An Accompt of the Severall Sums of Mony that were given by the Parishioners of Littleham towards the Redemption of
ye Christian Slaves in Turky, Feb. the 19th 1670

NDRO 1176A/PR/2

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

Inprimis Mr George Nash Rector   5   0        
Mary Nash, Widdow50 
John Nash10 
Elizabeth Boteler10 
Josias Johns10 
John Headen Junior06 
Johan Symons10 
Elizabeth Short06 
Thomas Dennis06 
Mr John Bruton26 
Mr Johan Bruton16 
Richard Bruton06 
John Bruton06 
Mary Avery04 
Mr William Atkin40 
Johan Austyn widdow16 
Anthony Austyn10 
Elizabeth Austyn10 
Nathaniell Austyn06 
Andrea Boyen06 
Barbary Ace02 
John Gregory10 
Alice his wife06 
Martha Cooteing wid10 
John Landman06 
John Morcomb senr20 
Jane his wife10 
John Morcomb Junr10 
Phillip Morcomb10 
Charles Robins06 
Mary Marchant wid06 
John Marchant10 
Samuell Marchant10 
Wilmott Grigg06 
Johan Marchant06 
Anthony Merthawey10 
Johan Merthawey06 
George Dennis senr26 
Johan Dennis06 
Degory Fulfard06 
William Snow Senior10 
William Snow Junior00 
Mary Snow06 
Anne Snowe06 
John Short Senior10 
Nathaniell Short06 
Richard [?]06 
Mr Francis Cottyn10 
Mrs Dorothy his wife10 
Mrs Dorothy their daughter06 
Sarah Short01 
George Strange50 
William Pawling06 
William Colemanford10 
Mary his wife10 
Balthazar Boteler06 
Paul Hill10 
Edith his wife06 
Mary Berriman06 
John Crealock06 
Mary his wife06 
George Shurl06 
Grace his wife06 
Giles Shurl10 
Elizabeth Shurl06 
Thomas Reymore16 
Wilmot Gill06 
Samuell Cary10 
Dorothy his wife06 
Jonathan Cary06 
Hannah Cary06 
Rowland Veal10 
Mary his wife03 
William Coleman junior03 
John Talamy04 
Johan Webb widdow06 
Samuell Morcomb03 
Alise Morcomb03 
William Whitfeild04 
Margarett his wife03 
John Fulfard03 
William Web10 
Thomas Fry and Alise10 
Grace Bowman and Roger06 
Jane Bateman06 
John Short junior10 
Elizabeth Stoat06 
John Venson04 
Nathaniell Wise04 
Margaret Andrea04 
Mary Short04 
Robert Lukis10 
William Rogers06 
Mary Lamprey06 
Elizabeth Lamprey03 
Chessen Brown01 
Daniel Davis and his wife02 
George Dennis and his wife06 
William Dennis06 
Maiery Pincomb03 
Alice Stoyl03 
Margarett Stanbury01 
Thomas Gloyn   
Ebber his wife01 
Thomas Tutha[?]04 
John Henden senior02 
Peter Trenchard04 
Robert Short02 
John Adams06 
Mary Howard006[?]
Thomas Mackey03 
Anne his wife03 
4   6106[?]

Brian Randell, 22 Jul 2015

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