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Help and advice for Lynton - Will of Charlotte Wickey, Widow of Lynmouth (1839)

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Will of Charlotte Wickey, Widow of Lynmouth

Proved 7 March 1839

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1908/397, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

In the Name of God Amen I Charlotte Wickey Widow now living at Lynmouth in the County of Devon being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament written by myself ffirst I commit my Soul to Almighty God praying most solemnly and devoutly for pardon and forgiveness of all my Sins and in full hope of a joyfull Resurrection through Jesus Christ my Saviour I appoint my dear Brother William Henery Wickey my Executor ffirst I give and bequeath to my dear Sister Margaret Stable £300 3 1/2 Pr Cts desiring at her death she will leave it to her daughter ffanny To my dear Niece and Goddaughter Charlotte Homfray I give and bequeath £200 3 ½ Pr Cts To my dear Nephew John Wickey I give and bequeath £200 3 ½ Pr Cts To my dear Niece ffanny Stable I give and bequeath £300 3 ½ Pr Cts To my Nephew and Godson John Wickey Stable I give and bequeath £100 3 ½ Pr Cts and my 3 Silver Waiters To my Niece ffanny Deane my dear Husband's Goddaughter I give and bequeath £100 3 ½ Pr Cts To my dear Sister Jane Wickey I give and bequeath £100 3 ½ Pr Cts To my Niece Louisa Stable I give and bequeath £30 To my Niece Jane Homfray I give and bequeath £20 and a small Ring with her Mother's hair To my Nephew W A Deane £30 To my valued friend C E Palmer I give £20 and my Silver Teakettle To his Wife my dear ffriend ff Palmer I give £20 and my largest Silver Tea Pot To their Son C E Palmer my dear Husband's Godson I give £20 & my Silver Breadbasket To their Daughter my dear ff E Palmer I give £20 & my Silver Cruet Stand To my friend E Walters I give £20 To my friends Servants I give £10 each To Mrs Elizabeth Anthony my dear Husband's Cousin I give £10 To Mary Williams Daughter of my old friend Mrs S Williams I give £10 [To my old and valued Servant Margaret Payne I give £50 4 Tables 6 Silver Tea Spoons] To my old & valued Servant Mary Wootton I give £50 & 4 Tables & 6 Silver Tea Spoons To Sarah Lord I give £40 To Ellis Cutlan Son of William Cutlan Carpenter I give £50 when he attains the age of twenty one hoping it will enable him to get his living [To Elizabeth Carter of Pilton Mother of Philip Carter I give £10]To Phillip Carter and his Wife Hannah Carter I give £10 each To the Revd Mr Mundy I give £10 a trifling remembrance of his kind attentions To my friend & Neighbour Mrs E Cudlipp I give my Silver Coffee and smallest Silver Tea Pots I wish to be buried with my beloved Husband and in the same plain manner in Barnstaple Church Yard & that our respected friend the Revd H Luarmore will accept of £20 for something in remembrance of both ( I desire that all the Legacies below one hundred pounds 3 ½ Pr Cts may be paid without deducting Legacy Duty) everything else I die possessed of after paying my just debts I give and bequeath to my dear Brother & appoint him sole Executor Charlotte Wickey Witnessed by M L Froude _ Mary Blackmore Lynmouth July 7 1835

Memorandum My large Diamond Ring with my dear Husband's Hair I think my dear Sister Jane Wickey will value for both our sakes My Diamond Hoop Ring I give to my dear friend ffanny Palmer My Cloths to be divided between my Servants To my old Servant Ann Shapland of Tawton I give £2 William Cutlan his Wife and their Son Ellis to have £5 each for Mourning & if I die at Lynmouth W Cutlan to make my Coffin Lynmouth May 1 1837 Charlotte Wickey

(Affidavit of due execution of Codicil sworn by William Henry Wickey of Barnstaple the Brother on 11 February 1839. Testatrix died on 2 January 1839. Bequests which were crossed through were because beneficiary had died in the lifetime of the Testatrix)

Proved at London with a Codicil 7 March 1839