Plymouth & West Devon Record Office Ref No: 890/6

Made available in GENUKI by permission of the PWDRO

Transcribed by David A. Davy

© Copyright 2011

This document is an attempt to transcribe all burials recorded in the parish records for Marystowe, Devon between the years 1813 and 1837. It is not surname specific, and no burial entries have been intentionally excluded from the transcription. All names transcribed are spelt as recorded in the original register. Surnames have been capitalized to aid in readability regardless of whether they appear this way in the original PR or not. No attempt has been made to cross check the transcription entries with the bishop's transcripts. All entries are transcribed in the year in which they were recorded in the parish register, and no attempt has been made to convert the year of baptism. Please note that year conversion is only of concern for entries made pre 1752 when the Julian calendar was in effect.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this transcription, the transcriber assumes no responsibility for any errors contained in this document. Please remember to check the transcibed entries against the original parish register.

This transcription is for private research only, and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

PLEASE NOTE that in additon to the name(s) of the relatives, THEIR TITLE(S) ie. junr., gent:, vicar have also been included in the column. It is hoped this doesn't cause too much confusion, but if it does, please accept my sincerest apologies!


[] = Square brackets and contents are transcriber's additions which may not be contained in the original text.

... = Difficulty in interpretation of original document whether due to age related deterioration or penmanship.

w/o = Wife of
s/o = Son of
d/o = Daughter of
p/o = Parish of


Cert No.SURNAME(S)Given Name(s)Relationship to Next of KinDate of BurialAbodeAgeMinisterNotesTranscriber's remarks/comments
1TINNEYMaryw/o John03 Jan 1813Parish Poor house Maristow27John T. SPRY VicarJohn labourer in Husbandry 
2MIDDLETONJanew/o Simon16 Feb 1813Parish Poor house Maristow41John T. SPRY VicarSimon labourer in Husbandry 
3MITCHELGeorge 10 Jun 1813Dipfordtown Maristow31John T. SPRY VicarYeomanYeoman written in the name column
4RAUNDLEJohnbase Child born of the Body of Elizabeth14 Dec 1813Cholwell Maristowfive monthsJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
9HELLIER alias DUNNWilliam 02 Jan 1814Dipfordtown Maristow50John T. SPRY VicarDay labourer in husbandryCert No. 5 has a scratched out partial entry. Cert No. 6, 7 & 8 unused.
10SYMONSHannahd/o Samuel & Martha14 Feb 1814Sojourners in the p/o Lew Trenchard11John T. SPRY VicarSamuel Blacksmith 
11TAWTONJohn 05 Mar 1814Thorn Maristow50John T. SPRY VicarDay labourer in husbandry 
12DAWEGentle 02 Apr 1814Dipfordtown Maristow71John T. SPRY VicarDay labourer in Husbandry 
13CARTERJanewidow of Richard24 Apr 1814Sydenham mill Maristow23John T. SPRY VicarRichard labourer in Husbandry 
14GIDDYMaryw/o Thomas09 Jun 1814Ampticombe Maker56John T. SPRY VicarThomas of the p/o Maker 
15HILLRichard 23 Jun 1814Burrow's house alias Millparks Milton Abbott75John T. SPRY Vicarof the p/o Milton Abbott 
16SPRYPhilip 15 Aug 1814Cottage on Holster Yard Maristow42John T. SPRY VicarBlack smithBlack smith written in the name column
17DOIDGERichardJunr.01 Sep 1814Allerford Maristow24John T. SPRY VicarFarmerFarmer written in the name column
18PENGELLYSally 22 Nov 1814Burrow in the p/o Kelly9John T. SPRY Vicar*An asterisk appears in the margin for this burial register page 3 entry. See note below.
        * NB. Sally PENGELLY was unfortunately killed by the overturning of a Cart upon her 19 Nov 1814 (in the p/o Milton Abbott.)This line is written in the margin at the bottom page 3. See Cert No. 18 above.
19ALFORDHannah     NB. was buried in 1815, but the Burial was begun to be entered in this Page by mistakeSee Cert No. 27. Abode for this entry scratched out. NB. written in the margin. 'be' added with a caret.
