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The parishes of Lynton and Countisbury, Part 2

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 38, (1906), plates: illus, maps, pp. 169-224.


John F. Chanter

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rev J F Chanter's second paper, read at the Association's Lynton meeting in July 1906 focussed upon the families, ecclesiastical history and local legends of the two parishes. The paper provides a number of pedigree and clergy lists. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Acland family170, 175, 182
Acland, Hugh Esq173, 175, 189
Acland, Margaret172-3
Acland, Mary173
Acland, Richard182
Acland, Susannah182
Almadge, R214
Apley, Robert172
Apsley, Sir Allan180
Auberley, Lord (fictional)169
Aye, Herbert Edwin, BA200
Babb, John176, 183
Babb, Ursula183, 185
Baker, Thomas208
Bale, David206-7, 216
Bale, George221
Bale, Hugh207
Bale, John216, 222
Bale, Mary215
Bale, Richard204, 222
Bale, William222
Ball, Agnes187
Ball, David187
Baller, Elizabeth182
Baller, Joseph182, 184
Barbor family182
Bardwell, Ann220
Bardwell, F220
Barnes, George, DD199, 215
Bartholomew, Frances Ann218
Bartholomew, John, MA217-8
Barwick, Thomas207
Bassett, Sir Roger190
Bath, Earl of175
Batson, Rev Christopher179
Baxter, Thomas216
Becket, Archbishop Thomas190
Berry, Anthony189, 207
Berry, Elizabeth186-7
Berry family177, 188-9
Berry, Frances189
Berry, Frances (2)189
Berry, Hugh189
Berry, Jane189
Berry, Jenkin189
Berry, John (also Berrie)189, 206
Berry, John (2)189
Berry, John (3)189
Berry, John (4)189
Berry, John (5)189
Berry, Margaret189
Berry, Margaret (2)189
Berry, Nicholas186-7
Berry, Robert189
Berry, Richard177, 189
Berry, Richard (2)189
Berry, Richard (3)189
Berry, Richard (4)189
Berry, Thomas189
Blackmore, Rev J195
Blackmore, John221
Blackmore, Mary195
Blackmore, R D169, 179
Bonville family170, 188
Boode, David206
Boyce, John195
Brantyngham, Bishop209
Brerewode, Thomas215
Bridgman, Jasper214
Briggs, A N Esq218
Bromham, David206
Brooke, Hugh206
Brooke, John192
Brooke, Sir John192
Brooke, Margaret192
Broomham, John206
Bromham, William206, 222
Bromholm, Edward (also Broomham)206
Bromholm, Mary213
Broomholme, David206
Bromholme, Hugh206-7
Bromholme, James206
Browning, George194
Browning, George (2)194
Browning, Honor194
Browning, Rev John, BA179, 194, 202, 204, 210-1, 213, 217-8
Buckingham, Mrs Joan195
Burgess, Alexander206
Burgess, Ann206
Burgess, John207, 214
Bushton, Robert221
Buston, John221
Campbell, Annie Phoebe218
Carwithen, Mary199
Chaldon, Mary175
Champernon, Arthur175
Chanter, C E Roberts Esq196
Charles II215-6
Chichester, Sir Arthur184
Chichester, Edward175
Chichester family170, 175
Chichester, Gregorie175
Chichester, Rev Henry179, 184
Chichester, Sir John Bt180
Chichester, Mary180
Clarke, Dr196
Clarke, John208, 223
Clement, Rev Thomas197
Coats, Hugh216
Coles, Mrs Elizabeth175
Collard, Mr210
Colley, Rev James195
