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Tenant Right: Devonshire and the 1880 Ground Game Act

Agricultural History Review, (1986) 34(2), pp.188-197.


J.N. Porter

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Ground Game Act 1880 (43 & 44 Vic.) is a law passed in 1880 by the Gladstone government, as a result of many complaints over many decades about the intolerable amount of damage that farmers' crops were suffering from the activities of wild rabbits and hares, with landowners not allowing farmland occupants to kill them because of game preservation rights. This law gives land occupants the inalienable right to kill rabbits and hares on the land they occupy.​ This article can be downloaded from British Agricultural History Society’s website


Acland, Sir Thomas 190-2
Bailey, Domenico 195
Balcher, William 194
Barker, Michael 188
Bartrip, P W J 190
Barttelot, Sir Walter 189
Bastin, Benjamin Butter 192
Beadle, T, JP 194
Beastall, D W 188
Brand, H R 189
Bright, John 189
Brise, Ruggles 189
Burman, S B 190
Carr, R 188
Cave, Sir Stephen 191
Chaplin, Henry 189
Chichester, Colonel 194
Cleeve, Henry 195
Courtier, James 196
Cousins, William 196
Dabrowska, Caroline 194
Denner, Alfred 195
Drake, Lady 194
Edward VII 196
Elcho, Lord 189
Elliott, Thomas 195
Feuchtwanger, E J 188
Fisher, J R 188
Fortescue, Earl 191
Fulford, Francis Drummond JP 192
Gammon, William 196
Gay, Charles 196
Gay, John 196
Gladstone, William Ewart 188
Gore, Charles 196
Granville, Lord 188
Grendon, farmer James 194
Hallet, W T, JP 195
Hamer, D A 188
Hannaford, Constable 196
Harcourt, Sir William 189, 193
Harding, farmer James 195
Hay, Admiral Sir John 189
Hayter-Hames, Rev H G 192
Hearn, Thomas 196
Hill, Samuel 196
Hoare, James 196
Howard, James 189
Ibbetson, Sir Henry Selwyn 189
Iddesleigh, Earl of 193
Kennard, farmer 194
Kennaway, Sir John 190-3
Labouchere, Henry 189
Lang, Andrew 193
Lendon, Samuel 195
Lopes, Sir Massey 190-3
Love, Daniel 195
Lymington, Viscount 190, 193
May, Mr 191
McCalmont 196
McQuiston, J R 188
Mingay, G E 188
Moore, D C 188
Moore, James 194
Morley, Earl of 192
Morley, John 188
Mutch, Alistair 188
Newdegate 189
Northcote, Sir Stafford 190, 193
Northumberland, Earl of 189
Oke 197
Palk, Sir Lawrence 191-2
Perry, J 188
Porter, J H 192
Pratt, J D 192
Prowse, Edward 195
Redesdale, Lord 189
Rolle, Lady 191
Rowe, James 194
Sidmouth, Lord 195
Skinner, Gill 194
Smerdon, Seale 195
Soltau-Symons, George, JP 192
Squires, Samuel 196
Stanhope 189
Stenton, M 196
Sterling, Colonel 192
Stevens, J C Moore 192
Summerhayes, George 195
Sumption family 194
Sumption, Mary 194
Taylor, P A 189
Thompson, Professor F M L 188
Torrens, Sir Robert JP 195
Victoria, Queen 188
Vincent, J 196
Walrond, Sir John 192
Walrond, Colonel W H 192
Wyatt, Enoch 195
Yeoman, George 196