Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref No: 890/3

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David A. Davy

© Copyright 2002 & 2006

This document is an attempt to transcribe all baptisms recorded in the parish records for Marystowe, Devon between the years 1813 and 1874. It is not surname specific, and no baptism entries have been intentionally excluded from the transcription. All names transcribed are spelt as recorded in the original register. Surnames have been capitalized to aid in readability regardless of whether they appear this way in the original Parish Register or not. No attempt has been made to cross check the transcribed entries with the bishop's transcripts. All entries are transcribed in the year in which they were recorded in the parish register, and no attempt has been made to convert the year of baptism. Please note that year conversion is only of concern for entries made pre 1752 when the Julian calendar was in effect.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, the transcriber assumes no responsibility for any errors contained in this document. Please remember to check the transcibed entries against the original parish register.

This transcription is for private research only, and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that in additon to the names of the parents, THEIR TITLES ie. junr., gent:, vicar have also been included in the column. It is hoped this doesn't cause too much confusion, but if it does, please accept my sincerest apologies!


[] = Square brackets and contents are transcriber's additions which may not be contained in the original text.

... = Difficulty in interpretation of original document whether due to age related deterioration or penmanship.

p/o = parish of


Cert No.SURNAME(S)Given Name(s)FatherMotherDate of BaptismSexDate of BirthAbodeOccupationMinisterNotesTranscriber's remarks/comments
1TAWTONHonour Walter Maria10 Jan 1813  Thorne MaristowLabourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicara base child; Maria dau of John and Elizabeth TAWTON 
2CORYJamesJohnCharlotte19 Jan 1813son Allerford MaristowFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
3LANGThomasJohnMary14 Mar 1813son Dipfordtown MaristowFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
4CORAMGraceWilliamMary04 Apr 1813dau Cholwell MaristowLabourer in husbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
5RAUNDLERobert Elizabeth26 Jul 1813  Lee wood Cottage MaristowDay Labourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY VicarTwins; base children; Elizabeth dau of John and Martha RAUNDLE 
5RAUNDLEJohn Elizabeth26 Jul 1813  Lee wood Cottage MaristowDay Labourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY VicarTwins; base children; Elizabeth dau of John and Martha RAUNDLE 
6GERRYJaneBenjaminJoanna15 Aug 1813dau Dipfordtown MaristowDay labourer at a Lime QuarryJohn T. SPRY Vicar Word crossed out in abode column
9DOIDGEWilliamJohnMary02 Jan 1814son Tibridge MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar Cert No. 7 & 8 unused
10CUDLIPGeorgeAndrewJane10 Apr 1814son Trehill MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
11WEEKSWilliamJohnJane20 Apr 1814son Lee wood Cottage Maristowlabourer at a Lime QuarryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
12CUNDYHenryJohnMary29 May 1814son Parish Poor house MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
13ROWEGrace BlanchardJohnJoanna31 May 1814dau Bull hill MaristowFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
14PERKINMary Grace05 Jun 1814  Parish Poor house Maristowa Parish PauperJohn T. SPRY Vicara base ChildWords crossed out in Christian names column
15CORYThomasJohnCharlotte06 Jun 1814son Allerford MaristowFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
16DAWEGraceThomasCatharine04 Sep 1814dau Trehill Maristowlabourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
17MARTINSallyThomasElizabeth04 Sep 1814dau Broad town in Milton AbbottFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
18MASONRichardJohnThomasin19 Sep 1814son East Raddon MaristowFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
19BICKLESarah AnnWilliamElizabeth15 Nov 1814dau Hill head in Milton AbbottTaylorJohn JAGO Clerk  
20CHOWENSusannaThomasPatience18 Dec 1814dau Tibridge Maristowlabourer in husbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
21WILLIAMSMary AnnWalterJane18 Dec 1814dau Hill head in Milton AbbotBlacksmithJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
25BICKELLAgnesWilliamMary27 Mar 1815dau Bickell's Cottage in Sydenham wood MaristowMasonJohn T. SPRY Vicar Cert No. 22, 23 & 24 unused
26CUDLIPPJaneJosephElizabeth02 Apr 1815dau Broad town in the p/o Milton AbbottFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
27CLIFTONMary Mary16 Apr 1815  Parish Poor house Maristowa Parish PauperJohn T. SPRY Vicara base child 
28BALLJoannaWilliamElizabeth30 Apr 1815dau Chapel MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryThos: DARKE Curate of Kelly  
29FUGERichardWilliamAnn04 Jun 1815son Milton AbbotDay LabourerH Hawkins TREMAYNE Minr  
30ROWERichard DoidgeJohnElizabeth04 Jul 1815son Broad Town in the p/o Milton AbbottFarmerJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
31CORYNathanJohnCharlotte26 Aug 1815son Allerford MaristowFarmerThomas Waddon MARTYN Minister of Liftonprivately baptiz'd; as by This Certificate transmitted to me 27 Aug 1815 - [signed] Jno. T. SPRY Vicar 
32GREENINGEdwardRichardMary12 Nov 1815son Warracot MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryRevd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
33GERRYSamuelBenjaminJoanna15 Jan 1816son Dipford Town in MaristowDay labourer at a Lime QuarryRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwin Sons 
33GERRYIsaacBenjaminJoanna15 Jan 1816son Dipford Town in MaristowDay labourer at a Lime QuarryRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwin Sons 
34DOIDGEHannahJohnMary01 Feb 1816dau Tibridge in MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar  
35CROCKERElizabethJohnSusanna18 Feb 1816dau Broad Town in Milton AbbottDay labourerRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
36MARTINMary AnnThomasElizabeth27 Feb 1816dau Broad Town in Milton AbbottFarmerRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar  
37COLLACOTThomas Drew Mary09 Jun 1816  Thorne in Maristowlate Cook at SydenhamRevd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenhama base childWord crossed out of Parents Christian name column
38CHOWENAnnThomasElizabeth22 Jun 1816dau Lee wood Cottage in MaristowDay labourer in HusbandryRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar  
39COADMary Ann Joanna29 Sep 1816  Milton AbbotDay labourerRevd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenhama base child 
41BICKLEThomasWilliamElizabeth13 Oct 1816son Hill head Milton AbbottTaylorRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham Cert No. 40 unused
42CORYSamuelJohnCharlotte25 Oct 1816son Allerford in MaristowFarmerRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar of Maristow  
43PALMERJohnJamesChristian06 Nov 1816son Chilaton Milton AbbotFarmer and Shop keeperRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar of Maristow  
44WEEKSThomasJohnJane26 Nov 1816son Lee wood Cottage MaristowLabourer at a Lime QuarryRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar a in Quarry added with a caret
45MILMANElizabethWilliamMaria22 Dec 1816dau Forda in Milton AbbottLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
46PELLOWAmyJohnAmy31 Dec 1816dau Chilaton in Milton AbbottLabourer in HusbandryRevd. John T. SPRY Vicar of Maristow  
49HUDDISONGeorgePhilipJoanna05 Jan 1817son Leigh in the p/o Milton AbbottLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham Cert No. 47 & 48 unused; of in p/o added with a caret
50JEFFERYElizabeth Spry Leah05 Jan 1817  Cholwell in the p/o Maristowan apprentice Girl to Jno WHITE of Thorn in the said ParishRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenhama base child 
51BLATCHFORDJohnSamuelMargaret12 Jan 1817son Greena Cross in Milton AbbottBlacksmithRevd Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
52WALTERMary OxenhamAsaGrace23 Feb 1817dau Trehill in the p/o MaristowFarmerRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
53BICKELLWilliamWilliamMary09 Mar 1817son Bickell's Cottage in Sydenham woodMasonRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
54CUNDYMaryJohnMary27 Apr 1817dau Parish Poor house MaristowLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
55LANGMANJohnJosephMary17 Aug 1817son Bull Hill in the p/o MaristowLabourer in HusbandryRevd Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
56TONKINElizabeth SusannaWilliamJane12 Oct 1817dau Leigh in Milton AbbottMinerRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
57CHOWENRichardThomasPatience25 Dec 1817son Tibridge in MaristowLabourer in HusbandryRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
65CHOWENJohnThomasElizabeth27 Jan 1818son Lee wood CottageLabourer in husbandryJohn Teasdale SPRY Vicar of Maristow Cert No. 58 - 64 unused
66REEDMary AnnJohnElizabeth08 Feb 1818dau Chillaton in the p/o Milton AbbottJourneyman TannerRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
67MASTERSDanielJohnMary22 Feb 1818son Leigh in the p/o Milton AbbottFarmerRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
68CUDLIPPElizabethJosephElizabeth11 Mar 1818dau Raddon in the p/o MaristowLabourer in HusbandryRevd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
69DOIDGEJames LittlejohnsEdwardAnn24 May 1818son Rock in the p/o Milton AbbotBlack SmithRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
70DAWEElizabethThomasCatharine10 Jun 1818dau Cottage on Sydenham BartonLabourer in HusbandryJohn T. SPRY - Vicar of Marystow  
71BICKLEMaryWilliamMary19 Jul 1818dau Bickle's Cottage in Sydenham woodMasonRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
72ROWEThomasJohnElizabeth21 Aug 1818son Allerford in MarystowFarmerJohn Teasdale SPRY Vicar of Marystow  
73BROADJohn ScovernRichardBetty11 Sep 1818son Lee wood Cottage in MarystowDay labourer in husbandryJohn Teasdale SPRY - Vicar of Marystow  
74COXAnn DoidgeWilliamMary11 Oct 1818dau Lankskerry in Milton AbbotDay labourer in husbandryRevd Samuel HARNESS - Rector of South Sydenham  
75PERKINIsaac Arscot Grace18 Oct 1818  Marystow Poor house Revd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenhama base child 
76EDWARDSHenryJohnElizabeth23 Dec 1818son Marystow Poor houseDay labourer in husbandryJohn T. SPRY Vicar of Marystow  
81DOIDGEJaneJohnMary10 Jan 1819dau Chapel in MarystowDay labourer in HusbandryRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham Cert No. 77 - 80 unused
82GILBERTSarah AnnJosephMaria24 Jan 1819dau Greenacross in Milton AbbottDay labourer in HusbandryRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
83BLATCHFORDPeggySamuelPeggy28 Feb 1819dau Greena Cross in Milton AbbottBlacksmithRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
