Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref No: 890/2

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David A. Davy

© Copyright 2002 & 2006

This document is an attempt to transcribe all baptisms recorded in the parish records for Marystowe, Devon between the years 1717 and 1812. It is not surname specific, and no baptism entries have been intentionally excluded from the transcription. All names transcribed are spelt as recorded in the original register. Surnames have been capitalized to aid in readability regardless of whether they appear this way in the original Parish Register or not. No attempt has been made to cross check the transcription entries with the bishop's transcripts. All entries are transcribed in the year in which they were recorded in the parish register, and no attempt has been made to convert the year of baptism. Please note that year conversion is only of concern for entries made pre 1752 when the Julian calendar was in effect.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, the transcriber assumes no responsibility for any errors contained in this document. Please remember to check the transcibed entries against the original parish register.

This transcription is for private research only, and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that in additon to the names of the parents, THEIR TITLES ie. junr., gent:, vicar have also been included in the column. It is hoped this doesn't cause too much confusion, but if it does, please accept my sincerest apologies!


[] = Square brackets and contents are transcriber's additions which may not be contained in the original text.

... = Difficulty in interpretation of original document whether due to age related deterioration or penmanship.

p/o = parish of

r/3d = received three pence


SURNAME(S)Given Name(s)FatherMotherDate of BaptismSexDate of BirthAbodeNotesTranscriber's remarks/comments
         The first 2 entries (see this column below) are found on the first page of the 1717 to 1812 register book. They were almost certainly copied here from the 1648 to 1716 register book.
         Entries 3 to 6 (see this column below) are also found on the first page of the 1717 to 1812 register book. These were almost certainly copied here from later pages of this same register book. As this document is a trans. of the 1717 to 1812 book, please look further below for a comparison.
SARGENTSamuelJohnMary14 Dec 1714son23 Nov [1714]  1
SARGENTPriscillaJohnMary12 May 1716dau25 Apr [1716]  2
SARGENTJamesJohnMary18 Mar 1717son25 Feb [1717]  3
SARGENTMaryJohnMary05 Mar 1719dau14 Feb [1719]  4
SARGENTElizabethJohnMary04 Jul 1722dau17 Jun [1722]  5
SARGENTJohnJohnMary30 Nov 1723son11 Nov [1723]  6
JOHNNSJoanStephenGrace19 May 1717dau Milton Abbotupon their request, was baptized Here by their own Minister 
PERRYNicholasNicholasCatherine30 Jun 1717son    
CASEPrudenceWilliamEleanor05 Aug 1717dau    
BICKLEJohnGeorgeMary18 Jan 1717son    
SARGENTJamesJohnMary18 Mar 1717son    
YOLDENWalterWalterJane05 May 1718son    
NEWTGraceJamesMargery19 May 1718dau    
COURTIESThomasThomasJoan26 Jul 1718son    
HAINEGeorgeGeorgeGrace23 Aug 1718son    
MAJORAnnDanielElizabeth02 Sep 1718dau    
HAMDavidDavidRebecca20 Sep 1718son  Posthumus son 
DOIDGEJoanGeorgeElizabeth17 Nov 1718dau Milton Abbotat their request; ---Mr. Will: SALMON the vicr. of Milton, told me, [John TEASDALE vicr of Marystow] tho' he Baptiz'd it here, yet he wd. register it, as Baptiz'd in Milton---The IGI shows this baptism was registered one day later: 18 NOV 1718 Milton Abbot, Devon, England
CASEWilliamWilliamElianor09 Feb 1718son  privately Baptized; Received the 14 Feb 1718 
CAUNTERMaryGeorgeMargaret11 Mar 1718dau    
BICKLEElizabethJohnJoan12 May 1719dau Milton AbbotBaptiz'd at their request by Mr. Will: SALMON vicr of Milton AbbotIGI shows an identical baptism recorded at Milton Abbot
REEDElizabethJamesJoan06 Jul 1719dau Milton abbotat their Request Baptized by their own MinisterIGI shows an identical baptism recorded at Milton Abbot
STROUTElizabethAaronHonour18 Jul 1719dau   day could be the 15th
BICKELLHanahRogerJoan31 Aug 1719dau Milton Abbotbaptized at their Request by their own MinisterIGI shows this baptism registered: 14 SEP 1719 Milton Abbot, Devon, England
COLEAgnesWalterSarah13 Oct 1719dau Milton Abbotbaptized at their request by their own MinisterIGI shows an identical baptism recorded at Milton Abbot
ARSCOTJohnConstantineGrace27 Oct 1719son Milton Abbotbaptized at their request by their own Minister 
COLLINGSJohn Joan26 Dec 1719   a Base child 
SARGENTMaryJohnMary05 Mar 1719dau    
BICKLEWilliamGeorgeMary07 May 1720son    
NEWTPhillipaStephenJoan18 Sep 1720dau    
DOIDGERichardGeorgeElizabeth02 Oct 1720son Milton Abbotbaptized at their request, by their own Minister 
HANCOCKHonourRobertCatherine18 Oct 1720dau   day could be the 15th
HAYNJohnGeorgeGrace05 Nov 1720son    
JACKMANAbrahamAbrahamMary22 Dec 1720son    
BISHOPHenryHenryMary15 Feb 1720son    
COURTICEThomasThomasJoan29 Mar 1721son    
NEWTMaryJamesMargery19 Apr 1721dau    
DOIDGEWilliamJohnHannah22 Apr 1721son    
ROWSEPhillipaRalphMary27 Jun 1721dau    
BICKELLElizabethRogerJoan22 Jul 1721dau Milton Abbotupon their request was Baptized here by their own MinisterIGI shows an identical baptism recorded at Milton Abbot
YOULDENElizabethWalterJane22 Jul 1721dau    
PERRYWilliamNicholasCatherine23 Jul 1721son    
BICKLERobertJohnJoan11 Sep 1721son Milton Abbotupon their request was Baptized here by their own MinisterIGI shows an identical baptism recorded at Milton Abbot
EDGCOMBEElizabethJohnHonour27 Dec 1721dau Milton abbotupon their request & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
GAYCHAnnThomasGrace06 Jan 1721dau    
JAMESPhillippaJohnAnn22 Jan 1721dau    
HARRISJohnThomasProthesia17 Feb 1721son    
CASEAnnWilliamElianor19 Mar 1721dau    
PELLOWHenryWilliamAnn02 Jul 1722son p/o Milton Abbotupon their request & paying the vicar of Maristow for the same 
SARGENTElizabethJohnMary04 Jul 1722dau    
ROWSENicholasRalphMary13 Nov 1722son    
STROUTMaryAaronHonour20 Nov 1722dau    
COURTIESJohnThomasJoan06 Mar 1722son    
HANCOCKRobertRobertCatherine10 Mar 1722son    
HAYNRichardGeorgeGrace10 Mar 1722son    
SKELLYJohnJohnJoan15 Apr 1723son    
NEWTJoanJamesMargery29 Apr 1723dau    
BISHOPGraceHenryMary04 Jun 1723dau    
JAMESAgnessJohnAnn10 Aug 1723dau    
DOIDGENicholasJohnHannah11 Aug 1723son    
CAUNTERJohnGeorgeMargaret23 Sep 1723son    
SARGENTJohnJohnMary30 Nov 1723son    
SKELLYArthurArthurMary01 Jan 1723son    
HOIDGEElizabeth Elizabeth09 Feb 1723   Base Child 
BURROWNicholas DarkNicholasMary26 Feb 1723son    
GAYCHEGraceThomasGrace01 Aug 1724dau    
ROWSEWilliamRalphMary21 Dec 1724son    
COURTIESJohnThomasJoan30 Dec 1724son    
CASEHenryWilliamEleanor02 Feb 1724son    
YOULDENJohnWalterJane28 Dec 1725son    
BURROUGHJohnNicholasMary18 Feb 1725son03 Feb [1725] privately Baptiz'd; Receiv'd the 24 Feb [1725]Ejusdem (latin) = of the same
HAINRuthGeorgeGrace27 Feb 1725dau    
BICKLEThomasThomasElizabeth12 Jun 1726son   Elizabeth his wife added with a caret
GOODMANMaryJohnDorcas24 Aug 1726dau    
GAYCHJoannaThomasGrace30 Nov 1726dau    
ROUSMaryRalphMary03 Jan 1726dau    
CURTIESMaryThomasJoan02 Feb 1726dau    
HARRISMaryThomasElaenor04 Jun 1727dau    
HAINGraceGeorgeGrace02 Jul 1727dau    
JAMESRichardJohnAnn09 Jul 1727son    
CASEHenryWmEleanor28 Feb 1727son   entry added to the end of the 1727 entries with a caret
BURROUGHRichardNicholasMary07 Apr 1728son    
BISHOPJohnHenryMary07 Apr 1728son    
BICKLEElizabethThomasElizabeth18 Oct 1728dau    
HOOPERHannahBenedictSusanna11 Feb 1728dau  privately Baptiz'd by Mr John DOIDGE Curat of Corriton & died the sa[m]e Day 
HARRISJohnThomasEleanor12 May 1729son    
ROUSThomasRalphMary10 Jun 1729son  Baptiz'd (by me) [John TEASDALE vicr] at Stowford, Mr. HARRIS being then at Bath--- 
BURROUGHAbrahamAbrahamMary07 Jul 1729son    
HICKSAnn Blanch28 Jul 1729   a base child; reputed Father was one Wm. COOKE, Huntsman at Sydenham 
TOLLGraceHenryJane09 Nov 1729dau  Baptiz'd at Thrushelton our church being not fit for Divine Service from its Damage by the fall of the Tower 20 Oct 1729 
JAMESGraceJohnAnn30 Jan 1729dau    
BURROUGHPenelopeAndrewJane02 May 1730dau    
MAYEDavidDavidAgnes29 Aug 1730son   Ann crossed out and Agnes written above and below
SIMONSJohnJohnHannah03 Mar 1730son    
LILLYCROPJohn Joan07 Mar 1730   a Base child; Suppos'd Father was one William WORTH of the Parish of Stowford 
HAINEHannahGeorgeGrace18 Apr 1731dau    
MAYEElizabethJohnGrace01 May 1731dau    
HARRISElizabethThomasEleanor29 May 1731dau    
BISHOPJaneHenryGrace28 Sep 1731dau    
BICKLEJohnThomasElizabeth27 Dec 1731son    
JAMESMaryJohnAnn21 Feb 1731dau    
MADDIFORDArthurStephenSusannah25 Mar 1732son  Baptiz'd by Mr. Jon. DOIDGE Curat of Coriton 
SYDENHAMCharles  28 May 1732son  a negro Boy of Arthur TREMAYNE Esqr. 
