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Help and advice for Littleham (Near Bideford) 1871 Census

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LITTLEHAM (Near Bideford)

1871 Census - RG10/2202/011

Transcribed by Ethelda Peshko

Schd Address Surname Page Folio Forenames Rel. C Age Occupation Place of birth Dis.
1 Nowel Farm Prouse 1 14 Ann Head Widow 54 Farming 45 acres of land Torrington, Devon  
    Prouse     Thomas Son U 19   Littleham, Devon  
    Prouse     William H Grnson   10 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Middleton     James Son inlaw Widow 21 Painter Littleham, Devon  
    Middleton     Ellen Grndau   4mo   Littleham, Devon  
    Jeffery     Precila Servant   13 House maid Hartland, Devon  
    Brock     James Servant   10 Farm servant Monkley, Devon  
2 High Park Reynolds 1 14 Joseph J Head U 34 Landowner Northam, Devon  
    Reynolds     Villers Brother U 45 Landowner London  
    Yeo     James Servant U 22 Groom Monkley, Devon  
    Ford     Mary Servant U 22 Housemaid Awington, Devon  
    Ackland     Anne Servant U 25 Parlormaid Parkham, Devon  
3 Lower Littleham Court Williams 1 14 William Head Mar 33 Farm labourer Littleham, Devon  
    Williams     Mary Ann Wife Mar 31   Littleham, Devon  
    Williams     Ann Daur   11 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Williams     John Son   9 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Williams     Mary J Daur   2   Littleham, Devon  
    Williams     Richard Son   7mo   Littleham, Devon  
4 Lower Littleham Court Morrish 1 14 William Head Mar 54 Farm labourer Monkley, Devon  
    Morrish     Mary Wife Mar 55   Alwington Devon  
    Westcott     John Boarder U 57 N S Littleham, Devon Blind from birth
5 Higher Littleham Court Heywood 2 14 William Head Mar 56 Farmer of 150 acres Parkham, Devon  
    Heywood     Sarah Wife Mar 56 Farmers wife Alwington Devon  
    Heywood     Elizabeth Daur U 27 Farmers daur Abbotsham Devon  
    Heywood     Oliver Son U 23 Farmers son Littleham, Devon  
    Heywood     Ellen Daur U 21 Farmers daur Littleham, Devon  
    Heywood     Alfred Son U 17 Farmers son Littleham, Devon  
    Heywood     Albert Son U 15 Farmers son Littleham, Devon  
    Moore     Ellen Grndaur   3   Littleham, Devon  
    Badcock     Eliza Servant U 16 Housemaid Parkham, Devon  
    Vilot     Eliza Servant U 29 Housemaid Littleham, Devon  
    Cann     Lewis Servant   13 Farmers boy Northam, Devon  
6 Littleham Court Andrew 2 14 James H Lodger U 47 Curate of Littleham Aston under Lynn Lan.  
7 Moore Head Quick 2   John Head Wid 36 Farm Labourer Roborough Devon  
    Quick     Ann Daur   8 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Quick     Elizabeth Daur   6 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Ackland     Rebecca Servant U 34 Housekeeper Parkham, Devon  
    Ackland     John Boarder   6 Scholar Parkham, Devon  
    Ackland     Jane Boarder   4 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Ackland     Lyda Boarder   2   Littleham, Devon  
8 Moore Head Hern 2 14 Hariott Head Wid 37 Gloveress Littleham, Devon  
    Hern     Hariott Daur   9 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Hern     Sarah Daur   7 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Paddon     Frederick Nephew   10 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
9 Moore Head Jeffery 3 15 John Head Mar 33 Mason Hartland, Devon  
    Jeffery     Jane Wife Mar 33 Masons wife Bristol  
    Jeffery     William Son   9 Scholar Lundy Island  
    Jeffery     John Son   6 Scholar Hartland, Devon  
    Jeffery     Thomas Son   4 Scholar Bideford, Devon  
    Jeffery     Richard Son   18mo   Hartland Devon  
10 Moore Head Yeo 3 15 John Head Mar 27 Gardener Hartland, Devon  
    Yeo     Maryann Wife Mar 33   Putford, Devon  
    Sanders     Elizabeth Visiter Mar 30 Gardeners Wife Exeter Devon  
    Sanders     Albert Visiter   10mo   Exeter Devon  