84FUGESusanWilliamAnn21 Mar 1819dau Cardwell in Milton AbbottLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Thomas DARKE Curate of Kelly  
85KENNARDNicholasNicholasElizabeth04 Apr 1819son Quither in Milton AbbottFarmerRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
86CORYHezekiahJohnCharlotte15 Apr 1819son Allerford in MarystowFarmerRevd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
87WESTINGTONConstantineJohnMary26 Apr 1819son Rock in Milton AbbottLabourer in husbandryRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
88WALTERMary AnnRichardMary02 May 1819dau Bull hill in MarystowLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
89BICKLEWilliamWilliamElizabeth09 May 1819son Hill head in Milton AbbottTaylorRevd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
90DOIDGEHenry ChowenWilliamAgnes27 Jun 1819son Raddon in MarystowLabourer in HusbandryRevd. Thos. DARKE - Curate of Kelly  
91GREENINGMaryRichardMary25 Jul 1819dau Warracot in MarystowLabourer in HusbandryRevd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham d in Sydenham added with a caret
92DAVEYWilliamWilliamElizabeth05 Sep 1819son Broad Town in Milton AbbotCarpenterSaml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
93MILLMANRichardJohnGrace26 Sep 1819son TibridgeLabourerSaml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham day could be the 20 Sep
94MILLMANGertrudeWilliamMaria19 Dec 1819dau Forda in Milton AbbotLabourerSaml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
97HORRELLRichardPeterJoanna27 Feb 1820son Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar Cert No. 95 & 96 unused; word crossed out in surname column
98ARSCOTTAnneRobertMary05 Mar 1820dau Ford in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
99CHOWENPatienceThomasPatience19 Mar 1820dau Raddon MillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
100CORAMJaneJamesHonour21 May 1820dau Marystow Poor HouseLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
101MASTERSThomasJohnMary18 Jun 1820son Leigh in Milton AbottFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
102HANSHannahGeorge LillingtonAgnes19 Jun 1820dau Markstone in LiftonFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
103DOIDGEGeorgeWilliamMary Ann25 Jun 1820son Cottage in LeighWoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
104CORYHenryJohnCharlotte16 Jul 1820son AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
105ROBYNSWilmot MargaretThomasAnne17 Jul 1820dau Marystow VicarageClerkThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
106DAWWilliam GaleThomasCatherine20 Aug 1820son School House in MarystowLabourerRevd John JAGO Vicar of Milton Abbot  
107BROADCatherineRichardBetty03 Sep 1820dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
108BICKLEElizabethWilliamMary29 Oct 1820dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodMasonThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
109MIDDLETONJohnRobertMargaret12 Nov 1820son TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
110ROWEElizabethJohnElizabeth03 Dec 1820dau AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
111RICEWilliamWilliamSusannah10 Dec 1820son Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
112REYNOLDSWilliam StanlakeJoshuaMary27 Dec 1820son Long Town in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
113WILLIAMSAlexander AllenAlexanderMary15 Jan 1821son Sydenham Mill HouseInspector of the Manganese MinesThos: ROBYNS VicarTwin Sons 
113WILLIAMSJohnAlexanderMary15 Jan 1821son Sydenham Mill HouseInspector of the Manganese MinesThos: ROBYNS VicarTwin Sons 
114DOIDGEAgnesWilliamAgnes05 Mar 1821dau Dipford TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
115TAWTONJohnJohnElizabeth06 Mar 1821son Dipford TownTaylorThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
116CUDLIPPJohnJosephElizabeth01 Apr 1821son Middle RaddonLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
117BLATCHFORDGeorgeSamuelMargaret13 May 1821son Green Cross in Milton AbbotBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
118DOIDGEJoannaJohnMary13 May 1821dau ChapelParish Clerk of MarystowThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
119COCKSWilliamWilliamMary10 Jun 1821son Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
120CREBERJohnWilliamSusannah17 Jun 1821son Dipford TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
121BROADRichardAthanasiusJenny24 Jun 1821son Cottage in Cholwill ParkLabourerRevd William GURNEY Curate of Lawhitton  
122BICKLEJohnWilliamElizabeth06 Aug 1821son Hill Head in Milton AbbottTaylorThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
123HOCKINGWilliamJohnGrace19 Aug 1821son Splat Ford in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
124CHOWENJaneThomasAgnes02 Sep 1821dau Cottage in Leigh WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
125MENCEThomasJosephSusannah07 Oct 1821son Dipford TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
126BASSETSusanWilliamAnne07 Oct 1821dau ThornLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
127DAWJohnThomasCatherine18 Nov 1821son School House in MarystowLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
128DAVYJohnWilliamBetsy18 Nov 1821son Chillaton in Milton AbbotCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
129ROBYNSEllenThomasAnne13 Dec 1821dau Marystow VicarageClerkThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
130HUTCHENSElizabethJohnMaria20 Jan 1822dau Dipper TownLabouerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
131BROADHenry Susannah20 Jan 1822son Cottage in Sydenham Wood Thos: ROBYNS VicarBase Son 
132WALTERSAnneRichardMary10 Mar 1822dau Bull HillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
133GALEAnneThomasMartha17 Mar 1822dau Forda in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
134BATTENAndrew CudlippWilliamMary24 Mar 1822son BrentorLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
135CORAMMary AnneJamesHonour28 Apr 1822dau Marystow Poor HouseLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
136BROOKSRobertRobertAlice05 May 1822son Rock in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
137HANNSMargaret HatchGeorge LillingtonAgnes07 May 1822dau Markstone in LiftonFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
138HORRELLWilliamPeterJoanna26 May 1822son Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
139ROWEThomasinJohnElizabeth27 May 1822dau AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
140WILLIAMSWilliamAlexanderMary26 Jun 1822son Sydenham Mill HouseInspector of the Manganese MinesThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
141ARSCOTTAnneIsaacGrace18 Aug 1822dau Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
142KNIGHTWilliamRobertThomasin24 Aug 1822son Long Park Cottage SydenhamBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
143RUNDLEWilliamRichardElizabeth09 Sep 1822son Marystow Poor HouseLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
144CHOWEN...[CHOWEN or CHOWENS?]WilliamJohnElizabeth06 Oct 1822son CholwellLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
145ARSCOTTMartinRobertMary13 Oct 1822son Ford in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
146PERRYPatienceJohnElizabeth22 Oct 1822dau Brent TorFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
147CHOWENHenryThomasAgnes03 Nov 1822son Cottage in Leigh WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
148BLANCHARDElizabethWilliam FriendElizabeth Dorothy09 Nov 1822dau TavistockGrocerThos: ROBYNS VicarTwin Daughters 
148BLANCHARDJane MasonWilliam FriendElizabeth Dorothy09 Nov 1822dau TavistockGrocerThos: ROBYNS VicarTwin Daughters 
149MILMANGraceJohnGrace23 Dec 1822dau TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
150DOIDGERichardWilliamAgnes29 Dec 1822son Dipper TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
151CHOWENHenryThomasPatience23 Feb 1823son TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
152DAVYElizabethWilliamBetsy23 Feb 1823dau Chillaton Milton AbbotCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
153DOIDGEPhilippaWilliamMary Anne23 Mar 1823dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
154NEWTONAnne ElizabethRobertElizabeth01 Apr 1823dau Hill Head in Milton AbbotMarinerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
155COCKSThomasWilliamMary04 May 1823son Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
156TAWTONRichardJohnElizabeth11 May 1823son Dipper TownParish Clerk of MarystowThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
157BRIMACOMBEThomas Grace18 May 1823son Cholwill Thos: ROBYNS Vicar  
158DOWNJohnJamesElizabeth01 Jun 1823son TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
159MARTINCharlesWilliamPriscilla01 Jun 1823son ChapelLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
160MASTERSWilliamJohnMary10 Aug 1823son Leigh in Milton AbbotFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
161ROBYNSCaroline MatildaThomasAnne22 Aug 1823dau Marystow VicarageClerkThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
162WESTJaneJohnMary24 Aug 1823dau Forda in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
163BLATCHFORDRichard ChubbSamuelMargaret31 Aug 1823son Green Cross in Milton AbbotBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
164SPRYThomasWilliamMary07 Sep 1823son Forda in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
165HANNSJohn HatchGeorge LillingtonAgnes30 Sep 1823son Markstone in LiftonFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
166CHOWENGeorgeJohnMary Anne07 Jan 1824son Dipper TownFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
167CORYWilliamJohnCharlotte09 Jan 1824son AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
168CHOWENRobert SandercockRichardGrace16 Jan 1824son SydenhamFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
169WILLIAMSMary ElizabethAlexanderMary20 Jan 1824dau Sydenham Mill HouseInspector of the Manganese MinesThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
170BICKLEElizabeth JaneWilliamElizabeth22 Feb 1824dau Hill Head in Milton AbbotTaylorThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
171CREBERElizabethWilliamSusannah29 Feb 1824dau CholwellLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
172WALTERSJane MakerRichardMary29 Feb 1824dau Bull HillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
173NEWTONRobertRobertElizabeth06 Apr 1824son Hill Head in Milton AbbotMarinerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
174BROADHenryRichardBetty18 Apr 1824son Cottage in Sydenham WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
175HILLRichardThomasJoanna07 May 1824son Langskerry in Milton AbbotFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
176CORAMJoannaJamesHonour25 Jul 1824dau ThorneLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
177ROBYNSJohnThomasAnne08 Aug 1824son Marystow VicarageClerkThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
178SAUNDERSRichardRichardElizabeth28 Sep 1824son AllerfordCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
179CHOWENWilliamThomasAgnes03 Oct 1824son Cottage in Leigh WoodLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
