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The disposal of crown lands and the Devon land market, 1536-58

Agricultural History Review, (1970), 18(1), pp.93-105.


John Kew

Prepared by Michael Steer

The author asserts that one result of the preoccupation of historians with the disposal of monastic lands has been a tendency to minimize the size of the land market before 1536. His aim in the article is to attempt another approach, namely the consideration of the total land market in a single county during the period of maximum social upheaval which immediately followed the dissolution of the monasteries. He attempts to put the market for monastic and other Crown lands, generally in Devon, into perspective, and suggests that this was only a part, albeit a very important part, of a much wider land market. This article can be downloaded from British Agricultural History Society’s website

Adams, Nicholas 102
Aylmer, G E 99
Baker, Dennis 105
Bonville 97
Carew-Pole 95
Cary 95
Cooper, J P 103
Cornwall, J 103
Cornwallis, Sir Thomas 96
Courtenay 97
Cowper, J W 102
Crowley, R 102
Crudge, John 105
Denys, Sir Thomas 102
Devon, Earl of 95
Donnelly, Tom 105
Dudley, Sir John 96
Exeter, Marquess of 96-7
Finch, M E 93
Fisher, F J 102
Fortescue 102
French, R A 105
Fulford, Sir John 102
Gould, J D 96
Habakkuk, Professor H J 94, 96, 99-100
Henry VIII 94, 98
Hexter, J H 93
Hooker, John 99
Hoskins, Professor W G 99, 103
Kew, John E 96, 102, 105
Lewis, G R 99
Lysons, D 104
Mary, Queen 98
Philip & Mary 98
Pollard, Sir Lewis 96
Reichel, O J 104
Rolle, George 96, 102
Simpson, A W B 94
Southcott, John 100
Stone, L 94, 103
Suffolk, Duke of 97
Willoughby, John 99
Wilson, Thomas 102
Youings, Dr J A 93, 96, 102-3