AVERYMaryAndrewHannah13 Jun 1732dau New Inn in Thrushelton  
SYMMONSMarySampsonSusanna24 Aug 1732dau    
MONKJohnJohnSusanna04 Feb 1732son    
SYMONSJamesJohnHannah04 Mar 1732son    
BURROUGHNicholasNicholasMary10 May 1733son  [pri]vately Baptiz'd & was Receiv'd the 15 May [1733]Ejusd[e]m (latin) = of the same
MAYGraceJohnGrace29 Sep 1733dau   MAY added with a caret
BOROUGHJaneAbrahamMary06 Oct 1733dau    
MONKJohnJohnAgnes18 Oct 1733son    
HAWTONElizabethEdwardRebecca30 Jan 1733dau  Rebecca his wife (said to be) 
JAMESJohnJohnAnn01 Apr 1734son    
BURROUGHMaryAndrewJane13 Jul 1734dau    
MADDIFORDArthurStephenSusanna24 Sep 1734son    
SYMONSElizabethSampsonSusanna25 Jan 1734dau    
SYMONSSamuelJohnHannah02 Feb 1734son    
HAWTONJohnEdwardRebecca24 Jun 1735son  Rebecca his wife (said to be) 
TREMAYNEArthurArthur (Esqr.)Dorothy11 Aug 1735son  privately Baptis'd; Receiv'd into the church the 14 Sep 1735 
BURROUGHNicholasNicholasMary28 Mar 1736son  privately Baptiz'd; receiv'd the 14 Apr 1736 
LILLYCROPMary Joan04 Apr 1736   a Base child; Suppos'd Father is one Henry COLLINS 
BICKLEMaryThomasElizabeth15 Aug 1736dau    
MONKThomasJohnAgnes01 Sep 1736son    
EASTCOTWilliamJohnGrace01 Nov 1736son Thrushelton  
JAMESJamesJohnAnn29 Dec 1736son    
SYMONSMaryJohnHannah25 Jan 1736dau    
DOIDGEJohnGeorgeElizabeth16 Mar 1736son    
MONKGeorgeJohnSusanna23 Apr 1737son    
HOBBSElizabethJohnKatherine15 Jun 1737dau  pri[vately] Baptiz'd by Mr John DOIGDE curate of Coriton & receiv[ed] the 26 Jun [1737]Ejusd[e]m (latin) = of the same
HAWTONMaryEdwardRebecca27 Aug 1737dau  Rebecca his wife (said to be) 
SYMMONSSampsonSampsonSusanna29 Aug 1737son    
MARTINMiriamWilliamAnn... Oct 1737dau   day not readable
GHAVELEThomasThomasGrace12 Nov 1737son    
FREEZEHenryHenryMary28 Dec 1737son Thrushelton  
GARLANDPhilippaRichardTomasine31 Dec 1737dau    
MADDIFORDStephenStephenSusannah22 May 1738son    
JAMESPriscillaJohnAnn28 Nov 1738dau    
SYMMONSElizabethJohnHannah28 Dec 1738dau    
DOIDGEElizabethGeorgeElizabeth14 Feb 1738dau    
CREEBERJohnJohnElizabeth02 Sep 1739son    
EASCETMarthaJohn (Junr)Grace30 Sep 1739dau Thrushelton  
HAWTONEdwardEdwardRebecca04 Oct 1739son  Rebecca his wife (said to be) 
CURTISRichardRichardSarah18 Dec 1739son p/o Milton Abbotat their Request and paying the vicr of Marystow for his painsday could be the 28th
FURLONGMaryFrancisElizabeth31 Dec 1739dau    
DOWNJohnWilliamAnn06 Feb 1739son Thrushelton  
MONKMaryJohnAgnes15 Mar 1739dau   an entry at the end of 1739 appears to be crossed out
BICKLEAnnThomasElizabeth25 Mar 1740dau    
FREESJamesHenryMary16 Apr 1740son    
SIMONSSusannaSampsonSusanna10 May 1740dau    
HOBBSWilliamJohnKatharine27 Jul 1740son   son added with a caret
BICKLERebbeccaGeorgeMargery24 Sep 1740dau  privately Baptiz'd; receiv'd into the church the 01 Oct 1740 
LILLYCROPThomas Joan16 Nov 1740   a Base child; reputed Father was one Thomas STUCKEY Gardiner at Sydenham 
MONKMaryJohnSusanna22 Nov 1740dau    
TOTONHenryHenryJoanna... Apr 1741son   day unreadable
JAMESThomasJohnAnn18 Apr 1741son    
SECKHAMThomasThomasJoanna22 May 1741son Thrushelton  
HAWTONElizabethEdwardElizabeth13 Mar 1741dau  Elizabeth his wife (sd. to be)day uncertain
FREESMaryHenryMary14 Jun 1742dau    
HAMPhilippeDavidDorothy11 Oct 1742dau    
REDDECLIFT (al. ROUTLY)EdwardWilliamAnn19 Dec 1742son p/o Milton AbbotBaptised by Mr. SALMONp/o Milton Abbot added with a caret
TAPSONWilliamWilliamElizabeth24 Jan 1742son    
BOROUGHSMaryNicholasMary2... Jan 1742dau  privately Baptiz'd; receiv'd into the church 15 Feb 1742wife added with a caret; last digit of day unreadable
BICKLEMargaretJohnMary09 Apr 1743dau    
SYMMONSJaneSampsonSusanna11 Apr 1743dau    
BICKLEGeorgeGeorgeMargery30 Apr 1743son    
SYMONSHannahJohnHannah13 Jul 1743dau  privately Baptiz'd and received into the Church 
FURLONGFrancisFrancisElizabeth29 Dec 1743son Stowford Stowford added with a caret
VEALSampsonRichardAnna04 Jan 1743son Milton Abbotupon their request and paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
PAGEMaryNicholasMary29 May 1744dau    
PELLOWSusannaWilliamMargery29 Jul 1744dau  privately Baptiz'd 
DOIDGEHannahGeorgeElizabeth19 Aug 1744dau    
CROSSMANFrancesHenryAnn08 Oct 1744dau    
MONKWilliamJohnAgnes23 Oct 1744son    
HAMDorothyDavidDorothy31 Dec 1744dau    
TAPSONMaryWilliamElizabeth12 Jan 1744dau    
BICKLEDavidGeorgeMargery31 Mar 1745son  privately Baptized; Received into the Church 08 Apr [1745] 
HAWTONMarthaEdwardRebecca13 Apr 1745dau    
PELLOWSusannaWilliamMargery30 Jun 1745dau    
BICKLEJohnJohnMary26 Jul 1745son    
PAGENicolasNicolasMary03 Nov 1745son    
DROWNPeterThomasGrace05 Nov 1745son    
SYDENHAMSusannaCharlesMary26 Dec 1745dau    
HAMDavidDavidDorothy30 Mar 1746son  privately Baptized 
CREEBERRichardJohnElizabeth06 Jul 1746son   second E in CREEBER added with a caret
TAUTONJohnHenryJoan... Oct 1746son   day unreadable
WILLIAMSWilliamJohnMary... Jan 1746son   day unreadable
JACKMANMaryAbrahamMary20 Jan 1746dau    
DOIDGEGraceGeorgeElizabeth03 Mar 1746dau  privately Baptized 
DOIDGEJohnWilliamMary11 Mar 1746son    
TAPSONElizabethWilliamElizabeth24 Mar 1746dau    
HAMRebeccaDavidDorothy11 May 1747dau    
SYMMONSThomasSampsonSusanna20 Jun 1747son    
COLE...[Mary?]RogerJane19 Sep 1747dau    
SYDENHAM...[Charles?]CharlesMary06 Jan 1747son    
DOWN...[Mary?]SamuelAnne29 Feb 1747dau p/o Stowford  
DROWNEizabethThomasGrace09 Mar 1747dau    
DOIDGENicolasNicolasElizabeth27 Mar 1748son  privately Baptized 
STANBURYRichard Grace30 Apr 1748   a Base child; privately Baptized and received into the Church 15 May [1748] 
BICKLEMaryJohnMary23 May 1748dau  privately Baptized and received into the Church 14 Jun [1748] 
JACKMANJohnAbrahamMary08 Aug 1748son    
EASTCOTMaryJohnGrace03 Sep 1748dau Thrushelton  
SKELLYArthurJohnMiriam02 Nov 1748son  privately Baptiz'd and received into the Church 22 Nov [1748]ejusdem (latin) = of the same
MONKWilliamJohnElizabeth05 Nov 1748son    
...ARM...R[PARMER?]EleanorRichardElizabeth08 Feb 1748dau Thrushelton  
DOIDGEAnnaGeorgeElizabeth19 Feb 1748dau    
DOIDGEGraceNicolasElizabeth21 Mar 1748dau   his wife added with a caret
HAMMaryDavidDorothy... Apr 1749dau   day unreadable
COLEJohnRogerJane... Jun 1749son   day unreadable
TAPSONJohnJohnElizabeth06 Jul 1749son   day uncertain
JACKMANMaryAbrahamMary11 Aug 1749dau   day uncertain
TAPSONAnneWilliamElizabeth09 Nov 1749dau    
DROWNThomasThomasGrace14 Nov 1749son    
DOWNMaryRichardElizabeth... Nov 1749dau Thrushelton day unreadable
SKELLYArthurJohnMiriam21 Feb 1749son   day could be the 24th
TAUTONWilliamHenryJoan30 Apr 1750son    
SYMMONSMarySampsonSusanna14 Jul 1750dau    
JACKMANWilliamAbrahamMary05 Dec 1750son    
HAMDavidDavidDorothy20 May 1751son    
DOIDGEWilliamNicolasElizabeth15 Sep 1751son   day uncertain