180DAVYJaneWilliamBetsy17 Oct 1824dau Chillaton in Milton AbbotCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
181BROADAthanasiusAthanasiusJenny28 Nov 1824son Cottage in Cholwill ParkLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
182KNIGHTElizabethRobertThomasin28 Nov 1824dau Long Park Cottage SydenhamBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
183SOPERJaneWilliamEleanor02 Jan 1825dau AllerfordBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
184ROWEWilliamJohnElizabeth19 Jan 1825son AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
185MILMANRichardJohnGrace27 Jan 1825son TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
186CHOWENRichardRichardGrace02 Feb 1825son SydenhamFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
187CHOWENGeorgeThomasPatience20 Feb 1825son CholwellLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
188BICKLEAgnesWilliamElizabeth21 Feb 1825dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodMasonThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
189ARSCOTTGraceIsaacGrace06 Mar 1825dau Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
190MASTERSCharlesJohnMary23 Mar 1825son Milton AbbotLabourerRevd Edward TRELAWNEY Curate of Milton Abbot  
191DOIDGEJohnWilliamAgnes27 Mar 1825son DippertownLabourerRevd Thomas Waddon MARTYN Curate of Lifton  
192CORYGeorgeJohnCharlotte23 May 1825son AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
193CHOWENAnneJohnMary Anne12 Jun 1825dau Dipper TownFarmerRevd Willm COWLARD Curate of Lamerton  
194DAWSarahThomasCatherine13 Jun 1825dau School House in MarystowLabourerRevd William COWLARD Curate of Lamerton  
195BLATCHFORDRichardSamuelMargaret28 Jul 1825son Green Cross in Milton AbbotBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
196SPRYJohnWilliamMary14 Aug 1825son Forda in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
197CHOWENJohnWilliamPatience11 Sep 1825son TibridgeLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate day appears to be overwritten
198HANNSHezekiahGeorge LillingtonAgnes19 Oct 1825son Markstone in LiftonFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
199DAVEYWalterHenryPhilippa23 Oct 1825son Green Cross in Milton AbbotCarpenterRevd Thomas Adam COLLING Curate  
200HILLThomasThomasJoanna27 Nov 1825son Langs Skerry in Milton AbbottFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
201NEWTONMaryRobertElizabeth11 Dec 1825dau Hill Head in Milton AbbotMarinerRevd T A COLLING Curate of Thrushelton  
202DAVYThomasThomasGertrude11 Dec 1825son Broad Town in Milton AbbotCarpenterRevd T A COLLING Curate of Thrushelton  
203MANNINGMaryRichardSusannah11 Dec 1825dau Upper Chillaton in Milton AbbotLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate of Thrushelton  
204EDDYJohn Elizabeth22 Jan 1826son Thorne Poor House Revd T A COLLING Curate  
205WORTHCharlotteJohnMary19 Mar 1826dau ChapelLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
206DOIDGEJaneSamuelDamaris16 Mar 1826dau West RaddonLabourerRevd John WOLLACOMBE Rector of Stowford  
207COLEJaneJohnSusan26 Mar 1826dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
208RUNDLERichardRichardElizabeth23 Apr 1826son Marystow Poor HouseLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
209CHOWENWilliam LyellThomasAgnes07 May 1826son Cottage in Leigh WoodLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
210SAUNDERSElizabethRichardElizabeth28 May 1826dau AllerfordCarpenterRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
211NORTHEYJaneJohnJane10 Jun 1826dau East RaddonFarmerRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
212BICKLERichardWilliamElizabeth11 Jun 1826son Hill Head in Milton AbbotTaylorRevd T A COLLING Curate  
213GALEWilliamJohnElizabeth25 Jun 1826son Long Park Cottage SydenhamLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
214HOCKINGJohnJohnGrace29 Jun 1826son Splat Ford in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
215DOIDGEWilliamWilliamMary Anne30 Jul 1826son Cottage in Lee WoodLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
216DAVYHenryWilliamBetsy29 Oct 1826son Ford in Milton AbbottCarpenterRevd J WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
217CORAMElizabethJamesHonour19 Nov 1826dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
218BROADJaneAthanasiusJane17 Dec 1826dau Cottage in Cholwill ParkLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
219WALTERRichardRichardMary24 Dec 1826son Bull HillLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
220CHOWENMary GraceRichardGrace03 Jan 1827dau SydenhamFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
221CHOWENJohn CaddickJohnMary Anne07 Jan 1827son Dipper TownFarmerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
222HILLRichardThomasJoanna14 Jan 1827son Langs Skerry in Milton AbbottFarmerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
223DOIDGEElizabethWilliamAgnes14 Jan 1827dau Dipper TownLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
224LANGMary AnneWilliamJane21 Jan 1827dau WarracottLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
225CREBERWilliamWilliamSusannah01 Feb 1827  CholwellCarpenterRevd J WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwins 
225CREBERSusanWilliamSusannah01 Feb 1827  CholwellCarpenterRevd J WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwins 
226TEAGUESamuelJohnJane25 Feb 1827son DippertownFarmerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
227FACEYThomasRichardElizabeth13 Mar 1827son Sydenham Mill HouseFarmerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
228SOPERElizabethWilliamEleanor15 Apr 1827dau AllerfordBlacksmithRevd T A COLLING Curate  
229CHOWENGraceWilliamPatience22 Apr 1827dau Raddon MillFarmerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
230MADDIFORDAnneRogerMary29 Apr 1827dau Leigh CottageBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
231TICKELLElizabethJohnAnne03 Jun 1827dau Dipper TownLabourerRevd T A COLLING Curate  
232GALESusannaThomasMartha17 Jun 1827dau Dipper TownLabouerRevd T A COLLING Curate day could be the 07 Jun
233WALTERWilliamAsaGrace22 Jul 1827son TrehillFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
234DINNERMary FugeRichardAnne22 Jul 1827dau Sydenham MillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
235BICKELRichardWmElizabeth05 Aug 1827son Sydenham WoodMasonH G SALTER Curate  
236BLATCHFORDHannahSamlMargaret05 Aug 1827dau Green-Cross Milton AbbotBlacksmithH G SALTER Curate  
237FREEZEElizabethRichdMary07 Oct 1827dau Langskerry Milton AbbotLabourerH G SALTER Curate word crossed out in abode column
238CORYCharlesJohnCharlotte28 Oct 1827son Allerford MarystowFarmerH G SALTER Curate words crossed out in surname & abode columns
239WORTHSusannahJohnMargaret28 Oct 1827dau MarystowLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
240KITTJohnRichdAnn22 Dec 1827son Leigh Milton AbbotLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
241HOBSJamesJamesMary30 Dec 1827son Sydenham MarystowMillerH G SALTER Curate  
242HORRILLHenryPeterJohannah30 Dec 1827son Milton AbbotLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
243GALEBetseyJohnBetsey06 Jan 1828dau MarystowLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
244DAVEYJaneThomasGertrude20 Jan 1828dau Milton AbbotLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
245HILLJohnThomasJohannah27 Jan 1828son Lanskerry Milton Abbot H G SALTER Curate word crossed out in occupation column
246MOUNSTEVENJulia ElizabethJosephMary27 Jan 1828dau Furze Hill BeerferrisFarmerH G SALTER Curate words crossed out in abode column
247NORTHEYJohnJohnJane29 Jan 1828son Raddon MarystowFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
248DAVEYJohn JamesWmElizabeth02 Mar 1828son Milton AbbotCarpenterH G SALTER Curate  
249SPRYElizabethWilliamMary02 Mar 1828dau Milton AbbottLabourerH G SALTER Curate word crossed out in parents christian name column
250TUCKERJohn PriceJohnElizabeth06 Apr 1828son MarystowLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
251FACEYMaryRichd.Elizabeth23 Apr 1828dau SydenhamFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
252HANSGraceGeorgeAgnes06 May 1828dau Markstone LiftonFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
253CORNELIUSAgnesJohnMary22 Jun 1828dau Milton AbbotFarmerH G SALTER Curate words crossed out in occupation column
254COLESElizabethJohnSusannah23 Jun 1828dau MarystowLabour ManH G SALTER Curate word crossed out in surname column
255MIDDLETONJohnSimonMary29 Jun 1828son MarystowLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
256WILLIAMSWalter EdwardWalterKatharine06 Jul 1828son Forder Milton AbbottBlacksmithH G SALTER Curate  
257SAUNDERSGraceRichd.Elizabeth02 Aug 1828dau AllerfordCarpenterH G SALTER Curate  
258DOIDGEEllen BlightJohnLouisa01 Sep 1828dau Greencross Milton AbbottLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
259MOLEAnnRichdElizabeth28 Sep 1828dau MarystowLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
260CHOWENAgnesRichdGrace25 Nov 1828dau SydenhamFarmerH G SALTER Curate words crossed out in occupation column
261FRIZESJaneThomasJane28 Dec 1828dau Splat Milton AbbottCordwinderH G SALTER Curate  
262DOIDGEWm.WilliamAgness25 Jan 1829son Dipford TownLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
263LANGThomasWilliamJane22 Feb 1829son WarracotLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
264CHOWENCharlotteThomasAgness01 Mar 1829dau Leigh WoodLabouring ManH G SALTER CurateTwin Daughters 
264CHOWENMariaThomasAgness01 Mar 1829dau Leigh WoodLabouring ManH G SALTER CurateTwin Daughters 
265TICKLEMary AnnJohnAnn08 Mar 1829dau Dipford TownLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
266DAVEYJohnHenryPhilippa15 Mar 1829son Leigh Milton AbbottCarpenterH G SALTER Curate  
267WALTERThomasRichd.Mary22 Mar 1829son Bull-Hill MarystowLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
268CHOWENHenryWm.Patience26 Apr 1829son TibridgeLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
269BROADGeorgeJohnGrace10 May 1829son TibridgeLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
270HILLHenryThomasJohannah12 May 1829son Lanskerry Milton AbbottFarmerH G SALTER Curate words crossed out in surname column
271CORAMGraceJamesHonour17 May 1829dau ThornLabouring ManH G SALTER Curate  
272MADDIFORDWilliamRogerMary07 Jun 1829son Cottage in Leigh WoodBlacksmithRevd H G SALTER Curate  
273CUNDYJaneJohnMary28 Jun 1829dau Marystow Poor HouseLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
274GERRYBetsy GouldBenjaminMary01 Jul 1829dau Dipper TownLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
275DAVEYThomasWilliamElizabeth23 Aug 1829son Ford in Milton AbbotCarpenterRevd H G SALTER Curate  
276CHOWENEmmaJohnMary Anne08 Oct 1829dau Dipper TownFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
277ROWEGeorgeJohnElizabeth15 Oct 1829son AllerfordFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar day of month is uncertain
278DOIDGEFannyWilliamMary Anne08 Nov 1829dau Marystow BridgeLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
