Lydford Marriages 1719-1753

Transcribed by

Heather Cooper

This transcription is made available in GENUKI by kind permission of the Revd. Gill Still

Note: Where the date was given as just a month and a year, the computer defaulted to the first e.g., 1/12/1781. The transcription has been done carefully, but has not been subject to independent checking.

DateHusband's NameHusband's SurnameWife's NameWife's SurnameForm of MarriageNote
15/5/1719JohnWilliamsChristianSpry of Thrushelton  
25/5/1720NicholasLandreySarahRowe of St Neott in CornwallBy Licence granted by Mr Bedford of Launceston & dated 23 May 1720 
1/1/1720FrancisNortley??? Of Broad·.?MaryCornish of DuntertonBy Licence granted by Mr Bedford of Launceston & dated 31 Dec 1720 
27/8/1721RichardBennetJane?By Banns 
27/9/1721ValentinePhilipsMaryPowelBy Banns 
8/7/1722ThomasKnowling of ChagfordAmyWills of LydfordBy Banns 
17/5/1723StephenMaddaford of TavistokeChristianWilliams of LidfordBy Banns 
25/12/1724RichardJacob of St Austell in CornwallSarahRowe of TavistockyBy Banns 
19/9/1725ClementGay of Black TorringtonChristianDuck? Of LydfordBy Licence 
28/6/1726WilliamBickle of BeytonJoanMason of LydfordBy LicenceBoyton?
7/8/1726EdmundMiltonAgnesPomeryBy Banns 
5/9/1726RobertRoyalElizabethMajor of LewtrenchardBy BannsPossibly 15th
1/1/1726NicholasTapson of BridestoweMargaret? Of LydfordBy LicenceMonth illegible
27/8/1727JohnWaldren of LydfordJoan?Hatherly of ChagfordBy Banns 
      None 1728
26/4/1729WalterWilliamsJoanMaddafordBy Banns 
15/5/1729MichaelStevensRebeccaLobBy Banns 
5/11/1730GregorySoper of ChagfordRuthColeBy Banns 
25/4/1731ChristopherSaundersLeah?By Banns 
31/8/1731EdmundGuscott of Lew TrenchardSusannaMajor of LydfordBy Banns 
28/11/1731ThomasKinsman of LamertonSarahLake of LydfordBy Banns 
2/7/1732CharlesFriendMaryGill of LydfordBy Banns 
12/7/1732JohnChannings of BridestowGraceBeckalake of LydfordBy Banns 
2/10/1732JohnHardymaid of LydfordJoannaWood of BridestowBy Banns 
2/1/1732WilliamPalmer of SourtonDionysiaStephens of LydfordBy Banns 
1/4/1733SamuelWear of LamertonElizabethStephens of LydfordBy Banns 
4/6/1733JohnLyde of Berry PomeroyGraceGoodridgeBy Licence 
1/9/1733??igh? Of ColebrookElizabethGayer? Of CoritonBy LicenceClearbrook?
4/12/1733RichardWebb of South TawtonElizabethWebb of LydfordBy Banns 
25/2/1733JohnCudlip of TavistockSarahHilmanBy Licence 
9/6/1734JohnSmith of BrentorElizabethBasset of LamertonBy Banns 
21/7/1734JohnBaker of LamertonAliceBickel of LamertonBy BannsCertificate of Banns
24/12/1734JohnDayment of Peters-MarlandAliceStrike of LydfordBy Banns 
6/7/1735WilliamRapsonFrancesDaweBy Banns 
20/7/1735ThomasNewtonSarahMajorBy Banns 
1/8/1735JohnMatthewsDorothyMasters of MichaelstoweBy Licence 
15/8/1736RobertOliverHannahMajorBy Banns 
29/8/1736JacobNorris of Mary TavyAliceCudlipBy Banns 
2/7/1737EbsworthyTapson of BridestoweDionisiaBurnaford of LidfordBy Licence 
18/9/1737WalterColeSusannaStevensBy Banns 
1/10/1737JosephHocadayThomasineSearleBy Banns 
20/12/1738RichardPomeroyElizabethPenbothyBy Banns 
20/6/1739JohnNewtonSusannaCoombeBy Banns 
6/1/1739WilliamShreekMargaretRiceBy Banns 
21/4/1740WilliamTregilgassJoaneAlfordBy Banns 
      None 1741
      None 1742
15/5/1743BenjaminHusseyLeahSandersBy Banns 
      None 1744
      None 1745
      None 1746
      None 1747
20/7/1748GeorgeDrew of South TawtonValentinaPhilips  
2/10/1748RobertSplatJoneFrenchBy Banns 
      None 1749
      None 1750
23/9/1751RichardPhilips of Peter TavySarahChubb of Peter TavyBy Banns 
2/10/1751WilliamDunn a sojourner hereElizabethPassenger of this parishBy Banns 
      None 1752
21/5/1753JohnBorough of LamertonMaryFriend of this parishBy Banns