The churches of Lustleigh and Ilsington


William Harding

In Exeter Diocesan Architectural Soc. Trans. 1 ser, v. 5, (1856) illus. pp.77-94.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Lieutenant William Harding (16 August 1792 - 13 January 1886), of Ilfracombe was also Local Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries, and read this paper at The College Hall, Exeter, on December 1st, 1854. Harding was an antiquary and British army officer. He was a Fellow of the Geological Society and, after his retirement from the Army, an active member of the Exeter Diocesan Architectural and Archaeological Society. He is best remembered for his History of Tiverton (2 volumes) published in 1847. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the University of Michigan Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Affeton, John81
Archis, High de81
Artur, Thomas82
Ashburton, Lord89
Ashworth, Mr77, 80, 94
Baker, John91
Baker, Josias91
Bartlett, John82
Basill, Edward82
Beaumont, Matthew89
Beaumont, Philip89
Beaumont, William89
Bere family (also Beare)88
Bettenson, William AM93
Bickford, William92
Bishop, John92
Blakedon, John de81
Bonville, Ann81, 83
Bonville family83
Bonville, John81, 83
Bonville, Jone81
Bonville, Thomas Esq81-2
Bonville, Lord William81, 83
Bonville, Sir William, Knt83
Bousquyer, William92
Bowden, Josias91
Bradford, Charles93
Bransecombe, Richard de81
Brantyngham, Bishop89
Brusegh, Henry (also Hugo)92
Bryan, Richard AM93
Burgeys, Thomas92
Burleigh, John81
Byrd, David91
Caldock, William de81
Charles II88
Clifford, Dr Thomas90, 93
Cole, Ralph81-2
Colles, John (also Collys)82
Comyn(s) Thomas82-3, 86
Copleston, Amyas81
Copleston, Ann81, 83
Copleston family83
Copleston, John Esq82
Copleston, Sir John Knt82
Copleston, Nicholas82-3
Copleston, Philip81, 83
Corbin, Hannibal90
Corbin, Thomas90
Cornu, Peter de92
Cotton, Bishop85-6
Courtenay, Sir Henry, Knt82
Cracow, William92
Crewes, John90
Cromwell, Oliver85, 94
Damarel, Alice81-2
Damarel family81
Damarel, Sir John81-2
Dayman, Robert82
Dayman, Roger82
Deyon, Humphrey90-1
Deyon, John90
Dinham, Eleanor89
Dinham family89
Dinham, Sir John Knt89
Dinham, Sir Robert80-1
Dove, Robert BD93
Drake, John92
Dubourdier, Armand93
Dunn, Sir David, Knt78
Dunn, Louisa H78
Dyer, Humphry MA93
Dynham, Emma81
Dynham, Sir John81
Edderidge, William de92
Edward I80-1, 89
Edward II80-1
Edward IV84
Egremont, Countess of82
Elizabeth I94
Elys, John81
Ensor, Mr Frederick78, 82
Etterwell, John81-2
Ferrers, Alice81
Ferrers, Sir Fulk, Knt81
Festham, Richard92
Filmore, Miss87
Foord, John91
Ford family93
Ford, Henry93
Ford, Sir Henry Knt88, 94
Ford, John88, 93
Ford, Thomas Gent93
Fowler, William, Gent92
Furneaux, Thomas92
Garrell, John91
Gidley, Giles de81
Glanville, Susannah82
Gorges, John81
Gorges, Lava81
Grandisson, Bishop John79, 86-7
Gregory, Pope (the Great)83
Hale family89
Harris, James Esq92
Henry III89
Henry VI80-1
Henry VIII89
Holbeton, Henry Vicar of79
Honiton, Peter de81, 92
Hutton, Thomas82
Hutton, William82
Ilchester, Rt Hon Earl of82
Ilchester, Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of82
John, King89
Jones, Rev J P86
Lambshead, Henry91
Langebrok, Robert92
Lardon, John82
Leate, Edward91
Leate, John91
Leere, David90
Leere, John90
Leere, Thomas90
London, John82
Lowther, William93
Lustleigh, John de81, 92
Lyra, Nicholas de92
Malmesbury, Lord92
Marsham, Charles AM93
Michelmore, John91
Moelis, Lady Alice de79, 81
Moelis, Sir Roger81
Monro, Charles Hale Esq89
More, John92
Morier, Mr83
Mudge, John82
Nanson, Philip93
Northcot family81
Oldham, Bishop82
Oliver, Dr81, 92
Palk, Jonathan BA93
Parker, Benedict92
Pawsland, Ann82
Pawsland, John82
Paynter, Mary93
Paynter, William DD93
Pelvin, Rev John MA92-3
Pemberton, Jeremy93
Perkyn, Alexander de92
Pole81, 89
Pomeroy family89
Pomeroy, Thomas Gent89, 92
Pomroy, Charles91
Pope, Bartholomew92
Potter, Bartholomew91
Potter, Thomas91
Prouz, Alice81-2
Prouz family79
Prouz, Sir Walter81
Prouz, Sir William le, Knt78-9, 81-2
Rayne, Thomas93
Risdon, William93
Rochis, Hugh de81
Rodd, James Esq89
Satterley, Hannibal91
Shapleigh, Elizabeth82
Shapleigh, Thomas82
Shebbear, Joseph82
Simonds, John91
Smerdon, Jonas90
Smerdon, Richard91
Smith, Oliver92
Stancombe, John91
Stawell, Sir John89
Stephen, King79
Stephenson, George93
Stoak, Mr93
Suyrage, William91
Swete, George92
Taunton, Peter de81
Topham family89
Trevor, David92
Tripp, Robert82
Trivett, William82
Tuckfield, Robert92
Tyler, Steven90
Veysey, John LLD82
Wadham family82
Wadham, Nicholas Esq82-3
Warren, Andrew82
Warren, Christopher93
Waverick, Radford93
Wentworth, Lord94
Whiddon, Rev S84
Whiddon, Sir John81
Whyte, Stephen (also White)82
Wibbury family81
Wibbury, John Esq81-2
Wibbury, Gilbert81
Wibbury, Jone81-2
Wibbury, Lava81
Wibbury, Oliver de81
Widworthy, Emma81
Widworthy, Sir Hugh81
Widworthy, Sir William de81
William III84
Wyndham, Hon Percy Charles82
Wyndham, Sir William82
Wythyman, Thomas92