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Help and advice for Littleham (near Bideford): The Memory Be Green - An Oral History of a Devon Village

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The Memory Be Green

An Oral History of a Devon Village


Liz Shakespeare

(Letterbox Books, 1990)

ISBN 0 9516879 0 5

Name Place Event Date Pages
Ashton Thorne, Buckland Brewer   1930's 26
Atkinson, Major Littleham Home Guard c.1914 81
Badcock, Lionel Littleham Living c.1910 47
Badcock, Lionel Bideford Gardener c.1925 74
Badcock, Lionel   Married Maud 1925 74
Badcock, Lionel   Died 1947 74
Badcock, Maud   Born 1903 74
Badcock, Maud Littleham Moved to 1925 74
Badcock, Maud Littleham Living 1930's-1940's 29, 69
Badcock, Maud Littleham Post Office Owner 1935-1970 74
Badcock, Maud Village, the Postmistress   27
Baglow, Annie   Born c.1890 75
Baglow, Annie Apps Drowned 17 Jan 1916 75
Baglow, Annie Littleham Church Monumental Inscription   75
Barrow ne Beer, Gwen Hallsannery Farm Living 1930's 86
Barrow ne Beer, Gwen Littleham Living 1930's 68
Barrow ne Beer, Gwen Littleham & Landcross School Pupil 1930's 86
Batten, Charlie Littleham Living 1940's 72-74,77
Batten, Charlie Mount Pleasant, No. 2 Living 1930's 76
Batten, Charlie   Died 1971 77
Beer Hallsannery Farm Living 1940's 72,90
Beer Mount Pleasant, No. 5 Living 1940's 72
Beer Mount Pleasant, No. 7 Living 1940's 72
Beer West Ashbridge Living 1940's 72
Beer ne Stevens, Gertie Littleham Living c.1916 75
Beer ne Stevens, Gertie Littleham school   1920's 32
Beer ne Stevens, Gertie     1920's 30
Beer ne Stevens, Gertie     1930's 27,28,36
Beer ne Stevens, Gertie   Living (age 90) 1990 19
Beer, Ernest Ashridge Married Gertie Stevens 1926/27 22
Beer, Horace Littleham & Landcross School Pupil 1940's 88
Beer, Horace Littleham Village Fete 1954 Photo
Beer, Mr. E Littleham & Landcross School Supplying milk 1946 90
Bell, Captain     c.1925  
Bell, Captain Heale House Owner 1920's 32
Bell, Captain Heale House   1930's 33,41
Bell, Captain     1930's 34
Berrold, Stephen Yeo Vale House Owner 1930's 34
Berrold, Stephen Yeo Vale House Left never to return 1938 35
Birch, Mr. Syventray, Apps Lane Purchased field 1920's 96
Bourne, Mr. & Mrs. Commodore Hotel   c.1942 83
Brend, Bill Mount Pleasant Living 1930's 37
Brend, Bill Rectory, the Gardener 1930's 37
Brend, Mrs. Rosie Littleham Living 1940's 74
Brend, Mrs. Rosie Littleham Shopkeeper 1940's 63
Brend, Sidney Littleham Butcher 1940's 63
Brommel, Gerald   Baker 1940's 93
Carter, Miss Littleham & Landcross School Teacher c.1908 84
Chubb, Mrs. Littleham & Landcross School Teacher c.1908 85
Clarke, Mrs. Littleham Rectors wife 1950's 69
Clements Rectory, The Head gardener 1920's 78
Clements, Ernie Littleham & Landcross School Pupil c.1910 85
Clements, Jack Littleham Living 1940's 74
Clements, Jack Old Moor Cottages Living c.1950 78
Clements, Jack   Navy pensioner c.1950 78
Clements, Mrs. Littleham Living 1930's 68
Cock, Mr. J. Bideford Builder 1905 87
Cole, Mr.     1930's 25
Cole, Mrs. Middle Langdon Living 1930's 29
Cook Council Cottage Living 1940's 72
Cook Mount Pleasant, No. 1 Living 1940's 72
Cook Mount Pleasant, No. 9 Living 1940's 72
Cook, Charlie Landcross Born 1905 39,80,84
Cook, Charlie Littleham Living 1905-1980's 39
Cook, Charlie Littleham & Landcross School Started school 1908 84
Cook, Charlie Littleham Village Fete c.1910 65
Cook, Charlie Littleham   c.1915 46
Cook, Charlie Littleham Living 1920's 55,75
Cook, Charlie Heale House Gardener 1919-1930 33,39-42
Cook, Charlie Yeo Vale House Gardener 1930's 42
Cook, Charlie Portledge Gardener 1930's 42
Cook, Charlie Westward Ho! Gardener 1930's 42
Cook, Charlie Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford Gardener 1930's-1970's 42
Cook, Charlie Littleham Living 1930's 44,70
Cook, Charlie Torrington Littleham Home Guard   Photo
