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Help and advice for Littleham (Near Exmouth): On the ancient history of Exmouth: index

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On the ancient history of Exmouth

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 15 (1883), map, pp. 144-162.


J.B. Davidson

Prepared by Michael Steer

Human occupation of Exmouth Point can be traced back to the 11th century, when it was known as Lydwicnaesse, "the point of the Bretons". The two ecclesiastical parishes, Littleham and Withycombe Raleigh, that make up the town of Exmouth can be traced to pre-Saxon times. The town's name derives from its location at the mouth of the River Exe estuary, which ultimately comes from an ancient Celtic word for fish. In 1240 an area known as Pratteshuthe (Pratt's landing place) was sold to the mayor and citizens of Exeter. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ælfgar 151
Ælfgar, thegn 149-50
Ælfgyfu, Queen 149-50
Ælfthryth 151
Ælfwerd thegn 149-50
Ælfwine, Abbot 149-50
Ælfwine, Bishop 149-50
Æthelred 145-6, 151
Æthelric, thegn 149-50
Arundell, Colonel 160
BÆda 153
Beavis 161
Bowrying, John 158
Brewer, Bishop William 162
Byrhtwold, Bishop 149-50
Capell 153
Chapple 147
Clinton, Lord 161
Cnut, King 151
Cuthbert, Saint 153
Dennys, Sir Thomas 161
Devon, Earl of 161
Dodda, thegn 149-50
Drake, family 161-2
Drake, Gilbert 161
Drake, John 161
Drake, Sir John 161
Dudoc, Bishop 149-50
Eàdgar, King 151
Eadsige, Archbishop 145, 149-50
Eaverd 153
Edward the Confessor (Eadweard) 148-52, 156-7
Edward III 159
Edward IV 158, 160
Escbern 151
Everitt, Rev William 158
Eyton, Mr 151
Godwine, Earl 149-50
Godwine, thegn 149-50
Grandisson, Bishop 162
Hakluyt 159
Harthacnut 151
Henry I 157
Henry VI 158
Henry VII 162
Henry VIII 152, 158
Hickes, Dr 158
Holingshed 160
John, King 159
Kemble 148, 150
Kola (also Cola) 145-6
Leofric, Earl 149-50
Lyfing, Bishop 149-50
Lysons, Messrs 151-2, 156, 158-9
Madox 159
Malmesbury 157
Manwaringe family 161
March, Earl of 160
Martin, J M, CE 161
Meetway 154
Melhuish 154
Normandy, Richard Duke of 145
Odda, thegn 149-50
Oliver, Dr 148, 157, 161-2
Ordgar, ealdorman 151, 156
Ordgar, Earl of Devon 151, 156-7
Ordgar, thegn 148-51, 156
Ordulf 157
Osbern, Bishop 158
Osmaer, thegn 149-50
Pallig 145
Peacock, Captain 157-8, 161-2
Pole, Sir William 161
Polwhele 147, 160-2
Pulling, Rev Mr 147
Ralegh family 161
Risdon, Tristram 159-62
Rolle, Lord 161
Shapcoat, Colonel 160
Sherborne, Abbot of 157-8
Shower, Sir B 158
Sigwerd, Abbot 149-50
Sigwerd, Earl 149-50
Slugge, John 158
Spratt 154
Sprigge 160
Stafford, Bishop 162
Stevenson, Rev Joseph 153
St Nicholas, Prior of 148
Tanner 151
Thorpe 158
Toky, thegn 149-50
Toui, thegn 149-50
Trevilian family 162
Trevilian, Thomas gent 162
Waller, Sir Hardresse 160
Westcote 158
Whitbourne, Captain Richard 160
Whitburn, T 160
Whiteborne, Sir Richard Knt 160
Worcester, Florence of 146, 148
Worth, Mr 159
York, Duke of 160