Colley, Mrs Mary195
Colley, Rachel195
Colley, Susanna196
Colley, Rev Thomas MA195
Connop, Fanny Eliza200
Connop, Newell Esq200
Cooper, Dr183, 204
Copplestone, John DD216
Coterva, Hugh de190
Cottes, John206
Cotwell family170
Cotwell, Joan171
Courtice, Hugh207
Courtice, John207
Cox, Rev Alfred200
Cox, Cuthbert202
Cox, Cyril202
Cox, Denys202
Cox, Eustace202
Cox, Fanny Eliza200
Cox, Michael202
Cox, Patrick202
Cox, Stephen202
Cox, Rev Walter Eustace MA200, 202, 224
Crick, John208
Crocombe, Elizabeth198
Crocombe, John206-7, 222
Crocombe, Richard207, 219, 222
Crocombe, Thomas206-7, 222
Cutcliffe, John178
Dalby, Mr E201, 210
Darley, Ann193
Dart, Dorothy172
Dart, Grace187
Dart, Joan172
Dart, John172, 187
Dart, John (2)172
Davy, Richard200
Davy, William Tanner, MA200
Deamond, John174
Deamond, Lettice174
Delbridge, Bartholomew207
Delbridge, John208
Delbridge, Richard208
Dennis, Nicholas180
Dennis, Thomas180
Dier, Thomas206-7
Dodderidge, Dorothy182
Dodderidge, Pentecost, MP182
Doone, Lorna169-70
Dovell, John, gent197
Dovell, Rev John BA197
Dovell, Mary197
Drake, William178
Dyamond, Elizabeth192
Dyer, John (also Dier)205-7
Dyer, David192, 206
Eams, Michael206
Edward VI205, 219
Elizabeth I174-5, 190
Ellis, Lancelot176
Ellis, Mary185
Evans, Gawen216
Evans, Richard197
Evans, Thomazine197
Evans, William219
Exeter, John Bishop of190
Exeter, Bishop William of214
Fincher, Zenobia195
Fortescue, Anthony171
Fortescue, Ellen171
Fortescue, Sir Faithful174
Fortescue, Hugh174
Fortescue, Lettice174
Fortescue, Roger gent182
Fortescue, Susan182
Fry, John (also ffrye)204-5, 207, 219, 221-2
Fry, Richard (also ffrye)221
Fry, Thomas222
Fry, Walter206-7
Fry, William213, 221-2
Galway, Lord185
Gamin, Amos207
Gaming, Geoffrey (also Gamen)206-7
Gaye, Margaret187
George III223
Giffard, Caesar196
Giffard, Rachel196
Gill, William206
Gliddon, Mr John210
Gorges, Lord185
Graham, Robert223
Grandisson, Bishop191
Grant, Rev John195
Groase, John jnr207
Grose, John (also Groase)204, 206-7
Grose, Thomas204
Groves, John223
Grundy, Rev Matthew170
Hacche, Mr179
Halliday, Rev W S219, 223
Harding, Colonel219
Harding, Rev Richard199
Hardy, Nathaniel207, 214
Hartnoll, Mrs Joan195
Hartnoll, John195
Hartnoll, Rev John BA195
Hatch, Agnes186-7
Hatch, William186-7
Hawkeridge, Coplestone192
Hele, Sir Henry216
Hellier, William214
Henry VIII190, 215
Hensley, Edward189
Hensley, Jane189
Herries family204
Herries, Sir William201
Hewling, Captain181
Hill, Anthony206
Hill, David194, 207
Hill, Janifred194
Hill, John206
Hill, Robert205, 207
Hill, William208
Hingeston-Randolph, Canon F C191, 210
Hockley, Rev Albert Richards218
Hodge, Anthony206
Hole, Anne197
Hole, Archdeacon215
Hole, Charlotte Anne198
Hole, Elizabeth196
Hole, Rev Joshua MA196-8
Hole, Rev Richard BCL197, 215, 218
Hole, Thomazine197
Hole, Wilhelmina197
Hole, Wilhelmina (2)198
Hole, Rev William196-7
Holland, Anthony207
Holman, J W202
Hooper, Charles208