Cook, Charlie   Married Enid 1932 42-43
Cook, Jack     c.1910 21
Cook, Mr.   Horse dealer c.1914 81
Cook, Mr. Littleham Slaughterman 1920's 47,55
Cook, Mrs. Littleham Court Working c.1910 40
Cook, Mrs. Yeo Vale House Working 1930's 35
Copp, George Littleham Blacksmith 1940's 63
Copp, George Parkham Blacksmith 1940's 96
Crocker, Arscott Summerhill Blacksmiths 1881 45
Dennis Old Forge, the Blacksmith 1920's 96
Ellis, Miss Littleham & Landcross School Teacher c.1908 84
Ellis, Mr.   Taxi driver 1950's 69
Freindship, Miss Bideford Living 1920's 62
Freindship, Mr. Bideford Baker 1940's 50
Gillespie Littleham Living 1940's 74
Hamlyn, Mrs. Clovelly Motor car c.1910 61
Hawker, Parson Morwenstowe Living 1940's 75
Hearn, Mr.     1930's 27
Hearn, Mrs. Littleham Living 1930's 68
Hills, Mr.   Bus driver 1950's 69
Huxtable Alverdiscott Farm Living 1940's 90
Jenkins Hoop Inn Landlord 1920's 96
Johns ne Prouse, Winifred Littleham Living 1930's 46,70,73
Johns ne Prouse, Winifred Littleham Village Fete 1954 Photo
Johns ne Prouse, Winifred near Littleham Living 1934-1980's 24
Johns, Gilbert Littleham   1930's 46
Johns, Gilbert   Married Winifred 1932 24
Johnson, Mrs.     c.1942 83
Jollow Littleham Living 1940's 74,75
Jones Bideford Supply teacher 1950 91
Joy, Mrs. Heale House Working 1930's 34
Kerrich, Reverend Glebe ground, the Rent c.1910 22
Kerrich, Reverend Methodist chapel   c.1920 20
Kerrich, Reverend Methodist chapel   1930's 29
Kerrich, Reverend Rectory, the Living 1909-1933 35,36
Kingdom, Miss Olive Littleham & Landcross School Teacher 1940's 63
Kingdom, Miss Olive Littleham & Landcross School Teacher 1947 90
Kingdom, Miss Olive Tollhouse, Scratchyface Lane Living 1947 90
Kivell, Miss Littleham village Shopkeeper c.1910 104
Luxton ne Beer, Christine Littleham & Landcross School Pupil 1940's 87
Lyle, Cyril Littleham Gardener 1930's 66
Lyle, Cyril Littleham Village Fete 1930's 66
Lyle, Mrs. Red Cottages Living 1950 92
Lyle, Mrs.   Evacuees c.1940 82
Margaret Heale Farm Working (23 years)   46
Marshall, Alan Littleham & Landcross School Started school 1947 90
Marshall, Alan Littleham Living 1940's 72,73,78
Marshall, Alan Littleham Village Fete 1954 Photo
Martin, Miss Opposite Littleham School Shopkeeper c.1910 86,104
Mason, Mr. Portledge Living c.1910 60
McDougall Heale House Purchase 1930's 33
McDougall, Vi Heale House Evacuees c.1940 82
McDougall, Vi Heale House Living 1930's 30,33,34,71
Moyse Littleham Living 1940's 75
Nicholls, Mrs. Littleham Living 1930's 30
Nichols, Harry Langdon Living c.1890 52
Palmer   Married Annie c.1920 61
Palmer, Annie Alwington Birth 21 April 1896 60
Palmer, Annie Fairy Cross Post Office Living c.1910 60
Palmer, Annie Rudhabridge Farm Moved to c.1925 61
Palmer, Annie Littleham Living 1930's 68
Palmer, Annie Littleham Village Fete 1930's 66
Palmer, Annie Rudhabridge Farm Living 1980's 58
Palmer, Annie   Widowed 1937 61
Parsons, Mrs. Littleham Living 1930's 29
Parsons, Mrs. Rudhabridge Farm Washerwoman 1930's 63
Partridge, Miss Alwington School Teacher c.1900 60
Peete, Miss Summerhill Living 1930's 78
Peete, Miss   District nurse 1930's 79
Philbrick, Mr. Apps Brewery Owner 1885 98
Prouse, Mrs. Bucks Cross Living 1930's 47,70
Prouse, Winifred Clovelly Birth 1907 24
Prouse, Winifred Clovelly Living 1907-14 24
Prouse, Winifred Bucks Cross Moved to 1914 24
Prouse, Winifred   Married Gilbert Johns 1932 24
Raynor, Miss Littleham & Landcross School Teacher 1941 89
Rowe, Miss Littleham & Landcross School Headmistress c.1908 84,85
Rowe, Miss Red Cottage Living c.1910 85
Ruddock, Dr.   Living 1930's 68
Sanders, Mrs. Orleigh Mills   c.1910 21
Saunders, Mr. Orleigh Mills Owner 1940's 89
Sheenery, Mrs. Littleham village Living c.1910 85
Short Bideford Post Office Postman 1920's 54
Slader, Jack Summerhill Wheelwright 1930's 78,79
Stevens Boundstone Farm Owners c.1900 19
Stevens   Married Alice Vanstone   20