25ROWEGrace Blanchard 02 Feb 1815Bull hill in Maristow9 MonthsCharles BURNE Clerk Rector of Tedburne St. Mary Cert No. 20 has a partial entry scratched out. Cert No. 21 to 24 unused.
26PENGELLYElizabeth 04 Feb 1815Burrow in the p/o Kelly42John T. SPRY Vicar  
27ALFORDHannah 25 Jun 1815Lower Coome in the p/o Sourton32Edward RODD Rector of St Just in Cornwall see Cert No. 19
28WISEElizabeth 01 Nov 1815Thorne in this Parish. -but a Pauper belonging to the p/o Kelly68John T. SPRY Vicar  
29BICKELLAgnes 16 Nov 1815Bickell's Cottage in Sydenham Wood Maristow9 MonthsJohn T. SPRY Vicar  
33BLATCHFORDMaryInfant d/o John & Mary01 Feb 1816Village of Milton Abbott4 monthsJohn T. SPRY Vicar of Maristowe Cert No. 30 to 32 unused.
34BLATCHFORDMaryw/o the above named John04 Feb 1816Village of Milton Abbott24H Hawkins TREMAYNE Minr see Cert No. 33
35EDWARDSJane 25 Mar 1816Splatt in the p/o Milton Abbott73John T. SPRY Vicar of Maristow  
41BLATCHFORDSamuel 05 May 1817Tavistock3 yearsJohn T. SPRY Vicar of Maristow Cert No. 36 to 40 unused.
42ARSCOTTAnn 20 May 1817Cottage on the Barton of Sydenham in Maristow29Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
43SMALEHannah 27 Sep 1817Dipford Town in Maristow23Revd. John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
44SMALEMary 30 Oct 1817Dipford Town in Maristow53Revd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
45SMALEThomas 01 Dec 1817Dipford Town in Maristow64Revd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
49SMALEElizabeth 29 Jan 1818Dipfordtown in Maristow33Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham Cert No. 46 to 48 unused.
50CREBERWilliam 28 Apr 1818Dipfordtown in Maristow22Revd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
51MITCHELGeorge 18 Jun 1818Dipfordtown in Maristow12Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
52BICKLEAnn 08 Aug 1818Dipfordtown in Maristow68Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
53BICKLEJohn 26 Aug 1818Dipfordtown in Maristow67Revd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
54HARRISThomas 02 Sep 1818Lee in Maristow64Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South SydenhamMr. 
55BICKLEMary 29 Sep 1818Bickle's Cottage in Sydenham wood Maristow2 monthsRevd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford Something crossed out before John W.
57HANNSGrace 04 Apr 1819Markstone in Lifton Parish27Revd. Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham Cert No. 56 unused.
58DOIDGESarah 11 Apr 1819Leigh in the p/o Milton Abbott89Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
59HOCKADAYThomas 27 Apr 1819Tibridge in Marystow77Revd Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
60COTTONMargaret 06 Jun 1819a Cottage on Lew Down in the p/o Lew Trenchard53Revd. Samuel HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
61CHOWENHenry 23 Jul 1819Tibridge in Marystow9Revd Charles BURNE Rector of Tedburne St Mary  
62BICKLEJohn 23 Aug 1819Dipfordtown32Saml HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
63DAWEElizabeth 12 Sep 1819a Cottage in the Bathing House Wood1Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
64DOIDGEHannah 26 Sep 1819Chappel4Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
65MIDDLETONJohn 20 Oct 1819Cannonbarn in Thruselton22Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
66PELLOWJulia 09 Nov 1819Chillaton in Milton Abbot6Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
67BROADJane 20 Nov 1819Sydenham wood59Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
68DOIDGEAnne 28 Dec 1819Tavistock70Saml. HARNESS Rector of South Sydenham  
73DOIDGEAnnew/o Richard26 Apr 1820Allerford70Thos ROBYNS Vicar Cert No. 69 to 72 unused
74DAWEThomas 14 Oct 1820School House in Sydenham Wood10Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
75DAWEWilliam Gale 28 Oct 1820School House in Sydenham WoodInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
76ROWEJohn 04 Nov 1820Allerford13Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
77DOIDGEWilliam 08 Nov 1820Brentor61Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
78METTARSusannah 18 Feb 1821Milton Abbot91Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
79EDWARDSJohn 18 Mar 1821Marystow Poor House48Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
80MOYSEJoseph 23 Mar 1821Chapel84Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
81HANSGrace 01 Oct 1821Markstone in Lifton65Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
82BICKLEElizabeth 19 Dec 1821Bickle's Cottage in Sydenham Wood1Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
83FACEYSamuel 05 Mar 1822CorytonInfantRevd Thomas DARKE Curate of Kelly  
84PEARCEMary 10 Mar 1822Lamerton51Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
85DOIDGEJohn 10 Apr 1822Chapel35Thos ROBYNS VicarParish Clerk 
86BICKLEMary 31 Jul 1822Cottage in Sydenham Wood38Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
87DOIDGEThomas Blatchford 20 Oct 1822CorytonInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
88BASSETMary Anne 27 Jan 1823Thorne12Thos ROBYNS Vicardied in consequence of her Clothes Taking Fire. 