DOWNJohn Anne20 Oct 1751   a Base Childday uncertain
MONKElizabethJohnElizabeth05 Nov 1751dau   day uncertain
JACKMANAbrahamAbrahamMary18 Dec 1751son    
BROADNicolasPhilipJane11 Feb 1752son    
COLE...ellin[see baptisms for 1758]RogerJane17 Feb 1752dau    
BICKLEJohnGeorgeMargery18 May 1752son    
SOPER...n[John?]JohnAnna06 Jul 1752son Thrushelton  
DROWN...e[Grace?]ThomasGrace21 Aug 1752dau    
WILLS...m[William?]WilliamElizabeth11 Oct 1752son    
DOIDGE...rd[Richard/Edward?]GeorgeElizabeth05 Nov 1752son    
HEARN...iam[William?]ThomasGrace27 Mar 1753son Lew Trenchard  
DOIDGE...ah[Sarah/Hannah?]NicolasElizabeth01 Apr 1753dau    
HAM...rd[Richard/Edward?]DavidDorothy23 Jun 1753son    
SKELLY...as[Thomas?] Joan29 Jul 1753   a Base child; Suppos'd Father [wa]s one Thomas COLLINS of this Parish 
BICKLE...n[John?]JohnSarah01 Jan 1754son12 Dec [1753]   
HARRIS...mas[Thomas?]JohnMary24 Jan 1754son26 Dec [1753]  recorded as HAMS rather than HARRIS on my original index
BROAD...ry[Henry?]PhilipJane22 May 1754son    
COLE...oger[Roger?]RogerJane22 Jun 1754son    
DROWNEJohnThomasMary27 Jun 1754son    
DOWNNicholas Ann22 Dec 1754   a Base Child 
DOIDGERichardNic:Elizabeth09 Mar 1755son    
MONKWalterJohnElizabeth... Mar 1755son   day unreadable
DOIDGEDanielGeorgeElizabeth07 Apr 1755son    
SKELLYElizabethJohnMiriam08 Apr 1755dau   day could be the 3rd
SIMMONSPenelopeSampsonSusanna19 Jun 1755dau  baptized privatelyhalf a line crossed out at end of entry
HARRISMary(Mr.) Jon.Mary30 Sep 1755dau    
HAMWilliamDavidDorothy06 Oct 1755son    
ROWBartholomewBartholomewMary19 Oct 1755son    
PIKEGeorgeGeorgeElizabeth13 Dec 1755son Thruselton  
DOIGEJohnWilliamElizabeth07 Feb 1756son    
JACKMANJamesAbrahamMary23 Feb 1756son    
WILLSJaneWilliamElizabeth29 Feb 1756dau    
BROADRichardPhilipJane12 May 1756son    
PAGEElizabethNicholasMary18 May 1756dau    
DOIDGERichardRichardHonor08 Jun 1756son    
BICKLEPhilippaThomasPhilippa21 Jun 1756dau    
COLEPhilipRogerJane13 Sep 1756son    
SKELLYMiriamJohnMiriam14 Mar 1757dau    
PELLOWMaryWilliamGrace18 Jun 1757dau    
RICKARDMaryJohnMargery02 Aug 1757dau Thruselton of Thruselton added with a caret; start of a baptism entry crossed out above this entry
SERCOMBEJohnJohnElizabeth07 Aug 1757son    
DOIDGENicholasNicholasElizabeth04 Sep 1757son    
DOWNMaryJohnMary27 Sep 1757dau Thruselton Thruselton added with a caret
COURTICEAgnesRichardAgnes01 Oct 1757dau Milton Abbott  
HAMJohnDavidDorothy06 Mar 1758son   also appears as the final entry for 1757, but is crossed out
BICKLEJoannaThomasPhilippa20 Mar 1758dau    
COLEMellinRogerJane19 Apr 1758dau    
ROWBartholomewBartholomewMary20 Jul 1758son  privately baptized and received into the Church 29 Jul [1758] 
MONKChristianJohnElizabeth05 Aug 1758dau  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 03 Sep [1758] 
BROADWilliamPhilipJane10 Aug 1758son  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 23 Aug [1758] 
BICKLEMaryJohnMary12 Dec 1758dau Thruselton  
CROSSMANHenryWilliamAnn20 Jan 1759son  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 06 Feb [1759]baptiz'd added with a caret; also appears as the final entry for 1758, but is crossed out
LANGMANJosephJosephGrace23 Jan 1759son Thruselton  
SKELLYJohn Joan28 Feb 1759   a base Child 
SKELLYJohnJohnMiriam04 Apr 1759son   date appears after a crossed out date; baptism entry crossed out below this entry
COLEElizabethRogerJane20 May 1759dau  privately baptiz'd & received into the Church 23 Jun [1759] 
PAGEAgnesNicholasMary29 May 1759dau    
SYMONSHannahSamuellSusanna25 Jun 1759dau    
PALMERMaryJohnAlice03 Sep 1759dau Thruselton of Thruselton written above the line
COLLINSWilliamWilliamMary12 Sep 1759son Mil...[Milton?]fully baptiz'd 
DOIDGEAnnWilliamJoan20 Jan 1760dau  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 06 Feb [1760] 
BICKLEPhilippaThomasPhilippa29 Jan 1760dau    
BICKLEJohnRobertEpiphania06 Feb 1760son M[ilton] Abbott  
SERCOMBESamuelJohnElizabeth19 Feb 1760son    
ROWJohnBartholomewMary01 Mar 1760son    
COURTICEThomasRichardAgnes15 Mar 1760son Milton Abbott  
SHORTCatherineJohnElizabeth18 Mar 1760dau Thruselton  
COLLINHenryHenryJane01 Oct 1760son Milton Abbott  
LANGAMEADWilliamJohnDorothy06 Jan 1761son Milton Abbott  
REEVEDanielWilliamAgnes25 Feb 1761son Milton Abbott  
SYMONSJohnSamuellSusanna03 Aug 1761son    
DOWNAnn Ann16 Aug 1761   a base Child 
HAMETMaryJoelMary24 Aug 1761dau    
BICKLERobertRobertEpiphania04 Nov 1761son Milton Abbott  
SKELLYAnnJohnMiriam09 Nov 1761dau    
DOIDGEWilliamRichardHonor18 Nov 1761son Milton Abbott  
WRETHSamuelJohnJane08 Dec 1761son Milton Abbot of Milton Abbot added with a caret
DOIDGEElizabethWilliamJoan05 Jan 1762dau    
BICKLEThomasThomasPhilippa29 Mar 1762son    
DAVYAnnWilliamJane13 Apr 1762dau Thruselton  
BICKLEWilliamJohnMary07 Jun 1762son    
BROADAthanasiusPhilipJane18 Oct 1762son    
COLLINGraceHenryJane20 Oct 1762dau Milton Abbott  
LANGAMEADDorothyJohnDorothy30 Nov 1762dau Milton Abbott  
COLLINJohnWilliamElizabeth27 Dec 1762son Milton Abbottprivately baptiz'd 
FRISEAnnRobertMary18 Jan 1763dau Thruselton  
DOIDGEEdwardWilliamSarah06 Mar 1763son Milton Abbott  
B...[BICKLE?]Richard Sarah (widdow)07 May 1763   a base Child 
SERCOMBEArthurJohnElizabeth11 May 1763son    
SKELLYWilliam Jane13 Jun 1763   a base Child 
HEARNGraceThomasGrace09 Oct 1763dau Thruselton Thruselton added with a caret
SYMONSSusannaSamuellSusanna16 Jan 1764dau    
DOIDGEJohnWilliamJoan29 May 1764son    
BICKLEJohnThomasPhilippa01 Oct 1764son    
DOIDGEWilliamWilliamSarah13 Nov 1764son Milton Abbott  
HARRISElizabethThomasMary30 Jan 1765dau Thruselton  
COOMBEBettySamuelJoan18 Feb 1765dau    
DOIDGEGeorgeRichardHonor25 Mar 1765son p/o Milton Abbotat their Request & paying the vicar of Marystow for his pains 
MITCHELJohnJohnAnn01 Jul 1765son    
GODDARDMaryEdwardMargaret10 Jul 1765dau    
COLLINMargaretHenryJane11 Aug 1765dau Milton Abbott of Milton Abbott added with a caret
SKELLYMaryHenryCatherine03 Sep 1765dau    
SOUTHCOMBERebeccaJohnRebecca26 Nov 1765dau    
HORRELCatherineDanielChristian22 Dec 1765dau Milton Abbott  
FUGEGraceJohnAnn21 Jan 1766dau Milton Abbott also appears as the final entry for 1765, but is crossed out
SECKHAMMaryThomasMary05 Feb 1766dau Thruselton  
WILLSThomasWilliamPriscilla24 Feb 1766son    
BROADJaneJohnMary24 Feb 1766dau    
MARTINElizabethPeterMary03 Mar 1766dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEGeorgeGeorgeMary06 Apr 1766son  privately baptiz'd 
WYSEJaneRichardElizabeth28 Apr 1766dau    
BICKLEAnnThomasPhilippa21 Jul 1766dau    
SYMONSJohnSamuelSusanna01 Aug 1766son  privately baptiz'd & received into the Church 16 Nov [1766] 
FRISEJohn SmallRobertMary18 Nov 1766son Thruselton  
BICKLEMaryDavidJane25 Nov 1766dau    
CREBERJohnJohnMary29 Dec 1766son    
WILLSMollyRichardJoanna30 Dec 1766dau Stowford  
