The Life and Times of Sir Peter Carew, Knt


John Maclean, Esq, FSA

London: Bell & Daldy, 186 Fleet Street (1857), illus. pviii, cxviii, 321. pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Sir Peter Carew (1514? - 27 November 1575) was an adventurer during the reign of Elizabeth and took part in the Tudor conquest of Ireland. He was the third son of Sir William Carew, a Devonshire gentleman, and was born at Ottery Mohun (now Mohun's Ottery) in the parish of Luppitt. He attended grammar school in Exeter, where he was a frequent truant. By his own account, he once climbed a turret on Exeter city wall and threatened to jump if his master came after him. His father then had him led back to his house on a leash, like a dog, and for punishment coupled him to one of his hounds for a time. He served as Member of Parliament in 1545 for Tavistock, in 1547 for Dartmouth, in 1553 and 1559 for Devon and in 1563 for Exeter, having served as High Sheriff of Devon in 1547. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bavarian State Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

The following sections of the book are indexed

Preface, pages pi-pviii (p = preface).

Introduction: pages i-xxx

Sections specifically relating to Devonshire: pages lvii-lxvi; 1-13, 47-56, 111-2, 138-200


Albany, Duke ofviii
Alley, Bishop William111
Alsa familylvii
Angoulme, Francis ofvii
Angus, Archibald, Earl ofxxvi
Archdeacon family8, 112
Argenton, Edmond180
Argenton, Margaret180
Arragon, Queen Katherine of163
Arran, Earl ofxxv, xxvii
Arscot, Eulalia55
Arscot, Tristum Esq55
Arundel familylvii
Arundel, Humphreylvii, 53, 182
Ashridge familylvii
Bamfyld, Mary166
Bamfyld, Richard166
Baret familylvii
Baron, John151
Barrow familylvii
Bassett family155
Bassett, James57
Bassett, Sir John57
Bassett, Philip57
Beaton, Cardinalxxv-ii
Beauchamp, Viscount (Seymour)50
Beaupeny family155
Bedford, John Earl of53, 185-6
Bellingham, Sir Edward200
Benet familylvii
Bere, John154
Bere, Julian154
Bere, O'Sullivan191
Bettesworth, John Esq139
Beville, Elizabeth138
Beville, Philip138
Beville, Sir William138
Biez, Monsieur dexxix
Bigod family112
Blackealler, John153-4, 160
Blaxstone160, 163
Blount, Elizabeth189
Blount, Sir John189
Bluett, Arthur155
Bluett family155-6
Bluett, Francis155
Bluett, John Esq155
Bluett, Richard155
Bluett, Robert Esq156
Bluett, Sir Roger155-6, 162, 166-7, 171
Blunt, Gertrude152
Blunt, Lord William152
Bodley family154
Bocham familylvii
Bonevet, Admiralx
Bonner, Bishop Edmund163
Bonville family112
Bouchier, Elizabeth156
Bouchier, Gertrude156
Bouchier, Lord John156
Bourbon, Duke ofx-ii, xiv-v
Bowes, Sir Robertxxii, xxviii
Boyer familylvii
Boyer, Nicholaslx
Brewer family112
Bridgeman, Ansticepvi
Bridgeman, Edwardpvi
Brown, Anne182
Brown, Sir William, Knt182
Buckingham, Duke ofvi
Buckley, Sir Richard50
Bulle, John153
Bullen, Margaret55
Bullen, Sir Thomas55