89DOIDGEWilliam 31 Jan 1823BrentorInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
90SYMONSMargaret 19 Feb 1823Inwardleigh76Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
91BALLJane 29 Mar 1823Chapel11Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
92HENWOODElizabeth 12 May 1823Forda in Milton Abbot78Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
93CUDLIPPWilliam 25 May 1823Tavistock19Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
94MILMANGrace 12 Jun 1823TibridgeInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
95BRIMACOMBEThomas 20 Aug 1823CholwillInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
96MILMANRichard 02 Oct 1823Tibridge4Thos ROBYNS VicarScalded to death by falling into a Vessel of Boiling Water 
97CHOWENRobert Sandercock 01 Feb 1824Sydenham Farm HouseInfantThos ROBYNS Vicar  
98BLATCHFORDMary 11 Feb 1824Milton Abbot2Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
99SYMONSSampson 27 Apr 1824Lew Trenchard52Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
100DURDENJames 13 Jul 1824Kelly61Thos ROBYNS VicarFound drowned ...[in] the River below Shute ...ell...[Kelly]Some uncertainty concerning the note
101BLATCHFORDRichard Chubb 14 Sep 1824Milton AbbotInfantRevd Thomas MARTYN Minister of Lifton  
102DAWElizabeth 17 Sep 1824Dipford Town44Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
103SKELLYRobert 30 Sep 1824Sydenham65Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
104DOIDGERichard 15 Dec 1824Stowford33Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
105SYMONSSusannah 25 Dec 1824Bridestow9Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
106SYMONSThomas 06 Feb 1825Bridestow4Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
107HOCKINGJohn 23 Feb 1825Milton Abbot1Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
108CREBERJohn 04 Mar 1825Dippertown85Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
109DOIDGEJoanna 13 Apr 1825Coryton19Revd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
110ROWEJohn 03 May 1825Lee54Revd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowford  
111DOIDGELeonora 08 Jun 1825Stowford26Revd Thomas MARTYN Curate of Lifton  
112GALEGrace 05 Jul 1825Cottage in Bathing House Wood Sydenham75Revd Mr COWLARD Curate of Lamerton  
113CHOWENHenry 09 Jul 1825Cottage in Leigh WoodInfantRevd Wllm COWLARD Curate of LamertonSmall Pox 
114BRIMMACOMBECharles 12 Jul 1825Coryton17Revd John WOLLOCOMBE Rector of Stowfordx }An x appears in the margin of this page 15 entry. A brace appears in the opposite margin spanning entries 114 to 116. See note below.
115BRIMMACOMBEElizabeth 17 Aug 1825Coryton39Thos ROBYNS Vicarx }An x appears in the margin of this page 15 entry. A brace appears in the opposite margin spanning entries 114 to 116. See note below.
116BRIMACOMBEElizabeth 12 Sep 1825Coryton9Revd Thos Adam COLLING Curate of Thrusheltonx }An x appears in the margin of this page 15 entry. A brace appears in the opposite margin spanning entries 114 to 116. See note below.
        x Mother / Children Typhus Fever.Written in the margin at the bottom of page 15.