Hooper, David208
Hooper, John208
Hooper, Peter222
Hooper, Richard208
Hooper, William222
Houndons, Margaret187
Hume, W202
Hundell, Peter206
Huxtable, David206
I'Ans, Francis198
Ivie, Ann193, 195
Ivie, Rev James193
Ivie, Jonathan195
Jeffert, Humphrey173
Jenkins, Captain Robert Lovell198
Jenkins, Wilhelmina198
Johnson, John183
Johnson, Richard183
Johnson, Susanna199
Jones, John208, 222
Jones, Richard208
Jones, Thomas208
Jope, Mr210
Katenkamp, Hermann197
Katenkamp, Wilhelmina197
Keal, John208
Kebbye, Henry221
Kebbye, Jasper192
Kebbye, Robert192
Kekewich, Rev Charles, BA199, 204, 211, 218, 223
Kekewich, Frances195
Kekewich, Samuel199
Kekewich, Susanna199
Kekewich, William199
Kelley, Anthony189
Kelley, John222
Kelley, Richard222
Kelley, Walter213, 221-2
Kingston, Mr John220
Knight, Anthony221
Knight, David Snr (also Knyght)190, 202, 205, 207-8, 216
Knight, David, Jnr190
Knight, Elizabeth198
Knight family177, 189, 204, 223
Knight, Miss Frances190
Knight, Joan196, 198
Knight, John Esq190, 196-7, 202, 206-8, 213, 223
Knight, John jnr206
Knight, Margaret192
Knight, Mary197-8
Knight, Hon Mrs223
Knight, Richard, BA198, 208, 211
Knight, Richard (2)198
Knight, Roger190
Knight, Rev Thomas Henry200
Knight, Thomasine190
Knight, William198, 207
Lamplugh, Bishop Thomas216
Lang, Edmond206-7
Lang, Jane187
Lang, Philip187
Lang, William206
Latham, Richard206
Lawson, William Lipsett, MA200-1, 210, 215-6, 224
Lee, Richard Esq216
Lewis, Annie Phoebe218
Lewis, Arthur Milton218
Lewis, Henry218
Lewis, Hugh192
Lewis, John Walter218
Lewis, Margaret Campbell218
Lewis, Rev T179
Lewis, Rev Walter Allen, MA218
Ley, Rev Thomas198
Ley, Rev Thomas, BA198, 218
Lichton, Gabriel (also Litson)206-7
Litson family223
Litson, Henry222
Litson, Hugh208
Litson, John205-7, 222
Litson, Richard208, 222
Litson, William208, 223
Lock family204
Lock, Mr John snr208, 215
Lock, John, jnr208
Lock, William219, 222
Long, Thomas216
Lord, Richard208
Lovering, Dorothy182
Lovering, Dorothy (2)182
Lovering, Elizabeth181-2, 184
Lovering family182, 184
Lovering, John181-3
Lovering, John (2)182
Lovering, Susannah182
Lovering, Venner182
Maine, Bartholomew206
Maior, Thomas206
Mallet, Giles215-6
Mallet, Hugh214
Mallet, Oliver214
Marwood, Elinor173
Marwood family169-70
Marwood, John173
Marwood, Margery209
Marwood, Walter Esq209
Mary I171
Meine, William206
Mears & Stainbank, Messrs202
Moggis, Walter221
Moggridge, William222
Monk, Mary173
Monk, Thomas173
Monmouth, Duke of181
Morrice, Elizabeth192-3
Morrice, Joan193
Morrice, John192-3
Morrice, Marye193
Morrice, Nicholas177, 192, 211, 217
Morrice, Nicholas (2)193
Morrice, Richard193
Morrice, Thomas193
Mugford, Mr216
Mundy, Mary199
Mundy, Matthew, RN199
Mundy, Rev Matthew, MA183, 185, 199-200. 211, 217-8, 223
Newnes, Sir George210
Nicholas, Pope191
Nicholls, Edward196
Nicholls, Edward MA196, 208, 211, 214
Nicholls, Rev Edward195-7, 223
Nicholls, Joan196
Nicholls, Mary196
Nicholls, William196
