Summary of Will of Giles Mallett of Landkey (1697)

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Provided by Mike Mallett <mm-lists AT ntlworld.com>, with an update on the Latey name from Ian Hearder

We Henry Scott of Goodleigh Co. Devon carpenter and Thomas Joce of same, carpenter do hereby testify that Mr. Giles Mallett of Landkey, gent, decd, did (about two weeks before his death) cause said Henry Scott and Thomas Joce and one Thomazine Alline servant to said Mr. Mallett to be called up into his chamber where he then lay sick on his bed and did then & there declare that he had sent for us to be witnesses of his last will and testament and desiring to take notice that he did bequeath to his granddaughter Elizabeth Hearder a red heifer then in his possession and did bequeath to Eliz. Mallett his wife a certain legacy of £10 given some time before unto the said Mr. Mallett by his neece Mrs. Elizabeth Mallett and also did bequeath to his said wife all his goods and chattells and appointed her the sole executrix.

Dated 18th Feb. 1697/8

Consistory Court 1697

Wits. Wm Bear & John S... ...

Proved 28 June 1698 and admin. committed to executrix named in will (Jane Latey wife of John Latey daughter of decd having renounced)

In. £88.0.0.

Renunciation of Jane Latey, wife of John Latey of South Moulton, cordwiner, the only daughter of Glles Mallett late Of Landkey, gent. of her right to probate of the nuncupative last will of her decd father dated 18 Feb. Iate, and desiring that the will may be proved by Elizabeth Mallett her mother who is executrix therein named. 29th June 1698.

Wit. Ann Couse , Damarise Couse,.

Signature & seal of Jane Latey Letter of John Edisbury Doctor of Consistory Court of Bishop of Exon to all clerics of the diocese to cite a certain Jane Latey wife of John Latey of South Moulton, daughter of Giles Mallett late of Landkey to appear in the parish church of Barnstaple on 28 June instant to prove the nuncupative will of the deceased L, then to be exhibited at the instigation of Elizabeth Mallett relict and executrix and to intimate to her that she does not appear the proving of the will be proceeded with in her absence.

23 June 1698 This mandate was executed upon Jane Latey in parish of Landkey

27 June 1698,

Inv, of goods of Mr. Giles Mallett of Landkey lately decd by Rich Parmynter, John Budd and John Hogane

23 Feb 1697-8 Wearing apparell and money in purse £5. For books 10/- Farm stock Various household goods Clock & warming pan £1 Plough tackling, horse tackling & husbandry tools £2. 5. 0. For a legacy and money due etc £20.

Total £88. 0. 0.

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Note: The Mallett family is related to the Ackland family also mentioned in Landkey as Eleanor Mallett of Woolleigh married Sir Arthur Ackland around 1591