11 Moore Head Daniel 3 15 Isaac Head Mar 30 Gardener Putford, Devon  
    Daniel     Eliza Wife Mar 30 Gardeners wife Littleham, Devon  
    Daniel     Bessie A Daur   7 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Daniel     Mary E Daur   5 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
12 Moore Head Shaxon ? 3 15 Phillip Head Mar 68 Farm labourer Littleham, Devon  
    Shaxon ?     Miriam Wife Mar 54   Woolsey, Devon  
    Shaxon ?     Thomas Son U 16 Farm labourer Littleham, Devon  
    Shaxon ?     Bessie A Daur   11 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Shaxon ?     Anna M Daur   8 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Broom     Joseph Boarder U 25 N S Littleham, Devon Infirm
13 Moore Head Glover 3 15 William Head Mar 55 Shoemaker Parkham, Devon  
    Glover     Harriot Wife Mar 54   Northam, Devon  
    Glover     Maryann Daur U 19 Gloveress Northam, Devon  
    Glover     George Son U 16 Blacksmith Northam, Devon  
  Grover Cross, Unoccupied   3 15              
14 Yeo Farm Harris 4 15 William Head Wid 51 Farmer of 182 acres Wear Gifford, Devon  
    Harris     Mary Daur   10 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Harris     Jane Daur   8 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Harris     Elizabeth Daur   7 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Harris     Emma Daur   5 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Baglow     Mary Servant U 26 Housekeeper Parkham, Devon  
    Sanders     Lucy Servant U 18 General seeervant Bulkworthy, Devon  
    Cann     William Servant U 18 Farm Servant Alwington, Devon  
    Taylor     Thomas Servant U 16 Farm Servant Wear Gifford, Devon  
    Jewell     James Servant U 15 Farm Servant Alwington, Devon  
15 Littleham Mill Dunn 4 15 John Head Mar 30 Miller Woolsey, Devon  
    Dunn     Mary Wife Mar 29 Millers wife Alwington, Devon  
    Dunn     William Son   3 Scholar Monkley Devon  
    Dunn     John E Son   9mo   Littleham, Devon  
16 Littleham Mill Short 4 15 John Head Mar 47 Miller's carter Langtree, Devon  
    Short     Mary Wife   47   Shebbear Devon  
    Short     Emily Daur   11mo   Littleham, Devon  
    Short     Mary Niece   11 Scholar Shebbear Devon  
17 West Farlong Dennis 5 16 Lewis Head Mar 38 Farmer of 40 acres Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Mary Ann Wife Mar 38 Farmers wife Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Susan Daur U 16 Farmers Daur Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     William Son   14 Farmers son Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Thomas Son   12 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Dinah Daur   10 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Minnie Daur   8 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Ellen Daur   6 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Lewis Son   4 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Dennis     Alfred Son   7mo   Littleham, Devon  
18 Farlong Cottage Palmer 5 16 Richard Head   45 Farm labourer Langtree, Devon  
    Palmer     Grace Wife   48   Abbots Bigiton, Devon  
    Palmer     Elizabeth A Daur   11 Scholar Parkham, Devon  
    Palmer     Charles J Son   3 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Palmer     Samuel Son U 19 Railway Labourer Langtree, Devon  
  Shutta, Unoccupied                    
19 Hoops Inn Crealock 5 16 James Head Mar 55 Innkeeper Littleham, Devon  
    Crealock     Mary Wife Mar 46   Littleham, Devon  
    Crealock     Emily Daur U 23 Innkeepers Daur Littleham, Devon  
    Crealock     Lucy Daur U 19 Innkeepers Daur Littleham, Devon  
    Crealock     John Son   13 Scholar Littleham, Devon  
    Crealock     Elizabeth Mother Wid 88 Annuitant Clovelly, Devon  
    Austin     George Boarder U 54 Master cordwainer Buckland Brewer Devon  
20 Cooms Head Lang 6 16 Mary Head Wid 45 Schoolmistress Frithelstock Devon  
    Bartlett     Sophia Daur Mar 24 Assistant schoolmistress Littleham, Devon  
