The Church Collections in Littleham

NDRO 1176A/PR/2

Undated - possibly 1670

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

Collections for the Towne of [?W - ] in Somerset - February 24th 1660 in the sum of 5d
Collection for a fire at Milton Abbas in Dorset March 3rd 1660 the sum of three shillings and f[?] pence
Collection for fire at Fremington March 10th 1660 the sum of 3l. 7s. 1d.
Collection for Rippon [?] [?] in York April the sum of 3. 4d.
Collection for John [?] of Holsworthy May 5 the sum of 1l. 1s. 3d.
Collection for [?] [?] in Somerset May 12 the sum of 5s. 1d.
Collection [?] of Lakenham in Norfolke May 26th the sum of 6s. 5d.
Collection for [?] [?] Dunstan in the West in [?] September 9th - 2s. 9d.
Collection for fire at Norrington in Wilts October 6th the sum of 2s. 0d.
Collection for [?] at Great in Salop November [?] the sum of 0l. 1s.
Collection for the [?] and protestants in Luthuaria November [?] 12s. 8d.
Collection for [?] Elm[?] Castle in Worcester January 26 - 3s. 5d.
Collection for [?] [?] Harry on his [?] on his losse of a ship at London February 2 - 4s. 4d.
Collection for [?] [?] losse by [?] surry February 9th the sum of 2s. 4d.
Collection for [?] reparing of the [?] of great Grimsby 1s. 10d.
Collection for [?] [?] of the Chapple of Burrough 02 01 0d.
May the first 1664 Collected for Cozanteyin in Lincoln - 02 06d.
[?] 8th Collected for S[?] Michaell in Somsett 01s. 10d.
October 2nd Collected for Witheham in Sussex 02s. 01d.
October 30th Collected for Basing Church - 02s. 04d.
[?] f[?] [?] and [?] in the County of Norfolk - 02s. 06d.
Collected for [?] [?] [?] of Broughyn in ye County of Hertford - 02s. 00d.
Collected towards the Reparation of the Church of Clun in the County of Salop - 02s. 06d.
Collected towards the Reparation of a peir in Hartlepoole in the County of Durham - 01 - 06
[?] first Collected for fire at Eastdown in Sussex - 02s. 00d.
September the [?] Collected for Richard [?]oo[?] [?] of Rippon in Surrey ye [?] - 02 - 03
November the 23rd Collected for [?] the sum 06 00

Brian Randell, 22 Jul 2015

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