279LANGJohnSamuelThomasin24 Nov 1829son DippertownLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate day could be the 29 Nov
280LANGJohnThomasJane03 Jan 1830son Langs Skerry in Milton AbbotMasonRevd H G SALTER Curate  
281SPRYRichardRichardElizabeth10 Jan 1830son ThornLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
282NEWTONJamesRobertElizabeth24 Jan 1830son Hill Head in Milton AbbotMarinerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
283MARTINHarriotWilliamPriscilla31 Jan 1830dau Cottage at HolsterLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
284MOLEElizabethRichardElizabeth05 Feb 1830dau Yellowley Lane in Milton AbbotLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
285BICKELJohnWilliamElizabeth14 Feb 1830son Cottage in Sydenham WoodMasonRevd H G SALTER Curate  
286SANDERSSamuelRichardElizabeth14 Mar 1830son AllerfordCarpenterRevd H G SALTER Curate  
287FRISEHannahRichardMary14 Mar 1830dau Langskerry in Milton AbbotLabourerRevd H G SALTER Curate  
288HOBBSMary AnneJamesMary25 Apr 1830dau Sydenham MillLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
289PELLOWJohnWilliamMary02 May 1830son ChapelLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
290PIPERMary ChowenJamesMary Anne02 May 1830dau CholwellLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
291DAVYMary AnneThomasGertrude02 May 1830dau Broad Town in Milton AbbotWheelrightH G SALTER Curate  
292MABINGraceJohnElizabeth21 May 1830dau TibridgeLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
293SOPERWilliamWilliamEleanor25 May 1830son AllerfordBlacksmithH G SALTER Curate  
295GALEMarthaThomasMartha30 May 1830dau Dipper TownLabourerH G SALTER Curate Cert No. 294 voided with words crossed out
296GALEAnneJohnElizabeth27 Jun 1830dau Hills Ball CottageLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
297HILLJoannaThomasJoanna11 Jul 1830dau Langskerry in Milton AbbotFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
298TICKELLAgnesJohnAnne22 Aug 1830dau Dipper TownLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
299CREBERHenryWilliamSusannah05 Sep 1830son Sydenham MillLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
300BLATCHFORDSarahSamuelMargaret12 Sep 1830dau Green Cross in Milton AbbotBlacksmithH G SALTER Curate  
301CHOWENJohn SandercockRichardGrace28 Sep 1830son SydenhamFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
302HANSSusannah Jane HatchGeorge LillingtonAgnes29 Sep 1830  Markstone in LiftonFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
303FRISERichardThomasJane24 Oct 1830son Splat in Milton AbbotCordwainerH G SALTER Curate  
304NORTHYElizabethJohnJane05 Sep 1830dau RaddonFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
305GERRYJoannaBenjaminMary14 Nov 1830dau DippertownLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
306FACEYAmelia MaryRichardElizabeth16 Nov 1830dau Sydenham MillFarmerH G SALTER Curate  
307DOIDGEGeorgeWilliamAgnes02 Jan 1831son DippertownLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
308COLESSusannahJohnSusannah30 Jan 1831dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
309LANGSamuelSamuelThomasin22 Feb 1831son Dipper TownLabourerRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwin Sons 
309LANGAndrewSamuelThomasin22 Feb 1831son Dipper TownLabourerRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of StowfordTwin Sons 
310CARTERRichard Grace19 Apr 1831son Chapel Thos: ROBYNS VicarBase Son 
311DAVYJamesWilliamElizabeth01 May 1831son Ford in Milton AbbotCarpenterH G SALTER Curate  
312CHOWENGeorgeThomasAgnes01 May 1831son Cottage at Marystow BridgeLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
313LANGJohnWilliamJane22 May 1831son WarracottLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
314CORAMSarahJamesHonour22 May 1831dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
315BROADJamesAthanasiusJane29 May 1831son Cottage in Cholwell ParkLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
316CHOWENJamesWilliamPatience19 Jun 1831son TibridgeLabourerH G SALTER Curate  
317SPRYGeorgeWilliamMary03 Jul 1831son Ugster in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
318HODGEWilliamJamesMary Anne10 Jul 1831son Quither in Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
319HALESMary Anne AnstisJohnAnstis10 Jul 1831dau CholwillMinerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
320KINSMANJaneThomasAnne17 Jul 1831dau ThornLabourerWm Wood... HARVEY Curate  
321DAVYHenryHenryPhilippa07 Aug 1831son Milton AbbotCarpenterW W HARVEY Curate word crossed out in surname column
322DOIDGEWilliamGeorgeGrace09 Oct 1831son Brent TorLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
323WILLIAMSWilliamWilliamJane11 Oct 1831son Dipper TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
324WALTERMargeryRichardMary30 Oct 1831dau Bull HillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
325MOLEJohnRichardElizabeth06 Nov 1831son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
326TICKELLWilliamJohnAnne11 Dec 1831son Dipper TownLabourerW W HARVY Curate  
327LANGThomasThomasJane22 Jan 1832son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
328BRIMACOMBEAnneEdwardMary Anne29 Jan 1832dau Milton AbbotMinerW W HARVEY Curate  
329MARTINHenryWilliamPriscilla04 Mar 1832son Old StreetLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
330HARVEYWilliam Mary Anne01 Apr 1832son Milton Abbot W W HARVEY Curate  
331SANDERSJaneRichardElizabeth05 Apr 1832dau AllerfordCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
332TICKLEMaryWilliamElizabeth15 Apr 1832dau CholwillLabourerW W HARVY Curate  
333MABINCharlotteJohnElizabeth15 Apr 1832dau TybridgeLabourerW W HARVY Curate  
334REDDICLIFFEElizabethCharlesAnne29 Apr 1832dau MarystowLabourerRev J WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
335BICKLEMaryWilliamElizabeth18 May 1832dau Sydenham Wood CottageMasonThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
336PAYNEEdwardEdwardFrances20 May 1832son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVY Curate  
337NORTHEYGilbertGilbertSarah29 May 1832son LeeFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
338SPRYAnneRichardElizabeth24 Jun 1832dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
339HOBBSDrusillaJamesMary24 Jun 1832dau Sydenham MillMillerW W HARVEY Curate  
340PELLOWEmmelineWilliamMaria15 Aug 1832dau ChapelLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
341GERRYJohn GouldBenjaminMary19 Aug 1832son Dipper TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
342DAVYAnthonyThomasElizabeth02 Sep 1832son Ford in Milton AbbotCarpenterThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
343MARTINThomasJohnGrace02 Sep 1832son Broad Town in Milton AbbotFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
344GALEJane DawJohnElizabeth09 Sep 1832dau DippertownLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
345DAVYJohnThomasGertrude21 Jul 1832son Milton AbbotCarpenterW W HARVEY CurateThese entries were omitted in July 
346MADDIFORDWilliam ThomasRogerMary22 Jul 1832son AllerfordBlacksmithW W HARVEY CurateThese entries were omitted in July 
347NORTHEYEmmaJohnJane20 Sep 1832dau East RaddonFarmerW W HARVEY Curate  
348CORNELIUSJohn EastcottJohnMary23 Sep 1832son Dipper TownFarmerW W HARVEY Curate  
349NEWTONSarah JaneRobertElizabeth14 Oct 1832dau Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
350HODGEMary AnneHenryMaria24 Oct 1832dau DippertownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
351GALEThomasThomasMartha28 Oct 1832son DippertownLabourerW W HARVY Curate  
353HEARDJaneNathanielMary03 Jan 1833dau Sydenham FarmFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar Cert No. 352 unused
354BLATCHFORDElizabethSamuelMargaret08 Mar 1833dau Green Cross in Milton AbbotBlacksmithThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
355GREENINGWilliamWilliamAnne17 Feb 1833son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
356ADAMSWilliamJohnJoanna14 Apr 1833son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
357COLLINSHenryJohnMary Anne14 Apr 1833son MarystowLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
358SOPERMariaWilliamEleanor21 Apr 1833dau MarystowBlacksmithW W HARVEY Curate  
359HODGEJamesJamesMary Anne09 Jun 1833son Quither in Milton AbbotFarmerW W HARVEY Curate  
360MOLERichard JamesRichardElizabeth09 Jun 1833son Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
361CREBERRichardWilliamSusannah04 May 1833son Splat Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
362HALESElizabethJohnAnstis23 Jun 1833dau CholwillLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
363HILLWilliamThomasJoanna30 Jun 1833son Langs Skerry Milton AbbotFarmerW W HARVEY Curate  
364TICKELLJohnJohnAnne04 Aug 1833son DippertownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
365STACEYJaneJohnMary04 Aug 1833dau Milton AbbotLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
366NORTHEYSarah CarolineGilbertSally10 Aug 1833dau LeeFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar word crossed out in parents christian name column
367HARRISMary AnneJohnMary15 Sep 1833dau MarystowLabourerRevd W G CHILDS Curate of Lidford  
368PAYNEMaryEdwardFanny29 Sep 1833dau Milton AbbotLabourerW W HARVEY Curate  
369LANGWilliamThomasJane29 Sep 1833son Milton AbbotMasonW W HARVEY Curate  
370SMALEThomasThomasElizabeth17 Oct 1833son SydenhamGardenerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
371PERKINMary Anne Perkin Mary06 Nov 1833dau Thorne Poor House Thos: ROBYNS Vicar  
372MAKERRichardJohnMary Anne24 Nov 1833son Milton AbbotLabourerRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
373WALTERJoannaRichardMary19 Jan 1834dau Bull HillLabourerRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Minister  
374DAVYMary AnneWilliamElizabeth19 Jan 1834dau Milton AbbotCarpenterRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Minister  
375CHOWENHester AgnesJohnMary Anne21 Jan 1834dau DihpertownFarmerRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
376SAUNDERSJohnRichardElizabeth02 Mar 1834son AllerfordCarpenterRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
377COLESNathanielRichardGrace16 Mar 1834son DippertownLabourerRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Officg Minister  
378MILLSRichardJamesMary06 Apr 1834son Milton AbbotLabourerRevd F. B. WILLESFORD Officg Minister  
379BROADElizabethAthanasiusJane10 Apr 1834dau Cottage in Cholwill ParkLabourerRevd Henry MORSHEAD Rector of Kelly  
380SPRYJaneRichardElizabeth15 Jun 1834dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerRevd Mr CHILDS Curate of Lidford  
381CHOWENMariaWilliamPatience10 Aug 1834dau TiberidgeLabourerWilliam HOCKER Curate  
382MADIFORDMarthaRogerMary12 Sep 1834dau AllerfordBlacksmithWm HOCKER CurateTwin Daughters 
382MADIFORDElizaRogerMary12 Sep 1834dau AllerfordBlacksmithWm HOCKER CurateTwin Daughters 
383REDDICLIFFEMaryCharlesAnne14 Sep 1834dau Old StreetLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
384GERRYGraceBenjaminMary24 Sep 1834dau Dipper TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