    Bartlett     Daniel Son inLaw Mar 23 Joiner Frithelstock Devon  
21 Chapel Cott Middleton     Robert Head Mar 62 Pensioner, labourer in brewery Torrington Devon  
    Middleton 6 16 Ellen Wife Mar 53   North America B S  
    Middleton     James Son   12 Labourer in pottery Littleham, Devon  
22 Chapel Cott Shutte 6 16 Mary Head Wid 49 Dressmaker Littleham, Devon  
    Shutte     Mary E Daur U 20 Dressmaker Littleham, Devon  
23 Higher Wibbo Bowdridge 6 16 James Head Mar 59 Master carpenter Exeter Devon  
    Bowdridge     Jane Wife Mar 56   Littleham, Devon  
    Bowdridge     William Son U 23 Journeyman Joiner Newton Cryres Devon  
24 Higher Wibbo Dennis 6 16 Fanny Head U 52 Dressmaker Littleham, Devon  
25 Lower Wibbo Watts 6 16 John Head Mar 36 Maltster East Down Devon  
    Watts     Charity Wife Mar 33   Leishore Devon  
    Watts     Emily J Daur   8 Scholar Leishore Devon  
26 Lower Wibbo Newcombe 6 16 William Head Mar 26 Gardener Bulkworthy Devon  
    Newcombe     Ann Wife Mar 25 Gardeners wife Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Newcombe     Elizabeth Daur   6mo   Littleham Devon  
27 Langdon Cott Crocker 6 16 Lewis Head Mar 25 Smith    
    Crocker     Elizabeth Wife Mar 25   Exeter Devon  
    Crocker     Lewis Son   2   Littleham Devon  
    Crocker     Edith Daur   5mo   Littleham Devon  
28 Langdon Cott Bale 7 17 George Head Mar 31 Butcher Littleham Devon  
    Bale     Mary E Wife Mar 31 Butchers wife Braunton Devon  
    Bale     Clara A Daur   1   Littleham Devon  
29 Langdon Cott Tallamey 7 17 Thomas Head Wid 34 Butcher and farmer of 50 acres Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Tallamey     John Son   11   Littleham Devon  
    Tallamey     Willie Son   8   Littleham Devon  
    Tallamey     Emily Daur   4   Littleham Devon  
    Morrish     Mary Ann Sis inLaw U 26 Housekeeper Littleham Devon  
    Tallamey     Ann Mother Wid 80   Weare Gifford Devon  
    Dark     William Servant U 47 Farm servant Weare Gifford Devon  
    Braunton     Mary Ann Servant U 16 Housemaid Huntshaw Devon  
    Copp     Mary Boarder Wid 80 Annuitant Kentisbury Devon  
30 Langdon Cott Paddon 7 17 Henery Head Mar 33 Farm Labourer Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Paddon     Elizabeth Wife Mar 35   Alwington Devon  
    Paddon     Ann E Daur   9 Scholaar Littleham Devon  
    Paddon     Bessie A Daur   4   Littleham Devon  
    Paddon     Ellen Daur   11mo   Littleham Devon  
31 Lower Langdon Cott Dennis 7 17 Alexander Head Mar 49 Blacksmith Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Ann Wife Mar 48   High Bickingham Devon  
    Dennis     Ann Daur U 21 Gloveress Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Selina Daur U 17   Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     John Son   11   Littleham Devon  
32 Lower Langdon Cott Mitchell 8 17 Thomas Head Mar 29 Farm Labourer Langtree Devon  
    Mitchell     Fanny Wife Mar 28   Frithelstock Devon  
    Mitchell     Lora F Daur   5 Scholar Monkley, Devon  
    Mitchell     Charles H Son   4 Scholar Monkley, Devon  
    Mitchell     Richard W Son   3   Monkley, Devon  
    Mitchell     Frederick Son   8mo   Littleham Devon  
33 Lower Langdon Cott Webber 8 17 William Head Mar 47 Coachman Chittlehampton Devon  
    Webber     Ann Wife Mar 46 Coachmans wife Swimbridge Devon  
    Webber     John Son U 17 Groom Chittlehampton Devon  
    Webber     Mary Daur   14 Scholar Chittlehampton Devon  
    Webber     Henery Son   12 Scholar Chittlehampton Devon  
    Webber     Charles Son   9 Scholar Chittlehampton Devon  
    Webber     Ann Daur   6 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Webber     Emma M Daur   3   Buckland Brewer Devon  
34 Lower Langdon Cott Nichols 8 17 John Head Mar 69 Farmer of 30 acres of land Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Nichols     Mary Wife Mar 50 Farmers wife Littleham Devon  
    Nichols     Ellin Daur U 18 Farmers Daur Littleham Devon  
    Nichols     Alfred Son   15 Farmers son Littleham Devon  
