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The Hundred of Lifton in the time of Testa de Nevil, AD 1243

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 46, (1914) pp. pp.185-219.


Oswald J. Reichel

Prepared by Michael Steer

Lifton is one of the earliest villages in West Devon to be founded by the Saxons, and was first recorded as Liwtune in King Alfred's will (abt 880 A.D.). It was of considerable strategic importance being close to the River Tamar and the Cornish border. In the 10th century it gave its name to the 'Lifton Hundred', an administrative division of Devon that encompassed many neighbouring villages. The Hundred remained in existence until the 19th century. The Testa de Nevill, is a listing of feudal landholdings or "fees/fiefs", compiled in about 1302, but from earlier records, for the use of the English Exchequer. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abbe Walter200
Adobed, Ruald l' (also Rhiwallon)199
Aincoort, Hawise de193
Aissheleghe, William de208
Alba Mara, John de (also Alba Marlia)197-9, 203-4
Alba Mara, Ralf de200-1, 219
Albemarle, John de198, 201
Albemarle, Raunulf de197
Albemarle, Robert de201, 219
Albemarle, Wido de197
Albemarle, William198, 204
Albermara, John de197-8
Albus, Sir Richard (White)194
Aldret (also Eldred)207, 209
Aleyne, John212
Alienora, Queen216
Allerford, John de212
Alreford, Thomas de212
Alured the Breton196
Ansger, Adeliza205, 210
Ansger, Fulco205, 210
Andrews, Richard195
Arundel, Richard de214
Ashlegh, Joan de204
Ashlegh, John de (also Asselegh)198, 204, 215
Aure, Sibilla de (also Aller)211
Avenel, Emma193
Avenel, Ralf192
Avenel, William193
Avranches, Emma d'193
Avranches, Matilda d'193
Avranches, Robert d'193
Avranches, William d'193
Ayschlegh, John de204
Baldwin the Sheriff188, 190, 192, 195, 201, 203, 213, 216
Bampfeld, John195
Bard, Hugh218
Bareth, Richard de187
Bartholomew, Sir194
Bathe, Walter de190
Baucan, Richard (also Bauchan, Bauzan, Bauceyn)206, 211
Bauzan, Joan211
Belston, Anna de206
Belston, John de206
Benstede, John187
Berkedone, Alice213
Berkedone, John213
Berkhamsted, John208
Bikelake, Richard de214
Bikelega, Robert de204
Bikketoth, Robert de187-8
Boclanda, Wido de207
Bole, John199
Bollay, Muriel de195
Bolley, Hugh de203-4
Botreaux, William203
Boulay, Hugh de195
Bourcote, Stephen192
Bourton, John191
Bovy, Peter de187
Boxce, Thomas206
Bradstone, Alianora de (also de Cruwes)202
Brantyngham, Bishop191, 196, 211, 215
Braose, William de187, 214
Bratevil, Guy de209
Brayleghe, Richard de208
Breth, Richard le190
Breton, Alured le215
Brettevil, Wido de (also Guy)209-10
Brismar201, 213
Bristric190, 204, 206
Briwere, Englesia201
Briwere, William (also Bruere)189, 193, 201, 218
Bronescombe, Bishop194, 196, 199, 202, 213, 214, 219
Bruera, William de201
Brueria, Ralf de201
Bruiera, Anthony de201
Bryggeporte, John192
Brytte, Thomas202
Buef, Walter le218
Buketon, Juel de196-7
Bulgeret201, 219
Byccote, Walter188
Byddelake, John202
