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Name Index


Some Anglo-Saxon Boundaries, Now Deposited at the Albert Museum, Exeter

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 8 (1876), pp. 396-419.


J.B. Davidson

Prepared by Michael Steer

Anglo-Saxon boundary clauses are descriptions in Old English (and sometimes Latin) of the boundaries of land-units recorded in charters dating from the seventh to the eleventh centuries. They are typically in written form, and walk the reader clockwise around the perimeter of the estate or territory, citing features that the boundary passes, crosses or follows. This paper, delivered at the Association's July 1876 Ashburton meeting presents and comments on a Devon-boundary-related manuscript from the time of Edward the Confessor (first half of the 11th century). Its Appendix in particular, is a treasure chest of Devon landholder names of the period. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Aeffan 418
Ælfgyth 418
Ælfgyth of Buckland 418
Ælfgyth of Werrington 418
Ælflaed of Clymeston 418
Ælfric the priest 418
Æthelstan, King 399
Amery, Mr P F S 398
Bate, Mr C Spence 400, 406
Bath, Earl of 412
Birhsie 418
Birhtric 418
Blundell 410
Bow, Edwig 419
Bradstone, Wifman of 418
Brodu 417
Brown 413
Brun 418-9
Buckland, Ælfgyth of 418
Burt, Mr W 406, 413, 415
Byrhflaed of Trematon 418
Byrhtric 418
Byrhstun 418
Camden, Mr 412
Carrington 406, 413, 415
Churchford, Eadsig of 418
Clymeston, Ælflaed of 418
Cornwall, Edmund Duke of 415
Cornwall, Richard Duke of 406, 409, 413
Cynsie the priest 417-8
Cynstun 418-9
Cytel 419
Denisc 419
Dodderidge, Sir John 404-5
Dolla, Wine's son 418
Eadgifu 418
Eadgyfe, Abbess 419
Eadgyfu 418-9
Eadsig of Churchford 418
Edward IV 413
Edwig 419
Elizabeth I 405-6
Exeter, Bishop of 404-5
Gibson 412
Goda the priest 418
Godwin 419
Henry I 406
Henry III 406
Hickes 398, 417
Hockmore, Mr Auditor 415-6
Hooker, John alias Vowell 404-14, 417
Hooker, Richard 404
Hunu 417
Hunwin 419
John, King 406
Jones 412
Kemble, Mr 399, 403, 416
King, Mr 399
Lamburn, Godchild of 417-8
Leofric 398
Leofric, Abbot 419
Leofric, Bishop 417
Leofric of Werrington 418
Leofrun 418
Lysons, Messrs 401, 404, 413
Madden, Sir F 405
Okehampton, Small of 418
Oliver 412
Oliver, Abbot Thomas 413
Ordgar 398, 417-8
Padyngton, John 404
Paedinga tribe 416-7
Peadington 397, 404, 416
Peryam, William 405
Pole, Sir William 400
Polwhele 398, 401-2
Prince, John 404, 412
Prude 418
Raleigh, Sir Walter 404
Ribrost 418
Risdon, Tristram 407, 413, 417
Rowe, Mr 401, 406, 413, 415
Small of Okehampton 418
Smirke, Mr Edward 415
Stapledon, Bishop 404
Sutton, John 408-9
Swete 419
Thorpe 398, 417
Tomline 407
Trematon, Byrhflaed 418
Tuckett, Mr John 405
Wanley, H 396, 398
Werrington, Ælfgyth of 418
Werrington, Leofric of 418
Westcote 412-3
White 418
Wifman, of Bradstone 418
Wine 418
Worthy, Mr 398
Wynstan 418
Wulfnoth 419
Wulfric 418
Wulfsie 418
Wulfsig 419
Wulfwunn 419
Wunchild, Æthelgyfe 419
Wynstan 418