    Nichols     Albert F Son   9 Scholar Littleham Devon  
35 Lower Langdon Cott Glover 8 17 Thomas Head Mar 62 Labourer Alwington Devon  
    Glover     Mary Wife Mar 62   Littleham Devon  
36 East Farlong Cott Viloh ? 8 17 Ann Head Wid 40 Gloveress Littleham Devon  
    Viloh ?     George Son   8   Littleham Devon  
    Viloh ?     Charles Son   6   Littleham Devon  
37 East Farlong Cott Glover 9 18 William Head Mar 27 Shoemaker Wales  
    Glover     Lucy Wife Mar 22   Littleham Devon  
    Glover     Harriot A Daur   3   Littleham Devon  
    Glover     Selina Daur   4mo   Littleham Devon  
38 East Farlong Cott Walters 9 18 Mary Ann Head Wid 40 Shopkeeper Frithelstock Devon  
    Walters     George Son U 14 Joiner Frithelstock Devon  
    Walters     Mary J Daur   12 Scholar Frithelstock Devon  
39 East Farlong Farm Brown 9 18 William Head U 61 Farmer of 20 acres Torrington Devon  
    Brown     Betsy Sister U 53 Housemaid Torrington Devon  
    Brown     Richard Brother U 59 Work on the farm Torrington Devon  
    Walters     Betsy Servant U 38 Housekeeper Frithelstock Devon  
40 Mount Pleasant Lee 9 18 James Head Mar 36 Farm labourer Monkley, Devon  
    Lee     Harriot Wife Mar 38   Littleham Devon  
    Lee     John H Son U 14 Pottery labourer Littleham Devon  
    Lee     Anne Daur   6 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Lee     Frank son   4 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Lee     Charles Son   1   Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Elizabeth M. in law Wid 65 Monthly nurse Littleham Devon  
41 Mount Pleasant Martin 9 18 Samuel Head Mar 36 Yeoman Monkley, Devon  
    Martin     Susan Wife Mar 35 Schoolmistress Buckland Filleigh Devon  
    Martin     Maryann Kist Daur   11 Scholar Bideford Devon  
42 Mount Pleasant Dennis 10 18 Albert Head Mar 37 Labourer brewery Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Amelia Wife Mar 39 Labourers wife Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     John Son   12 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Thomas Son   10 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Albert Son   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Dennis     Lucy Daur   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Grigg     Judith M. in law Wid 76 Annuitant Littleham Devon  
43 Mount Pleasant Mounce 10 18 Lewis Head Mar 28 Shoemaker Alwington Devon  
    Mounce     Ann Wife Mar 30 Shoemakers Wife Monkley, Devon  
    Mounce     Georgina Daur   16mo   Littleham Devon  
44 Mount Pleasant Hookaway 10 18 Grace Head Wid 80 Shopkeeper Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Brooks     Sarah Boarder U 70   Milton Dameral Devon  
45 Mount Pleasant Westcott 10 18 William Head Mar 49 Carpenter Littleham Devon  
    Westcott     Maria Wife Mar 42 Carpenters wife Littleham Devon  
    Westcott     Thomas Son   14 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Westcott     Alice Daur   11 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Westcott     Harry Son   4 Scholar Littleham Devon  
46 Mount Pleasant Grigg 10 18 Betsy Head Wid 77 Gloveress Monkley, Devon  
    Grigg     Mary Daur U 29 Gloveress Littleham Devon  
    Grigg     Olive Grndaur   10 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Grigg     John Grnson   18mo   Littleham Devon  
47 Mount Pleasant Britton 10 18 George Head Mar 60 Mason Tawstock Devon  
    Britton     Mary J Wife Mar 34 Masons wife Littleham Devon  
    Britton     Elizabeth Daur   10 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Britton     Charles Son   6 Scholar Littleham Devon  
48 Mount Pleasant Cot Redcliff 11 19 Jane Head Wid 33 Washerwoman Tawstock Devon  
49 Mount Pleasant Cot Middleton 11 19 James Head Mar 55 Labourer Tawstock Devon  
    Middleton     Elizabeth Wife Mar 57 Labourers wife Burington Devon  
    Middleton     Robert Son U 24 Farm Labourer Northam Devon  
    Middleton     Thomas Son U 18 Blacksmith Littleham Devon  