MARTINJohnJohnMary25 Feb 1767son Thruselton  
SKELLYCatherineJohnMiriam08 Mar 1767dau    
CUNDYJohnJohnElizabeth15 Apr 1767son Milton Abbott  
DOIDGESampsonWilliamJoan09 Aug 1767son    
COOMBESamuelSamuelJoan20 Sep 1767son   daughter crossed out and son written above
GALSWORTHYJoanRichardJoan22 Dec 1767dau Milton Abbott  
ASCOTTMaryJohnMiriam06 Jan 1768dau Milton Abbott also appears as the final entry for 1767, but is crossed out
COLWELLJohnThomasAnne19 Jan 1768son    
MITCHELElizabethJohnAnn24 Jan 1768dau    
PENGELLYWilliamRogerAnne02 Mar 1768son Thruselton  
LANGMarthaJosephEpiphania04 Apr 1768dau Milton Abbott word before April crossed out
BROADGraceJohnMary20 Apr 1768dau    
MAYNARDJoannaWa[l]terRebecca26 Apr 1768dau Thruselton  
MARTINWinefridPeterMary10 May 1768dau Milton Abbott  
SOUTHCOMBERobertJohnRebecca11 May 1768son    
MIDDLETONMarySimonJoan23 May 1768dau Milton Abbott  
WILLIAMSJohnJohnMargarett24 May 1768son Thruselton  
COLLINElizabethHenryJane31 May 1768dau Milton Abbott  
GODDARDJohnEdwardMargaret13 Jun 1768son Milton Abbott  
SYMONSSamuelSamuelSusanna28 Aug 1768son    
BICKLEDavidDavidJane12 Oct 1768son Thruselton  
DAVYJohnWilliamJane16 Oct 1768son Milton Abbott  
WILLSJohnWilliamPriscilla30 Oct 1768son    
WISEElizabethRichardElizabeth30 Oct 1768dau    
BICKLEMaryThomasPhilippa09 Jan 1769dau    
BURROWJohnJohnJane21 Jan 1769son    
SKELLYGraceHenryCatherine25 Jan 1769dau    
THORNAnn CapronJohnSarah08 Feb 1769dau Thruselton  
PALMERJohnJohnGrace28 Feb 1769son Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEHenryWilliamSarah23 Mar 1769son Milton Abbott  
LANGAMEADAnnJohnDorothy22 Apr 1769dau Milton Abbott  
GARLANDRichardDavidAnne23 May 1769son    
CREBERElizabethJohnMary13 Aug 1769dau    
BROADJohnJohnMary24 Sep 1769son    
MARTINMaryJohnMary15 Nov 1769dau Thruselton  
COLWELLThomasThomasAnn21 Nov 1769son    
CUNDYDanielJohnElizabeth03 Dec 1769son Milton Abbott  
ROWMaryThomasMary02 Jan 1770dau Milton Abbott  
MASONMaryNicholasMary07 Feb 1770dau    
SKELLYSusannaJohnMiriam20 Feb 1770dau    
NE...[NEWT?]John Prout Grace27 Feb 1770  Milton Abbotta Base Child 
WILLSAnnRichardJoanna27 Feb 1770dau    
GALSWORTHYBettyRichardJoan28 Mar 1770dau Milton Abbott  
LANGElizabethJosephEpiphania03 Apr 1770dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEElizabethGeorgeMary03 Apr 1770dau  privately baptiz'd 
SYMONSElizabethThomasMargaret21 May 1770dau    
COADWilliamJohnGrace19 Jun 1770son Milton Abbot  
DOIDGEJaneWilliamJoan12 Aug 1770dau    
LILLICRAPMaryThomasSusanna26 Sep 1770dau   surname crossed out & LILLICRAP added above with a caret
BICKLEJohnDavidJane17 Oct 1770son Thruselton  
BLACHFORDElizabethThomasElizabeth23 Oct 1770dau Milton Abbott  
VOSPERRobertJohnGrace13 Nov 1770son    
SOUTHCOMBEElizabethJohnRebecca19 Nov 1770dau    
HARRYNannyRogerJane03 Dec 1770dau Thruselton  
RUNDLEJohnJohnMartha29 Jan 1771son Milton Abbott  
MIDDLETONAnnSimonJoan04 Feb 1771dau Milton Abbott  
BICKLERobertThomasPhilippa11 Feb 1771son    
COOMBEJaneSamuelJoan11 Feb 1771dau    
GODDARDEdwardEdwardMargarett05 Mar 1771son    
WILLSElizabethWilliamPriscilla17 Mar 1771dau    
PALMERGraceJohnGrace21 Apr 1771dau Milton Abbott  
SYMONSThomasThomasMargarett30 Apr 1771son    
DAWAnnJohnAnn20 May 1771dau Thruselton  
WYSEJohnRichardElizabeth09 Jun 1771son    
LANGAMEADGraceJohnDorothy26 Oct 1771dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEEdwardWilliamSarah09 Feb 1772son Milton Abbott  
BROADPhilipJohnMary03 Mar 1772son    
CUDLIPHannahStephenElizabeth12 Apr 1772dau    
PALMERSusannaJohnGrace10 May 1772dau Milton Abbott  
WILLSJaneRichardJoan20 May 1772dau    
BESTGraceRogerElizabeth22 Jun 1772dau    
DAWJohnGentleAnn16 Aug 1772son    
CREBERMaryJohnMary06 Dec 1772dau    
SOUTHCOMBERebeccaJohnRebecca26 Dec 1772dau  privately baptiz'd & received into the Church 05 Jan 1773 
GALSWORTHYMaryRichardJoan11 Jan 1773dau Milton Abbott  
HORRELJohnDanielChristian25 Jan 1773son Milton Abbott  
MIDDLETONBettySimonJoan10 Feb 1773dau Milton Abbott  
CREBERJohnRichardMary09 Mar 1773son Milton Abbot  
SYMONSSampsonThomasMargarett24 Mar 1773son    
LILLICRAPRebeccaThomasSusanna28 Mar 1773dau   surname crossed out & LILLICRAP added above with a caret; day uncertain
WILLIAMSWilliamWilliamGrace02 May 1773son    
HEARNJaneJohnJane16 May 1773dau  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 26 Jul [1773] 
BICKLEMargeryDavidJane17 Jun 1773dau  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 03 Aug [1773] 
RAUNDLEAnnJohnMartha25 Jul 1773dau Milton Abbott  
FUGEWilliamJohnMary26 Jul 1773son    
GODDARDMargarettEdwardMargarett01 Aug 1773dau    
BICKLEElizabethThomasPhilippa09 Oct 1773dau    
VOSPERJoanJohnGrace17 Oct 1773dau    
GARLANDJohnDavidAnn02 Nov 1773son  two twins; privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 30 Nov [1773]words crossed out & Ann his wife added above with a caret; words crossed out before receiv'd into; recorded with a single register entry
GARLANDElizabethDavidAnn02 Nov 1773dau  two twins; privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 30 Nov [1773]words crossed out & Ann his wife added above with a caret; words crossed out before receiv'd into; recorded with a single register entry
WYSERichardRichardElizabeth27 Dec 1773son    
LANGGeorgeJosephEpiphania18 Jan 1774son Milton Abbottprivately baptiz'd 
WILLSJohnWilliamPriscilla22 Mar 1774son  twins; privately baptiz'd & Richard was receiv'd into the Church 03 May [1774]recorded with a single register entry
WILLSRichardWilliamPriscilla22 Mar 1774son  twins; privately baptiz'd & Richard was receiv'd into the Church 03 May [1774]recorded with a single register entry
COADIsaacJohnGrace30 Apr 1774son Milton Abbott COAD & his wife added with carets
CUDLIPJohnStephenElizabeth01 May 1774son    
ROWJaneBartholomewMary08 May 1774dau    
SYMONSJamesSamuelSusanna15 May 1774son   father was Sampson in my original index; Sampson crossed out and Samuel added above with a caret
HEARNElizabeth Joan24 Jul 1774   a base Child 
DOIDGELeonardWilliamSarah07 Aug 1774son Milton Abbott  
NEWTEElizabethStephenMary17 Jan 1775dau Milton Abbott  
SYMONSAnnThomasMargarett14 Mar 1775dau  privately baptiz'd & received into the Church 23 Apr [1775] 
WILLIAMSMaryWilliamGrace26 Mar 1775dau    
SYMONSJohn Mary31 Mar 1775   a base Child; privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 14 Apr [1775] 
WILLSRichardRichardJoan08 Apr 1775son    
SOUTHCOMBESarahJohnRebecca01 May 1775dau    
BROADArthurJohnMary07 May 1775son    
MIDDLETONAnnSimonJoan16 Jul 1775dau Milton Abbott word crossed out after Joan
CREBERSarahJohnMary13 Aug 1775dau    
RAUNDLEMaryJohnMartha07 Jan 1776dau Milton Abbott also appears as the final entry for 1775, but is crossed out
GODDARDHenryEdwardMargarett20 Feb 1776son    
RUNDLEGraceSamuelHannah05 Mar 1776dau Milton Abbot  