385HODGEHenryHenryMaria30 Sep 1834son CholwillLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
386WILLIAMSJonathanWilliamJane12 Oct 1834son DippertownLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
387MABINElizabethJohnElizabeth19 Oct 1834dau TiberidgeLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
388LANGElizabethWilliamJane26 Oct 1834dau WarracottLabourerRevd T W MARTYN Rector of Lifton  
389MOLEWilliamRichardElizabeth09 Nov 1834son Milton AbbotLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
390CORAMSusanJamesHonour10 Nov 1834dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
391NORTHEYHenryGilbertSally02 Dec 1834son LeeFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicar word crossed out in parents christian name column
392DURDENHenryHenryMary25 Nov 1834son DippertownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
393DAVYJaneHenryPhilippa08 Dec 1834dau Lee Milton AbbotCarpenterWm HOCKER Curate  
394BRADSHAWGeorgeGeorgeGrace16 Dec 1834son DippertownCord WainerWm HOCKER CurateTwins 
394BRADSHAWGraceGeorgeGrace16 Dec 1834dau DippertownCord WainerWm HOCKER CurateTwins 
395POTTERMary AnneJohn BrookJane06 Jan 1835dau BrentorLabourerRevd Mr BRYAN Curate of Coryton  
396HILLElizabethThomasJoanna13 Jan 1835dau Langs Skerry Milton AbbotFarmerWm HOCKER Curate  
397BICKLEGeorgeWilliamElizabeth18 Jan 1835son MarystowMasonWm HOCKER Curate  
398PENNINGTONSarahJamesMary Anne15 Feb 1835dau Bathing House WoodCarpenterWm HOCKER Curate  
399TICKELLJosephJohnAnne22 Feb 1835son Dipper TownLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
400PELLOWWilliamWilliamMaria22 Feb 1835son MarystowLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
401GALEHonor DawJohnElizabeth08 Mar 1835dau MarystowLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
402GREENINGMary Anne Anne09 Mar 1835dau Milton Abbot Thos: ROBYNS Vicar  
403DAVEYSusanWilliamElizabeth11 Mar 1835dau Ford in Milton AbbotCarpenterWm HOCKER Curate  
404PAYNEJaneEdwardFanny22 Mar 1835dau Milton AbbotLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
405WHITEJohnThomasElizabeth27 Mar 1835son ThornFarmerWm HOCKER Curate  
406HODGEJohnJamesMary Anne07 Jun 1835son Quither in Milton AbbotFarmerWm HOCKER Curate  
407GALEThomasinThomasMartha07 Jun 1835dau Dipper TownLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
408OXENHAMAnneThomasElizabeth28 Jun 1835dau Trey HillCarpenterWm HOCKER Curate  
409MILMANAlexander Fraser Maria05 Jul 1835son Milton Abbot Wm HOCKER Curate  
410HEARDElizabeth JaneNathanielMary12 Jul 1835dau SydenhamFarmerWm HOCKER Curate  
411BROADSally Mary Anne13 Aug 1835dau Cottage in Lee Wood Thos: ROBYNS Vicar  
412MICHELLGeorgeGeorgeAnne20 Sep 1835son Milton AbbotLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
413DOIDGESamuelGeorgeGrace30 Sep 1835son RaddonFarmerThos: ROBYNS Vicarsigned: George DOIDGE, Grace DOIDGE witnessed: Elizabeth CUDLIPP 
414BROADHenryAthanasiusJane11 Oct 1835son Cholwill ParkLabourerWm HOCKER Curate  
415DURDENElizabethThomasAnne08 Oct 1835dau Dipper TownLabourerRevd Mr BRYAN Curate of Coryton  
416WILLSAnneRichardMary22 Nov 1835dau CholwillLabourerRevd T S SCOBELL Officiatg Minister  
417LANGElizabethThomasJane27 Dec 1835dau Milton AbbotMasonRevd T S SCOBELL Officiating Minister  
418MOLEEmanuelRichardElizabeth14 Feb 1836son Milton AbbotLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
419COLESRichardRichardGrace21 Feb 1836son Dipper TownLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
420SPRYSusanRichardElizabeth20 Mar 1836dau Thorn Poor HouseLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
421GUNNERElizabethRichardMartha10 Apr 1836dau Milton AbbotLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
422WALTEREleanorRichardMary24 Apr 1836dau Bull HillLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
423HOBBSJohn GeorgeJamesMary26 Apr 1836son Sydenham MillMillerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
424NORTHEYThomasGilbertSarah01 Jun 1836son LeeFarmerRevd T W BRYAN Curate of Coryton  
425GOODMANMary AnneJamesGrace05 Jun 1836dau MarystowLabourerRevd Mr BRYAN Curate of Coryton  
426TAWTON...[TAWTON or TAWTONS?]Mary AnneChristopherAnne12 Jun 1836dau CholwillLabourerRevd Dr HETCHER of Callington  
427GERRYMaryBenjaminMary13 Jun 1836dau Dipper TownLabourerThos: ROBYNS Vicar  
428LANGMary AnneThomasAgnes26 Jun 1836dau Milton AbbotLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
429VOYSEYJaneDanielElizabeth26 Jun 1836dau TibridgeLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
430HILLWilliam JamesThomasJoanna17 Jul 1836son Milton AbbotFarmerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
431HARRISElizabethJohnMary24 Jul 1836dau Dipper TownLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
432SMALEWilliamThomasElizabeth03 Aug 1836son SydenhamGardenerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
433MILLSSusanJamesMary21 Aug 1836dau Milton AbbotLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
434BROADMary AnneRichardSusan21 Aug 1836dau CholwillLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
435TICKELLJamesJohnAnne28 Aug 1836son Dipper TownLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
436MAKERJohnJohnMary Anne04 Sep 1836son Milton AbbotLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
437WILLIAMSJohnJohnHarriot11 Sep 1836son Milton AbbottLabourerRevd Wm COWLARD Curate of Lamerton  
438DINGLEGeorgeWilliamPenelope18 Sep 1836son ChapelLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
439JEFFREYMary Anne Elizabeth18 Sep 1836dau Marystow Poor House Charles JENKYNS Curate  
440SANDERSAnneRichardElizabeth25 Sep 1836dau AllerfordCarpenterCharles JENKYNS Curate  
441HODGESamuelHenryMaria16 Oct 1836son CholwillLabourerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
442DOIDGEMaryGeorgeGrace04 Dec 1836dau RaddonFarmerCharles JENKYNS Curate  
443OXENHAMSusannahThomasElizabeth13 Dec 1836dau TrehillFarmerRevd Charles GOULD Rector of Lew Trenchard  
444HODGERichardJamesMary Anne29 Jan 1837son Quither in Milton AbbotFarmerC JENKYNS Curate  
445ALFORDAnne BassetWilliamElizabeth19 Feb 1837dau ThornLabourerC JENKYNS Curate  
446LANGWilliamWilliamJane05 Mar 1837son WonnacottLabourerC JENKYNS Curate  
447HILLWilliam HenryHenryJulia31 May 1837son BrentorFarmerC JENKYNS Curate  
448CORAMJamesJamesHonor18 Jun 1837son Thorn Poor HouseLabourerC JENKYNS Curate  
449DURDENElizabethHenryMary18 Jun 1837dau Cottage in Sydenham WoodGardenerC JENKYNS Curate  
450PELLOWMary AnneThomasEmmeline09 Jul 1837dau ChapelLabourerThos CLARKE Curate  
451WILLIAMSMary AnneWilliamJane27 Aug 1837dau Dipper TownLabourerThos CLARKE Curate  
452STACYJamesJohnMary03 Sep 1837son Chillaton in Milton AbbotMillerThos CLARKE Curate  
453GALEJohnJohnElizabeth01 Oct 1837son Dipper TownLabourerThos CLARKE Curate  
454WILLSWilliamRichardMary15 Oct 1837son CholwillLabourerThos CLARKE Curate  
455GALEMaryThomasMartha17 Dec 1837dau Dipper TownLabourerThos CLARKE Curate  
456LANGHannah JaneThomasAgnes20 Dec 1837dau CholwillLabourerThos CLARKE Curate day of month is uncertain
457MOLEJaneRichardElizabeth21 Jan 1838dau Milton AbbotLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
458TICKELLElizaJohnAnne21 Jan 1838dau Dipper TownLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
459NORTHYEstherGilbertSally Palmer31 Jan 1838dau LeeFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate word crossed out in parents christian name column
460HILLAnne WilmotJohnElizabeth12 Feb 1838dau RowterFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate  
461BROADJohn JamesRichardSusan18 Feb 1838son CholwillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
462BROADManuelAthanasiusJane18 Feb 1838son Cholwill ParkLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate GRO Birth Certificate Details: 31 Jan 1838 Cholwil Park Marystow, Emanuel, Boy, Athanasius BROAD, Jane BROAD formerly DAVY, Miner
463DURDENMaryThomasAnne18 Feb 1838dau LiftonLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
464SPRYJohnRichardElizabeth01 Apr 1838son Thorn Poor HouseLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
465GERRYBenjaminBenjaminMary29 Apr 1838son DippertownLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
466POTTERElizaJohn Brooks PotterJane20 May 1838dau Milton AbbottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
467BLACHFORDMargaretJohnMargaret08 Jun 1838dau Chillaton in MiltonBlack SmithThos. CLARKE Curate  
468SMALEJohnThomasElizabeth24 Jun 1838son SydenhamgardenerThos. CLARKE Curate  
469KNIGHTCharlotteJohnCharlotte01 Jul 1838dau CholwillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
470HODGEHenryJamesMary01 Jul 1838son Milton AbbottFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate  
471WALTERSElizaRichardMary15 Jul 1838dau Bull-hillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
472GUNNERMarthaRichardMartha29 Jul 1838dau Milton AbbottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
473SILLICKHannah JaneWilliamElizabeth16 Sep 1838dau CholwillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
474DAWWilliamNicholasMary30 Sep 1838son Milton AbbottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
475HILLElizabethHenryJulia26 Dec 1838dau BrentorFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate  
476COLESMaryRichardGrace13 Jan 1839dau Dipper townLabourerR. NEWMAN Rector of Coryton word crossed out from abode column
477OXENHAMAnna VealThomasElizabeth20 Jan 1839dau Tree hillFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate  
478HAMWilliam BassettJohnSusan27 Jan 1839son ThornLabourerR. NEWMAN Rector of Coryton  
479GOODMANSamuelJamesGrace03 Feb 1839son CholwillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
480DAVYMary JaneJamesJane24 Feb 1839dau Milton AbbottCarpenterThos. CLARKE Curate  
481MILLSElizabethJamesMary17 Mar 1839dau Milton AbbottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
482DURDONMary JaneHenryMary07 Apr 1839dau SydenhamGardenerThos. CLARKE Curate  
483RICEWilliam Samuel BlachfordJamesMargaret26 May 1839son Milton AbbottCarpenterThos. CLARKE Curate  
484MAKERAnne ChowenWilliamPatience16 Jun 1839dau MaddecottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
485LANGJaneWilliamJane15 Sep 1839dau WarracottLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
486BLACHFORDSamuelJohnMargaret22 Sep 1839son MiltonBlack SmithThos. CLARKE Curate  
487CORYJohnRichardMary Anne22 Oct 1839son AldoverFarmerThos. CLARKE Curate  
488RODDGeorgeRichardSusan17 Nov 1839son CholwillLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
489TICKLEAnneJohnAnne17 Nov 1839dau Dipper townLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
490MILLMANSamuelJohnSusan01 Dec 1839son SydenhamLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
491BICKLEGeorge HenrySamuelJane15 Dec 1839son SydenhamCarpenterThos. CLARKE Curate  
492HOBBSEllenJamesMary05 Jan 1840dau Sydenham millMillerThos. CLARKE Curate  
493GREENINGRichardEdwardJane19 Jan 1840son DippertownLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
494BICKLEWilliamWilliamGertrude16 Feb 1840son DippertownMasonThos. CLARKE Curate  