50 Mount Pleasant Piper 11 19 William Head Mar 44 Farm Labourer Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Sarah Ann Daur U 23 Gloveress Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Emma Daur U 14 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Ellin Daur   12 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Julia Daur   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Fanny Daur   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Piper     William J Son   4 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Edith Daur   12mo   Littleham Devon  
51 Mount Pleasant Marshall 11 19 Thomas Head Mar 30 Miner Bideford Devon  
    Marshall     Ellen Wife Mar 27 Miners wife Burlage Wiltshire  
    Marshall     James Son   7 Scholar Holloway Middlesex  
    Marshall     Emily Daur   5 Scholar Holloway Middlesex  
    Marshall     Elizabeth Ann Daur   14mo   Thornbury Gloustershire  
52 Higher Bownston Bale 11 19 John Head Mar 45 Farmer of 100 acres Littleham Devon  
    Bale     Jane Wife Maar 56 Farmers wife Tawstock Devon  
    Bale     William Father Wid 82 Retired Farmer Alwington Devon  
    Britton     Mary Ann Servant   14 Housemaid Littleham Devon  
    Sanders     Samuel Servant U 14 Farm servant Bideford Devon  
    Redcliff     John Servant   11 Farm servant Littleham Devon  
53 Lower Bounston Morrish 12 19 Edward Head Mar 56 Farmer of 80 acres Littleham Devon  
    Morrish     Eliza Wife Mar 52 Farmers Wife Littleham Devon  
    Morrish     Sarah J Daur U 15 Farmers Daur Littleham Devon  
    Morrish     Henery Son   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Squire     Elizabeth Servant U 17 Housemaid Littleham Devon  
    Bale     George Servant U 18 Farm servant Indoor Littleham Devon  
    Eastman     George Servant U 16 Farm servant Indoor Littleham Devon  
    Dunn     William Servant   10 Farm servant Indoor Littleham Devon  
54 Parsonage Harding 12 19 Osborn Head U 16 Clergymans son Littleham Devon  
    Harding     Josephine Sister U 15 Clergymans Daughter Littleham Devon  
    Harding     John Brother   11 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Harding     Charles Brother   10 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Molland     Elizabeth Servant U 39 Cook Westleigh Devon  
    Brownscombe     Elizabeth Servant U 22 Parlor maid Bideford Devon  
    Blackmore     Elizabeth Servant U 21 House Maid Abbotsham Devon  
55 Edge Mill Molland 12 19 James Head Mar 34 Miller and farmer Fremington Devon  
    Molland     Jane Wife   28 Miller and farmers wife Westleigh Devon  
    Molland     Henery J Son   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Molland     William Son   4 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Molland     Rossa Jane Daur   3mo   Littleham Devon  
    Scorins ?     Eva Servant   14 Housemaid Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Gibbins     Thomas Servant   19 Farm servant Bideford Devon  
56 Polland Cott Piper 13 20 William Head Mar 81 Labourer Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Piper     Ann Wife Mar 82   Cookbury Devon  
    Piper     Mary Daur U 43 Gloveress Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Charles H Grnson   5   Littleham Devon  
    Piper     Julia A Grndaur   12mo   Littleham Devon  
57 Edge Mill Cott Rowe 13 20 James Head Mar 47 Excavator Millind Cornwall  
    Rowe     Jane Wife Mar 48 Excavators wife Millind Cornwall  
    Rowe     Ruth Daur   11 Scholar Millind Cornwall  
58 Edge Mill Cott Perryman 13 20 Thomas Head Mar 46 Gamekeeper St Giles Devon  
    Perryman     Mary Wife Mar 46 Gamekeepers wife Frithelstock Devon  
59 Edge Mill Cott Parr 13 20 John Head Apr 23 Farm Labourer Little Torrington Devon  
    Parr     Mary Wife Mar 22   Huntshaw Devon  
60 Edge Mill Cott Barnes 13 20 William Head Jun 43 Farm Labourer South Molton Devon  
    Barnes     Ann Wife Jul 44   Wear Gifford Devon  
