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Lydford Marriages 1719-1753

Transcribed by

Heather Cooper

This transcription is made available in GENUKI by kind permission of the Revd. Gill Still

Note: Where the date was given as just a month and a year, the computer defaulted to the first e.g., 1/12/1781. The transcription has been done carefully, but has not been subject to independent checking.
Date Husband's Name Husband's Surname Wife's Name Wife's Surname Form of Marriage Note
5/5/1719 John Pomery? Martha Sleaman    
15/5/1719 John Williams Christian Spry of Thrushelton    
25/5/1720 Nicholas Landrey Sarah Rowe of St Neott in Cornwall By Licence granted by Mr Bedford of Launceston & dated 23 May 1720  
1/1/1720 Francis Nortley??? Of Broad·.? Mary Cornish of Dunterton By Licence granted by Mr Bedford of Launceston & dated 31 Dec 1720  
27/8/1721 Richard Bennet Jane ? By Banns  
27/9/1721 Valentine Philips Mary Powel By Banns  
8/7/1722 Thomas Knowling of Chagford Amy Wills of Lydford By Banns  
17/5/1723 Stephen Maddaford of Tavistoke Christian Williams of Lidford By Banns  
25/12/1724 Richard Jacob of St Austell in Cornwall Sarah Rowe of Tavistocky By Banns  
19/9/1725 Clement Gay of Black Torrington Christian Duck? Of Lydford By Licence  
28/6/1726 William Bickle of Beyton Joan Mason of Lydford By Licence Boyton?
7/8/1726 Edmund Milton Agnes Pomery By Banns  
5/9/1726 Robert Royal Elizabeth Major of Lewtrenchard By Banns Possibly 15th
1/1/1726 Nicholas Tapson of Bridestowe Margaret ? Of Lydford By Licence Month illegible
27/8/1727 John Waldren of Lydford Joan? Hatherly of Chagford By Banns  
            None 1728
26/4/1729 Walter Williams Joan Maddaford By Banns  
15/5/1729 Michael Stevens Rebecca Lob By Banns  
5/11/1730 Gregory Soper of Chagford Ruth Cole By Banns  
25/4/1731 Christopher Saunders Leah ? By Banns  
31/8/1731 Edmund Guscott of Lew Trenchard Susanna Major of Lydford By Banns  
28/11/1731 Thomas Kinsman of Lamerton Sarah Lake of Lydford By Banns  
2/7/1732 Charles Friend Mary Gill of Lydford By Banns  
12/7/1732 John Channings of Bridestow Grace Beckalake of Lydford By Banns  
2/10/1732 John Hardymaid of Lydford Joanna Wood of Bridestow By Banns  
2/1/1732 William Palmer of Sourton Dionysia Stephens of Lydford By Banns  
1/4/1733 Samuel Wear of Lamerton Elizabeth Stephens of Lydford By Banns  
4/6/1733 John Lyde of Berry Pomeroy Grace Goodridge By Licence  
1/9/1733 ? ?igh? Of Colebrook Elizabeth Gayer? Of Coriton By Licence Clearbrook?
4/12/1733 Richard Webb of South Tawton Elizabeth Webb of Lydford By Banns  
25/2/1733 John Cudlip of Tavistock Sarah Hilman By Licence  
9/6/1734 John Smith of Brentor Elizabeth Basset of Lamerton By Banns  
21/7/1734 John Baker of Lamerton Alice Bickel of Lamerton By Banns Certificate of Banns
24/12/1734 John Dayment of Peters-Marland Alice Strike of Lydford By Banns  
6/7/1735 William Rapson Frances Dawe By Banns  
20/7/1735 Thomas Newton Sarah Major By Banns  
1/8/1735 John Matthews Dorothy Masters of Michaelstowe By Licence  
15/8/1736 Robert Oliver Hannah Major By Banns  
29/8/1736 Jacob Norris of Mary Tavy Alice Cudlip By Banns  
2/7/1737 Ebsworthy Tapson of Bridestowe Dionisia Burnaford of Lidford By Licence  
18/9/1737 Walter Cole Susanna Stevens By Banns  
1/10/1737 Joseph Hocaday Thomasine Searle By Banns  
20/12/1738 Richard Pomeroy Elizabeth Penbothy By Banns  
20/6/1739 John Newton Susanna Coombe By Banns  
6/1/1739 William Shreek Margaret Rice By Banns  
21/4/1740 William Tregilgass Joane Alford By Banns  
            None 1741
            None 1742
5/4/1743 Thomas Horrady? Elizabeth Monk    
15/5/1743 Benjamin Hussey Leah Sanders By Banns  
            None 1744
            None 1745
            None 1746
            None 1747
20/7/1748 George Drew of South Tawton Valentina Philips    
2/10/1748 Robert Splat Jone French By Banns  
            None 1749
            None 1750
23/9/1751 Richard Philips of Peter Tavy Sarah Chubb of Peter Tavy By Banns  
2/10/1751 William Dunn a sojourner here Elizabeth Passenger of this parish By Banns  
            None 1752
21/5/1753 John Borough of Lamerton Mary Friend of this parish By Banns