Stevens, Edward Littleham Living c.1950 78
Stevens, Edward School House Farm Farmer 1940's 49
Stevens, Gertie Boundstone Farm   1907 Photo
Stevens, Gertie Higher Boundstone Birth 1900 20
Stevens, Gertie   Mother died 1909/10 20
Stevens, Gertie   Married Ernest Beer 1926/27 22
Stevens, Gertie Hallsannery Farm Moved to 1926/27 22
Stevens, Gertie   Father died (age 65) 1932 20
Stevens, Gracie Boundstone Farm   1907 Photo
Stevens, Jack Boundstone Farm   1907 Photo
Stevens, Mrs. Boundstone Farm Living 1946 90
Stevens, Mrs. Littleham & Landcross School Supplying milk 1946 90
Stevens, Mrs. Littleham & Landcross School Headmistress 1947 90
Stevens, Mrs. Littleham school Headteacher 1940's 63
Stucley Littleham Farm sale c. 1900 56
Stucley, Sir Hugh     1930's 36
Taylor, Mr. Littleham Harvesting 1930's 47
Taylor, Mrs. Littleham   1930's 26,47
Toye, Dr.   Motor car c.1910 61
Upton Knowle Living 1940's 90
Vanstone, Alice Putford Marriage to Stevens c.1910 20
Westcott, Mrs. Littleham Living 1930's 68
William Wembworthy Born Feb 1900 50
William Littleham Moved to c.1903 50
William Weslyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge St., Bideford Sunday School c.1910 51
Williams, Alice Summerhill Live-in servant 1930's 78,79
Wise, George Littleham Living 1930's 76
Wise, Harold Chapel Cottage Living 1930's 78
Wise, May Chapel Cottage Living 1930's 78
Wise, Sidney Chapel Cottage Living 1930's 78
Wise, Sidney Littleham Postman 1930's 78
Withecombe Apps Slaughterman c.1910 55
Withecombe, Mr. Littleham Living 1930's 68
Wood Dunn Farm Living 1940's 90
Wood ne Beer   Mother of Charlie   72
Wood, Charlie Dunn Farm Farmer 1940's 72,92
Woods Littleham Living 1940's 74
  Apps   1930's 33
  Apps Brewery   1881 45
  Apps Brewery Fire 1885 98
  Apps Brewery     55,68
  Apps Brewery Advertisement c.1900 Photo
  Apps Brewery Closed c.1900 99
  Apps Cottage Evacuees c.1940 82
  Apps Farm Brewery opened c.1850 98
  Apps Farm Sale & conversion 1980's 17
  Apps Farm   c.1980 4,10
  Church   c.1980 4
  Church Lane   c.1980 9,10
  Crealock Arms   c.1980 13
  Crossways   1920's 74
  Crossways   c.1980 2,13
  East Furlong   1930's 28
  Edge Mill Mill 1881 45
  Ford House   1930's 71
  Forest Hill   1930's 71
  Gregory's Langdon Farm (35 acres) 1881 48
  Heale House   1930's 31
  Higher Boundstone   c.1980 4
  Hoop Inn     14
  Hoop Inn Closure 1930's 68
  Hoops Cottage (Hoop Inn) Pub closed c.1930 95
  Hoops Cottage   c.1980 14
  Kingsley Cottage, Alwington Built c.1900 60
  Langdon Cottages Blacksmiths 1881 45
  Littleham Census statistics 1881 44
  Littleham & Landcross School Built 1877 84
  Littleham & Landcross School   1905 Photo
  Littleham & Landcross School   c.1910 20
  Littleham & Landcross School Closed 1958 93
  Littleham Court   1920's 53
  Littleham Hill   c.1980 13
  Methodist chapel   1940's 63
  Methodist chapel   c.1980 3
  Middle Langdon Farm (22 acres) 1882 48
  Mount Pleasant   1880's 45
  Mount Pleasant   1930's 28
  Mount Pleasant   c.1980 13
  Mount Pleasant New houses built 1980's 17
  Mount Pleasant     95
  Nether Boundstone   c.1980 4
  Old Forge, the   c.1980 14
  Old Moor     36
  Old Post Office, the   c.1980 14
  Old Rectory, the   c.1980 14
  Old School, the Renovation 1980's 17
  Old School, the   c.1980 14
  Orleigh Mill   1930's 29
  Rectory, The Village Fete 1915 Photo
  Rectory, The   1930's 31
  Rectory, the   c.1910 21
  Rectory, the   c.1980 4,10
  Rectory, the     35
  Red Cottage   1932 43
  Red Cottages     36
  Scratchyface Lane   c.1980 10,11
  Scratchyface Lane     32
  Summerhall   1930's 78
  Upcott Hill   1950's 69
  Village, the   c.1980 13
  Wagon Road   c.1980 12
  Whitehall   c.1980 26
  Yeo Vale House   1930's 31
  Yeo Vale House Demolition 1973 35
  Yeo Vale Road     32
  Yeo, River   c.1980 11
    Bideford Regatta 1920's 40

Mick Curtis

4 Jun 2001