Buller, John55
Buller, Louisa55
Bury familylvii
Butler, Anne55
Butler, Margaret55
Butler, Thomas (Earl of Ormonde)55
Carewpvi, 139
Carew, Amicia2
Carew, Avice2
Carew, Sir Edmund3-4, 14, 32, 179
Carew, Eleanor2
Carew, Elizabeth166
Carew familyxiii, lvii, 1, 3, 8, 122, 200
Carew, Sir Gawen32-3, 47-8, 53-6, 144-7, 151, 159-60, 166-7, 178-9
Carew, Sir Georgexxviii, 1, 23, 33-4
Carew, Sir Henry166
Carew, Ivan8
Carew, John2, 8, 166-7
Carew, Katherine14, 179
Carew, Mary32, 34
Carew, Sir Nicholas, Baron2, 8
Carew, Sir Peterthroughout
Carew, Richard3
Carew, Thomas2, 166
Carew, Sir Thomas, Bt166
Carew, Thomasine34
Carew, Sir William2, 5-9, 12-3
Carey, Henry139
Carminow family112
Cecil, Mary195
Cecil, Mildred195
Cecil, Richard195
Cecil, Sir Robert195
Cecil, Lord Thomas195
Cecil, Sir William193, 195
Chalons, John de10
Chalons, Philibert de10
Champernoun, Sir Arthurlxi, 34, 54-6, 148-9, 160, 168-9
Champernoun family55
Champernoun, Henry Esq55
Champernoun, Jane55
Champernoun, John14
Champernoun, Lady Katherine14
Champernoun, Mary55
Champernoun, Sir Philip14, 179
Champernoun, Sir Richard55
Charles V Emperorxvii, xxx, 9, 163
Charles IX189
Cheke, Sir John195
Cheke, Mary195
Cheney, Mr159
Chidley, Joan156
Chidley, Mary156
Chidley, Sir Richard156
Chidley, William156
Chichester, Sir Arthur156
Chichester, Edward Esq156
Chichester, Elizabeth156
Chichester, Sir Johnlxi, 156-7, 160
Chichester, Sir John Palmer Bruce156
Chichester, Mr163
Christophers, John151
Chudleigh, Sir Richard156
Chyvers, Sir Christopher196
Cirencester, Sir John de156
Clement VIIxv
Cleves, Anne of49
Clinton, Elizabeth189
Clinton & Say, Edward Lord189
Clinton, Ursula189
Coffin familylvii
Cogan, Milo de2
Coke, Sir Anthony195
Coke, Mildred195
Cole, Thomas Esq138
Cole, Thomasine138
Colet, Sir Henry6
Colet, Dr John5-6
Colin, Alice181
Colin, John181
Cooke, Mr46-7
Cordova, Gonsalvo deiii
Courcy family112
Courtenay, Ann55
Courtenay, Lord Edward152
Courtenay, Elizabeth47, 166
Courtenay family8, 35, 112, 152
Courtenay, George35
Courtenay, Gertrude152, 156
Courtenay, Lord Henry152
Courtenay, Sir Hugh8
Courtenay, Humphrey166
Courtenay, Ivan8
Courtenay, John, gent.35, 180
Courtenay, Katherine35
Courtenay, Margaret35, 47
Courtenay, Mary35
Courtenay, Sir Philip166
Courtenay, Sir Piers35, 47
Courtenay, Thomasine180
Courtenay, Sir William35, 47, 55, 152, 156, 166
Coverdale, Bishop Miles161
Crewse, Emeline185
Crewse, William185
Cromwell, Sir Richardxxviii
Croy, Adrian dexxx
d'Albret, Jeanv
Dacre, Thomas Lord183
Darnley, Henry Lordxxvi
Daunsell, Sir William193
Davells, Henry194
d'Enghien, Monsieur dexxi
Denys, Anne49
Denys, Robert Esq179
Denys, Sir Thomas49-50, 55, 140, 144-6, 152, 155-61, 164-5, 169, 171, 173-4, 178, 180-1
Digon family112
Dinham family112
Doble, Agnespv
Doble, Johnpv
Dodderidge, Sir Johnpvi
Douglas, Lady Margaretxxvi
Draycott, Mr194
Drewe, Edmond55
Drewe, Elizabeth55
Duke, Richard53
Durnford, Jane164
