Kelly's Directory of Barnstaple and Neighbourhood (1941)


4 miles north-north-west from Barnstaple.

[Includes Milltown and Muddiford]

Transcribed, with the publisher's permission, by

Jonathan Frayne

[Suffixes to names, e.g. M.B., Bart., J.P., etc., are ignored; prefix titles are retained, e.g. Maj., Rev. etc. Many women only gave their title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, and not a forename. A few women also gave their husband's forename, e.g. Mrs John Smith. These entries are indexed as though the title was a forename. No abbreviations other than those in Kelly's have been added, some have been expanded.

All data are 'comma separated' in order to facilitate transposition into spreadsheet or database format. The fields are: Surname, Forename(s), House Identifier, Street Name, Area Name]


Bament, Percy, Honeywell,
Bourne, Harry, W., The Nook,
Burgess, Mrs., Lee ho.,
Chappell, Mrs., Broomhill,
Dell, Wilfred, J. H., Nursery ho.,
Gubb, Herbt., Sunnyside,
James, Miss C., Marwood hill,
Kimber, Jas. Thos., Rock cott.,
Passmore, Noah, Guineaford,
Skene, Rev. Claude Montague Benson, The Rectory,


Alford, Mrs. Emily, farmer, King's Heanton,
Alford, Hy., farmer, Kennacott,
Balment, Geo. Hy., farmer, Whiddon,
Brailey, Mrs. Ada, farmer, Whiddon,
Chapple, Chas. Jn., post office,
Chapple, Geo., farmer, Steps farm,
Crocombe, Wm., farmer, Burland,
Cutcliffe, Geo., farmer, Guineaford,
Dallyn, Wm., farmer, Prixford,
Dobbs, Rd., farmer, King's Heanton,
Harris, Rt. & sons, bldrs., Varley,
Hernaman, Fredk., farmer, Whitehall mills,
Houlford, E., farmer, Hartnoll Barton,
Huxtable, Allan F., farmer, Callacott farm,
Joslin, Thos., farmer, Town ridden
Kelly, Fredk. Jn., farmer, Guineaford,
Laramy, Jas. Hy., farmer, Blakewell,
MacMahon, Hy., poultry farmer, Little Silver,
Mitchell, Fredk., petrol filling station, Burland,
Ray, Cecil, farmer, Blakewell farm,
Sadd, Jn., farmer, Prixford,
Stanbury, Leonard Wm., farmer, Hewish Barton,
Stanbury, Mervyn, farmer, Westcott Barton,
Summerfield, Miss Mary, shopkpr., Guineaford,
Verney, Wm. Chugg, farmer, Middle Marwood,
Watts, Arth. Chas., farmer, Varley,
Waugh, Horace R., farmer,
Welsh, Geo., farmer, Middle Marwood,
Westcott, Hugh R. H., farmer, King's Heanton,



Balment, Robert, agricultural engineer & timber merchant, Milltown works,
Harding, Ernest, blacksmith,
Lethaby, Chas., farmer,
Pugsley, Chas., farmer, Manor farm,
Pugsley, Preston, farmer, Whitefield Barton,
Quick, Hy., bldr.,
Smith, Chas., wheelwright,



Cater, Geo., Elmleigh,
White, Ralph Neville, The Dell,
Worth, Mrs., Colam ho.,


Chapple,Jn., farmer, Higher Muddiford,
Jenkins, Sidney C., farmer, Muddiford farm,
Jones, Jn., market gardener, Higher Muddiford,
Lock, Wm., farmer, Muddiford farm,
Owen, Thos. C., , New Inn hotel,
Watts, Chas., grocer & post office,

Brian Randell, 23 Mar 2002