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Help and advice for Malborough: Sir Edmund Fortescue and the Siege of Fort Charles: index

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Name Index


Sir Edmund Fortescue and the Siege of Fort Charles

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 9, (1877), pp. 336-350


Oaul Q Karkeek

Prepared by Michael Steer

Salcombe Castle or Fort Charles is a ruined fortification just off North Sands at Salcombe. It was constructed during the reign of Henry VIII, to defend the Kingsbridge estuary against French and Spanish pirates. It was the last place to hold out in the Royal cause against the Parliamentarian troops in the Civil War. Sir Edmund Fortescue was ordered to hold it in 1643, when nearby Plymouth rose against the king. He rebuilt the castle and named it "Fort Charles". It was besieged from January to May 1646, and surrendered only because all other royalist strongholds had been overrun. The garrison were allowed to withdraw with colours flying. After the War the castle was "slighted" (ruined) on the orders of Parliament. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Bailey, George 339
Barnes, Master William 338-9
Bassett, Arthur Esq 338-9
Bates 349
Batten, Admiral 346
Bavaria, Duke of 339
Bedford, Earl of 336
Bedlake, Captain 338
Bidlake, Henry 339
Blacket, Patrick 344
Bordfedd, Matthew 344
Browne, Briant 344
Browne, Briant the younger 344
Browne, Henry 344
Browne, Mary 344
Casey, Sir Henry 341
Cause, Thomas 344
Champernon, Captain (also Colonel) 338-9
Champernon, Master 338
Charles I 343, 349
Charles II 350
Clermont, Lord 336, 342
Cookworthy, James 344
Cookworthy, William 344
Cownes, James 344
Cross, Peter 344
Dackum, James 344
Davye, Peter 344
Doues, Captain 344
Drake, Bartholomew 337
Elizabeth I 341
Essex, Earl of 340-1
Evans, John 344
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 342, 344-6, 350
Fitzjames, Major 341
Ford, Lieutenant John 344
Fortescue, Sir Edmund throughout
Fortescue family 336
Fortescue, John 336, 339, 350
Fortescue, Captain Peter 338-9, 344
Fortescue, Colonel Richard 336
Fortescue, Mr Thomas 344
Fortescue, Sarah 336
Fortescue, W B Esq 342, 349
Frost, James 344
Frost, John 344
Giles, Hercules 344
Goold, Captain 337-8
Goss, Stephen 344
Gould, John 344
Haedway, Hugh 344
Halle, Captain Edmond 346, 349
Harris, Hugh 344
Harris, John 344
Hawkins 342, 345-6, 350
Hearne 341
Hele, Sir Thomas 340-1
Hemmerson, Ensign 341
Henry VIII 341
Hill, Master 338
Hingston, Phillip 346
Hingston, Roger 346
Hodge, John 344
Hooper, William 339
Hopton, Sir Ralph 336-7, 340-1
Hupkins, Thomas 344
Hupkins, Zachary 344
Inglesby, Colonel 346-7
Joynter, Peter 344
Kingston, Captain George 344, 348
Kingston, George the younger 344
Lamble, Richard 344
Lee, Thomas 339
Lidstone, Arthur 344
Lightfoot, Thomas 344
Lindon, George 344
Luckner, Sir Christopher (also Lukener) 344, 346, 348-9
Martin, Richard 344
Maurice, Prince 339-41
Mayle, Lawrence 344
Merrifield, Walter 344
Michellmore, Peter 344
Morgan, Andrewe 344
Nugent, Robert 344
Overton, Henry 337
Pearce, Major Richard 346, 349
Penrose, William gent 339
Perradey, Hugh 344
Peterfield, Captain 344
Phillips, Thomas 344
Pim, Captain 337-8
Port, Nathaniel 344
Powell, John 344
Pomeroy, Captain Hugh 338-9
Potter, Mr George 345
Powett, Captain 344
Prideaux, Edmund 336
Prideaux, Sarah 336
Prince, John 350
Prittiejohn, Robert 344
Quarme, Thomas 344
Ranfield 341
Rhine, Count Palatine of the 339
Roch, Captain 344
Rupert, Prince 340
Rushworth 338
Ruthven, Colonel 336, 338
Scobble, Arthur 344
Seymour, Master Edward 338-9
Seymour, Sir Edward Bt 337-41
Sheptoe, Master 338
Shipcot, Thomas Esq 339
Short, Thomas 339
Slanning, Sir Nicholas 337
Small, Michael 344
Snell, Mr John 344, 348
Stamford, Earl of 336
Stephenson, Major 344
Stock, Master 337
Stodard, Samuel 344
Stone, John 344
Stuart family 342
Syms, Major 344
Terrye, Elizabeth 344
Terrye, Robert 344
Thomson, Captain 337-8
Tirman, Major Edmund 339
Turner 341
Viccars 336
Wagstaffe 341
Wakeham, Thomas 344
Warburton 340
Warren, Robert Esq 339
Weldon, Colonel Ralph 346-9
Weymouth, Alex 344
Winter, Richard 344
Wise, Christopher 344
Wolver, Richard 344
Wood, Captain Thomas 339
Worcester, Marquis of 345
Yeabsly, Edward 344