Durnford, Stephen164
Dyer, John153, 155
Eastchurch, John, gentpvi
Edgcomb, Jane (Edgcumbe)156, 164
Edgcomb, Sir Piers (Edgcumbe)156, 164
Edgecumbe, Margaret35, 47
Edgecumbe, Sir Richard35, 47, 164, 168
Edward I2, 55
Edward III2
Edward IVv, viii, 49, 152
Edward VI (also as Prince of Wales)xxv, lxiv, 32, 49-50, 138-9, 159, 164, 168, 185, 189, 195, 200
Elizabeth I49, 55, 139, 152, 189, 198
Ferrers, Margaret180
Ferrers, Richard180
FitzAlan, Catherine182
FitzAlan, Henry182
FitzAlan, Joan182
FitzAlan, Mary182
FitzGerald, Elizabeth189
FitzGerald, Gerald189
FitzStephens, Elizabeth2
FitzStephens family3, 112
FitzStephens, Robert2
FitzWilliams, Sir William195
Fleming family112
Foix, Gaston dev
Foix, Germaine deiii
Fortescue, Margery27
Fortescue, William27
France, Francis King ofix-x, xiv, xix-xxi, xxvi-I, 9
Freers, Thomas4
Fulford, Sir John, Knt164
Ffursman, John171-2
Gainsford, Sir John35
Gainsford, Mary35
Gale, Amy154
Gardiner, Bishop152
Gibbes, Ann55
Gibbes, Elizabeth55
Gibbes, Thomas55
Gibbes, William55-6
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey180
Gilbert, Otho Esq179
Glanville, Sir John55
Glinne, John139
Glinne, Margaret139
Glovyer, Jamez151
Godolphin, Blanche139
Godolphin, Francis Esq139
Godolphin, Margaret139
Godolphin, William139
Godolphin, Sir William139-40
Godwin, Bishoppvi
Greenham family155
Gregorie, Mr159
Grenfield, John (Graynfyld)138, 170-2
Grenvil, Sir Bernard138
Grenvil, Sir Beville138
Grenvil, Nicholas180
Grenvil, Phelip180
Grenvil, Sir Richard (Grenefelde)138, 140
Grenvil, Roger138, 180
Grenvil, Thomasine138
Grey, Catherine182
Grey, Henryv
Grey, Queen Jane189
Grey, Margaretv
Grey, Thomas, Marquis of Dorsetv, lix, 182
Guasto, Marquis dexx
Guildeford, Sir Henry, KG32
Guildeford, Mary32
Guilford, Lady178
Gybbes, William, Esq54-5, 151, 153, 157, 166-7, 178-80
Haccomb family112
Hankford, Anne55
Hankford, Sir Richard55
Harrington, Arthur Esq55
Harrington, Sir James55
Harrington, Louisa55
Harrington, Rev Richard55
Hawse, Thomas156
Haynes, Bishop Simon111, 159
Henry II2
Henry III200
Henry VIIxxvi, 3, 49
Henry VIIIi-ii, iv, vi-ix, xi-i, xiv, xxi-ii, xxv-iii, lxiv, 3-4, 8, 11, 14, 49, 53, 138-9, 161-3, 182, 185, 195
Herbert, Sir Williamlxvi
Hern, Sir Nicholas198
Hext, Agnes162
Hext, Thomas162
Hodge, Joan156
Hodge, Sir William156
Holmes familylvii
Holwell, Master John158-60
Hooker, Agnespv
Hooker, Ansticepvi
Hooker family112
Hooker, John, alias Vowellpv, xiii, lix, 1, 35, 159, 194
Hooker, Marthapvi
Hooker, Mr Richardpv
Hooker, Robertpvi
Hooker, Rogerpv
Hooker, Thomaspvi
Hooker, Tobypvi
Hooker, Zacharypvi
Howard, Mary182
Howard, Philip183
Howard, Lord Thomas182-3
Huddersfield family112
Hudesfield, Katherine14
Hudesfield, Sir William14
Hume, Lordxxiii
Hungary, Ferdinand, King of138
Hungary, Lewis King ofxvi-i
Hunt, Thomas4-5
Huntingdon, Thomasine180
Huntly, Earl ofxxii-iii
Hurst, Joan154
Hurst, John154, 159
Hurst, Julian154
