Transcribed from William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire 1850, by Terry Partridge.

MARLDON, a small village, 5 miles E.N.E. of Totnes, has in its parish 470 souls, and 2254 acres of land, including the village of Compton, a mile N. by W. of the church. Parkfield House is the pleasant seat of Francis Garrett, Esq., who owns a great part of the parish, and, a few years ago, purchased the ancient mansion called Compton Castle, now occupied by his gardener. This castellated house was the seat of Sir Maurice de Pole, in the reign of Henry II., and it was afterwards held by the Comptons, Gilberts, and Templers. The manor of Stanton belongs to Chas. H. Mallock, Esq ; and Wm. Randell, Esq., and several smaller freeholders have estates here. The Church is an ancient structure, with a tower and four bells, and the benefice is a curacy annexed to the vicarage of Paignton. The poor have 1½A of land, given by an unknown donor, and 6s. 8d. yearly from Kelly's Gift (Brixham).


In the following Directory those marked thus * are in Compton.

* Adams Richard, smith & shopkpr
Archer Benjamin, beer seller
Bishop Richard, cider merchant
Bridgman Thos. vict. Royal Oak
* Bussell Fanny, corn miller
Garrett Fras., Esq., Parkfield House
Lidstone Robert, shopkeeper
* Matthews Robert, gardener
Neck John, shoemaker
* Neck Samuel, shoemaker
Palk Charles, butcher
Partridge Peter, vict. Church House
Rawl Wm. tailor
Shears Wm. parish clerk
* Smith Wm. wheelwright
* White Thomas, mason
Youldon Nicholas, shoemaker

* Anthony Richard
Barlett Jacob
Barlett -
Bond John
Bowden John
Browse Wm.
* Dimond John
Northcott Thos.
* Otteway Wm.
Pook Charles
Sampson Wm.
Whiteway Robert
Upcott John Kingdon