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Help and advice for General View of the Agriculture of Devon

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Name Index


General View of the Agriculture
of the County of Devon

with observations on the means of its improvement.

Drawn up for the consideration of

The Board of Agriculture

By Charles Vancouver.

1808, 958pp.

Price Fifteen Shillings in Boards

London: Printed for Richard Phillips, Bridge Street.

Original from Oxford University

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This index was produced from a digital copy of the book, which can be downloaded from: Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired. Agriculture has always been one of the major industries in Devon. Most of the farms still operate as family units. The diverse landscape, the hills of Dartmoor and Exmoor, the vast areas of the Culm grasslands to the north and west and to the south and east the highly productive red soils of the lowlands, provide a vast diversity of agricultural uses. Vancouver's observations and statistics on a wide array of matters georgical and particularly on the rural economy, all show that farming in Devon has long been a challenging, although often rewarding occupation.
Name Page
Ackland Esq. of High Bray 328
Addington 1
Anderson, Dr. 317-21
Baker of Exeter 121
Banks, Sir Joseph 438
Basset, Mr. of Watermouth 191, 193, 263
Bayley, Culley & Pringle, Messrs. 481
Bayley, Mr. 305, 307, 451-2
Beattie, Mr. 131
Bentinck, Captain 300
Bickford, George Esq. of Darsland 374
Billingsley, John, Esq. of Shepton Mallet 481
Boringdon, Viscount 1, 264
Boys, John, of Betshanger 480
Brown, Mr. of Long Barn 184
Brown, Robert, of Haddington 481
Burdon, Mr. George of Harwood 328
Byng, Viscount 2
Cambden 1
Cavendish family 2
Clack, Rev. Mr. Thomas, Rector of Stoke Damerell 432, 438
Clay, Rev. Mr. of East Worlington 368
Clifford family 1, 2
Clifford, Lord 28, 93, 118, 124, 253, 264, 343, 356
Coffin, Rev. Mr. of West Down 338
Coham, Rev. Mr. of Coham House 315, 317, 319, 342, 368, 370, 439
Cook's drill plough 118, 174
Douglas, Rev. Robert, DD, Rector of Galashiels 481
Duncumbe, John, AM 480
Dunning family 2
Edgecumbe family 1
Edward the Confessor, King 2
Elizabeth I, Queen 275, 359, 395
Elkington, Mr. 309-10, 450
Egbert, King 2
Exter, Mr. of Hartland 119, 149, 173, 180, 186, 189, 191-2
Fabian, Mr. 335
Fellows, Hon. Newton 122-4, 192
Fitzgibbon family 1
Fortescue, Lord 56, 193, 263, 328
Fraser, Mr. 359
Froude, Rev. Mr. of Dartington 130, 187-8, 323
Gage, Lord 264
George III, King 2
Gibbs, Thomas 482
Grant, Mr. 7
Grey, Mr. Thomas 278
Holt, John, of Walton 480
Hutchins, Rev. Mr. of Dittisham 38, 255
Inkleton, Mr. of Yeotown 193
James I, King 275
Kent, Mr. 445
Kent, Nathaniel, of Fulham 481
King, Mr. of Fowlescombe 135, 307
Lane, Mr. of Brixstowe 254
Legge family 2
Ley, Rev. Mr. of Ashpreignton 323
Lismore, Lord, of Mamhead 260
Lopez, Sir Ferdinand 264
Lowe, Robert, Esq. of Oxton 481
Luxmore, Rev. Mr. 93, 96
Middleton, John, Esq. of Merron 481
Morris family 65
Mudge, Colonel 279
Naismith, John 480
Nickolls, Mr. of Heanton Court House 328
Orchard, Colonel, of Hartland 192, 456
Palk, Sir Lawrence 322, 484
Parker family 1
Pitt, W. of Pendeford 481
Plymley, Rev. Joseph, MA 481
Prawl, John 99
Quarterly, Rev. Mr. of Molland 328
Rabey, Mr. (Ironworks) 55
Reynolds, Richard of Shosbrook 336
Robertson, George, of Granton 481
Robertson, James, DD, Minister of Callander 481
Rogers, Sir John 254
Rolle family 1
Rolle, Lord 98, 293
Rudge, Mr. 480
Rumford, Count 365
Russell family 2
Sidbury, Baron 1
Sidmouth, Lord 264
Sillifant, Mr. of Coombe 99, 349
Simcoe, General 138, 265
Sinclair, Sir John Advertisement, 52
Smith, Adam 446
Smith, John, DD 480
Somerset, Duke of 264
Somervile, R. 480
Somerville, Lord 377
Stanhope, Earl 376
Stonehouse, Mr. of Woodleigh 150
Stoneman, Mr. of Woodhouse Farm 312, 328
Sweet, Mr. of North Tawton 350
Sweet, Rev. Mr. of Kentsbere 263
Taylor, Colonel of Ogwell House 256, 262
Templar family 321
Templar, Mr. 257, 260, 400
Thomson, John, DD 480
Tozier, Mr. of Ashburton 335
Tuke, John 481
Vancouver, Charles 480
Vinn, Mr. of Payhembury 123
Wales, HRH the Prince of 278, 346
Winchelsea, Earl of 480
Windsor-Hickman 2
Wrey, Sir Bourchier 267, 328
Wreyford, Mr. of Clannaborough 350