Bykelegh, William206
Caen, Matilda de193
Caen, Robert de (the King's son)193, 195, 201, 203, 213
Calve, Roger198
Campbern, Henry de214
Campo Arnulphi, William de215
Camvil, Geoffrey de192
Cancellis, Andrew de216-7
Cancellis, Sir Giles de (also Chanceaux)216-7
Cancellis, John de217
Cancellis, Master Philip217
Cantilupe, Eva212
Cantilupe, William de187-8, 197, 203, 205, 209, 211-2
Caperon, William (Champernowne?)186, 189
Carevill, Hugh de187
Chambernun, Henry de214
Champeaux, Roger de214
Champernoun, William de214-5
Chartrey, Reginald de204
Chauworth, Patrick de189
Chelli, Nicolas de203
Claville, Joan190
Claville, Sir Roger190
Cobeham, Alice195
Cobeham, Sir John (Cobham)195
Cobham, Elisabeth195
Cobham, James195
Coelestine III, Pope219
Coldewylle, Hamelin200
Cole, Nicolas215
Coletone, Richard de208
Coluin190, 216
Coriton, William de214
Cornu, Nicolas204, 215
Cornwall, Edmund Earl of217, 219
Cornwall, Richard Earl of186, 216-7, 219
Corryton, Edward190, 215
Coryton, William de215
Courcell, Andrew de216
Courtenay, Hawise de193
Courtenay, Hugh de186, 189, 193, 202, 213
Courtenay, John de (also Curtenay)188, 190, 192-3, 195, 201-2, 213
Courtenay, Matilda de193
Courtenay, Muriel de202
Courtenay, Philip de202
Courtenay, Reginald (2)193
Courtenay, Reginald de193
Courtenay, Robert de193
Courtenay, Sir Thomas de202, 212
Coutances, Bishop of192, 214
Crues, John le202
Crues, Robert de (also Cruwys)202
Crues, William de202
Cumb, Reginald de187
Curiford, Elias de214
Curiton, Geoffrey de (Coryton)187, 214
Curiton, Master William194
Damarl, Roger198
Daumarle, Sir John Knt197-8
Dedman, Robert (Dinham)200
Denesche, Agatha la210
Denesell, Joan200
Denesell, Richard200
Deneys, Henry le (also Deneis)189
Deneys, Joslen de (also Dacus)189
Deneys, Robert le189, 210
Deudone, Hamelin de (also Dyaudune)190
Deudone, Joan190
Deudone, Mabel190
Devon, Countess of201
Devon, Earl of (Courtenay)196, 200, 202, 215
Dinham, Emma de199-200
Dinham, Sir John (also Denham)202
Dinham, Robert de200
Direhill, Roger de187, 196-7
Dodo (also Dode)196
Donwerthy, John188
Dun, John de (also Down. Dunn)204-6
Dunterton, Augustin de187
Durnford, Alice (also Durneford)206
Eastlake, Richard191
Eddida, Queen216
Edmund of Woodstock217
Edward the Confessor189, 199
Edward, Prince of Wales219
Edward I186, 197, 199, 217-8
Edward II219
Edward III191
Edward IV200
Esse, Alan de (also Usse)201
Esse, Ralf de200-1
Esselegh, Nicolas de (Ashleigh)203-4
Faxcombe, William213
Ferrers, Reginald206
FitzAnsgar, Fulco210
FitzBaderon, William215
FitzBaldwin, Adeliza192
FitzBaldwin, Emma192
FitzBaldwin, Richard192
FitzBaldwin, William192-3
FitzFulco, Robert205, 210
FitzGamelin, Odo211, 216
FitzJuel, Thomas204-6
FitzJuel, Warin196-7
FitzLambert, Modbert203
FitzNigel, Johel188
FitzPeter, Geoffrey218
FitzRobert, Henry214
FitzRobert, William211
FitzStephen, Gilbert188, 197, 203-4, 209
FitzStephen, Richard204
FitzStephen, William197, 204, 209
FitzWilliam, Robert197
Forde, John199-200
France, Margaret of217