Hurst, Robert154
Hurst, William4, 153-4, 159
Hurste, Mr159-60
James IIIxxv
James IVviii
James Vix, xxi-iv
Jewell, Bishop Johnpvii
Jones family155
Julius IIiii-iv
Kets, Robertlxii-iii
Kingston, Sir Anthonylix
Kirkham, George Esq164
Kirkham, James, gent.180
Kirkham, Jane180
Kirkham, Margaret180
Kirkhan, Thomas180
Knoplocke, Edmond172
Langdon, Blanche139
Langdon, Robert Esq139
Lardner, Mary155
Lardner, Tristram Esq155
Lee familylvii
Lennox, Earl ofxxvi
Lenthall family155
Lilly, William6
Louis XIIii-v, vii
Lucy, Sir Thomas2
Lumley, Joan182
Lumley, Lord182
Luxembourg, Philiberta de10
Malherb, Jane180
Malherb, William180
Maltravers, Lord (FitzAlan)182
Manners, Lord George160
Manners, Margaret160
Martyn family112, 154
Mary, Queen (also as Princess of Wales)49, 54, 57, 152, 159, 161, 164, 174, 183, 189
Mary, Queen of Scotsxxv
Maunder familylvii
Maximilian, Emperoriii, vi, ix
Maxwell, Lordxxiii
Mayor familylvii
Mitchell family155
Mohun, Eleanor2
Mohun family112
Mohun, Sir Reginald166
Mohun, Sir William2
Montacute, Anne55
Montacute, Earl John55
Montgomerie, Adam de2
Montgomerie, Edmond de2
Montgomerie, Eugene de2
Montgomeroye family1
Moreman, Mr Drpv, 159-60, 162-4
More, Humphrey166
More, Sir John166-7
More, Katherine166
More, Sir John166
More, Mary166
Morgan, Sybilla139
Morgan, Sir Thomas139
Morton familylvii
Mydwynter, John153-4
Naples, King Frederickiii
Naples, King Renéii
Neville, Katherine55
Neville, Lord George55
Norcot (Northcott)162
Norfolk, Duke ofxxii-iii
Norfolk, Margaret Countess of2
Norreys, Baron34, 55
Norreys, Sir Henry34, 55
Norreys, Mary34, 55
Northampton, Marquis oflxii
Northcott, Sir Stafford162
Odrone, Avice of2
Odrone, Digon, Baron of2
Ogelthorp, Owen162
Orange, Prince of10, 12
O'Sullivan, Desmond191
O'Sullivan, Owen191
O'Sullyfan (Bere)191
Paget, Lord163
Paget, Sir Williamlxv, 35
Pain familylvii
Parr, Queen Katherinelxiv, 138
Paul IIIxix
Paulet, Anne49
Paulet family49
Peter family155
Peter, John (also Petre)153-4, 181
Peter, Thomas155
Peter, William Esq155
Peter, Wilmot154
Peters, Mr193
Peterson, John192
Petre, Alice181
Petre, Anne182
Petre, Baron182
Petre, John147, 181
Petre, Sir William154, 181
Philip, King54, 152, 183
Phillips, Sir Thomaspiv
Plantagenet, Katherine152
Pole Carew, Mrxiii
Pole, Edmund de laviii
Pole, John de laviii
Pole, Richard de laviii, xii
Pollard, Agnes162
Pollard, Elizabeth162
Pollard family112
Pollard, Sir George162
Pollard, Sir Henry49-50
Pollard, Sir John162
Pollard, Sir Hugh, Knt162, 168
Pollard, Sir Lewis156, 162, 166
Pollard, Mary156
Pollard, Sir Richard162
Pollard, Sir Thomas34, 166
Pomeroy, Sir Edward156
Pomeroy familylvii
Pomeroy, Jane156
Pomeroy, Katherine166
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas156-7
Poore, James151
Poytington, John178-9
Prideaux, Alice185
Prideaux, John155-6, 159-60, 164, 181
Prideaux, Mary155
Prideaux, Thomas163-4, 185
Prince, Mrpvii-viii, 8
Raglan family155