61 Edge Mill Cott Short 13 20 Thomas Head Aug 54 Farm Labourer Frithelstock Devon  
    Short     Elizabeth Wife Sep 57   Monkley, Devon  
    Short     William Son U 26 Gardener Monkley, Devon  
    Short     John Son U 16 Cabinetmaker Littleham Devon  
62 Edge Mill Cott Shutte 13 20 Thomas Head Mar 36 Mason Littleham Devon  
    Shutte     Maria Wife Mar 39 Masons Wife Wear Gifford Devon  
    Shutte     Mary Jane Daur U 15 Housemaid Littleham Devon  
    Shutte     Alfred Son   9 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Shutte     Thomas Son   5 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Shutte     Charles Son   3 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Shutte     Harry Son   18mo   Littleham Devon  
63 South Heal Cott Lee 14 20 Richard Head Mar 44 Stone cutters labourer Monkley, Devon  
    Lee     Eliza Wife Mar 37   Abbotsham Devon  
    Lee     Frederick Son   11 Scholar Monkley, Devon  
    Lee     Sophia Daur   8 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Gorwill     John Boarder   17 or 77 Railway labourer Torrington Devon  
64 Neithercleave Pugsley 14 20 James Head   42 Farmer of 28 acres Shirwill  
    Pugsley     Betsy Wife   47 Farmers wife Chittlehampton Devon  
    Pugsley     Mary Jane Daur   7 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Pugsley     Bessie Ann Daur   5 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Guard     William F in law Mar 82 Retired Farmer Chittlehampton Devon  
    Guard     Grace M in law Mar 77 Farmers wife Kings Nymphton Devon  
65 Langdon Farm House Lee 14 20 John Head Mar 74 Farm Labourer Monkley, Devon  
    Lee     Ann Wife Mar 67   Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Lee     Charles Son U 25 Shipwright Monkley, Devon  
66 Langdon Farm House Hockin 14 20 Richard Head Mar 42 Labourer in brewery Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Dorcas Wife Mar 39   Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Lucy Daur   14 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Emily Daur   11 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Louisa Daur   7 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Hockin     Caroline Daur   1   Littleham Devon  
67 Hole Farm Ford 15 21 John Head Mar 32 Farmer of 50 acres Littleham Devon  
    Ford     Margaret Wife Mar 25 Farmers wife Hartland Devon  
    Ford     William Son   5 Scholaar Littleham Devon  
    Ford     Bessie Daur   3   Littleham Devon  
    Ford     Alfred Son   10mo   Littleham Devon  
    Gay     Henery Servant   14 Farm servant indoor Northam Ridge Devon  
    Westlake     Charles Servant   12 Farm servant indoor Hartland Devon  
    Piper     Emma Servant   14 Housemaid Littleham Devon  
68 Higher Dunn Dunn 15 21 Henery Head Mar 39 Farm Labourer Chumleigh Devon  
    Dunn     Mary Wife Mar 44 Farm Labourers wife Yarnscombe Devon  
    Dunn     Richard Son   8 Scholar Yarnscombe Devon  
    Dunn     James Son   6 Scholar Instow Devon  
    Dunn     Mary Daur   3   Littleham Devon  
    Dunn     Bessie Daur   10mo   Littleham Devon  
69 Lower Dunn Clark 15 21 Henery Head Mar 66 Farmer of 70 acres Littleham Devon  
    Clark     Fanny Wife Mar 50 Farmers wife Lapfors Devon  
    Champion     Mary Ann Servant   14 Housemaid Bideford Devon  
    Sanders     Sidney Servant   15 Farm servant indoor Alwington Devon  
70 Apps Rowe 15 21 John Head U 20 Clerk at brewery St Giles in the Wood D  
    Rowe     Sarah Sister U 22 Housekeeper St Giles in the Wood D  
71 Holland Poole 15 21 James Head Mar 66 Excavator Norton Somerset  
    Poole     Mary Wife Mar 55 Stocking nitter Georgeham Devon  
    Poole     Mary E Grndaur   9 Scholar Dolton Devon  
72 South Heal Martin 16 21 Henery Head Mar 73 Farmer of 40 acres Bishops Tawton Devon  
    Martin     Harriot Wife Mar 69 Farmers wife Littleham Devon  
    Martin     Sarah C Daur U 38 Farmers daur Landcross Devon  
    Gay     John Servant U 18 Farm servant Indoor Littleham Devon  
73 East Heal Tween 16 21 William Head U 60 Retired farmer Ware Hertfordshire  
