Will of William Braund of Littleham, Devon

November 27 1810

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The National Archives, IR 26/338, Records of the Boards of Stamps, Taxes, Excise, Stamps and Taxes, and Inland Revenue

Transcribed by Janet Few Steer

Date of the Probate and Sum Sworn
27 November 1810 Under £1500 116767

Name and description of Testator or Testatrix
No 66 10 11 12 13 William Braund late of Littleham deceased 14687

Name and place of abode of Executor or Executrix
Ann Braund and Thomas Braund of the same place executors of the same place 17C375

Name of the Legatees, distinguishing the residuary legatee
William, Salathiel, Christian. Jesse, Grace, John and Sarah Braund
The said Ann Braund and Thomas Braund

Degree of Kindred
Sons and daughters
Widow and son

Amount of legacy or Annuity
£100 a piece
Residuary legatees

Particulars of the several Specific Legacies, Bequests in Trust - and of the Residue
The Residue