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The parishes of Lynton and Countisbury, Part I

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 38, (1906), plates: illus, maps, pp. 114-168.


John F. Chanter

Prepared by Michael Steer

Reverend John Frederick Chanter (1854-1939) was the son of John Roberts Chanter, a Barnstaple solicitor and author. He was educated at Crediton Grammar School and served as Rector of Parracombe from 1886 to 1916. In 1889 he married Rose Edith, youngest daughter of Reverend W.H. Thompson, Vicar of Exmoor. He was author of numerous books and articles on local history, and was a regular contributor to the Devonshire Association Transactions. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and appointed Honorary Archivist of Exeter Cathedral, a position he held until his death. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Acland family168
Acland, Frances166
Acland, Hugh162
Acland, John166
Acland, Maria166
Acland, Mrs166
Acland, Richard153, 164-5
Acland, Susanna153, 164-6
Ailmer123, 164
Algar, Earl123, 138, 154
Algar, priest163
Almsworthy, Richard152
Ashdene, John134
Babb, David149
Babb, Thomas149
Badlesmere, Elizabeth de155
Badlesmere, Giles de155
Bailey, Mr Charles117, 150, 158, 163
Bailey, Mr C F150, 162
Bale, Ann167
Bale, David143
Bale, Hugh153
Bale, William167
Baller, Elizabeth141
Baller, Joseph141
Barbor, ___168
Barbor, Elizabeth168
Barbor family154, 163, 168
Barbor, George163, 166, 168
Barbor, George (2)168
Barbor, George Acland166, 168
Barbor, Jane168
Barbor, Joan168
Barbor, John168
Barbor, Mary168
Barbor, Petronel168
Barbor, Susanna166
Barbor, William165-6, 168
Barbor, William (2)166
Barnes, Gabriel168
Barnes, Jane168
Bassett, Arthur157
Bassett, Arthur Jnr158
Bassett, Elizabeth159
Bassett family155, 161-2
Bassett, James Esq157
Bassett, Joan157, 159
Bassett, John157-9
Bassett, Sir John159
Bassett, Francis157-8
Bassett, Sir Robert157-8, 162
Bassett, William158
Baylie, Robert134
Beaumont, Alice159, 161
Beaumont, Blanche159
Beaumont family155, 159, 161-2
Beaumont, Hugh157, 159, 161
Beaumont, Isabel de159
Beaumont, Joan157, 159, 161
Beaumont, John155, 161
Beaumont, John (2)159
Beaumont, John, alias Bodrugan159
Beaumont, Sir John159
Beaumont, Margaret157, 159
Beaumont, Mathia159
Beaumont, Philip157, 159, 161
Beaumont, Philippa159, 161
Beaumont, Richard159
Beaumont, Richard de154
Beaumont, Sir Thomas (also Beaumound)157, 159, 161
Beaumont, Thomas (2)`159, 161
Beaumont, Thomazine157, 159
Beaumont, William de157, 159, 161
Beaumont, William (2)159, 161
Beaumont, William (3)159
Berry family162
Berry, Frances162
Berry, Rev Henry141
Berry, Hugh162
Berry, John134, 162-3
Berry, John (2)162
Berry, Margaret162
Berry, Richard162
Berry, Thomas134
Bodrugan, Sir H159
Bodrugan, Joan159
Bodrugan, John alias Beaumont157
Bond, Thomas134
Bonville, Alice139
Bonville, Lady Elizabeth140
Bonville family140
Bonville, John139-40
Bonville, Margaret140
Bonville, William139