495DURDONAnneThomasAnne08 Mar 1840dau LiftonLabourerThos. CLARKE Curate  
496SOPERWilliamEdwardAnn03 May 1840  CholwellMinerEdgcombe RIMELL Vicar  
497HILLMaryThomasJohanna21 Jun 1840  Langskerry in Milton AbbottYeomanE RIMELL Vicar  
498DAVEYJohnJamesJane12 Jul 1840  Chillaton in Milton AbbottCarpenterW. T. KIRKNESS Curate  
499PELLOWGeorgeThomasEmeline04 Oct 1840  Marystow BridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
500HAMAnn BassetJohnSusan11 Oct 1840  ThornLabourerE RIMELL  
501BROADJosiahAthanasiusJane18 Oct 1840  Cholwell ParkLabourerE RIMELL  
502WILLIAMSElizabethWilliamMaria08 Nov 1840  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
503BROADCharles Mary Ann27 Dec 1840  Kitchen houseSingle womanE RIMELL  
504SMALEFrancesThomasElizabeth30 Dec 1840dau SydenhamYeomanE RIMELLTwin daughters 
504SMALEFannyThomasElizabeth30 Dec 1840dau SydenhamYeomanE RIMELLTwin daughters 
505HILLJohn EstcottHenryJulia30 Dec 1840  BrentorYeomanE RIMELL  
506GOODMANCharityJamesGrace17 Jan 1841  Chol wellLabourerW. T. KIRKNESS Curate  
507OXENHAMAnnThomasElizabeth27 Jan 1841  TrehillFarmerW. T. KIRKNESS  
508CHOWENWilmotWilliamPatience31 Jan 1841  MarystowLabourerRd. LAURIE Curate of Lydford  
509MOULNoahRichardBetsy21 Feb 1841  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
510TICKLEThomasJohnAnn28 Mar 1841  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
511TAPS...N[TAPSON or TAPSEN?]NicholasJohnElizabeth02 May 1841  Twelve acresFarmerE RIMELL  
512WALTERSelinaRichardMary02 May 1841  BullhillLabourerE RIMELL  
513BROADThomas GeorgeRichardSusan16 May 1841  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
514GUNNERWilliamRichardMartha06 Jun 1841  Langs-KerryLabourerE RIMELL  
515MAKERHenryJohnMary Ann27 Jun 1841  Milton AbbottLabourerC. B. GOULD Offg. Minister  
516MILLSJamesJamesMary11 Jul 1841  Milton AbbottLabourerW. T. KIRKNESS  
517PAYNERichardEdwardFrances18 Jul 1841  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
518COLESRobertRichardGrace29 Aug 1841  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
519BLATCHFORDJohn SimmonsJohnMargaret12 Sep 1841  ChillatonBlack smithE RIMELL  
520DAVEYJamesJamesJane26 Sep 1841  Milton AbbottCarpenterE RIMELL  
521HUGGINSWilliamJohnAlice31 Oct 1841  ChapelMinerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
522COURTICERichard EdgcumbeThomasMary Elizabeth02 Nov 1841  Milton AbbottTannerE RIMELL  
523BICKELLGeorgeWilliamGertrude21 Nov 1841  Dipper TownMasonE RIMELL  
524DURDENWilliam HenryHenryMary05 Dec 1841  Sydenham CottageGardenerE RIMELL  
525WILLSEllenRichardMary02 Jan 1842  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
526GRINNINGMaryEdwardJane09 Jan 1842  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
527DURDENJamesThomasAnn30 Jan 1842  LiftonLabourerE RIMELL  
528HADDISONHarriettGeorgeMary Ann30 Jan 1842  East Broad TownLabourerE RIMELL  
529SQUIREWilliam HenryWilliamMary13 Feb 1842  Milton AbbottMinerE RIMELL  
530LAINGJohnThomasAgnes06 Mar 1842  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
531CHOWENHenry LlewellynJohnMary Ann21 Jun 1842  Dipper TownYeomanE RIMELL  
532PELLOWElizabethThomasEmeline24 Jul 1842  Marystow BowLabourerE RIMELL  
533HAMSusannahJohnSusan25 Dec 1842  ThornLabourerE RIMELL  
534GOODMANJohnJamesGrace01 Jan 1843  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
535MILLMANJohn CundyJohnMary01 Jan 1843  Church TownLabourerE RIMELL  
536MILLSAnnJamesMary08 Jan 1843  ChillatonLabourerE RIMELL  
537WALTERDaniel Mary Ann19 Feb 1843  MarystowSingle womanE RIMELL  
538DAVEYElizabeth VawdonJamesJane02 Apr 1843  Milton AbbottCarpenterE RIMELL  
539LITTLEJOHNMary AnnWilliamMargaret02 Apr 1843  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
540RUNDELLWilliam Henry Olver Eliza02 Apr 1843  Church TownSingle womanE RIMELL  
541DINNERSallyRichardHannah02 Apr 1843  Church TownLabourerE RIMELL  
542PAYNFannyEdwardFanny09 Apr 1843  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
543SMALEMaryThomasElizabeth09 Apr 1843  SydenhamYeomanE RIMELL  
544WILLIAMSFannyWilliamMaria30 Apr 1843  ThornLabourerE RIMELL  
545BICKELLWilliam GeorgeWilliamGertrude21 May 1843  Dipper TownMasonJoseph DUDLEY Officiating Minister late of Bromyard  
546WHITEThomasThomasHonor19 Jun 1843  ThornYeomanJoseph DUDLEY  
547HOBBSEllenJamesMary20 Jun 1843  SydenhamMillerJosh. DUDLEY doesn't say twins
548HOBBSCharlesJamesMary20 Jun 1843  SydenhamMillerJosh. DUDLEY doesn't say twins
549TICKLEGeorgeJohnAnn31 Jul 1843  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
550WALTERCarolineRichardMary17 Sep 1843  BulhillLabourerE RIMELL  
551BROADWilliam HenryRichardSusan24 Dec 1843  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
552HUDDISONMary AnnGeorgeMary25 Dec 1843  BrentorLabourerE RIMELL  
553MOLEEllenRichardElizabeth07 Jan 1844  ThornLabourerE RIMELL  
554GREENINGGeorgeRichardSusan08 Jan 1844  ChillatonLabourerR NEWMAN Coryton  
555LAINGElizabethThomasAgnes04 Feb 1844  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
556OXENHAMJamesThomasBetsy14 Apr 1844  TrehillFarmerR NEWMAN  
557PELLOWThomas GeorgeThomasEmeline26 May 1844  Sydenham WoodLabourerE RIMELL  
558BLATCHFORDRobert SamuelJohnMargaret30 Jun 1844  Milton AbbottSmithE RIMELL  
559MILLMANElizabeth JaneRichardMary21 Jul 1844  TybridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
560GRINNINGEdwardEdwardJane28 Jul 1844  Dipper TownLabourerE RIMELL  
561GURNERJohnRichardMartha04 Aug 1844  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
562STUDDENMary JaneJohnMaria11 Aug 1844  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
563STUDDENGrace WestlakeJohnMaria11 Aug 1844  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
564WILLSJamesRichardMary26 Aug 1844  ThornLabourerR. NEWMAN  
565BLATCHFORDJohn BennettGeorgeElizabeth01 Sep 1844  Lew DownSmithE RIMELL  
566RIMELLEdgcumbe Pe...loquin[Pe(r)loquin?]EdgcombeAnn Cosserat01 Sep 1844 06 Aug 1844Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
567CORYWilliamRichardMary Ann09 Sep 1844  AldoverYeomanE RIMELL  
568GOODMANChristianJamesGrace13 Oct 1844  Marystow DownLabourerJohn LUGG Curate  
569CUNDYJohnJohnMaria17 Nov 1844  Church TownLabourerE RIMELL  
570WHITEMary AnnThomasHonor28 Jan 1845  ThornYeomanE RIMELL  
571BICKLEMary GraceGeorgeCatharine09 Feb 1845  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
572OLIVERBetsy AnnJohn Matthew HockinMaria21 Mar 1845  Hill headMinerE RIMELL  
572 & 573BICKLEWilliamWilliamSally26 Apr 1845  MarystowYeomanE RIMELL squeezed in between 2 entries
573MILLMANGraceJohnSusannah15 Jun 1845  Bathing houseGardenerE RIMELL  
574DURDENRichardHenryMary17 Aug 1845  Sydenham woodGardenerE RIMELL  
575SPRYRichard Millman Elizabeth26 Sep 1845  ThornSingle womanE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
576BLATCHFORDJaneJohnMargaret25 Jan 1846  ChillatonSmithE RIMELL  
577HOBBSEmmaJamesMary15 Feb 1846  Sydenham MillMillerJohn LUGG  
578PELLOWHenryThomasEmeline22 Feb 1846  Marystow BridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
579BROADGeorgePhilipMartha01 Mar 1846  ChapleLabourerJohn LUGG  
580LAINGElizaThomasAgnes22 Mar 1846  Dipford TownMinerE RIMELL  
581DOIDGEJane AdelaideGeorgeElizabeth Jane25 Mar 1846  ChillatonLabourerJohn LUGG doesn't say twins
582DOIDGEEdwinGeorgeElizabeth Jane25 Mar 1846  ChillatonLabourerJohn LUGG doesn't say twins
583MACKEREdwinJohnMary Ann29 Mar 1846  FordaLabourerE RIMELL surname was MACCER on my original index
584HUDDISONGeorgeGeorgeMary05 Apr 1846  Brent TorLabourerJohn LUGG  
585MILLMANMary AnnRichardMary19 Apr 1846  TybridgeLabourerJohn LUGG  
586WILLSGraceJamesMary31 May 1846  ChillatonLabourerJohn LUGG  
587BROADAnthonyAthanasiusJane05 Jul 1846  ChillatonMinerE RIMELL  
588DOWNEllenThomasMary05 Jul 1846  TybridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
589GOODMANThomasJamesGrace15 Nov 1846  Marystow DownLabourerE RIMELL  
593TICKLERichardJohnAnn11 Jan 1847  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL Cert No. 590, 591, & 592 unused; day of month is uncertain
594SMALESolomonThomasElizabeth14 Feb 1847  SydenhamYeomanJohn LUGG  
595RIMELLRobert WilliamEdgcombeAnn Cosserat14 Feb 1847  Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
596WILLSJamesRichardMary25 Apr 1847  ThornLabourerJohn LUGG  
597HUGGINSElizabeth JaneJohnAlice06 Jun 1847  ChapelMinerE RIMELL  
598OLIVERJohn Matthew HawkingJohn Matthew HawkingMaria24 Jun 1847  Hillhead in MiltonMinerE RIMELL  
599BICKLEJane ScoffernGeorgeCatharine18 Jul 1847  Sydenham WoodLabourerE RIMELL  
600BLATCHFORDWilliam JamesJohnMargaret01 Aug 1847  MiltonBlacksmithJohn LUGG  
601DAVEYEmily JaneThomasPhillippa19 Sep 1847  Sydenham woodCarpenterJohn LUGG  
602MARTYNEllenJohnGrace18 Oct 1847  Milton AbbottYeomanE RIMELL  
603DOIDGEElizabeth AnnGeorgeElizabeth Jane28 Nov 1847  Marystow BallLabourerE RIMELL  
604CUMINGEllenJoseph DeckerJane30 Jan 1848  CorytonLabourerE RIMELL  
605DERDONJohnHenryMary13 Feb 1848  Sydenham WoodGardenerE RIMELL  
606WHITELOCKPhilipPhilipGrace13 Feb 1848  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
607BROADGracePhilipMartha27 Feb 1848  ChappleMinerE RIMELL P [Private Baptism] crossed out in the margin
608TOOKHenryJohnGrace27 Feb 1848  TybridgeFarmerE RIMELL  
609MOUNCEJohnThomasAnn19 Mar 1848  TybridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
610BROADThomas ChowenRichardSusan26 Mar 1848  CholwellMinerE RIMELL  
611SPRYRichard Mary04 Apr 1848  ThornSingle womanE RIMELL  
612PELLOWThomasThomasEmeline06 Aug 1848  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
613RIMELLJohn GrahamEdgcombeAnn Cosserat10 Sep 1848  Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
614LAINGThomas Henry ChowenThomasAgnes14 Jan 1849  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
615GREENINGEmmaRichardSusan25 Feb 1849  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
616TICKLEAnnJohnAnn03 Jun 1849  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
617GOODMANWilliamJamesGrace10 Jun 1849  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
618WHITELOCKJohnPhilipGrace01 Jul 1849  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
619DAVEYJohnThomasPhillippa12 Aug 1849  Sydenham woodCarpenterE RIMELL  
620BICKLEJohnGeorgeCatharine19 Aug 1849  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
621BICKLEAnnWilliamSally19 Sep 1849  WorracottYeomanE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
622BICKLEHarriettWilliamSally19 Sep 1849  WorracottYeomanE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
623BICKLESophiaWilliamSally19 Sep 1849  WorracottYeomanE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
624GREENINGElizabethEdwardJane23 Sep 1849  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL it would appear that the unnumbered entry below was originally written here in 624, then crossed out and replaced by an entry with details as shown
 DOIDGECarolineGeorgeElizabeth Jane02 Dec 1849  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL this entry was written outside of the form area at the bottom of the page and doesn't have a Cert No.
