Lynton 1850


      From William White's Gazetteer & Directory of Devon 1850

      Transcribed by John Bishop

Slightly abridged, indicated  by..............., names in inverted commas 
after a person's name refer to houses or farms.
This type of bracket {} is a modern note.
This type of bracket () is in the original

18 miles West of Minehead ..............situated on a high hill immediately
above the little seaport, fishing station, and delightfull bathing place of 
Lynmouth........The parish of  Lynton is  subject to the port of Barnstaple
" contains 1027 inhabitants & about 7000 acres of land including
Lynmouth, Ilkerton, many scattered houses and a large tract of high
moorland hills & wastes, .....................
The rivers {East Lyn & West Lyn} produce Salmon & Trout, & there is a
herring fishery in the channel. {Bristol Channel}.
The Rev. Thomas Roe is lord of the manor & owner of a great part of the
parish. The church (St. Mary),has a tower & 3 bells, & was enlarged by the
addition of 2 isles in 1817 & 1833. The perpetual curacy, valued at £120.
is united with that of Countisbury, in the patronage of the Archdeacon of
Barnstaple & incumbency of  the Rev. Matthew Mundy M.A.The tithes have been
commuted for £274 per annum & belong with a glebe of 100 a. to the
Archdecon, but are held by a lessee. 
The "National School" was established in 1818. & a new building erected for
it in 1844. A handsome "Independent Chapel" was built here in 1850 in the
early English style at a cost of £400.  
(Marked * are at Lynmouth, and the rest at Lynton or where specified.) 

Barley, Chas .Esq.
* Bale, Eliz.                          Stocking Knitter.
Collard, Wlm.                          "Combe Park"
Cowell, Wm.  M.D.
Hayes, Rev. H.H.
Herries,  Major General Sir Wlm. L.,   K.C.H
*Hunter, Stephen,                       Coast Guard
Litson, J. surveyor & co.             "Croft House"
Mundy, Rev. Mattw M.A.                 Incumbent
*O'Neil, Mr. John        
Powell Rev. Edw. H.   BA.              Curate
*Rawdon Col. J. Dawson.                MP
Rendle, W.                             Plumber. ironmonger etc.
Robinson, Mr.
*Roe Rev. Thomas   (& Brendon)

LYNTON cont.
Roe, John C. Esq.                      "Woolhanger"  {farm name}
Sanford,  Mrs. Mary.                   "Lynton Cottage"
Slater, John.  corn miller
Toone, Mrs & Miss                Boarding school {MRS & MISS}
*Trix, Hy.                       Stationer, & bath & library owner
Westcott, George,                Saddler & co.

FARMERS  (+ = at Ilkerton)
Baker, James
Bromham, M.C.
Burnell, Wm.                    "Kibsworthy"
Challacombe, Wlm. 
Jones, Rd.
Jones, Wlm.
Latham, Wlm.
Pyle, James.                     "East Lyn"
+Squire, John
+Squire, Pp.
Turner, Wm.                      "West Lyn"
+Trapper, Thomas.
Vellaccott, Jas.
Ward, Richard.                   "West Lyn"

Castle Hotel,                     Thomas Baker.
Crown Hotel,                      Wm. Crook
Globe Inn,                        David Hill
*Lyndale Hotel,                   Nicholas Jones. (Bathing machine owner)
Litson's Valley of Rocks Hotel.   N. Jones
*Rising Sun,                      John Boyle.

Greer,  George.
Heywood,  James

Bale,  John
Heywood,  James  (& portr. & co..dir.)

Burnell,  John.
Burnell, Wlm.

Allen, John
Hooper, John
Hooper, Wm.
Lord, Joseph
Rawle, Wm.

Crick, John
Jones, Nicholas.
Jones,  Robert

LYNTON cont.
Crick, John
Latham, Wm.

Fry, George.
*Heywood, Jas.
Latham, Wm.
Southwood, John.
Ward, Wm.

Arnold, David
*Bevan, Thomas.
*Blackmoore, My
Branch, Edw.
Busby, Chas.
Catlin, Wlm.
Fry, Charles.
*Fry, Charlotte
*Fry,  H.
Geen, Thomas.           {not gReen}
*Geen,  T . jun.
Gill, Mary.
Jones, Mary Ann
Litson, John
*Litson, William        "Prospect House"
Richards, Wm.
Shute, Joseph.
Taylor, Mary

*Apley, Fdk. G.
*Bale, Henry.
Blackmore, Wm.
*Corbett, Mary.

Bencraft, Henry.
Clarke, John
Mansell, --------

At Mrs Maria Litson's. Letters via Minehead

Wm. Richards, to Barnstaple, Tuesday & Friday
Brian Randell, 10 Dec 2008