117TINNEYElizabeth 05 Nov 1825Marystow Poor House17Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
118HUTCHINGSJohn 01 Dec 1825CorytonInfantRevd Frederick WEBBER Minister of Lawhitton  
119DAVYHenry 01 Jan 1826Milton Abbot60Revd Thomas Adam COLLING Curate of Thrushelton  
120BICKLEMartha 02 Feb 1826Cottage in Sydenham Wood63Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
121DOIDGERichard 11 Feb 1826Raddon70Revd Wm COWLARD Minister of Lamerton  
122DAWAnne 07 Mar 1826Brent Tor85Revd T A COLLING Curate  
123CREBERElizabeth 11 May 1826Cholwill2Revd T A COLLING Curate  
124KARKEETCatherine 04 Jun 1826Portgate in Stowford80Revd T A COLLING Curate  
125DOIDGEWilliam 12 Jul 1826Leigh in Milton Abbott62Revd T A COLLING Curate  
126BROADWilliam 15 Jul 1826Cottage in Sydenham Wood68Revd William COWLARD Curate of Lamerton  
127HOCKINGJohn 18 Jul 1826Splat in Milton AbbottInfantRevd T A COLLING Curate  
128CHOWENRichard 03 Aug 1826Sydenham Farm House20Revd William COWLARD Minister of LamertonKilled by a Kick from a vicious Horse 
129MASONPeter 16 Aug 1826Thorn8Revd T A COLLING Curate  
130E...MAN [EDMAN]Elizabeth 20 Sep 1826Thorn87Revd T A COLLING Curate  
131DAWThomas 15 Oct 1826School House in Sydenham Wood47Revd T A COLLING CurateKilled by an Explosion in a Lime Quarry 
132DOIDGERichard 12 May 1827Stowford75Revd Thos MARTYN Curate of Lifton  
133HAMWilliam 31 Aug 1827Old-Street74H G SALTER Curate  
134MADDIFORDAnn 14 Sep 1827Sydenham WoodInfantH G SALTER Curate  
 SALTERHenry Georges/o the Revd Henry George Curate of Marystow12 Dec 1827 Infant Henry George Curate of Marystow, who omitted to enter itWritten in the margin from Cert No. 132 to 134
135SYMONSSamuel 19 Jan 1828Lew Trenchard59H G SALTER Curate  
136WALTERAnn 17 Mar 1828Marystow62H G SALTER Curate  
137GERRYJohannah 01 Jun 1828Marystow56H G SALTER Curate  
138CHOWENAgnes 21 Sep 1828Sydenham Marystow71H G SALTER Curate  
139PERKINSSarah 02 Nov 1828Marystow6H G SALTER Curate  
140DURDENRichd. 08 Feb 1829Marystow1H G SALTER Curate  
141BICKLEYElizabeth 13 Feb 1829Marystow91H G SALTER Curate Second digit of age uncertain.
142GERRYJane 10 Mar 1829Marystow16H G SALTER Curate  
143SYMONSAnne 28 Apr 1829Bridestow1H G SALTER Curate  
144BROADGeorge 15 Jun 1829TibridgeInfantRevd H G SALTER Curate  
145HANSLillington 02 Dec 1829Markstone in Lifton81Revd H G SALTER Curate  
146DOIDGEMary 02 Jan 1830Thorn Poor House44Revd H G SALTER Curate  
147ROBYNSAnnew/o the Revd Thos Vicar of Marystow05 Feb 1830Marystow Vicarage42Revd H G SALTER Curate  
148BLATCHFORDSamuel 10 Apr 1830Green Cross in Milton Abbot16Revd Sir THOMAS Curate of Lew Trenchard  
149DAVISSarah 09 Aug 1830Marystow Poor House25Revd Sir THOMAS Curate of Lew Trenchard  
150FUGEElizabeth 09 Aug 1830Milton Abbot27Revd Sir THOMAS Curate of Lew Trenchard day of the month quite faint
151BLATCHFORDFrederick Isaac 04 Sep 1830Milton AbbotInfantH G SALTER Curate A lot of stuff crossed out in this entry
152ALFORDMary 16 Sep 1830Thrushelton22H G SALTER Curate  
153BICKLEMartha 20 Oct 1830Cottage in Sydenham Wood36H G SALTER Curate  
154BROADJames 02 Feb 1831TibridgeInfantH G SALTER Curate  
155SKELLYThomas 08 Feb 1831Cottage in Leigh Wood77Revd Sir THOMAS Curate of Lew Trencharddrowned in the River Lydd. 