625ALFORDSamuelWilliamElizabeth27 Dec 1849  Old StreetLabourerE RIMELL  
626RIMELLEdwardEdgcombeAnn Cosserat30 Dec 1849  Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
627OLIVEREmmaJohn Matthew HawkingMaria10 Feb 1850  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
628CUDLIPPEmma JaneJohnMary07 Apr 1850  Middle RaddonFarmerE RIMELL  
629BURNARDElizabeth AnnJohnAnn18 Apr 1850  RowterFarmerE RIMELL  
630HUGGINSHenryJohnAlice12 May 1850  ChapelLabourerF. A SAVILE Rector of Kings Nympton Offg. Minister  
631DURDONThomasHenryMary19 May 1850  Sydenham woodGardenerE RIMELL  
632SMITHSamuel MannellThomasSarah05 Jul 1850  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
633HILLMANGeorgeJohnAnn04 Aug 1850  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
634METHERELLEmley ShobbrookRogerMary Ann12 Jan 1851  Holster yardLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
635METHERELLWilliamRogerMary Ann12 Jan 1851  Holster yardLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
636BROADHenryPhilipMartha12 Jan 1851  ChapelLabourerE RIMELL  
637HILLElizabethJohnHannah19 Jan 1851  Milton AbbottPublicanE RIMELL  
638GOODMANRichardJamesGrace26 Jan 1851  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
639DOIDGEFrancesWilliamJane09 Feb 1851  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
640LITTLEJOHNSJohnHumphreyHarriott20 Apr 1851  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
641PELLOWEmmaThomasEmeline11 May 1851  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
642DOIDGEJesseGeorgeElizabeth Jane18 May 1851  MarystowParish ClerkE RIMELL  
643YELLANDJohannaDavidElizabeth18 May 1851  Milton AbbottFarmerE RIMELL  
644RIMELLAnne ElizabethEdgcombeAnn Cosserat22 Jun 1851  Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
645LAINGWilliamThomasAgnes13 Jul 1851  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
646BICKLECarolineGeorgeCatharine19 Oct 1851  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
647PALMERJohn George PaigeJohnSusannah27 Oct 1851  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELL father's name overwritten
648BURNARDEmmaJohnAnn21 Jan 1852  RowterFarmerE RIMELL month overwritten
649HORRILLJohn HenryHenryJane08 Feb 1852  Church TownLabourerE RIMELL  
650OLIVERCharlesJohn Matthew HawkingMaria04 Apr 1852  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
651TICKLEEmmaJohnAnn16 May 1852  Dipford TownMinerE RIMELL  
652GREENINGElizaEdwardJane02 Jun 1852  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
653SMITHJamesThomasSarah02 Jun 1852  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
654DOIDGETomWilliamJane05 Sep 1852  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
655COURTICEAnnThomasMary Elizabeth Lang02 Nov 1852  Milton AbbottTannerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
656COURTICEGrace CatharineThomasMary Elizabeth Lang02 Nov 1852  Milton AbbottTannerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
657DOIDGEGeorginaGeorgeElizabeth Jane26 Dec 1852  TrehillLabourerE RIMELL  
658BROADPhilipPhilipMartha06 Mar 1853  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
659YELLANDBenjamenDavidElizabeth29 Mar 1853  Milton AbbotYeomanE RIMELL  
660TICKLELaviniaJohnAnn05 Apr 1853  Dipford TownMinerE RIMELL  
661BROADEmmaRichardSusan15 May 1853  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
662BROADGeorgeAthanasiusCharlotte15 May 1853  TybridgeLabourerE RIMELL  
663RIMELLGeorgeEdgcombeAnn Cosserat29 May 1853  Marystow VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersE RIMELL  
664PARSONSBentinckAmosAnn01 Jun 1853  Dipford TownYeomanE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
665HILLMANJaneJohnAnn24 Jul 1853  Holster yardLabourerE RIMELL  
666BARONSRosinaRichardSarah21 Aug 1853  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
667DOIDGELouisaSamuelElizabeth04 Sep 1853  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL abode & occupation reversed in the columns
668LITTLEJOHNSSarah AnneWilliamSarah18 Sep 1853  TrehillMinerE RIMELL abode & occupation reversed in the columns
669SMITHTomThomasSarah19 Oct 1853  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism]abode & occupation reversed in the columns with words crossed out in the abode column
670BICKLEJamesJamesSusanna23 Oct 1853  Holster yardLabourerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
671METHERELLThomasRogerMary Ann30 Oct 1853  Holster yardLabourerHonorable & Revd: John T. BOSCAWEN Rector of Lamoran  
672OXENHAM (now TICKLE)John Mary Ann27 Nov 1853  Dipford TownSingle womanE RIMELL  
673BICKLEGeorgeJohnFrances21 Dec 1853  Sydenham woodMasonE RIMELL  
674HORRELLPeterHenryJane19 Feb 1854  Milton AbbotLabourerE RIMELL  
675SPRYJohnPhilipHonor23 Apr 1854  Lew DownLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
676SPRYSamuelPhilipHonor23 Apr 1854  Lew DownLabourerE RIMELL doesn't say twins
677LAINGEmmaThomasAgnes30 Apr 1854  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
678PALMERJames Walter PaigeJohnSusanna28 May 1854  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELL father's name overwritten
679BICKLEGeorge HenryGeorgeCatharine04 Jun 1854  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
680GOODMANWilliam BallJamesGrace16 Jun 1854  Chol wellLabourerE RIMELL  
681JACKMANRichard HenryRichardEliza25 Jun 1854  Milton AbbotVictuallerE RIMELL  
682BARONSAlbert EdwardRichardSarah18 Feb 1855  Sydenham WoodLabourerE RIMELL  
683DAVEYGeorgeRichardMary Ann29 Mar 1855  Milton AbbotLabourerE RIMELL  
684CORYLauraRichardMary Ann11 Apr 1855  AldoverFarmerE RIMELL  
685BROADMaryPhilipMartha10 Jun 1855  ChapelLabourerE RIMELL  
686COLLINSThomasSamuelAgnes15 Jul 1855  Sydenham woodMinerE RIMELL  
687PALMERWilliamJohnSusannah23 Aug 1855  East RaddonFarmerChas. Baring GOULD Offg. Minister father's name overwritten
688HAYNESJaneSamuelHarriott28 Oct 1855  North MiltonShepherdE RIMELL  
689DOIDGEPhillippa MaryJohnFrances09 Mar 1856  MarystowMasonE RIMELL  
690WALTERMary MariaRichardGrace18 May 1856  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
691HORRELLWilliam CundyHenryJane25 May 1856  Milton AbbotLabourerE RIMELL  
692BROADSelina ChowenRichardSusan20 Jul 1856  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
693EASTERBROOKWilliam ThomasJohnJane26 Aug 1856  Sydenham MillMillerE RIMELL  
694GREENINGSarah AnnEdwardJane19 Oct 1856  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
695BARONSMargarettaRichardSarah11 Jan 1857  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
696PALMERRichardJohnSusannah22 Feb 1857  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELL father's name overwritten
697SMITHWilliam JohnThomasSarah01 Mar 1857  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
698CORAMThirzaGeorgeSarah17 May 1857  ThornMinerE RIMELL  
699COLLINSElizabeth MarySamuelAgness05 Jul 1857  Sydenham woodMinerE RIMELL  
700ROOKSHenryJamesSally16 Aug 1857  Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
701EASTERBROOKAlbertJohnJane25 Oct 1857  Sydenham MillMillerE RIMELL  
702BROOKINGElizabeth RuthRobertElizabeth12 Jan 1858  Lew DownLabourerCharles Baring GOULD Offg. Minister  
703WILLIAMSCaroline NewburyJohnElizabeth19 Jan 1858  TybridgeCarpenterE RIMELL  
704BICKLEFannyGeorgeCatharine08 Feb 1858  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
705VOYSEYElizaJohnMary06 Jun 1858  Lew DownLabourerE RIMELL  
706BROADHannah SophiaPhilipMartha20 Jun 1858  ThornLabourerE RIMELL  
707WALTERThomasRichardGrace07 Nov 1858  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL word crossed out of abode column
708BARONSHalyRichardSarah25 Dec 1858  Sydenham woodLabourerE RIMELL  
709PALMERSusannah PaigeJohnSusannah25 Jan 1859  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELL father's name overwritten
710SOUTHCOMBJohnJohnCharlotte13 Mar 1859  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
711CUDLIPEdwinJohnMary12 Jun 1859  Middle RaddonFarmerE RIMELL  
712BURNARDAnne SargentJohnAnn29 Jun 1859  RowterFarmerE RIMELL  
713BROADJohnRichardSusan26 Jun 1859  CholwellLabourerE RIMELL  
714SPRYHenryPhilipHonor31 Jul 1859  Lew DownLabourerE RIMELL  
715COLEWilliam HenryRichardMary04 Sep 1859  Dipford TownFarmerE RIMELL  
716SMITHGeorge HenryThomasSarah20 Nov 1859  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
717PALMERJesseeJohnSusannah10 Feb 1860  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELL father's name overwritten
