A Petition to the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Say and Seale
(circa 1647)

(Given in: T. Bushell. A Brief Declaration of the Severall Passages in the Treaty Concerning the Surrender of the Garrison of Lundy Formerly Commanded by Tho. Bushell, Esq., Governor Thereof for His Majestie, London (1648) 25 p.)

We the Inhabitants of the Counties of Devon and Cornwall, & neerest borderers upon the Island of Lundy, do in all humility certifie your Lordship, that Mr. Bushell, since his abode in the said Isle in the times of the late war, hath been so far from oppressing us in any kinde, that he hath been a means of some advantage to us by keeping the said Island, and your Lordships inheritance out of the hands of some persons who (we are credibly informed) would have made use of it to the prejudice of these and other parts of the Kingdom. And further, we are bold to certifie your Lordship, that the said Mr. Bushell hath adventured great sums of money to recover the deserted and drowned Mines of Commartin, which is strongly reported to be very hopefull by his means, and by his continued industry may prove very exceeding advantagious to the common good and to these Western parts in particular; now in regard some of our neighbours, to whom he is indebted for certain sums lent to further him in his noble & great design, to recover the said Mines; having received this annexed Letter from the said Mr. Bushell, & fearing that they & we would be deprived of so good a neighbor, and so industrious for the publike good, do hereupon humbly intreat your Lordship (if it may stand with your convenience and good liking) still to admit of his continuance in the said Island, that so by his care & charge we may live secure, and by his knowledge, and active diligence, bring the great work of the said Mines, from hopes, to certainties. This is our humble request in his behalf, if it be not in the matter of it prejudiciall to the State, or disadvantagious to your Lordship.

William Cary
George Cary, Rector of Clovelly
William Greenaway, Minister
Henry Prust
Rich. Kinsam
John Pollard
John Sanders
William Lange
James Lile
Nic. Shapley, Sen.
Nic. Shapley, Jun.
Ruben Laurence
Ric. Tombe
Hugh Nicholas
Aughter Lyle, Sen.
Aughter Lyle, Jun.
Tho. Snow
Peter Lyle
Jo. Shapley
Ric. Cleverton
George Mungoy, Curate
Jo. Crange
Tho. Velly
Hen. Juell
Jo. Bagihole
George Grigg
Jo. Way
Justinian Yeo
Ric. Bagihole
Jo. Nicholl
Jo. Cook
Jo Baud ???
Francis Rowe
Peter Rowe
Tho. Rowe
Will. Mugford
Ric. Crange
Ric. Smith
Jo. Husband
Ric. Yeo
Ric. Trick
Tho. Cooke
Jo Band
Antho. Luttrell
Nic. Luttrell
Will. Heardwick
Jo. Bishop
Tho. Luttrell
Jo. Lynthorne, alias Loy
Nic. Pitton
Jo. Skame
Matthew Brooke
Ric. Leach
Abra. Bond
Jo. Friend
Jo. Juell
Hugh Deymond
Jo. Cooke
William Prideaux
Charles Yeo
John Cocke
With many hundreds more.
[Transcribed 7 Sep 1998, Brian Randell]