CREBEREdwardRichardMary12 Mar 1776son Milton Abbottprivately baptiz'd & received into the Church 20 [Mar 1776] 
BURROWAbrahamAbrahamElizabeth17 Mar 1776son    
COOMBEWilliamSamuelJoan08 Apr 1776son    
BICKLEWilliamThomasPhilippa15 Apr 1776son    
GEARYJohnJonathanElizabeth21 Jul 1776son    
DODGEEleanor Grace04 Aug 1776   a base Child 
HEARNAnnJohnJane24 Sep 1776dau    
VOSPERBenjaminJohnGrace17 Nov 1776son    
COADSusannaJohnGrace27 Nov 1776dau Milton Abbott word before Grace crossed out
BROADDionysiaJohnMary11 Feb 1777dau  privately baptiz'd 
BROADGrace Jane14 Feb 1777dau  a base Child; privately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church 26 Oct [1777] 
SYMONSHenryThomasMargaret19 Feb 1777son    
CAUNTERArthur NonsuchGeorgeAnn25 Feb 1777son  a seaman belonging to the Nonsuch Man of War; privately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church 02 Mar [1777] 
LANGAMEADSusannaJohnDorothy26 Feb 1777dau Milton Abbott  
DAWEJohnGentleAnn16 Mar 1777son    
CUDLIPStephenStephenElizabeth17 Mar 1777son  privately baptiz'd & receiv'd into the Church 15 Apr [1777] 
DOIDGEGeorgeRichardAnn15 Apr 1777son    
ASHElizabethNicholasSarah27 Apr 1777dau Milton Abbot  
SOUTHCOMBEMaryJohnRebecca09 Jun 1777dau    
SLEEMANDanielHenryMary08 Jul 1777son    
GARLANDThomasDavidAnn13 Jul 1777son    
WILLIAMSWilliamRichardMary14 Jul 1777son  privately baptiz'd 
BICKLEPriscillaJohnWilmot18 Aug 1777dau    
RUNDLERichardSamuelHannah07 Oct 1777son Milton Abbott  
WILLIAMSHenryWilliamGrace19 Oct 1777son    
BICKLEGeorgeDavidJane07 Nov 1777son    
GODDARDGraceEdwardMargaret20 May 1778dau Milton Abbott day uncertain; 1778 added with a caret
WILLSJohnRichardJoan22 May 1778son    
BURROWJohnAbrahamElizabeth15 Jun 1778son    
CREBERRichardJohnMary13 Sep 1778son    
SLEEMANMargaretHenryMary16 Sep 1778dau    
RAUNDLEMargaretJohnMartha dau Milton Abbottreceived into this Church 20 Sep 1778 having been before privately baptiz'd by the Revd. Mr. VICKRY vicar of Milton Abbot 
BRENTMaryPeterSusanna07 Oct 1778dau Milton Abbot  
CUDLIPElizabethStephenElizabeth25 Oct 1778dau    
DOIDGEHenry Mary25 Oct 1778   a base Child 
SKELLYEleanor Catharine02 Jan 1779   a base Child 
WILLIAMSJohnRichardMary17 Jan 1779son    
PALKElizabethJohnElizabeth21 Feb 1779dau Milton Abbott  
SYMONSJohn CholwellThomasMargaret18 Mar 1779son    
COOMBEMaryJohnMartha28 Mar 1779dau    
BROADThomasJohnMary21 Apr 1779son  privately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church 16 May [1779] 
RUNDLEWilliamSamuelHannah18 Jul 1779son  privately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church 15 Aug 1779 
COADRichardJohnGrace06 Sep 1779son Milton Abbott  
VOSPERLydiaJohnGrace14 Mar 1780dau    
WILLIAMSGraceWilliamGrace27 Mar 1780dau    
DAWEElizabethGentleAnn13 Aug 1780dau    
COOMBEGraceSamuelJoan16 Aug 1780dau    
RAUNDLEJamesJohnMartha05 Nov 1780son    
BLATCHFORDElisabethJohnHannah21 Nov 1780dau Milton Abbott  
SYMONSWilliamThomasMargaret25 Dec 1780son    
DOIDGEJohnRichardAnn01 Jan 1781son    
GALEMaryWilliamGrace28 Jan 1781dau    
VODENJohnJohn EdwardHannah04 Feb 1781son    
BURROWNicholasAbrahamElizabeth22 Feb 1781son    
HILL...annah[Hannah?]RichardHannah27 Feb 1781dau Milton Abbott  
NEWTEJohnStephenMary01 Jul 1781son Milton Abbott Elizabeth crossed out and Mary written above
BROADPhilipRichardElizabeth16 Jul 1781son    
GODDARDGeorgeEdwardMargaret16 Sep 1781son Milton Abbott  
BICKLEMaryJohnAnn02 Dec 1781dau    
RUNDLESamuelSamuelHannah20 Jan 1782son    
BICKLEAnnJohnAnn27 Jan 1782dau    
WILLIAMSGraceRichardMary26 Feb 1782dau    
WILLIAMSZachariasWilliamGrace24 Mar 1782son    
RAP...[RAPSON?]William Mary21 Apr 1782   a base Child 
COADGraceJohnGrace05 May 1782dau Milton Abbott  
CUDLIPJamesStephenElizabeth26 May 1782son    
BEVINGraceJohnMary08 Jul 1782dau    
BURROWAnnAbrahamElizabeth08 Jul 1782dau    
BROOKMariaJohnWilmot dau  who had been privately baptiz'd at Milton Abbot was recd. into the Church ... 22 Jul 178222 Jul 1782 written above the line
BLATCHFORDJohnJohnHannah13 Aug 1782son Milton Abbott  
BROADJoseph MaynardWilliamJoan25 Aug 1782son    
CREBERWilliamJohnMary17 Nov 1782son    
SYMONSPenelopeThomasMargaret22 Dec 1782dau    
BICKLETeazyJohnWilmot29 Dec 1782dau    
DOIDGEAnnaRichardAnn26 Mar 1783dau    
RAUNDLEJaneJohnMartha18 Apr 1783dau    
CLOAKSamuel Elizabeth25 May 1783   a base Child 
HANNSHannahLillingtonGrace20 Jul 1783dau    
        ---From the first of Octbr. 1783 The following Duties are to be paid to His Majesty - (viz) Upon the Entry of every Burial, Marriage, Birth or Christening in the Register of any Parish, Precinct, or Place in Great Britain a Stamp Duty of Three Pence---Marystowe baptisms and burials noted the receipt of this duty (paupers were exempt) until it was repealed in 1794. Only one marriage at Marystowe noted the receipt of this 3 pence tax. This was the marriage of Joseph MOYSE and Mary HORRELL in 1784.
BICKLEJohnJohnAnn14 Oct 1783son Milton Abbotr/3d Duty 
WILLIAMSWilliamRichardMary19 Oct 1783son  r/3d Duty 
GODDARDProthesiaEdwardMargaret30 Nov 1783dau Milton Abbottr/3d Duty 
HEARNMaryJohnJane06 Mar 1784dau  privately baptiz'd; r/3d 
RUNDLEMarySamuelHannah07 Mar 1784dau  r/3d Duty 
HAMJohnWilliamRebecca12 Mar 1784son  privately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church 30 Mar [1784]; r/3d Tax 
BEVINElizabethJohnMary12 Apr 1784dau  r/3d Tax 
BROADAthanasiusWilliamJoan10 May 1784son  r/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDSusannaJohnHannah21 Jun 1784dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGEAnnRichardAnn22 Jun 1784dau  r/3d Tax 
BROADMariaJohnMary12 Sep 1784dau  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEGeorgeJohnAnn19 Sep 1784son  r/3d Tax 
BROOKWilliamJohnWilmot06 Oct 1784son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEJohn AbrahamJohnSusanna28 Nov 1784son  r/3d Tax 
RAPSONHannah Mary25 Dec 1784   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
WILLIAMSJamesWilliamGrace05 Jan 1785son  r/3d Tax 
SYMONSCharlesThomasMargaret23 Jan 1785son  r/3d Tax 
GALEWilliamWilliamGrace30 Jan 1785son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEWilliamJohnAnn02 Feb 1785son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
MOYSEMaryJosephMary23 Feb 1785dau  r/3d Tax 
HANNS...anna[Joanna/Susanna?]LillingtonGrace13 Mar 1785dau  r/3d Tax 
NEWTEWilliamStephenMary son Milton Abbottrecd. into the Church at Marystow 17 May 1785 having been privately baptiz'd half a year before by the Revd. Mr. VICKRY Vicar of Milton Abbott aforesdElizabeth crossed out and Mary written above; baptiz'd added with a caret; Tax collected at Milton Abbot?
DOIDGEGraceRichardJane dau  recd. into the Church at Marystow 06 Jun 1785 NB. The aforesd. child was born & had been privately baptiz'd in the p/o Milton AbbottTax collected at Milton Abbot?