Raleigh, Walter Esq179
Raleigh, Sir Walter179-80
Redvers family112
Renolds, Agnes27
Renolds, John27
Renolds, Margaret27
Reynolde, Hughe172
Reynoldes, Richard27
Rhesius, Prince (Rhys ap Tudor)1-2
Richard III49
Ridgeway, John, alias Pocock147, 150, 161
Rightwyse, John5
Rivel, William154
Rolle family49
Rolle, Sir Henry49
Rosogan familylvii
Russel, Lord Johnlvii-ix, lxi, lxvi, 50, 163
Salewe, Marquis of10
Sapcote, Jane156
Sapcote, Sir John156
Segar familylvii
Sepuse, Johnxvii-I, xix
Seriaunt, Mr165
Seymour, Lord Edward50
Seymour, Queen Jane50, 54, 138
Setmour, Sir John50, 138
Seymour, Margery138
Seymour, Sir Thomasxxviii-ix, 138, 140
Sforza, Francisx
Sforza, Louisii, vi
Sheffield, Lordlxii-iii
Shilstone, Elizabeth47
Shilstone, Robert Esq47
Smarte, Mr159
Smith, William160
Smythe, John152-3
Soleman familylvii
Southcott, Agnes27
Southcott, John of Bovey Tracie27
Southern, Mr Thomas, (Southren)159-60, 164
Spain, King Charles ofvii, ix-x, xiv, xvii
Spain, King Ferdinand ofii-iv, vii, xix
Spurway, Amy154
Spurway, Thomas154
Staplehill, Amy154
Staplehyll, Walter153-4
St Clair, Oliverxxiv
Stewart, Matthewxxvi
St John, Sir Johnxxviii, 55, 138, 162
St Leger, Anne55
St Leger, Eulalia55
St Leger, Sir James55
St Leger, Sir John165, 169, 171, 178
St Leger, Katherine55
St Leger, Sir George35, 55
St Leger, Katherine35
St Leger, Mary138
Stourton, Ursula189
Stourton, William Lord189
Strangeways, Mr Giles160
Strangeways, Sir Henry160
Strangeways, Joan160
Strangeways, Margaret160
Strozzi, Peter139
Strypelvii, lxi-ii, 53, 161-2, 168
Stucley, Sir Hugh168
Stukely, Lewis Esq155
Stukely, Mary155
Stukely, Thomas190
Suffolk, Duke ofx
Surrey, Henry Earl ofviii, 189
Symms, John4
Taileboys, Lady178, 181
Talbot family8, 112
Talboys, Elizabeth189
Talboys, Lord Gilbert189
Thomas, Sir Rhys ap3
Thomas, William168, 170
Thompson familylvii
Tooker, Marthapvi
Tooker, Robertpvi
Tremayne, Andrew180
Tremayne, John178
Tremayne, Phelip180
Tremayne, Thomas180
Trevanion family139-40
Trevanion, Sir Hugh139
Trevanion, Sybilla139
Trevanion, William139
Tudor, Elizabeth2
Tudor, Margaretviii
Tudor, Maryvii
Tuit, Amicia2
Tuit family112
Tuit, Richard2
Underhill familylvii
Vawtort, Elizabeth162
Vawtort, John162
Vend'me, Charles Duke ofxxi
Vowell, John (alias Hooker)piii,
Voysey, Bishop John alias Harman161
Wadham, Joan160
Wadham, John160
Wadham, Nicholas160
Wallop family155
Wallop, Sir Johnxxviii-xxx
Warbeck, Perkin3
Warwick, Earl of (Dudley)lxiii-v,
Welsh familylvii
Wentworth, Lordlxii
Wentworthe, Sir Henry138
Wentworthe, Margery138
Westofer, Margaret180
Westofer, William180
Weston, Dr159
Williams, Adam185
Williams, Alice185
Williams, Emeline185
Williams, John185
Williams, Thomas185-6
Winslade familylvii, 53
Winston, Michael53
Wolcock familylvii
Wolsey, Cardinalxiv
Woodville, Elizabethv, viii
Wotton, Margaretv
Wotton, Mary32
Wotton, Dr Nicholasxx
Wotton, Sir Robertv, 32
Wyatt, Sir Thomas56, 189