Pedigree of the Family of Bartlett of Marldon

Descent of the Late John Adams Bartlett, Esq., of Liverpool, From King Edward I

Copied by William Bartlett of Liverpool (with additions and notes)
from a pedigree sent by Mr Edward Freeman of Lostwithiel, Surgeon,
to the Rev. Jacob Bickford Bartlett of St Mary Church A.D. 1790

Privately printed (1893)

Index prepared by Sheila Jones


Subject Page(s)
Adams, Christian, wife of Thomas Bartlett 6
Adams, Christopher of Upton Pyne (Devon) 6
Adams, Mary (1690-1782), daughter of Christopher Adams and his wife Mary, wife (married 1728) of Rev James Salter 6
Adams, Mary, wife of Christopher Adams 6
Archdekne, Philippa, daughter of Sir Warren Archdekne, second wife of Sir Hugh Courtenay 2
Archdekne, Sir Warren of Haccombe 2
Auny, Emiline d', daughter of Sir John d'Auny, wife of Sir Edward Courtney 2
Bartlett, Elizabeth (ca 1760-1824), daughter of Jacob Bartlett and Mary Salter , wife of first cousin John Bartlett 6
Bartlett, Jacob of Westhill House (St Mary Church, Devon) (ca 1732-1808), son of William Bartlett and Mary Bickford, husband of firstly Mary Salter and secondly Mary Cocking 6
Bartlett, John Adams of Liverpool (1786-1855), eldest son of John Bartlett and Elizabeth Bartlett, husband of Mary Woods 6
Bartlett, John of Teignmouth (Devon) (ca 1748-1835), third son of Thomas Bartlett and Christian Adams, husband of first cousin Elizabeth Bartlett, feoffee of Teignmouth Church 6, 8
Bartlett, Thomas of Marldon (Devon), husband of (second wife) Christian Adams 6, 8
Bartlett, William of Westhill House (St Mary Church, Devon) and formerly of Marldon (Devon), husband of Mary Bickford 6
Bartlett, William, of Highfield House, Knotty Ash, Liverpool (1899) 8
Beaumont, Sir John of Sherwill 2
Beaumont, Maud (Matilda) (died 1467), daughter of Sir John Beaumont, third wife of Sir Hugh Courtenay 2
Bickford, Mary, wife of William Bartlett 6
Bohun, Humphrey de (senior), father of Humphrey de Bohun 1
Bohun, Humphrey de (1276-1321/2), 4th Earl of Hereford and 3rd Earl of Essex, eldest son of Humphrey de Bohun and his wife Maude, second husband of Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet 1
Bohun, Margaret de (died 1391), second and youngest daughter of Humphrey de Bohun and Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet, married (1325) Hugh de Courtenay 2, 7
Bohun, Maude de, wife of Humphrey de Bohun (senior) 1
Boscawen, John of Tregothnan (Cornwall) (died 1524), first husband of Margaret Trethurffe 3
Buller, Alexander of Lillesdon (Somerset), husband of Elizabeth Horsey (second wife) 3
Buller, Francis of Shillingham and Tregarrick (Cornwall) (ca 1545-1615), second son of Richard Buller, husband of Thomasine Williams 4
Buller, Katherine (ca 1600-1686), eldest daughter of Sir Richard Buller and Alice Hayward, wife of James Parker 4, 7
Buller, Richard of Shillingham (St Stephen-juxtra-Saltash, Cornwall) and Tregarrick (Penlynt, Cornwall) (died 1555), second son of Alexander Buller and Elizabeth Horsey, third husband of Margaret Trethurffe 3
Buller, Sir Richard of Shillingham (ca 1578-1640), eldest son of Francis Buller and Thomasine Williams, husband of Alice Hayward, MP and Sheriff for Cornwall 4
Carminowe, Jane, wife of Thomas Carminowe 3
Carminowe, Margaret (born ca 1422), eldest daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Carminowe and his wife Jane, wife of Sir High Courtenay of Boconnoc 3
Carminowe, Thomas of Carminowe (Cornwall) (died 1442/3) 3
Cocking, Mary, widow, second wife (married 1795) of Jacob Bartlett 6
Cogan, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Miles Cogan, wife of firstly Sir Fulk Fitzwarren and secondly Sir Hugh Courtenay (died without issue) 2
Cogan, Sir Miles 2
Courtenay, Agnes de, wife of Hugh de Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devonshire 2
Courtenay, Sir Edward of Godlington (died 1372), third son of Hugh de Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devonshire and Margaret de Bohun, husband of Emiline d'Auny, brother of Sir Peter Courtenay 2
Courtenay, Edward of Lanrake (Cornwall), second husband of Margaret Trethurffe 3
Courtenay, Elizabeth, fourth daughter and ultimate heiress of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnoc and Margaret Carminowe, sister of the Earl of Devon, wife of John Trethurffe 3
Courtenay, Hugh de, 1st Earl of Devonshire 2
Courtenay, Hugh de (1308-1377), 2nd Earl of Devonshire and Baron Courtenay of Okehampton, son of Hugh de Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devonshire and Agnes his wife, husband of Margaret de Bohun 2, 7