Nickals, Mr219
Northcote, Sir Arthur216
Northmore, Thomas184
Nott, Alexander187
Nott, Alice187
Oatway, Colonel Charles185
Olack, Rev W C199
Oliver, Elizabeth208
Oliver, Rev George219
Orchard, Stephen187
Osborne, Elizabeth187, 214
Osborne, Hugh186-7, 214
Osborne, Jane186, 214
Osborn, John214
Osborn, Julian214
Palfreman, John222
Parkin, Nicholas219
Parkman, John217
Parkman, William214, 217, 222
Parr, Bartholomew198
Parrett, John207
Pasmere, Richard209
Patch, James199
Patch, Mary199
Pearce, Thomas207
Pedlar, Edmund194
Pedlar, Janifred (also Genefred)194
Periam, William206
Peverell, Alicia171
Pile, George206-7
Pile, George Snr207
Plantagenet family188
Pole, Sir William186
Pomeroy, Dorothy175
Pomeroy family170, 202
Pomeroy, Thomas175
Poole, Sir Courtney216
Popham, Agnes186-7, 214
Popham, Agnes (2)187
Popham, Alice187
Popham, Christian187
Popham, Eglyn186-7
Popham, Elizabeth186-7, 214
Popham family177, 186, 188
Popham, Grace187
Popham, Mr Hugh186-7, 206, 214, 222
Popham, Hugh (2)187-8, 214
Popham, Jane186-7, 214
Popham, Jane (2)187
Popham, Joan187
Popham, Joane187
Popham, John186-7, 215
Popham, John (2)186
Popham, John (3)187
Popham, Margaret187
Popham, Richard, gent186-7, 204, 206, 214
Pophm, Richard (2)187-8
Popham, Walter186-7, 214
Popham, Walter (2)187
Popham, William187
Popham, William (2)187
Potter, George215-6
Powell, Rev E H199
Prous, John jnr207
Prowse, Robert172-3
Pugsley, Nicholas207
Punchard, John207
Pyne family175
Pyne, George Esq172
Pyne, Philip Esq172, 175
Radford, Anne197
Radford, Rev W197
Rake, John195
Rake, Samuel195
Raleigh family170
Rall, David221
Rall, Thomas206
Ramsay, Colonel209
Rawle family186
Rawle, Joan187
Rawle, John208, 221
Rawle, Thomas221
Reichel, Rev O J190
Reed, John216
Richards, Andrew207
Ridd, John208
Robbins, Walter197
Robbins, Rev William, BA197-8
Robinson, Mr Alexander207
Robinson, Rev H M, DD200
Roe family204
Roe, Mrs Mary198
Roe, Rev Thomas198
Rolle, Dorothy182
Rolle family182
Rolle, Samuel182
Rolle, Samuel (2)182
Rolle, Venner Lovering182
Rudd, Alexander206-7
Salisbury, Katherine172-3
Salisbury, Mary173
Salisbury, Robert172
Sancto Gorono, Richard de191
Saunders, Mr181-2
Saunders, Susan182
Scoare, John206
Scoory, John (also Score)205
Scott, Rev J J199, 224
Scott, Rev W200
Sedding, Mr J D202
Sende, David206
Seymour, Sir Edward216
Shergold, John BA194, 218
Shore, John206
Short, John184
Slee, Elizabeth187
Slee, John187, 206, 216
Slocombe, Christopher219, 222
Slocombe family220
Slocombe, Hugh220, 222
Slocombe, John220
Slocombe, Richard213, 219-20, 222
Sloly, David206
Sloggett, Thomas222
Smale, Mary179
Smith, James DD (also Smyth)215-6
Smith, John220
Smith, Thomas222
Southcombe, Elizabeth196
Southcombe, Rev Lewis196
Spurrier, Dorcas207
Squire, Elizabeth204
Squire, Henry214
Squire, John208
Squire, Rev John Franklin Snr199
Squire, John Franklin, MA199
Squire, Peter204, 207
Squire, Philip206-7
Squire, Steven206-7
Squire, William206, 208