Bonville, Sir William139-40
Bourchier, Blanche159
Brian, Guy de155
Bridgwater, Earl of157
Bromham, William167
Broomholm family122
Bromeholme, John134
Bromeholme, John, Jr134
Browning, John148
Bryant, Walter148
Bryhttesworth, Roger de134
Budd, John147
Budeauxhead, Elizabeth159
Budeauxhead, Thomas159
Burden, George140, 145
Bury, John134
Bute, Marchioness of132
Capra, William (also Chiare)138, 150, 154, 160, 164
Cardour, Philip134
Carew, Sir Henry Palk, Bt152
Carew, John157
Carew, Mathie157, 161
Chanter, Rev J H117
Chanter, John Roberts Esq120
Chard, Abbot Thomas alias Tybbs131, 145
Charles I135, 155, 163
Chelecombe, David134
Chichester family155, 162
Chichester, John157, 159, 163
Chichester, Margaret157, 159
Chichester, Sir Robert163
Chichure, William123
Chidley, Agnes145
Chidley, Alice145
Chidley, Jane145
Chidley, John gent131, 145
Clarke family150
Clarke, Mr John132, 147
Clifford, Bishop123
Cloman, David134
Cloman, John armig134
Cloman, John de Ilkerton134
Cloman, John, miller134
Clowman, John153
Coffin, Dorothy152
Coffyn family160-1
Coffyn, Heanton161
Coffyn, Hugh160-1
Coffyn, William134
Collard, Mr158
Colley, Mr132
Combe, Roger atte134
Compyng, Roger134
Cooper, Dr Thomas Henry115, 120, 155
Cornwall, Edmund Earl of151
Cornwall, Earl of144, 150, 155
Cosway, William Halliday (later Halliday)168
Courtenay, Eva de139
Courtenay, William de (later Tracy)139
Courtis, Anne153
Courtis, William153
Coutts, Mr132
Cowper, Lord Chancellor142
Crang, Richard153, 167
Crocombe, John134, 143, 146, 148-9
Crocombe, Richard143, 152-3, 167
Crocombe, Thomas148
Crok, Roger (also Croke)161
Curtis, William152
Cutcliffe, Charles162
Cutcliffe, John162
Cutcliffe, Misses162
Damerell, Margaret140
Damerell, Sir William140
Daubeny, Giles Lord157
Davis John132
Davis, Samuel149
Delbridge, R & J133
Despencer, Elizabeth le155
Despencer, Hugh le155
Dinham, Philippa159, 161
Dovell & Lock133
Drake, Henry153
Dyer, David134
Dyer family158
Dyer, John134
Dyer, John, Jr134
Dyer, John de Line 
Edisbury, Dr141
Edward the Confessor138, 150, 154, 160, 164
Edward I151, 161
Edward III134, 155
Edward VI131, 145, 153
Elizabeth I131, 140, 145, 153, 157, 162
Ellis, Lancelot143, 146, 148
Elworthy, Mr F T120
Fauvel, William150
Ford, William Abbot of139-40, 144, 146
Forest family158
Forshill, Richard151
Forshull, Ralph de151
Fortescue, Frances166
Fortescue, Hugh166
Fouke, John134
French, Widow148
Fry, John167
Fry, Joseph Jnr143
Fry, William167
Frye, David135
Frye, Richard135
Frye, Robert135
Furshill, David de150
Fursehill, Richard de163
Furzehill, N133
Gammon, Amos149
Geen, Mr130
George II146
Gregory, Lewis146
Grenslade, Christian153
Griffiths, Henry146, 148
Grove, John167
Hallesworthy, Henry de155
Halliday, Rev W S120, 166-7
Hankford, Elizabeth151
Hankford, Richard151
Harcourt, Lord Chancellor142
Harding, John152
Harding, Philip152
Harding, Rev Richard152, 155
Harding, Robert152
Hardy, William143
Harrington, Lady Elizabeth140
Harrington, John140, 145
Harvey, William148
