CD-Rom."

The Friends of Devon's Archives group has indexed the Devon tithe apportionments - and provide parish and name search facilities. In addition Scanned images of these tithe apportionments are made available by the Devon Tithe Maps Online Project.

The Tithe Maps of the East Devon AONB - a large set of high definition images, provided by the Parishscapes project.

The Country House Database (archived copy) - country houses from the late medieval period to ca. 1850, together with an index to occupiers.

British Listed Buildings (Devon section) - organised by parish, provides detailed descriptions of a large number of historic buildings throughout Devon.

Abstracts of Devon Feet of Fines (Land Conveyances) for 1369-1509, provided by Chris Phillips.

Devon Estate Records held by Kings College, Cambridge.

The Devon Rural Archive - "set up in February 2006 as part of The Fenwick Charitable Trust to provide a much needed resource for local historians, archaeologists and genealogists working in Devon."

Devon sections of Pat Johnson's Family Deeds website (archived copy), and of Allan & Brenda Azzaro's Family Chest website, each of which provide free summary transcripts of old deeds and documents (the originals of which are available for purchase).

Thatch in Devon - from Devon County Council (archived copy).

Photographs of Farms in Devon - in Wikimedia Commons.

Devon Farming in the 19th Century by Paul Brassley.

Lifeleasehold in the Western Counties of England 1650-1750, by Christopher Clay.

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Gray, Todd. The Art of the Devon Garden: The Depiction of Plants and Ornamental Landscapes from the Year 1200, Mint Press (2013) 336 pp. [ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1903356647] ["Some of today’s most popular gardens are featured as well as others which have long vanished"]

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