Fraunceys, Alice191
Fryspont, Nicolas de (also Vepont)210
Furneaux, Alan de190
Furneaux family190
Gattesden, Dame Agatha de216
Gaveston, Peter de219
Gerveys, John192
Gerveys, Nicolas192
Gerveys, Thomas192
Giffard, Emma199
Giffard, Cecelia200
Giffard family199-200
Giffard, Rohaise200
Giffard, Walter199-200
Giffard, William199
Gloucester, Earl of214
Godfrey, Nicolas208
Godfrey, Richard215
Gourd, Thomas215
Grandisson, Bishop191, 196-7, 202-3, 206-8, 210-1, 213, 215, 217, 219
Grim203, 209
Gubond, Henry (also Gubant)195
Gylle, John198
Hanton, Ralf de212
Harold, King202
Harris, John217
Henry I188, 216
Henry II199-200, 205, 207, 210, 212, 216, 218
Henry III185-6, 193, 218-9
Henry IV206
Henry VI204
Henry VIII193
Hille, Hungerford195
Hillion, Peter208
Hewis, Alice de211
Hiwis, Joan de211
Hiwis, Philip de211
Hiwis, Richard de (also Hywisch)211
Hiwis, William de187, 211
Hoke, Geoffrey de la195
Holeway, Edward190
Holeway, William213, 215
Holland, Joan de217
Holland, Thomas de217
Hungerford, Walter195
Huwisse, William de211
Hyll, John195
Inwes, Reginald202
Istilton, Sir Roger de194
Joel, Prior206
John, Bishop206
John, King204, 216, 218
Juel, Waldin de187
Kaignes, William207
Kary, Richard de188
Kelly, Alice190
Kelly, Dionisia189
Kelly family190
Kelly, John de190, 203
Kelly, Margery190
Kelly, Martin189
Kelly, Richard189
Kelly, William de190, 202
Kennell, William212
Kent, Edmund Earl of217
Kent, Joan, fair maid of217
Kent, Margaret Countess of217
Kyllegh, Richard190, 203
Labbe, Walter200
Labocac, Caradoc de215
Lacy, Bishop191, 198, 203, 213, 215
Lake, John192
Langedon, Roger203
Langefford, Henry210
Langeford, Richard de188-9, 195, 215
Langford, Roger de188-9
Le Neve194
Leofric, Bishop191
Londe, William de la185-6
Long, Roger218
Lucas, Thomas210
Lysons190, 197, 217, 219
Malet, Sir Baldwin190
Malet family190
Malet, Lucia190-1
Malet, Mabel190
Malherbe family209
Mandevill, Geffrey de196, 215
Martyn, Englesia198
Martyn, Robert198
Martyn, Roger198
Maueray, Robert (also Manfrey; Maury)205
Maynard, John200
Maynard, William201
Medewylle, John de203
Medewylle, Robert de203
Meledon, Robert de195
Meriet, Lucia de191
Meriet, Simon de191
Meriet, Walter191
Midelton, Robert208
Mille, John atte210
Mohun, family190
Mohun, John de186, 190
Molendinis, Sir Walter (Moleyns)194
Molis, Johel de213
Molis, John de (also Mules)213-4
Molis, Roger de213
Mongke, William (also Moncke)205, 213
Montalt, Milisent de204, 212
More, Richard atte208
Mowbray, Geoffrey de214
Mowness, Nicolas200
Mules, John Lord202
Mules, Muriel202
Mylaton, Jane216
Mylaton, Richard216
Nevil family217
Nicholas, Pope194, 212
Nigel188, 197-8, 209, 211
Nogman, Roger218
Nonant, Guy de188
Nonant, Henry de209
Nonant, Roger de205
Nonant, Wido de212
Nunant, Henry de198
Oliver189, 191, 193, 196, 199-201, 205-7, 210, 212-3, 219
Osfers (also Offers)202
Oslac201, 219
Palmer, John199
Parco, Roger de187
Payne, John214
Pe de Leure, William187
Persoun, John206
Pipard, John187
Pipard, Thomas187
Piparth, William (Pipard)187