156LANGSamuel 09 Mar 1831DippertownInfantRevd Sir THOMAS Curate of Lew Trenchard day of the month very faint
157DOIDGEMary 01 Apr 1831Leigh in Milton Abbot62H G SALTER Curate  
158SYMONSThomas 28 Jun 1831Bridestow84Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
159MADIFORDWilliam 23 Jul 1831Cottage at Marystow Bridge2W W HARVEY Curate  
160DOIDGEWilliam George 07 Dec 1831Milton AbbotInfantW W HARVEY Curate a very faint entry
        during This year The Cholera M... [Maraud] prevailed in the Kingdom from its ...tion [Violation] the Parish of Marystow was by the merciful Goodness of Almighty god Totally exempt.A faint entry, written in the margin spanning Cert No. 161 to 167.
161SNELLCharles 19 Jan 1832Tibridge31Revd T W MARTYN Curate of Werrington  
162COTTONRichard 03 Apr 1832Lew Down2W W HARVEY Curate  
163KINSMANJohn 10 Apr 1832Allerford5Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
164COLESJohn 25 May 1832Cottage in Sydenham Wood34W W HARVEY Curate  
165DAVYMary Anne 24 Jun 1832Marystow Poor House3W W HARVEY Curate  
166BESTElizabeth 30 Jul 1832Marystow Poor House76Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
167CORAMJohn 19 Nov 1832Lew Down52W W HARVEY Curate  
168CHOWENThomas 10 Dec 1832Cottage at Marystow Bridge52Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
169BESTJohn 21 Jan 1833Marystow Poor House76W W HARVEY Curate  
170WILLIAMSMary 21 Jan 1833Thorn60W W HARVEY Curate  
171TAWTONJohn Wise 27 Jan 1833Dipper Town38W W HARVEY CurateParish Clerk 
172LANGJohn 26 Mar 1833Dippertown70W W HARVEY Curate  
173COLWELLJane 01 Jul 1833Cholwill47W W HARVEY CurateFound Drowned, subject to Epileptic Fits 
174CORAMElizabeth 04 Sep 1833Stowford52Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
175BLATCHFORDWilliam Isaac 10 Sep 1833Milton Abbot14Thos ROBYNS Vicarkilled by a Waggon Wheel. 
176DURDENElizabeth 10 Sep 1833Kelly60Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
177AXFORDJohn 14 Dec 1833Lifton34Revd F B WILLESFORD Offg Minister  
178DOIDGEJane 05 Jan 1834Raddon72Revd F B WILLESFORD Offg Minister  
179AXFORDJohn 16 Mar 1834Lifton61Revd F B WILLESFORD Offg Minister  
180DOIDGEBetsy 25 Mar 1834Tiberidge5Revd F B WILLESFORD officiating Minister  
181MILMANGrace 17 Apr 1834Sydenham School House52Revd Mr ASH Curate of Milton Abbot  
182MARTINHenry 07 May 1834Cottage on Holster Yard2Thos ROBYNS Vicar  
183BICKELLGeorge 15 May 1834Dipper Town49Revd F B WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
184HARRISMary Anne 22 May 1834CholwillInfantRevd F B WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
185CREBERSusanna 28 May 1834Splat Milton Abbot36Revd F B WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
186MOLERichard 21 Jun 1834Marystow Poor House71Revd F B WILLESFORD Officiating Minister  
187TINNEYJohn 22 Aug 1834Marystow Poor House69Wm HOCKER Curate Second digit of age is faint.
188PELLOWEmmeline 01 Sep 1834Broad Town Milton Abbot63Wm HOCKER Curate  
189BROADElizabeth 11 Oct 1834Cholwill CottageInfantRevd F B WILLESFORD Curate of Coryton  
190PENGELLYJohn 03 Nov 1834Thorn Poor House70Wm HOCKER Curate  
191MOLEJohn 26 Nov 1834Langs Skerry Milton AbbotInfantRevd T W MARTYN Rector of Lifton Day of the month could be the 28th.