Stafford, Bishop210
St Albyn, John187
St Albyn, Joan187
Stapledon, Mr W P210
Steed, Ann195
Steed, Mrs Anne195
Steed, Benjamin195
Steed, Ezekial195
Steed, Frances195
Steed, John195
Steed, Rev Thomas, BA195-6, 218
Steed, Thomas (2)195
Steed, Zenobia195
Stevens, John (also Stephyn)206, 214
Stofford, John gent214
Street, Hugh222
Stuart, Sir Simon220
Sydenham, Joan187
Sydenham, John187
Thomas, John222
Thomas, Robert208
Thomas, William222
Thorne, John221
Thorne, Nicholas222
Thorne, Thomas213, 222
Thorne, Walter222
Thornton, Rev W H199
Tomkins, Chichester185
Tomkins, Mr Henry185
Tomkins, Miss Mary185-6
Tooker, Edward206
Tracy, Alan de190-1
Tracy, Henry de190
Tracy, William de190
Trevanion family171
Triggs, Ann193
Triggs, Ann (2)194
Triggs, Elizabeth194
Triggs, Erissy193
Triggs, John194
Triggs, Rev Robert193-4, 210-1, 214, 216-7
Triggs, Robert (2)193-4
Tripp, Rev Charles, DD218
Tripp, Frances Ann218
Trott, John186
Trott, Sarah186
Trott, William186
Troup, Mrs Rose199
Tucker, Richard208
Vellacott, Alexander204, 207
Vellacott, John206-8, 222
Vellacott, Mary198
Vellacott, Richard206-8
Venner, Colonel181
Venner, Elizabeth178, 181-2
Venner, Elizabeth (2)182
Venner family170, 178, 180-4
Venner, John178, 182
Venner, Mary178, 182
Venner, Mr179
Venner, Susan181-2
Venner, Susannah182
Venner, William178, 181-2
Venner, William (2)182
Wade181, 183
Walrond, Ellen171
Walrond, Humphrey171
Walrond family170
Ward, Anthonye221
Ward, Richard208
Welsh family of Pylton170
Welsh, Mary172
Welsh, Richard172
West, Thomas197
Westcott, Rev George179
Whiddon, Richard216
Whitfill, Robert221
Wichehalse, Alicia171
Wichehalse, Arthur177-8
Wichalse, Bennet171
Wichehalse, Bennet171
Wichehalse, Bridget178
Wichehalse, Charles185
Wichehalse, Dorothy175
Wichehalse, Edward178
Wichehalse, Sir Edward169
Wichehalse, Mrs Elizabeth175
Wichehalse, Ellen171
Wichehalse family169-71, 176, 181-4, 186, 202
Wichehalse, Mrs Grace179-80, 182
Wichehalse, Henry171, 185
Wichehalse, Hugh Esq169, 175, 177-8, 202-3, 206
Wichehalse, Hugh (2)180
Wichehalse, Baron Hugh de169
Wichehalse, Jennifred (fictitious)169, 185
Wichehalse, Joan171, 173
Wichehalse, John171-3, 178-83
Wichehalse, John (2)173, 180, 182
Wichehalse, Captain John185
Wichehalse, Katherine172
Wichehalse, Lettice174
Wichehalse, Lettice (2)174
Wichehalse, Marwood de169-70
Wichehalse, Margaret172-3, 189
Wichehalse, Mary169, 172-3, 175, 178-86
Wichehalse, Mr179
Wichehalse, Mrs184
Wichehalse, Nicholas, Esq171-2, 174-5, 207
Wichehalse, Nicholas (2), gent171-4, 189
Wichehalse, Nicholas (3)171, 173-4
Wichehalse, Philip175
Wichehalse, Robert171, 173, 175, 178
Wichehalse, Thomas gent171, 179, 213
Wichehalse, William171
Widden, David207, 214, 222
Wikes, Frances189
Wikes, Roger189
Wilkins, Timothy208
Williams, Anthony193, 211, 217
Williams, T H177
Wilson, Mr H202
Wise, John Henry BA217-8
Woode, Edward214-5
Worth, Mr R Hansford209
Zachary, Marian216
Zellack, Richard216