718PASSMOREWilliam HenryWilliamElizabeth21 Feb 1860  Sydenham MillLabourerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
719BICKLEWilliamJohnFrances06 Apr 1860  Marystow WoodMasonE RIMELL  
720NORTHEYWilliamWilliam StenlakeCaroline Jane11 Apr 1860  CookburyFarm AgentE RIMELL  
721BROADJamesPhilipMartha17 Jun 1860  ChapelLabourerE RIMELL  
722BARONSAlfredRichardSarah15 Jul 1860  Sydenham WoodLabourerE RIMELL  
723COLEMary ElizabethRichardMary30 Nov 1860  Dipford TownFarmerE RIMELL  
724BICKLEWilliamGeorgeCatharine17 Feb 1861  Sydenham woodLabourerTheophilus JONES, Offg. Minister  
725CORAMGraceGeorgeSarah13 Oct 1861  ThornMinerE. W. MARTIN CurateP. B [Private Baptism]; Buried two days after 
726BICKLEJohnWilliamSally06 Jan 1862 02 Apr 1851WorracottYeomanE. W. MARTIN Curate  
727BICKLEEllenWilliamSally06 Jan 1862 24 Nov 1852WoracottYeomanE. W. MARTIN Curate  
728DOIDGEThomasRichardMary14 Feb 1862  ThornLaborerE. W. MARTIN Curate  
729WOOLAWAYEleanor ElizabethSamuelEllen19 May 1862  Sydenham MillMillerE. W. MARTIN CurateP. B. [Private Baptism] 
730VOADENGeorgeGeorgeElizabeth03 Apr 1863  TrehillLaborerE. W. MARTIN doesn't say twins; word in surname column crossed out
731VOADENStephenGeorgeElizabeth03 Apr 1863  TrehillLaborerE W. MARTIN Curate doesn't say twins; word in surname column crossed out
732COLLINSEmmaSamuelAgnes12 Apr 1863  MarystowLaborerE. W. MARTIN Curate  
733BROADJames ThornJamesM...[Mary Anne?]12 Jul 1863  CholwellLaborerE. W. MARTIN Curate GRO Birth Index: James Thorne BROAD, Sep 1859, Tavistock R. D.; 1861 Devon Census for Cholwell Marystow: James THORN, aged 1, grndson, born Marystow, Richard BROAD, aged 50, head, born Thrushelton
734BICKLEMary Jane Mary Grace05 Nov 1863dau Sydenham WoodSingle WomanE. W. MARTIN Curate Single Woman was written across the surname and abode columns; however, it's been included here under occupation to keep things consistant with other entries
735PALMERMiriam PageJohnSusannah28 Jan 1864dau W. RaddonFarmerT. JONES Curate of Lew Trenchard word crossed out in ceremony performed by column
736BAILEYThomasWilliamEliza26 May 1864  TybridgeLabourerE RIMELL Vicar  
737BICKLEGeorge DoidgeJohnFrances26 Jun 1864  Marystow WoodMasonE RIMELL  
738JACKMANWilliam WarrenRichardEliza24 Jul 1864  Green crossPublicanE RIMELL  
739DEACONThomasThomasKezia06 Nov 1864  ChillatonTailorE RIMELL  
740PINEJohnJamesJane09 Nov 1864  BullhillLabourerW. S. NEWMAN Rector of Coryton  
741WALTERSelinaRichardGrace12 Mar 1865  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
742PALMERJohnJohnSusanna25 Feb 1865  RaddonFarmerTheophilus JONES Offg. Mintr.P [Private Baptism] 
743LANGElizabethWilliamJane16 Apr 1865  MarystowLabourerE RIMELL  
744WOOLAWAYRosinaSamuelEleanor09 Jul 1865  Sydenham MillMillerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
745YOLEJohn HarrisThomasElizabeth09 Jul 1865  Dipford TownGentleman's ServantE RIMELL  
746CROULEYCarolineJamesAnn13 Aug 1865  ChillatonPolice OfficerE RIMELL  
747BARONSDanielRichardSarah08 Oct 1865  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
748VOGLERWilliam BickleWilliamFanny15 Oct 1865  Broad Town in Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
749VOGLERJohn BickleWilliamFanny15 Oct 1865 22 Feb 1863Broad Town in Milton AbbottLabourerE RIMELL  
750COLEElizabeth AnnRichardMary23 Nov 1865  Dipford TownFarmerE RIMELL  
751DEACONMaryThomasKeziah30 May 1866  Chillaton in Milton AbbotTailorE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
752PALMERDorothy AnneJohnSusannah24 Aug 1866  RaddonFarmerTheophilus JONES Offg. Minister  
753CROWLEYMargaretJamesAnn03 Nov 1867  FordaPolice OfficerE RIMELL  
754PARNELLWilliam HenryJohnMary Ann02 Feb 1868  TrehillLabourerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
755STEERMary ElizabethSampson Lus[c]ombeMary01 Apr 1868  WarracottFarmerE RIMELL  
756WALTERJohn JamesRichardGrace25 Dec 1868  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
757DOWNINGElizabeth Ann MasonWilliamElizabeth04 Feb 1869  Dipford TownFarmerE RIMELL  
758WEEKSWilliam SamuelThomasSusanna28 Mar 1869  Dipford TownLabourerE RIMELL  
759PALMERAlbert RogerJohnSusannah28 Apr 1869  East RaddonFarmerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
760WILLIAMSEdwardJamesMary29 Apr 1869  Sydenham Mill CottageSchool masterE RIMELL  
761STEERTom SmaleSampson LuscombeMary23 Jun 1869  WarracottFarmerE RIMELL  
762PARNELLJaneJohnMary Ann08 Aug 1869  TrehillLabourerE RIMELL  
763CORYLauraWilliamMary12 Aug 1869  AllerfordFarmerE RIMELLP [Private Baptism] 
764WORTHWilliamWilliamAnn02 Jan 1870  ChillatonPolicemanE RIMELL  
765CORYFlorenceWilliamMary13 Sep 1870  AllerfordFarmerE RIMELL  
766WILLIAMSAmy HarrietJamesMary22 Oct 1870  Sydenham CottageSchoolmasterE RIMELL  
767HELSONJohn GeorgeWilliam RichardMary Ann07 Feb 1871  LeeFarmerE RIMELL  
768MARTYNPriscilla JaneCharlesBetsy09 Apr 1871  Sparrow CottageGardenerE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
769MARTYNEdmund CharlesCharlesBetsy09 Apr 1871  Sparrow CottageGardenerE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
770MARTYNEdith MaryCharlesBetsy09 Apr 1871  Sparrow CottageGardenerE RIMELL doesn't say triplets
771MARTYNWilliam Henry JonesCharlesBetsy21 May 1871  Sparrow CottageGardenerE RIMELL  
772VOADENThomas HenryGeorgeElizabeth24 Dec 1871  Dipford TownLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS  
773WORTHAgnesWilliamAnn14 Jan 1872  ChillatonPolicemanHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
774CORYBlancheWilliamMary Jane24 May 1872  AllerfordFarmerHenry B. GRYLLS2x 
775PARNELLWilliamJohnMary Ann17 Mar 1872  TrehillLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS1x 
776WILLIAMSMary JaneJamesMary Elizabeth11 Jul 1872  Sydenham CottageSchoolmasterHenry B. GRYLLS  
777SPRYSusanJohnElizabeth11 Aug 1872  TybridgeLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS doesn't say twins
778SPRYRichardJohnElizabeth11 Aug 1872  TybridgeLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS doesn't say twins
779GOSSJohn DavyJamesSusan30 Oct 1872  ChillatonLabourerHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
780PALMERGeorge PaigeJohnSusannah04 Nov 1872  East RaddonFarmerW. B BESLEY Curate of Lew Trencha[rd]P [Private Baptism] 
781STEERFrances JaneSampsen LuscombeMary14 Nov 1872  WarracottFarmerHenry B. GRYLLS  
782DOWNINGEdward MasonWilliamElizabeth31 Dec 1872  Dipford townFarmerHenry B. GRYLLS doesn't say twins
783DOWNINGJohnWilliamElizabeth31 Dec 1872  Dipford townFarmerHenry B GRYLLS doesn't say twins
784DAVEYThomas SercombeHenryMary Elizabeth01 Apr 1873  ChillatonCarpenterHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
785ROBERTSBessieRobertEliza14 Apr 1873  HolstretLabourerHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
786GALEJohn GeorgeGeorgeSusannah22 Apr 1873  AllerfordLabourerHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
787MARTYNLucyCharlesBetsy21 Jun 1873  Sparrow CottageGardenerHenry B. GRYLLS  
788GALEHenryGeorgeSusannah13 Jul 1873  AllerfordLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS doesn't say twins
789GALEHannahGeorgeSusannah13 Jul 1873  AllerfordLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS doesn't say twins
790BROADAlice JaneWilliamPhilippa Jane13 Jul 1873  ChillatonArtistHenry B. GRYLLS  
791CROSSWilliamWilliamMary Ann20 Jul 1873  Cholwell Park CottageLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS  
792WILLIAMSKateJamesMary Elizabeth21 Sep 1873  Sydenham CottageSchoolmasterHenry B. GRYLLS  
793WALTER...[WALTER or WALTERS?]Albert ErnestRichardGrace02 Nov 1873  SplattLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS  
794SERGEANTDanielWilliamMary Ann11 Jan 1874  ChillatonMasonHenry B. GRYLLS  
795VOADENFrederick GeorgeGeorgeElizabeth06 Mar 1874  DippertownLabourerHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
796DOWNINGMatildaWilliamElizabeth14 May 1874  DippertownFarmerHenry B. GRYLLS  
797GRYLLSCharles John Tench BedfordHenry BorlaseAnna Maria Tench21 Jun 1874  Marystowe VicarageClerk in Holy OrdersHenry B. GRYLLS father's name was Henry Borlan on my original index
798PELLOWWilliamJohnMary11 Aug 1874  DippertownLabourerHenry B. GRYLLSP [Private Baptism] 
799DAWEHarriett Ellen SlemanThomasElizabeth01 Nov 1874  MarystoweLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS  
800GALEMary GraceWilliamMary13 Dec 1874  West RaddonLabourerHenry B. GRYLLS