192DURDENHenry 26 Dec 1834CholwillInfantWm HOCKER Curate  
193CORAMJane 06 Jan 1835Cholwill78Revd Mr BRYAN Curate of Coryton First digit of age is faint.
194SANDERSSamuel 15 Jan 1835Allerford4Wm HOCKER CurateBurnt to death in consequence of his Clothes taking fire 
195DOIDGEGeorge 12 Feb 1835Sprey Town in Stowford39Wm HOCKER Curate Second digit of age is uncertain.
196DOIDGEWilliam 14 Feb 1835Lamerton7Wm HOCKER Curate  
197PENNINGTONSarah 23 Feb 1835School House in Sydenham WoodInfantWm HOCKER Curate  
198OXENHAMAnne 17 Mar 1835Trehill60Revd Ponsford CANN Curate of Broadwood Widger  
199CORAMJoseph 19 Mar 1835Cholwill83Revd Ponsford CANN Curate of Broadwood Widger  
200WHITEElizabethw/o Thomas30 Mar 1835Thorn Farm House22Wm HOCKER Curatein Childbed 
201ASHRobert 04 May 1835Milton Abbot69Revd Ponsford CANN Curate of Broadwood Widger  
202BICKELLGeorge 26 May 1835Cottage in Bathing House WoodInfantRevd Wm HOCKER Curate  
203DOIDGESamuel 07 Jun 1835Edgcombe in Milton Abbot41Revd Wm HOCKER CurateDied in consequence of a Fall from ...[Tor] HouseNote and second digit of the age are faint.
204BASSETAnne 07 Oct 1835Thorn45Revd Wm HOCKER Curate  
205CREBERRichard 12 May 1836Marystow Bridge3C JENKYNS Curate  
206BRIMACOMBEJohn 17 May 1836Coryton57C JENKYNS Curate  
207LANGElizabeth 02 Jun 1836Warracott2Revd Mr BRYAN Curate of CorytonScarlet Fever 
208LANGJames 15 Jun 1836Warracott17Revd Mr BRYAN Curate of CorytonScarlet Fever 
209LANGJohn 03 Jul 1836Warracott5C JENKYNS CurateScarlet Fever 
210MABINMary 09 Nov 1836Dippertown75C JENKYNS Curate  
211DOIDGEEllen Blight 19 Nov 1836Milton Abbot8C JENKYNS Curate Day of the month could be the 13th.
212ROBYNSAnneSister of the Revd Thoma Vicar17 Jan 1837Marystow Vicarage62Revd T W MARTYN Rector of Lifton  
213REDDICLIFFEAnne 28 Jan 1837HolsterInfantC JENKYNS Curate  
214HODGEHenry 30 Jan 1837Cholwill26Revd Mr GOULD Rector of Lew Trenchard  
215HEARDMary 23 Feb 1837Sydenham48Revd C JENKYNS Curate  
216BROADJames 27 Feb 1837Cholwill3Revd C JENKYNS Curate  
217DOIDGEElizabeth 27 Mar 1837Lee in Milton Abbot37Revd Mr GOULD Rector of Lew Trenchard  
218MASONCatherine 09 Apr 1837Marystow70C JENKYNS Curate  
219ARSCOTTJohn 04 Jun 1837Marystow81C JENKYNS Curate Second digit of age uncertain.
220CORAMJohn 10 Jun 1837StowfordInfantRevd Richard NEWMAN Rector of Coryton  
221MOLEWilliam 29 Jun 1837Marystow3Revd Richard NEWMAN Rector of Coryton  
222NORTHEYThomas 10 Aug 1837LeeInfantRevd Thomas CLARKE Curate  
223BRENTPeter 24 Aug 1837Brentor47Revd Thomas CLARKE Curate  
224CUDLIPPJohn 25 Nov 1837Brentor61Revd Thomas CLARKE Curate  
225HAMWilliam 10 Dec 1837Lew Down48Revd Thomas CLARKE Curate  
226DOIDGEGeorge 27 Dec 1837Forda in Milton Abbot61Revd Thomas CLARKE Curate