COOMBEMary Joan12 Jun 1785   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
CORAMElizabethJosephJane15 Jun 1785dau  r/3d Tax 
WALTERAsaPeterJane03 Jul 1785son  r/3d Tax 
WALTERMaryWilliamFrances12 Jul 1785dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
SMALEElizabethThomasMary26 Dec 1785dau  r/3d Tax 
REEDMaryJohnMargaret13 Jan 1786dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDSamuelJohnHannah08 Mar 1786son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGEElizabethWilliamJoanna26 Mar 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
HAMElizabethWilliamRebecca04 Apr 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
BEVINJohnJohnMary11 Apr 1786son  r/3d Tax 
RUNDLEHenrySamuelHannah23 Apr 1786son  r/3d Tax 
RAUNDLEElizabethJohnMartha25 Jun 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
PALMERWilliamJohnElizabeth01 Jul 1786son  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGEElizabethRichardAnn18 Aug 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGEGeorgeJamesMary26 Aug 1786son Milton Abbotr/3d Tax 
BICKLERobertJohnAnn27 Aug 1786son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
MOYSEJaneJosephMary28 Aug 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
BURROWMaryAbrahamElizabeth17 Sep 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
BESTJaneJohnElizabeth15 Oct 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGEJohnRichardJane25 Oct 1786son  r/3d Tax 
BROOKMaryJohnWilmot31 Oct 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
BALLJohnGeorgeJoanna13 Dec 1786son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
SOUTHCOMBETeziaJohnJoanna17 Dec 1786dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BROADMary AnnWilliamJoan18 Dec 1786dau  r/3d Tax 
COADJoannaJohnGrace24 Dec 1786dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BICKLEJohnJohnAnn07 Jan 1787son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLESusannaJohnSusanna21 Jan 1787dau  ...This entry has some additional notes which are not readable
WALTERWilliamWilliamFrances23 Jan 1787son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGEElizabethRichardAnn01 Jul 1787dau  r/3d Tax 
WILLIAMSRobertRichardMary05 Aug 1787son  Pauper 
HEARNFannyJohnJane02 Oct 1787dau  r/3d Tax 
CORAMGeorgeJosephJane28 Oct 1787son  r/3d Tax 
BROADHenryJohnMary05 Nov 1787son  r/3d Tax 
WALTERRichardWilliamFrances08 Nov 1787son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
HAMMaryWilliamRebecca16 Jan 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSJohnNicholasAgnes24 Jan 1788son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEWilliam DixThomasElizabeth28 Feb 1788son  r/3d Tax 
GALEAnnWilliamGrace31 Mar 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDSarahJohnHannah12 May 1788dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGERichardWilliamJoanna01 Jun 1788son  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGESusannaRichardJane22 Jun 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
BEVINMaryJohnMary13 Jul 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGEMaryRogerGrace19 Aug 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
WALTERMaryPeterJane29 Aug 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
COLEMaryJohnAnn12 Sep 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
SMALEMaryThomasMary19 Oct 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSJohnJohnMary04 Nov 1788son  r/3d Tax 
RUNDLEHannahSamuelHannah05 Nov 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
BESTJohnJohnElizabeth16 Nov 1788son  r/3d Tax 
BROADPhilipWilliamJoan09 Dec 1788son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLELucretiaJohnWilmot14 Dec 1788dau  r/3d Tax 
BROOKJohnJohnWilmot01 Jan 1789son  r/3d Tax 
WALTERFrancesWilliamFrances05 Jan 1789dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DAWEWilliamGentleAnn25 Jan 1789son  r/3d Tax 
HANNSGeorge LillingtonLillingtonGrace11 Feb 1789son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEAnnJohnAnn15 Mar 1789dau  r/3d Tax 
BURTCHMaryEdwardJane05 Apr 1789dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGERichardRichardAnn08 Jul 1789son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLESarahJohnSusanna17 Jul 1789dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
HAMWilliamWilliamRebecca18 Nov 1789son  r/3d Tax 
BALLJoannaGeorgeJoanna29 Nov 1789dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGERichardRichardJane26 Jan 1790son  r/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDHannahJohnHannah01 Feb 1790dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BICKLEElizabethJohnAnn03 Mar 1790dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
PARENDONJohnJohnMary09 Mar 1790son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
WALTERJohnWilliamFrances21 Mar 1790son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGESarahRogerGrace25 Apr 1790dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGERichardRichardAnn27 Apr 1790son  r/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSSamuelJohnMary27 Apr 1790son  r/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSCatharine PerryNicholasAgnes04 May 1790dau  r/3d Tax 
PALKJaneJohnElizabeth15 Aug 1790dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
CROCKERAnnRichardMary17 Aug 1790dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGERichardGeorgeGrace12 Sep 1790son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
ASHNicholasAnthonyJoanna26 Sep 1790son Milton Abbottr/3d Taxbaptiz'd added with a caret
DINGLEMaryJohnHannah26 Sep 1790dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BEVINJamesJohnMary17 Oct 1790son  r/3d Tax 
DAVYJohn Grace31 Oct 1790   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
EASTLAKEJohnJohnSarah21 Nov 1790son Milton Ab[bot]r/3d Tax 
CLOAKJohn Elizabeth11 Dec 1790   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
TUCKERAnnWilliamAnn29 Dec 1790dau  r/3d Tax 
MOLERichardRichardElizabeth01 Jan 1791son  r/3d Tax 
GALEEdwardWilliamGrace21 Jan 1791son  r/3d Tax 
WALTERSamuel Martin Ann30 Jan 1791   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
BROOKSimonJohnWilmot15 Feb 1791son Milton Abbottr/3d Taxrecorded with a seperate register entry
BROOKMarthaJohnWilmot15 Feb 1791dau  NB: they were Twins [Simon & Martha]; r/3d Taxrecorded with a seperate register entry
BURTCHJohnEdwardJane20 Mar 1791son  r/3d Tax 
BROADNicholasWilliamJoan27 Mar 1791son  r/3d Tax 
COLEJohnJohnAnn20 Apr 1791son  r/3d Tax 
PALMERPhilipJohnElizabeth23 Apr 1791son  a Pauper 
RUNDLEJohnSamuelHannah22 May 1791son  r/3d Tax 
WALTERRogerWilliamFrances26 Jun 1791son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGEElizabethRichardJane17 Jul 1791dau  r/3d Tax 
HILLThomasRichardElizabeth18 Sep 1791son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
TAWTONMariaJohnElizabeth23 Oct 1791dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
SMALEMargaretThomasMary27 Nov 1791dau  r/3d Tax 
HARRISJohn Crocker M...[Mary?]01 Jan 1792   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
BROADHenryRichardElizabeth11 Jan 1792son  r/3d Tax 
CORAMJohnDanielElizabeth12 Jan 1792son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BICKLEElishaJohnSusanna14 Feb 1792son  a Pauper 
ASHThomasAnthonyJoanna26 Feb 1792son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDMariaJohnHannah26 Mar 1792dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
HANNSGrace BlanchardLillingtonGrace18 Jun 1792dau  r/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSMaryJohnMary19 Aug 1792dau  r/3d Tax 
WALTERElizabethWilliamFrances28 Aug 1792dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
GALEMaryEdwardAlice30 Sep 1792dau Thruseltonr/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSAgnes PerryNicholasAgnes02 Oct 1792dau  r/3d Tax 
BESTMargaretJohnElizabeth11 Nov 1792dau  r/3d Tax 
CROCKERMary AnnRichardMary16 Nov 1792dau  r/3d Tax 
DOIDGEHannahRichardJane20 Jan 1793dau  r/3d Tax 