Henry I139
Henry IV134
Henry VI151
Henry VII134, 157
Henry VIII131, 134, 139-40, 144-5
Hill, Charles165
Hill, David133, 143, 146, 148
Hill, Mr129
Hill, William146
Holland, Anthony143
Holleworthy, David135
Holleworthy, John de135
Holleworthy, Johanna135
Hooper, david167
Hooper. Joan133, 143
Hooper, Peter143, 146, 148, 166
Hooper, Richard133, 152-3
Hooper, W133
Hunn, Elizabeth142
Hunn, Samuel142
Huxtable, Joan168
Incledon, Miss Francis147
James I162
Jeune, Ada, Medland144
Jeune, Evan B Esq144
Jeune, Rt Rev Francis144
Jeune, E B Esq115
John, King139, 163
Jones, D133
Jones, John152-3
Jones, Thomas133
Keal family158
Keal, Gabriel133
Keal, W133
Kelly, Anthony162
Kempe, Richard134
King, Mr R J122
Knight, Agnes147
Knight, David ar.134, 143, 149
Knight, David de Dene134
Knight family158
Knight, Mrs Izett158
Knight, John125, 143, 146-8, 152, 158, 165
Knight, John the younger158
Knight, Mary147
Knight, Mr Richard128, 158
Knight, Roger134
Knight, Rev Mr132
Knight, Walter143, 146, 149
Knight, William143, 147
Kyng, Adam134
Latham, Widow148
Leagh, Henry134
Lean, James133, 154, 158
Legh, William de134
Ley family158
Limebear, Joseph gent153
Litson, Anthony143, 149
Litson, Gabriel149
Litson, John132-3, 167
Litson, Mr William129, 132-3, 143, 146, 149
Litson, Mr William (2)132, 146
Litson, William (3)146
Lock family160
Lock, John132, 143
Lock, Mary143
Lock, Walter152
Lock, Mr William129-30, 132-3, 143, 152, 167
Lovering, Dorothy141, 153, 164-6
Lovering, Elizabeth141
Lovering family146
Lovering, John141, 153, 164-6, 168
Lovering, John (2)141, 165
Lovering, Richard151, 163
Lovering, Susanna141, 153, 164-5
Lovering, Venner141, 165
Lovet, Henry154-5
Lovet, Walter155
Lugg, Adam153
Lugg family164
Lyn, Cecilia de154
Lyn, Reginald de154-5
Lynton, Walter de134
Lysons brothers166
Machun, Richard134
Marshall, Charles147
Marshall, Nicholas141
Marwood, Elizabeth163
Marwood family163
Marwood, John163
Marwood, Walter163
Mary I145
Maton, Dr114
Mille, Henry atte134
Mogeford, Mathia159
Mogerige, John135
Moggeridge, David135
Moggridge, William167
Moore, Mr Stuart130
Morell, Elizabeth153
Morell, James153
Morell, William153
Mugford, Mr W E115
Murray, Oswyn A R Esq115
Musgrave, Samuel MD152-3
Newnes, Sir George137
Nicholas, Pope124, 144
Nicholls, Rev Edward128-9, 152-3
Northmore, Thomas141-2
Nott, John141
Oldham, Bishop145
Oliver, Dr140
Oliver, William143, 149
Orchard, Paul147
Palfreman, J167
Parkyn, John armig135
Parkyn, John Jnr135
Parminter, Richard141
Pasmore, Richard163
Paul, Anthony141
Pedler, Edmund (also Pedlar)143, 148
Philip & Mary157
Pine, Rev J132
Pointz, Petronel168
Pole, Sir William115, 154, 157, 161
Polwhele114, 116
Pomeraia, Ralph de (also Radulph)138, 160, 163
Pomeray, Henry de161
Pomeroy, family161
Pomeroy, Richard161
Popham family155
Popham, Mr128
Powell, Elizabeth168
Powell, George Wood168
Pugsley, Charles152
Punchard, J133
Pyn, Geoffrey de150, 155
Pyn, William151
Pyne, Augustus151
Pyne, Dorothy152
Pyne, Edward151-3