Pitut, Egolf218
Pitut, Richard218
Poddyng, John214
Pole, Sir William185, 189-90, 193, 201-6, 215, 217
Pollard, Sir Richard193
Pollard, Walter203-4
Pomeray, Edward192
Pomeray family210
Pomeray, Henry de la (also Pomeroy)186, 189, 208-10, 218
Pomeria, Ralph de (also Pomeroy)195, 203
Posbury, John de208
Pour, William le215
Pridding, John214
Pypard family187
Pypard William188
Quivil, Bishop Peter202
Robert the clerk218
Raddon, Horreis de211
Raddon, John (also Raddune)211-2
Raddon, Michael de212
Reigny, John de205
Rich, Ralf218
Richard I188, 197, 207, 209, 211, 216, 218
Richard II189, 203
Rivallis, Peter de (also Riveaux)219
Roff, Sir John194
Rolston, William197
Rondell, John201
Round, Dr185, 215
Rowe, Roger212
Sancto Stephano, Robert de211
Sawin188, 196, 207, 211
Sechevyle, John (also Satchvil)199, 215
Sicca Villa, John de215
Sideham, Maurice de204-5
Sideham, Sapiencia de189
Sidenham, Richard de205-6
Somerton, Thomas de191
Sondon, John198
Speccot, Anna de206
Spechecote, Baldwin de, alias de Belston, (also Speccot)206
Spek, William le192
Speke family192
Speke, Richard192
Sprey, John215
Stafford, Bishop198, 206
Stapledon, Richard de208
Stapledon, Thomas de208
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter de191, 202, 206, 213, 215, 217
Suatric, Abbot196
Sydynham, William205
Tablot, Richard192
Talebot, William (also Talbot)192
Taleboth, Philip191-2
Talbotte, William, Knt192, 195
Temmeworth, Lucia190
Temmeworth, Thomas de (also Tymeworth)190
Temple, Nicolas195
Thomas, Sir194
Tirrell, John215
Toker, Englesia198
Toker, John198
Topa, Sawin196
Totnes, Juhel de188, 197-8, 203-4, 206-7, 209-12, 214
Tracy family214
Tracy, Henry de192
Tracy, Oliver de192, 214
Treawin, Emma atte200
Treawin, Joan atte200
Treawin, William atte200
Trellak, Roger de (also Trelegh, Trelosk)201
Trelosk, Andrew de201, 214
Treloske, Muriel202
Tremayn, James198
Tremayne family201
Tremayne, Nicolas199, 201
Trempol, Elias de195
Trenchard, John197, 212, 214
Trenchard, Michael197, 201, 213
Trenchard, Robert197
Trenchard, Walter de201
Trenchard, William187, 197, 201, 212-3
Trewif, John205
Trubevil, Henry de185
Tuger, John le197
Tugge, John205
Tyrel, Henry204
Tyrel, Joan204, 215
Usse, Alan de201
Valletort family187
Valletorta, Reginald de197-8, 204, 206-7, 209
Vepont, Robert de198
Veteri Ponte, Nicolas210
Veteri Ponte, Ricard de187-8, 198, 207
Vidal, Ralf211
Waldegrave, Warin de211
Warwick, Earl of188
Waterfale, Herbert de218
Watkin195, 210
Wells, Henry de194
Were, William200
Weston, John de189
Whale, Mr185-6
Widworthy, Emma199
Widworthy, Hugh199
Wihuenech (also Guihenoch)215
William I218
William II Rufus214
Wiger, Henry (also Wyger)198, 207
Wiger, Sir John207, 209
William204, 206
Winkelegh, Roger de194
Wise, John205
Wite, John212
Wode, William atte197
Wolcote, Henry210
Wrey, Thomas210
Wyger, Sir John199
Wyger, Thomas207
Wyger, Walter208
Wyke, Robert192
Wyndesey, John208
Wyse, John212
Wyse, Matilda213
Yeo, John202
Yeo, Leonard195
Yerde, Richard211