TUCKERMariaWilliamAnn27 Jan 1793dau  r/3d Tax 
YOULDENWilliamRichardElizabeth10 Feb 1793son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGEJohnWilliamMary12 Feb 1793son  r/3d Tax 
BEVANSusannaJohnMary24 Feb 1793dau  r/3d Tax 
CLOAKGeorge Single Elizabeth17 Mar 1793   a base Child; r/3d Tax 
DINGLERichardJohnHannah01 Apr 1793son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BROADJohnWilliamJoan09 Apr 1793son  r/3d Tax 
GALEThomasWilliamGrace17 Apr 1793son  r/3d Tax 
BROOKRobertJohnWilmot05 May 1793son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
CORAMWilliamDanielElizabeth02 May 1793son Milton Abbottprivately baptiz'd & recd. into the Church the 19 May 1793; r/3d Tax 
BROADAthanasiusRichd.Elizabeth10 Jun 1793son  r/3d Tax 
BICKLEThomasJohnAnn23 Jun 1793son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DURDANMaryJamesElizabeth19 Jul 1793dau Liftonr/3d Tax 
MABINRichardJohnMary28 Jul 1793son  r/3d Tax 
HILLElizabethRichardElizabeth11 Aug 1793dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
BICKLEHarryJohnAnn08 Sep 1793son  Pauper 
COLEBettyJohnAnn25 Sep 1793dau  r/3d Tax 
BURTCHValentineEdwardJane26 Dec 1793son  r/3d Tax 
MIDDLETONSimonSimonJane05 Jan 1794son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DAVYWilliamJohnJane30 Jan 1794son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
WALTERJamesWilliamFrances23 Feb 1794son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
WILLIAMSGrace Mary24 Feb 1794   a base Child; pauper 
YOULDENAnnRichardElizabeth30 Mar 1794dau  r/3d Tax 
RUNDLEGeorgeSamuelHannah18 May 1794son  r/3d Tax 
TAWTONJohn WiseJohnElizabeth03 Aug 1794son  r/3d Tax 
ASHJohnAnthonyJoanna31 Aug 1794son Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
CORNELIUSHannahNicholasAgnes14 Sep 1794dau  r/3d Tax 
BLATCHFORDMaryJohnHannah28 Sep 1794dau Milton Abbottr/3d Tax 
DOIDGESamuelRichardJane05 Nov 1794son    
CORNELIUSPhilipJohnMary25 Nov 1794son    
DOIDGESarahWilliamMary30 Dec 1794dau    
SMALEHannahThomasMary04 Jan 1795dau    
HILLRichardRichardElizabeth08 Mar 1795son Milton Abbott  
STERT (alias STUTRIDGE)Peter Alice08 Mar 1795   a base Child 
PALMERWilliam Elizabeth15 Mar 1795   a base Child 
TOWNSENDElizabethWilliamElizabeth25 Mar 1795dau    
DOIDGEGeorge LangJohnMartha29 Mar 1795son Milton Abbott  
BESTBettyJohnElizabeth05 Apr 1795dau    
DINGLEHannahJohnHannah02 May 1795dau Milton Abbott  
CREBERMary AnnJohnHarriet25 May 1795dau    
SYMONSSamuelSamuelMartha07 Jun 1795son Milton Abbott  
BROOKRichardJohnWilmot07 Jun 1795son Milton Abbott  
BROADJaneWilliamJoan23 Jun 1795dau    
WALTERJennyWilliamFrances02 Aug 1795dau Milton Abbott  
CORAMDanielDanielElizabeth20 Sep 1795son Milton Abbot  
LANGJohnJohnMary03 Nov 1795son    
BICKLEJaneJohnAnn05 Nov 1795dau Milton Abbott  
BICKLEMarthaRichardMartha05 Nov 1795dau Milton Abbott  
COLEMattyJohnAnn27 Nov 1795dau    
BEVANPriscillaJohnMary06 Dec 1795dau    
CROCKERRichardRichardMary07 Dec 1795son    
ROWEJohnJohnMary19 Dec 1795son    
COOMBEWilliamThomasSarah19 Mar 1796son Milton Abbott  
DAVYJohnJohnJane28 Mar 1796son Milton Abbott  
HODGEMiriamJohnSusannah17 Apr 1796dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEMaryWilliamMary16 May 1796dau    
TAWTONRichardJohnElizabeth03 Jul 1796son    
YOULDENWalterRichardElizabeth24 Jul 1796son Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEWilliamRichardJane21 Aug 1796son    
CREBERWilliam Mary28 Aug 1796   a base Child 
WILLSJoannaRichardMary07 Nov 1796dau    
HILLJoannaRichardElizabeth26 Dec 1796dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEEdwardJohnMartha son Milton Abbottrecd. into the Church 31 Dec 1796 having (as it was then asserted) been privately baptiz'd by the Revd. Rees PRICE Vicar of Lamerton 
DURDANBettyJamesElizabeth22 Jan 1797dau    
BROOKElizabethJohnWilmot05 Mar 1797dau Milton Abbott  
HEARNFanny Ann12 Mar 1797   a base Child 
CREBERJohnJohnHarriet19 Mar 1797son    
MABINJennyJohnMary09 Apr 1797dau    
BLATCHFORDChristianJohnHannah17 Apr 1797dau Milton Abbott  
BROADAnn Grace25 Jul 1797   a base Child 
COADJohnJohnJoanna13 Aug 1797son Milton Abbott  
DINGLEJohnJohnHannah20 Aug 1797son Milton Abbott  
NEALMaryThomasElizabeth27 Aug 1797dau    
BROADAthanasiusRichardElizabeth01 Oct 1797son    
WALTERAgnesWilliamFrances15 Oct 1797dau Milton Abbott  
ROWEWilliamJohnMary15 Oct 1797son Milton Abbott  
MIDDLETONJohnSimonJane15 Oct 1797son Lifton  
CORNELIUSWilliamJohnMary28 Nov 1797son    
COLEWilliamJohnAnn04 Dec 1797son    
HODGEWilliamJohnSusanna30 Dec 1797son Milton Abbott  
BROADBetty AnnAthanasiusMary Ann02 Jan 1798dau    
CORAMJohnDanielElizabeth21 Jan 1798son Milton Abbott  
BICKLEEpiphaniaJohnAnn08 Feb 1798dau Milton Abbott  
BEVANJoannaJohnMary25 Mar 1798dau    
CORNELIUSJuliaNicholasAgnes17 Apr 1798dau    
TUCKERWilliamWilliamAnn22 Apr 1798son    
DAVYHenryJohnJane20 May 1798son Milton Abbott  
BROADSusannaWilliamJoan03 Jun 1798dau    
JERDANWilliamWilliamJenny10 Jun 1798son    
DOIDGEWilliamWilliamMary12 Jun 1798son    
SMALEThomasThomasMary24 Jun 1798son    
LANGWilliamJohnMary19 Jul 1798son    
YOULDENJaneRichardElizabeth07 Oct 1798dau Milton Abbott Milton Abbott added with a caret
HILLBettyThomasPhilippa27 Nov 1798dau    
GALEJohnWilliamGrace03 Feb 1799son    
ADAMSWilliamWilliamDorothy12 Feb 1799son    
DOWNWilliamJamesMary07 Apr 1799son Thruselton  
PALMERSusannaJohnBetty08 Apr 1799dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEJosephJohnMartha18 Apr 1799son Milton AbbottTwin sonsBaptisms of sons Joseph and Amos recorded in a single register entry
DOIDGEAmosJohnMartha18 Apr 1799son Milton AbbottTwin sonsBaptisms of sons Joseph and Amos recorded in a single register entry
WALTERPeterWilliamFrances05 May 1799son Milton Abbott  
BALLHannahWilliamElizabeth05 May 1799dau    
BLATCHFORDCharlotteJohnHannah14 May 1799dau Milton Abbott  
HILLJohnRichardElizabeth19 May 1799son Milton Abbott  
BROOKWilmotJohnWilmot30 Jun 1799dau Milton Abbott  
CREBERWilliamJohnHarriet02 Jul 1799son    
DOIDGEGeorgeRichardJane22 Sep 1799son    
TAWTONAnnJohnElizabeth22 Sep 1799dau    
ASH...nna[Joanna/Susanna?]JohnThomasin08 Oct 1799dau    
MIDDLETONWilliamSimonJane13 Oct 1799son    
WILLSJohnRichardMary28 Oct 1799son    
HEARNAgnes Jane01 Dec 1799   a base Child 
NEALThomasThomasElizabeth19 Jan 1800son Stowford  
CORAMJaneDanielElizabeth26 Jan 1800dau Milton Abbott  
SPRYWilliamRichardGrace23 Mar 1800son Milton Abbott  
DURDANJamesJamesElizabeth27 Apr 1800son Lifton  
BESTJohnJohnElizabeth27 Apr 1800son    
DOIDGEElizabethWilliamMary27 Apr 1800dau    
ROWERebeccaJohnMary06 Jul 1800dau Milton Abbott  
BALLWilliamWilliamElizabeth14 Aug 1800son    
WALTERCharlotteWilliamFrances24 Aug 1800dau Milton Abbott  
WILLSRichardRichardMary02 Oct 1800son    
ADAMSRichardWilliamDorothy05 Oct 1800son    
DINGLEElizabethJohnHannah12 Oct 1800dau Milton Abbott  
DAVYThomasJohnJane19 Oct 1800son Milton Abbott  
CORNELIUSRichardJohnMary04 Nov 1800son    
DAVYThomasAnthonyElizabeth30 Nov 1800son Milton Abbott  
MABINJohnJohnMary30 Nov 1800son    
CORYSamuelJohnGrace10 Dec 1800son    
LANGSamuelJohnMary19 Feb 1801son    
PELLOWWilliamJohnAmy01 Mar 1801son    
COADRichardJohnJoanna15 Mar 1801son Milton Abbott  
BEVANSibellaJohnMary19 Apr 1801dau    
YOULDENWilliamRichardElizabeth26 Apr 1801son Milton Abbott  
MASONJaneIsaacElizabeth dau Milton Abbottreceived into the Church at Maristow 29 Sep 1801 having been before privately baptized in Milton Abbott 
DOIDGEJaneRichd.Jane12 May 1801dau    
TUCKERJohnWilliamAnn26 May 1801son    
SURCOMBEWilliamWilliamMary07 Jun 1801son Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEElizabethJohnMartha12 Jul 1801dau Milton Abbott  
GERRYBenjaminBenjaminJoanna19 Jul 1801son    
BALLJohnWilliamElizabeth26 Jul 1801son    
CREBERHenryJohnHarriet09 Aug 1801son    
BLATCHFORDGeorgeJohnHannah16 Aug 1801son Milton Abbott  
BROADWilliamWilliamJoan13 Sep 1801son    
COADWilliamIsaacMaria11 Oct 1801son Milton Abbott  