    Tween     Maryann Sister U 54 Annuitant Ware Hertfordshire  
    Tween     Elizabeth Sister U 52 Annuitant Ware Hertfordshire  
    Tween     Henery Brother Mar 55 Retired Farmer Ware Hertfordshire  
    Tween     Elizabeth Sis in law Mar 38   Budleigh Devon  
    Tween     Lizzie Sophia Niece   10 Scholar Budleigh Devon  
74 North Heal Little 16 21 John W Head Mar 58 Farmer of 12 acres, bootmaker Swansea Glamorgan  
    Little     Elizabeth G Wife Mar 46 Farmers wife Morwinstow Cornwall  
    Little     Phillip J Son U 17 Farmers son SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Little     Mary Jane M Daur U 15 Farmers daur SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Little     Elizabeth G Daur   13 Scholar SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Little     Emma Tomasin Daur   11 Scholar SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Little     Frances Alice Daur   10 Scholar SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Little     Ellen Sophia Daur   6 Scholar SwanseaGlamorgan  
    Beard     William Boarder U 73 Of independent means Laremdon Somerset  
75 N Place Kevan 16 21 William Head Mar 45 Labourer Cornwall  
    Kevan     Selina Wife Mar 35   Cornwall  
    Kevan     Selina Daur   12 Scholar Bideford Devon  
    Kevan     Thomas Son   10 Scholar Bideford Devon  
    Kevan     Charles Son   7 Scholar Bideford Devon  
    Kevan     Alfred Son   5 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Kevan     Anne Daur   2   Littleham Devon  
76 Summerhill Sing 17 22 John G Head Mar 24 Shoemaker Monkley, Devon  
    Sing     Emma G Wife Mar 22 Dressmaker Littleham Devon  
    Sing     John L Son   4 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Perkin     John F in law Wid 61 Labourer Frithelstock Devon  
77 Summerhill Slader 17 22 William Head Mar 69 Carpenter Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Slader     Eliza Wife Mar 48 Carpenters wife Bradworthy Devon  
    Slader     Lyda Daur   16 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Slader     Mary Ann Daur   13 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Slader     William Son   6 Scholar Littleham Devon  
    Brooks     Sarah M in law Wid 81 Formerly shop keeper Abbotsham Devon  
78 Summer Hill Nance Kivell 17 22 Joseph Head Mar 29 Labourer Woolsery Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Mary Ann Wife Mar 30 Labourers wife Buckland Brewer Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Laura Daur   8 Scholar Abbotsham Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Rhoda Grace Daur   6 Scholar Northam Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Thomas Brooks Son   4 Scholar Landcross Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Georgina Daur   2   Landcross Devon  
    Nance Kivell     Sarah Ann Daur   3mo   Littleham Devon  
79 Summer Hill Crocker 17 22 Arscott Head Mar 50 Blacksmith Shebbear Devon  
    Crocker     Mary Ann Wife Mar 51   Almondsbury Glouster  
80 Turnpike Gate Ellis 17 22 Thomas Head Mar 60 Toll collector Monkley, Devon  
    Ellis     Elizabeth Wife Mar 61   Buckland Filleigh Devon  
81 Holland Cott Champion 17 22 George Head Mar 47 Labourer Westleigh Devon  
    Champion     Elizabeth Wife Mar 49 Labourers wife St Giles in the Wood D  
    Champion     William Son   16 Farm Servant Monkley, Devon  
    Champion     Bessie Daur   12 Scholar Littleham Devon  
82 East Heal Cottage Stormy 18 22 John Head Mar 55 Railway Labourer Isle of Wight  
    Stormy     Elizabeth Wife Mar 55 Railway Labourers wife Lockerley Hampshire  
    Stormy     John Son U 24 Railway Labourer Romsey Hampshire  
    Stormy     James Son U 15 Railway Labourer Great Bridge Staff  
    Stormy     Jacob Son   14 Railway Labourer West Bromage Staff  
83   Curers 18 22 William Lodger U 27 Railway Labourer Shirvird Surrey  
84   Green 18 22 Charles Lodger U 26 Railway Labourer Bracket Lea Hampshire  

Brian Randell, 11 Oct 2003