Courtenay, Sir Hugh of Haccombe and Boconnoc (Cornwall) (died 1425), second son of Sir Edward Courtenay and Emiline d'Auny, husband of firstly Elizabeth Cogan, secondly Philippa Archdekne, thirdly Maud (Matilda) Beaumont 2
Courtenay, Sir Hugh of Boconnoc (Cornwall) (ca 1427-1471), son of Sir Hugh Courtenay and Maud (Matilda) Beaumont, husband of Margaret Carminowe 3
Courtenay, Sir Peter, brother of Sir Edward Courtenay 2
Crewse, Emelyn, daughter and coheiress of William Crewse, wife of Thomas Williams 4
Crewse, William of Chymley (Devon) 4
Elanor of Castile (married 1254, died 1290), daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile and Joanna his second wife, first wife of Edward I 1
Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III 1
Fathers, Alice, second daughter of Rev John Fathers and his wife Elizabeth 7
Fathers, Elizabeth, first wife of Rev John Fathers 7
Fathers, Katherine (1653-1723/4), eldest daughter of Rev John Fathers and Cordelia Parker , wife of Rev James Salter 5, 7
Fathers, Rev John (ca 1598-before 1689), husband firstly of Elizabeth (surname unknown), secondly of Cordelia Parker, BA, MA (Oxford), "of Somerset", Vicar 5, 7, 8
Ferdinand III of Castile 1
Fitzwarren, Sir Fulk, first husband of Elizabeth Cogan 2
Hayward, Alice, daughter and coheiress of Sir Rowland Hayward and Katharine Smith, also coheiress of brother Sir John Hayward 4
Hayward, Sir John, son of Sir Rowland Hayward, brother of Alice Hayward 4
Hayward, Sir Rowland, husband of Katharine Smith (second wife), Alderman and Lord Mayor of City of London 4
Horsey, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Horsey, second wife of Alexander Buller 3
Horsey, Sir John 3
Joanna, wife of Ferdinand III of Castile 1
John, Count of Holland, first husband of Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet 1
Margaret of France, daughter of Philip III of France, second wife of Edward I 1
Panchard, Joan, wife of Venerable William Parker 4
Parker, Cordelia (1631-1689), daughter of James Parker and Katherine Buller, second wife (married 1651) of Rev John Fathers 5, 7
Parker, James of Tregoff (Warleggan, Cornwall) and Blisland (Cornwall) (1590-1672), son and heir of the Venerable William Parker and Joan Panchard, husband of Katherine Buller 4
Parker, Venerable William, DD, Rector of Blisland 1601 and Archdeacon of Cornwall 1616, husband of Joan Panchard 4
Philip III of France 1
Pike, Rev William, Rector of Stoke Climsland 8
Plantagent, Edward I (1239-1307), son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. Husband of Eleanor of Castile and Margaret of France 1
Plantagenet, Lady Elizabeth (1282-1316), youngest (third?) daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, called "the Welshwoman", wife firstly of John Count of Holland (married 1297, no issue), secondly of Humphrey de Bohun 1, 7
Plantagent, Henry III 1
Salter, Rev James (ca 1650-1718/9), Master of Exeter Grammar School, Vicar of St Mary Church (Devon) 1688-1718/9, husband of Katherine Parker 5, 8
Salter, Rev James (1694/5-1767), son of Rev James Salter (sen.) and Katherine Parker, BA (Oxford), Vicar of St Mary Church (Devon) 1718/9-1767, husband of Mary Adams 6
Salter, Mary (ca 1729/30-1791), only child and heiress of Rev James Salter and Mary Adams, first wife (married 1758) of Jacob Bartlett 6
Smith, Katharine, daughter of Thomas Smith, second wife of Sir Rowland Hayward 4
Smith, Thomas 4
St Aubyn, John 3
St Aubyn, Margaret, daughter and coheiress of John St Aubyn, wife of Reginald Trethurffe 3
Trethurffe, John of Trethurffe (in Lanrake, Cornwall) (died 1510), son of Reginald Trethurffe and Margaret St Aubyn, husband of Elizabeth Courtenay 3
Trethurffe, Margaret (ca 1503-1576), second and youngest daughter and coheiress of Thomas Trethurffe and Margaret Trevisa, wife of firstly John Boscawen, secondly Edward Courtenay of Lanrake and thirdly Richard Buller 3
Trethurffe, Reginald, husband of Margaret St Aubyn 3
Trethurffe, Thomas (ca 1477-1529), eldest son of John Trethurffe and Elizabeth Courtenay, husband of Margaret (Maude) Trevisa 3
Trevisa, Margaret, wife of Trethurffe, heiress to Crocadon House, St Mellion (Cornwall) 3
Williams, Thomas of Stowford (Hartford, Devon) and of the Inner Temple, London, MP for Exeter, Speaker of the House of Commons 4
Williams, Thomasine (died 1627), daughter of Thomas Williams and Emelyn Crewse, wife of Francis Buller 4
Woods, Mary, wife of William Woods 6
Woods, Mary (1798-1879), only daughter of William Woods and his wife Mary, wife (married 1824) of John Adams Bartlett 6
Woods, William of Liverpool 6