HILLRichardThomasPhilippa21 Dec 1801son    
SPRYFrancisRichardGrace25 Jan 1802son Milton Abbott  
GIMBLETBettyAndrewElizabeth31 Jan 1802dau Coryton  
ROWEMaryJohnMary10 Feb 1802dau    
WALTERGeorgeWilliamFrances18 Feb 1802son Milton Abbott  
CORAMHenryDanielElizabeth14 Mar 1802son Milton Abbott  
ADAMSJamesWilliamDorothy28 Mar 1802son    
MIDDLETONMarySimonJane11 Apr 1802dau    
DAVYRichardJohnJane15 May 1802son Milton Abbott  
CORYMaryJohnGrace18 May 1802dau    
CORNELIUSRichardJohnMary25 May 1802son    
TAWTONLydiaJohnElizabeth30 May 1802dau    
BROOKJamesJohnWilmot27 Jun 1802son Milton Abbott  
CHOWENJohnThomasPatience19 Jul 1802son    
ROWEMaryJohnMary01 Aug 1802dau Milton Abbott  
PERRYCatharineWilliamElizabeth13 Sep 1802dau    
PALMERElizabethJohnElizabeth03 Oct 1802dau Milton Abbott  
DURDANRichardJamesElizabeth24 Oct 1802son    
FUGEElizabethWillianAnn17 Jan 1803dau    
DOWNINGAmyJosephMary27 Jan 1803dau Milton Abbott  
DOIDGEJoannaWilliamMary06 Feb 1803dau Milton Abbott  
BALLHannahWilliamElizabeth22 Feb 1803dau    
YOULDENElizabethRichardElizabeth24 Apr 1803dau    
GERRYThomasBenjaminJoanna08 May 1803son    
PERKINJohnJohnGrace10 Jul 1803son    
HILLHenryRichardElizabeth06 Aug 1803son Milton Abbott  
WILLIAMSWilliam Davis Elizabeth31 Aug 1803   a base Child 
COTTONPhiladelphiaJohnMargaret04 Oct 1803dau Thruselton  
WALTERThomasWilliamFrances09 Oct 1803son Milton Abbott  
STERT (alias STUTRIDGE)Robert Alice30 Oct 1803   a base Child 
LANGMaryJohnMary03 Nov 1803dau    
CUDLIPWilliamJohnJoanna18 Dec 1803son Milton Abbott  
CORYGraceJohnGrace04 Jan 1804dau    
PELLOWElizabethJohnAmy29 Jan 1804dau    
LUXONThomasThomasAnn12 Feb 1804son    
CHOWENElizabethThomasPatience26 Feb 1804dau    
DOIDGEMary AnnGeorgeMary02 Mar 1804dau Milton Abbott  
BEVANJaneJohnMary25 Mar 1804dau    
COADJohnIsaacMaria08 Apr 1804son Milton Abbott  
AYRESFrancisFrancisMary29 Apr 1804son Milton Abbott  
MEDLANDAnnWilliamJenny15 May 1804dau Thruselton  
COADCharlesJohnJoanna20 May 1804son Milton Abbott  
MARTINThomasThomasElizabeth23 Sep 1804son Milton Abbott  
DUKEMaryBenjaminElizabeth23 Sep 1804dau Milton Abbott  
ADAMSHumphryWilliamDorothy30 Sep 1804son    
CREBERElizabethJohnHarriet30 Sep 1804dau    
HILLMary AnnThomasPhilippa08 Oct 1804dau    
YOULDENRichardRichardElizabeth10 Nov 1804son Milton Abbott  
WILLIAMSWalterWalterJane11 Nov 1804son Milton Abbott  
TAWTONJaneJohnElizabeth10 Dec 1804dau  Twin DaughtersBaptisms of daughters Jane and Elizabeth recorded in a single register entry
TAWTONElizabethJohnElizabeth10 Dec 1804dau  Twin DaughtersBaptisms of daughters Jane and Elizabeth recorded in a single register entry
PALMERJohnJohnElizabeth13 Jan 1805son    
ROWEJennyJohnMary07 Apr 1805dau Milton Abbott  
DINGLEGeorgeJohnJoanna21 Apr 1805son    
SPRYWilliamWilliamAnn12 May 1805son    
BALLElizabethWilliamElizabeth20 Jul 1805dau   wife added with a caret
HETHERSHIREElizabethJamesMary04 Aug 1805dau p/o Kelly  
BROADHenry Mary17 Aug 1805   a base Child 
GERRYJohnBenjaminJoanna08 Oct 1805son    
WARDJohnThomasMary09 Oct 1805son    
FUGEMaryWilliamAnn20 Oct 1805dau    
DURDANThomasinJamesElizabeth10 Nov 1805dau    
WILLIAMSGertrudeWalterJane15 Dec 1805dau Milton Abbott  
CHOWENJoannaThomasPatience16 Feb 1806dau    
AYRESMaryFrancisMary02 Mar 1806dau Milton Abbott  
BROOKJohnWilliamAnn16 Mar 1806son Milton Abbott  
LANGAndrewJohnMary16 Apr 1806son    
LANGJennyWilliamJenny20 Apr 1806dau Milton Abbott  
SMALEGraceThomasMary18 May 1806dau    
ADAMSDianaWilliamDorothy06 Jul 1806dau    
COWLINGRuthCharlesRuth27 Jul 1806dau Milton Abbott  
BEVANMarthaJohnMary04 Aug 1806dau    
DOIDGEElizabethGeorgeMary18 Aug 1806dau Milton Abbott  
PELLOWMaryJohnAmy03 Sep 1806dau Milton Abbott  
WILLSJohnRichardMary07 Sep 1806son    
LUXONWilliamThomasAnn14 Sep 1806son    
COADMaryIsaacMaria14 Sep 1806dau Milton Abbott  
MARTINJohnThomasElizabeth23 Sep 1806son Milton Abbott  
MITCHELGeorgeGeorgeAnn09 Oct 1806son    
MIDDLETONElizabethSimonJane15 Oct 1806dau    
MILMANAnnWilliamMaria19 Oct 1806dau Milton Abbot  
DAVYAnthonyJohnJane26 Oct 1806son Milton Abbott  
YOULDENRichardRichardElizabeth27 Oct 1806son Milton Abbott  
COTTONSusannaJohnMargaret02 Nov 1806dau Thruseltonprivately baptiz'd at Thruselton & recd. into the Church at Maristow 11 Nov 1806 
CORNELIUSHannahNicholasAgnes16 Dec 1806dau    
CUDLIPThomasJohnJoanna15 Jan 1807son Milton Abbott  
DOWNWilliamJohnJoanna30 Jan 1807son Milton Abbott  
HEARNThomasJohnAnn12 Apr 1807son    
COADJennyJohnJoanna19 Apr 1807dau Milton Abbott  
SCOVERNMary AnnWilliamElizabeth07 Jul 1807dau    
TAPSON...e[Jane?] CoramJohnElizabeth19 Jul 1807dau    
SPRYPhilipPhilipJoanna20 Jul 1807son    
BROADPhilip Mary Ann23 Aug 1807   a base ChildAnn added with a caret
CREBERRichardJohnHarriet23 Aug 1807son    
BALLWilliamWilliamElizabeth27 Sep 1807son    
PALMERGraceJohnElizabeth11 Oct 1807dau    
WILLSAnnRichardMary18 Oct 1807dau    
GERRYJoannaBenjaminJoanna22 Nov 1807dau    
DAVYJamesJohnJane21 Feb 1808son Milton Abbott  
FUGEAnnWilliamAnn28 Feb 1808dau    
TINNEYElizabethJohnMary31 Mar 1808dau    
CHOWENMary AnnThomasPatience01 May 1808dau    
TAWTONChristopherJohnElizabeth22 May 1808son    
PERKINThomasJamesElizabeth04 Jul 1808son    
BROOKWilliamWilliamGrace21 Aug 1808son Milton Abbott  
DAWEMary AnnThomasCatharine25 Sep 1808dau    
MIDDLETONRichardSimonJane09 Oct 1808son    
DURDANAnnJamesElizabeth23 Oct 1808dau    
DOIDGESarahWilliamMary20 Nov 1808dau Milton Abbott  
ADAMSPeterWilliamDorothy29 Dec 1808son    
PELLOWThomasJohnAmy22 Jan 1809son Milton Abbott  
COLEAnn Elizabeth05 Feb 1809   a base Child 
POTTERJohn Brooks Sarah26 Feb 1809   a base Child 
LANGElizabethJohnMary08 Mar 1809dau    
LUXONRobertThomasAnn12 Mar 1809son    
BALLMaryWilliamElizabeth02 Apr 1809dau    
MILMANMaryWilliamMaria09 Apr 1809dau Milton Abbot  
HORNEWilliamJohnElizabeth09 Apr 1809son Milton Abbot  
CUDLIPJohnAndrewJane16 Apr 1809son    
CORYElizabethJohnCharlotte20 May 1809dau    
CHOWENHannahJohnGrace04 Jun 1809dau    
GERRYElizabethBenjaminJoanna13 Aug 1809dau    
ROWEElizabethJohnMary17 Sep 1809dau Milton Abbot  
CORNELIUSElizabethNicholasAgnes05 Dec 1809dau    
BURNRichard WalterRichardElizabeth10 Dec 1809son    
LITTLEJOHNSElizabethRichardMary23 Dec 1809dau Milton Abbott  
CREBERHarrietJohnHarriet16 Jan 1810dau    
TINNEYWilliamJohnMary08 Apr 1810son    
WILLSJohnRichardMary29 Apr 1810son    
HORNEAnnJohnElizabeth29 Apr 1810dau Milton Abbott  
MARTINBetsyThomasElizabeth06 May 1810dau Milton Abbott  
ADAMSWilliamWilliamDorothy06 May 1810son    
SPRYOliverRichardGrace20 May 1810son Milton Abbott  
MIDDLETONJaneSimonJane27 May 1810dau    
CORYJohnJohnCharlotte31 May 1810son    
CHOWENHenryThomasPatience03 Jun 1810son    
WILLIAMSJohnWalterJane09 Sep 1810son Milton Abbot  
DOIDGERichardGeorgeMary23 Sep 1810son Milton Abbott  
WEEKSEliasJohnJane16 Oct 1810son    
LANGHannahJohnMary27 Dec 1810dau    
MILMANSusannaWilliamMaria03 Mar 1811dau Milton Abbot  
DAWEThomasThomasCatharine21 Apr 1811son    
CUDLIPElizabethJohnJoanna09 Jun 1811dau Milton Abbott  
GERRYMary AnnLeonardEli...[Elisa?]16 Jun 1811dau Holsworthy  
CORYRichardJohnCharlotte26 Aug 1811son    
GERRYMary AnnBenjaminJoanna08 Sep 1811dau    
CUDLIPWilliamAndrewJane08 Sep 1811son    
BALLJaneWilliamElizabeth15 Dec 1811dau    
DOIDGERichardJohnMary01 Jan 1812son    
PELLOWJohnJohnAmy06 Jan 1812son Milton Abbott  
BURNElizabethRichardElizabeth19 Jan 1812dau    
BROOKRichardJohnElizabeth31 Jan 1812son Milton Abbot  
HAMJohnJohnElizabeth07 Feb 1812son    
LANGSamuelWilliamJenny02 Aug 1812son Milton Abbott  
ARSCOTJamesWalterJoanna16 Aug 1812son Milton Abbott  
PALMERRogerJamesChristian05 Sep 1812son Milton Abbot  
WEEKSMaryJohnJane17 Sep 1812dau    
DAVYRichardJohnJane20 Sep 1812son Milton Abbot  
CHOWENAgnesThomasPatience26 Oct 1812dau    
GREENINGAnnRichardMary01 Nov 1812dau    
MARTINHarrietWilliamPriscilla13 Dec 1812dau Bridestow