Pyne, Edward (2)152
Pyne family (also Pyn)151-2, 155
Pyne, Joan151
Pyne, John Esq151-2
Pyne, John (2)152
Pyne, Lewis151
Pyne, Nicholas151
Pyne, Philip151
Pyne, Ralph (also Pyn)151, 155
Pyne, Thomas151, 157
Pyne, William de155
Radcliffe, Jasper165
Radespraye, William de150
Radespree, Marioth de150
Rawell, John135
Rawle family168
Rawyle, David135
Richards, David146, 148
Richards, John120, 158
Richards, Richard152-3
Richards, W133
Risdon, Tristram115, 121, 154
Roe, Dora Medland144
Roe family158
Roe, Frances Gertrude152
Roe, John Colwill144
Roe, Mrs152
Roe, Mr Robert144, 152, 158, 164
Roe, Mr Robert Lock130
Roe, Mrs144, 167
Roe, Rev Thomas144, 167
Roffa, Solomon de130
Rogers, Philip147
Roke, David134
Roke, John134
Rolle, Dennis166
Rolle, Dorothy164, 166
Rolle, family153
Rolle, Samuel153, 164, 166
Rolle, Samuel (2)166
Rowe, James152
Sanders, Mr R F168
Sandford, Mrs132
Scoare family155
Score, John de Lynton134, 162
Score, Thomas134
Scott, Rev J J158
Shelford, Roger134
Short, Elizabeth142
Short family143, 147
Short, George142-3, 146
Short, John141-2, 147, 165
Short, John (2)142
Short, John (3)142
Short, John Jeffery142-3
Short, Mr127-30
Short, Samuel142
Short, William142
Slater, Mr152
Slocombe family168
Slocombe, Richard167
Somerset, Edward Duke of157
Soper, William le134
Sp'ang, Mauger de150
Spurrier family158
Squire, Peter143, 146, 148
Squire, Philip133
Squire, William133, 143, 147
St Albyn, Gilbert160
St Albyn, Mauger161
Stock, Thomas Dyer146
Stockhay, Joan de (also de Stockley159, 161
Stockhay, John de (also de Stockley)159, 161
Store, Robert124, 144-5
Stucley, Alice159, 161
Stucley, Hugh159, 161
Sudely, Grace de139
Sudely, William de (later Tracy)139
Sydenham, John152
Szoly, John135
Thorger, Richard163
Thorne, John147
Thorne, Walter167
Thorne, William134, 149
Tochesone, Ailward123, 138
Tomkins, Mr147
Totnes, Juhel de139
Tracy, Eva139
Tracy family138-9, 150
Tracy, Grace de139
Tracy, Henry de139, 163
Tracy, William de139
Tybbes, Robert145
Umberleigh family155
Vellacott family164
Vellacott, Hugh133, 152-3
Vellacott, John143, 146, 148
Vellacott, Mary148
Vellacott, Richard133, 143, 148
Vellacott, William133, 146, 148-9
Waelsing, Sigismund the122
Wales, Edward Prince of151
Walford, Mr Franklyn115
Ward, David135
Ward, John, armig135
Ward, John, Jnr135
Ward, R133
Warwick, Edward Earl of157
Webber, John146
Westcot, Grace165
Westcote115, 126, 161-2
Weston, John de151
Whale, Mr160, 163
Wichehalse family115, 126-7, 142, 144, 146, 162, 166
Wichehalse, Hugh140
Wichehalse, John128, 140, 164-5
Wichehalse, John (2)140-2
Wichehalse, Margaret162
Wichehalse, Mrs Mary142, 165
Wichehalse, Mary (2)165
Wichehalse, Nicholas131, 140, 162
Wichehalse, Nicholas Jnr140
Wichehalse, Thomas146
Wikes, Frances162
Wikes, Roger162
William I, the Conqueror123, 138
Willington, Isabel159, 161
Willington, Sir John159, 161
Wise, Oliver157, 159
Wise, Thomazin159
Worth, Mr R Hansford117, 119-21
Yeo, Beaple166
Yeo, Mary168
Yeo, William Arundell163, 166