From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

LITTLEHAM is a small straggling village on the sea coast, about one mile E. of Exmouth, and 13 miles S.E. by S. of Exeter. Its parish contains 3011 acres of land, and in 1841 had 3927 inhabitants, of whom 273 were in Littleham, and 3654 in the town of Exmouth, which is afterwards noticed. The manor of Littleham was anciently held by the Earls of Devon, and was given in 1122 to Sherbourn Abbey. After the dissolution it was granted to Sir Thomas Dennis. The Trustees of the late Lord Rolle are now lords of the manor, and owners of a great part of the parish, which is in the peculiar jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, who are appropriators of the rectorial tithes and patrons of the vicarage, valued in K.B. at £15. 12s. 6d., and in 1831 at £191, with the curacy of Exmouth annexed to it. The Rev. Thomas Jas. Rocke, M.A., is the present vicar, and has a good modern residence and about 60A. of glebe. The rectorial tithes were commuted in 1842, for £383, and the vicarial per annum. The Church (St. Margaret) is an ancient structure, with an embattled tower and four bells, and it and the burial ground contain many memorials of persons from remote parts of the kingdom, who died whilst resident at Exmouth. In the 16th century there was an ancient dilapidated chapel of St. Saviour at Chickstow in this parish. Mrs. Elizabeth Pratt, John D. Pratt, John Bastin, and several smaller owners have land and houses here.

Charities belonging to Littleham, Exmouth, &c.- In 1628, ROBT. DRAKE granted to feoffees in trust for charitable and public uses, in Littleham and other parishes, and for the relief of his poor relations, Perry's and Westcott's tenements, comprising 72A.; one half of the rents of 149A. of land and six houses, in Withycombe Rawleigh; and also the great tithes of that parish. The land, buildings, and tithes, belonging to this charity, now yield a clear annual income of about £350, which is applied as follows, according to the donor's intention:- Three yearly sums of £7 each are given to the vicars of Littleham, Withycombe, and East Budleigh; three annual sums of 40s. each are distributed among the poor of the said parishes; £5 is applied in apprenticing poor children of Littleham and Withycombe; and 20s. for repairing an almshouse in the latter parish. The surplus, amounting to about £300 per annum, is distributed among a large number of the donor's poor relations, except £8, which is given to the poor of the above-named parishes, instead of being expended in a feast for the trustees. In consideration of £100 left by HENRY PEARDON, in 1717, two annuities are paid out of Stafford's farm, at Withycombe, viz.,- 18s. towards the repairs of Exmouth Chapel; and £3. 4s. for the education of eight poor children. The sums of £250 given by Sir JOHN ELWELL, in 1721, and £50 given by his father, invested in the purchase of £436. 13s. 7d. three per cent consols. The dividends of this stock are applied for the education of poor children, for which purpose two-fifths belong to this parish, and to three-fifths to East and West Teignmouth. The dividends of £184. 19s. 2d. three per cent. consols, purchased with £100 left by SARAH SPRY, in 1788, are distributed in linen among the poor of Littleham parish. The poor parishioners have also the interest of £10 left by John Leslie, Lord Newark, in 1818. The National School, built by the late Lord Rolle, at Exmouth, for 150 children, is endowed with about £23 a year, arising from the above-named charities and from £200 navy five per cents., given by the late Lady Rolle, in 1816. It is supported by subscription, and there is a small Sunday School at Littleham, built in 1S44. In the latter year, BARTW. DAVEY FLOUD left £100 to the Churchwardens and Overseers of Littleham and Exmouth, in trust, to distribute the interest yearly in bread among the poor parishioners.

Brian Randell, 7 Mar 1999